Things We Hate About The PR Fandom
Have something that is irritating you about the fandom? Get it off your chest here. Be it rangers acting OOC to cliche plots to MarySue/GaryStus.
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Michelle the Editor

This is a list of things that personally tip me off to whether X fic is going to be any good.


1. Poor grammar/punctuation in the title or summary. Why should I trust you to tell a good story if you can't even get "their" right?

2. The phrase "mysterious new girl/boy." Mary Sue alert. Double if it includes eye color.

3. "Or will they/it/he/she? Read to find out!" Author, I know exactly what's going to happen now. Stop trying to be clever.

4. Canon character's child(ren). Same as 2. Your OC should be able to stand on his own two feet, not need to be related to a canon to be worthy of our interest.

5. All of the reviews consist of "great story write moar!!!" or "aww poor alexa write moar!!!" Immature readers to an immature fic.

6. 25 or more chapters. It takes a pretty awesome summary to hook me into a fic this scary.

7. "Summary sucks, better one inside." Then...why didn't you use the better one? Or, y'know, ask for help?

And now, goodfic signs:

1. Competency. The first impression is based on this fact.

2. Open-ended summary. I don't like to know what exactly will happen in a fic, just what kind of thing I'm in for.

3. "Complete." This is subjective even for me, but I find it highly comforting to know that I'm not going to be left hanging, especially if it looks like a cool idea.

4. More than three reviews per chapter, and they are also generally competent.

5. Insane crossover. "Power Rangers meets Winnie the Pooh" raises my hopes much higher than "Power Rangers meets Super Sentai." Why? Because any idiot can put two obvious shows together, but it takes brains to come up with something ridiculous and turn it into a story.

Anybody else? Are any of these things totally stupid ways to decide on a fic?

9/24/2011 #1
Michelle the Editor

Oh, yeah, 8. Self-inserts, sibling inserts or inserts of classmates. You'll be too scared to write a flawed human being, or you'll make them perfect as a "present."

9/26/2011 #2

9. Twisting characters you dislike completly out of character. For example in some TommyKim fics, the author twists Kat into this horrible person.

10/11/2011 #3

10.Plot contrivances, character explosions, etc...

11. Thirty- Sue/Stu pileups.

12.Sentai xovers that have all the characterrs related in some illogical way.

4/4/2012 #4
Michelle the Editor

13. "If you flame me I will flame your stories!" or whining in an Author's Note about some critic. Maturity!

14. A chapter consisting solely of an Author's Note. These are against the rules, and they are annoying, though to be fair it is a logical way to make an important announcement.

4/7/2012 #5

Poor grammar is one of the things that terribly bugs me. If I see it in the opening summery, I'll take a glance at the story, because no one is perfect (and maybe they just didn't catch it before posting it). However, if it is a constant thing through out the first paragraph, I'll leave. I'm sure I've passed up stories that have a good plot, but it's distracting for me.

I've recently rediscovered my love for PR fan fiction and I've posted a couple stories and I've gotten some flames about writing them OOC (which on a side note makes me not want to write anymore). Although, that's more my fault because I didn't research it better, I'll give them it doesn't bother me when characters are OOC. However I do have issues when authors turn certain characters into villians just to get a couple together. One of the stories I recently wrote, I tried not to do that, but I'm definitely understanding that I didn't get my point across (and readers felt like I did do that). It's just something I'll have to work on for next time.

I think the one HUGE turnoff I have for every single fandom, no matter how great a story it may be; is when the author will hold the chapters hostage until they receive an x amount of reviews. I hate that! When I get invested in a story and I see that, it makes me not want to review. I'll stop reading it right then and there. This shouldn't be a competition between authors. I love reading fan fiction of all kinds and I write because I enjoy it and want to play around with the characters. Yes, reviews are nice to get (most of them) and it's nice when people leave constructive criticism or even a 'this is great,' but I don't write to get reviews. I hope there are people out there who enjoy reading my stories the way I've enjoyed reading some.

5/26/2012 #6

15. Summary mentions a prophecy of sorts or destiny. Obvious Prophecy Sue.

16. A series of stories that spans from Mighty Morphin' to the current team or the last season the author saw. No way am I tackling a mammoth that size, especially if they are rather lengthy.

7/14/2012 . Edited 7/22/2012 #7

Sorry, I am on my cellphone right now. As soon as I get to a computer, which could be about a week as there is no wifi where I am right now, I'll fix my first post.

Edit: Edited

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/22/2012 #8
J.C. Doggendoodle

Here are 5 steps to finding out whether or not a story is good or not:

  1. Title and summary. If the author struggles to make a creative title, or fails to spell easy words right, then in 97 out of 100 cases, the story will be tedious and/or hard to read.
  2. Reviews. Look at the reviews. A lot of flames means it might be a trollfic/verybadfic, criticism means the author isn't superb, but is good enough to try and help. Reviews with mainly good points about what the reviewer liked means it's a good story, unless it's like "aww poor alexa write moar!".
  3. Other works. Read a one-shot of his or hers rated and summarised as K/K. If it is bad, run. If it is good then proceed to 4.
  4. Favourite stories. Why should we read your story if your favourite stories consist of poorly-written smut?
  5. First paragraph. Three things to look out for here:
  • Grammar - If you can't find where the paragraph ends, leave.
  • Spelling - Typos are nothing to worry about, everyone makes them, but why force us to read your story when you can't even spell you're right?!
1/22/2013 #9
Eternal Headache

Wait, why does 25 plus chapters put it in the bad fic list? Just cause it's long doesn't make it bad. I love long fics. The longer the better. Assuming, of course, they're well written. A Darker Shade of Green and it's two sequels are excellent examples of long fics that are brilliantly written. Sure, long fics aren't for everyone, but just cause they're long, doesn't mean they should be put on the bad list.

2/16/2013 #10

25 chapters or more ...not necessarily bad in any way, but in sense over stretched when limited or x amount chapters could have been better for some fics? Or even turned them into series of stories for the same fics?

And for those who haven't been following just feels like the fic is "dragging" on and on.

2/22/2013 . Edited 2/22/2013 #11
Lilac Moon

I agree with all these, except the more than 25 chapters one. I'm an epic writer, but readers that know me know that they are usually in for a long read when I write a story. I only am leery of 25 chapter stories IF each chapter is 1000 words or less. 1000 words or less is not enough for good plot/character development. Chances are, it is poorly written.

3/30/2013 #12
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