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It doesn't quite go with the "fanfiction" theme of my forums, but...

I notice how many Christian Sherlockians (Holmesians for you English folk...) there are, and I thought I'd make this little thread.

Here you can make little mentions of anything of a Christian Sherlockian nature, or put up prayer requests, etc. :)

4/9/2008 #1

To start off, I'd like to make a quick prayer request...

To-morrow night, the weathermen are predicting storms, and they just said it could be as bad as the system that moved through in February--which was BAD. I'm terribly afraid of torndoes--not so much concerned for my own life entirely, but for my nephew. 8(

And pray for Acquire the Fire--which is Friday through Saturday. I look forward to this the most every year--I hope that the tornadoes don't throw it off schedule, and I hope it goes well. :)

4/9/2008 #2

certainly i'll pray for a blessing on the weather, and that it doesn't affect atf. is ron luce preaching this year? i stopped going after the '06 battlecry...

4/9/2008 #3

I'll be sure to pray for you, KS, and the weather. Have fun!

And while I'm on here: One of the families from the Christian school where I teach, their house just burnt to the ground yesterday. Gas grill exploded and set the thing afire, they have six kids the oldest of which is wayward and in jail, their youngest is 3 years old - and they lost pretty much everything. My dad was out there all day, trying to find them a house to rent, and we're trying to locate stuff for them...their Bibles survived, believe it or not, but not much else with the smoke damage and water damage. They can't even come to school because their school uniforms's really horrible. Please pray for them.

4/10/2008 #4

oh goodness....i'll pray for them. i believe the Bibles surviving is a message that God has His hand on them and will work everything out. here's a verse i thought of that you can give them - John 14:27.

4/10/2008 #5

I'll definitely pray for them. :)

A question: As a Christian Sherlockian, what's your favourite Holmes-philosophical moment in the canon?

4/10/2008 #6

Hmm. I've always loved that line in EMPT, where Holmes says very casually, "But for the grace of God I landed, bruised and bleeding upon the path," as well as the end of BOSC, "There, but for the grace of God, goes Sherlock Holmes," (even if he did mis-quote who said the original line).

The rose dissertation always comes to mind, as well as the end of CARD, where he says something to the effect of it being unthinkable for the world to be ruled by chance.

Sooooo, in answer to your question, I'm not sure I have a FAV, strictly speaking...:)

4/10/2008 #7

oh... *berates self for not reading canon in five years* let me get back to you on that one, in like two months. oh, i'll be graduating my current school in may :) and going straight to another one in the fall...

4/10/2008 #8

wow kcs, you are the walking canon! for me, the only thing that comes immediately to mind is the rose thing, but i want to give it serious thought. oh, have y'all read ww's 'admiral's wife?' there's a nice moment in one of the chapters that kinda fits here...

4/10/2008 #9

LOL - when you've read it for 11 years you kind of have a bunch of it memorised.

Yes, I did read that - WW is aMAzing!!!

4/10/2008 #10

KCS--those are the ones I was thinking of, too! :D

4/10/2008 #11

would y'all agree that ww's writing is exactly like doyle's? i can hardly tell the difference; although her latest fic had an element of her own voice. oh, ww is female, right?

4/10/2008 #12

Mmhm, though she puts more humour in than Doyle did. Which is a very good thing - Doyle could get frightfully boring at times. And yes, she's a girl.

4/10/2008 #13

true. doyle did get quite boring. there are still passages i skip altogether in the canon for fear i'll fall asleep if i read them

4/10/2008 #14

Mmhm. Like the second half of STUD, or the first part of BLAN - eughhhh!

4/10/2008 #15

WIST bored me to sleep every time i opened to it. i still can't get through it in one sitting.

i really dislike those ones that put the focus on the other characters instead of holmes, watson, and the deductions. that was the point, was it not?

4/10/2008 . Edited 4/10/2008 #16

YES yes yes, WIST was a massive yawner. BOSC bored me too, but it had its moments like the train to break up the monotony at least.

4/10/2008 #17

i liked BOSC for the deductions, and holmes had some excellent lines. that bit about the official forces wallowing over the area like buffalo XD doyle used that in STUD too, but it was more effective in BOSC

4/10/2008 #18

The only books I can confess to being annoyed by that I recall are WIST, most of the second half of STUD, the explanation part (2nd half bit in India) of SIGN, of VALL. I like VALL all right, especially the very beginning, but some parts of it are a bit dull. It's better the second time around. Um....I prefer when Doyle wasn't trying to be so romantic, too. WHen focus got off the case (away from Holmes, etc.) it wasn't good. I really like stories like BERY though. :)

4/10/2008 #19

hm, yes...that bit in SIGN was torture. i think my fave of them all is BLUE, because in that you get the deduction, you get the friendship, and you get the rare chance to see just what holmes does when he goes off investigating.

4/10/2008 #20

I've always had a soft spot for BLUE. Then, the Granada version...*more drooling over Burke's blue eyes that matched the gem*...and then I heard the BBC radio version with Merrison and Williams and nearly cried, it was soooo perfect!

4/10/2008 #21

where do you get the radio versions?

sadly i haven't seen granada's BLUE. i'm asking for the DVD boxset for my birthday...

4/10/2008 #22

is there a thread for listing and discussing our fave cases?

4/10/2008 #23

oooh, you will so love it. It's undoubtedly one of the better ones. *still drooling*

I bought the whole BBC series on Ebay, and that's apparently the best place to get them - there's a forum thread over in one of the others called "Anyone Else Got Hold of These" where we discussed them, and there are quite a few links to excerpts.

That series completely revamped my perception of the characters, and i believe their portrayal is exactly how Doyle originally intended - the way things really were outside the confines of the Strand magazine.

4/10/2008 #24

All of the Adventures remain my favourites, and the Memoirs stick close to my heart. :)

(Well, not ALL of the Adventures... From the start, even before I knew idiots tried to force Holmes and Mrs. Norton together, I wasn't overly fond of the story. Not because Holmes lost, either. Just because it wasn't very interesting.)

4/10/2008 #25

Yeah, I was like ehhh, and then people started saying Holmes/Irene and I was like DID YOU NOT READ THE STORY??? HELOOOOOO??!!!

Ooh, but by the way, the Granada SCAN was simply adorable!

4/10/2008 #26

i disliked SCAN too, and it was the first of the short stories i read (i'd done three of the novels first), and i don't know why either.

kcs, would you care to be a bit more detailed about the series? i doubt i shall ever hear it. unless you loan it to me ;)

4/10/2008 #27

i saw too much insinuated romance in granada's SCAN. look at holmes after irene gives him the sovereign and drives away

4/10/2008 #28

Yes, I agree with you there, but honestly I usually skip the Granada bits if Watson's not in them...yeah, I'm in love with the guy, can't help I didn't really see that. I loved the beginning, before the King got to Baker Street, and then after he left, Watson's face when he picks up the money is SO CUTE!

I don't own the series, it's far too expensive, but I have a few episodes and I have seen all the eppies at least once. What would you like to know?

4/10/2008 #29

i was referring to the radio series, why you think it is so perfect; could you give an example?

i adore watson too, but you can have him. incidentally, do you think watson was married more than once? and what is your opinion on his 'experience with women' as is put somewhere in canon?

4/10/2008 #30
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