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So... do you think MarkusxValerie's better than CynthiaxRay? What are your reasons? I only played NB, so... I won't know much about SO! XD
3/15/2008 #1
SPOILER ALERT!! I think Markus/Val is way better. Markus never put something creepy in Val's body to make her do his bidding, and he didn't go crazy with bioterrorism like Ray did. Markus and Val both have the same visions and passions of helping people, and they can be a good check and balance because Val can help him not be too cynical, but he is always willing to take a look at the way real life is so together they will not get discouraged but can take honest looks at their problems. Seriously I think I have to say M/V is my favorite pairing out of SO or NB (I've never played UtK know...basically same characters as SO) ~Tris
3/15/2008 #2
Kudos! ^^ Yeah, Valerie and Markus have totally different characters, yet they bond very easily. Do you have any other favorite pairings? ITB wrote a MarkusxElena, which worked very well. What do you think about that? Atlus doesn't have ANY romances in there game, whatsoever! I mean, Val broke up with her ex, and Cynthia and Ray broke up as well. I mean, come on! It's just plain dull!!! (haha!) They made Markus look like the "hard-to-get" type, but with fanfiction, ANYTHING is possible!
3/15/2008 #3
I absoutely loved ITB's story, although it broke my heart. :( I was afraid she was going to bash M/V but I was relieved that wasn't the case. I just don't like any other pairings really...^^;...I mean I'm fine with lots--mostly D/A and I'm a fan of one-sided Cybil/Victor...Leslie/Tyler is fine, I'm sketchy on Irene and Wilkens but willing to think about it. But I don't like any pairing as much as M/V. Hee. ~Tris p.s. I know, there is like NO romance in the games! Closest is when Naomi is like, "derek I think Angie has a crush on you so I don't want her to operate and get stressed and mess up." The starry scene in NB was more friendship to my mind. ANYway...
3/17/2008 #4
MarkusxValerie is adorable, and I can see that happening... BUT THEY'RE ACTING LIKE AS IF A CROWBAR IS BETWEEN THEM!!! (haha!) IreneXWilkens might not work though... they might be a tad too old? With the fight with Stigma and all, it would probably not run smoothly... But that's just me! haha! Sigh... I LOVE the starry scene at the end of NB... I love stars... Oh! How about OC pairings? Are they here to stay? Or should they never see the light of day?
3/17/2008 #5
Hmmm...lessee...he's 49, and she's like 51, right, so they're about the same ages...I think people can fall in love at any age, but they might have a bit of a clash depending on how they feel about Stigma, yeah...frankly, now I wanna add Irene to my newest WIP! Hmmm... OC pairings? Well, I don't know if I'm familiar with any...wait, by OC you mean original characters right? Yeah, I'm not sure...are there some famous OC pairings I'm not aware of? ^^; ~Tris
3/17/2008 #6
Oh, stupid brain of mine! You were asking about OC pairings in GENERAL, weren't you? Pf. Okay, if it's well-written, I can take it, although not if it gets between MxV! I'd better admit it...I'm a barbieshipper. ^^;; I haven't found any OC pairings that absolutely captivated me in the TC genre, there are other fandoms where I really came to care for the OC and loved the pair. ~Tris
3/17/2008 #7
[q]Hmmm...lessee...he's 49, and she's like 51, right, so they're about the same ages...I think people can fall in love at any age, but they might have a bit of a clash depending on how they feel about Stigma, yeah...frankly, now I wanna add Irene to my newest WIP! Hmmm...[/q] Yep! Definetely possiblities! (I can't spell today! XD) Oh, like CynthiaXOC or something. A REALLY bad example is my story "Alone". XD But still, I'm up to the challange. ^^ VxM is adorable, and I like it. I wasn't trying to trash it with "Alone" though. Still, I love a challenge! ^^
3/18/2008 #8
"Alone"? I don't think I've read that one...must check it out soon. ^^ Oh...I just read a real cute DerekxAngie tonight, I hadn't seen it before-- "Christmas Special." Real sweet. ~Tris
3/18/2008 #9
Weee! Thanks! ^^ ... but I really regret not playing SO first... XD haha! OC pairings are okay, as long as the characterization's really and that kind of thing. Would [add in a character from TC]xOC be alright? Or does it have it's flaws?
3/19/2008 #10
Well, I don't know if it's a flaw, or more a challenge, that when you bring in an OC you have got to work doubly hard to get some sympathy for them. I mean, a person could write, "Derek broke his arm" and everyone is like, "Oh poor Derek! Oh no, Angie will be so upset! Blah blah" but if you say, "Benjamin Tennyson slipped and broke his spine," we're I don't know him! Know what I mean? Not only do you have to create everything about them, but you have to create the chemistry so you'd feel bad if something awful happened to them. I have this in my profile, that I really like the way Victor interacts with Edlovesjuicyfruit73's OC Marie Smith. I really think something clicks in that relationship, I care about Marie. Ok, random moment: what do you think about Robert Cromwell X Kenae? ^^ Idk, there's something so quirky I almost like it...or I kind of like Robert X Cynthia, but she has Ray...maybe she should leave creepy Ray and meet up with geeky Robert. They do work together in the lab anyway... ~Tris
3/19/2008 #11
Kudos on the OCs! ^^ Well... Robert and Cynthia could work... but maybe he's already married. The game probably doesn't mention it. Well, with characterization and all that, Cynthia or Kanae might do. Sigh... I really am a crazed fan... I was giving my friends "operations" during gym class... I once got on a marathon for NB one day. XD
3/20/2008 #12
I'm going to go see if Robert's picture shows him wearing a ring. You were giving your friends operations? ^^ Anything specific, like an appendectomy? XD ~Tris
3/20/2008 #13
...okay, I don't see any ring, but maybe he takes it off so he doesn't get chemicals on it! Hmm...but he probably wears gloves...I'm guessing he's not married, and I think I like him best with Cynthia. ^^ Hm--she's 28 and he's 38; is that too big an age difference? I dunno... ~Tris
3/20/2008 #14
He was 38? I thought he was older! haha! Now I know. ^^ Yes, it might work, but what about the Stigma battle? I wonder if that's what's keeping them apart... Or maybe Cynthia or Robert aren't the grudge type. What about MarkusxElena? Want to dissus that? Yeah, one of my friends that I operated on had both GUILT and Stigma. I just let him "die" since everyone wanted him to "die". Then I operated on my other friend who was having a broken heart because my other failed patient died. I succeeded! But then we all performed an autopsy on the other guy. Sigh... There must be to much TC in my head... XD
3/22/2008 #15
Where is everyone? Don't they want in on our sparkling conversation? Oh well. Sure, why not hash it out? I actually put a dare in my profile about MarkusxElena, just daring people to try it. I kinda feel there is too big an age difference between them. I mean, 20 is pretty darn young, and just seems she's too young and wouldn't be a great match because she might be so naive. I think she might have a slight crush on him, but before a serious relationship could begin, she has to stop looking at him like he's her perfect hero. I don't think there's a single fight between them in NB, as opposed to, "Who are you to judge me? You sit around all day like a dog licking its wounds blah blah..." from Val to him. I actually kinda want to do a story where...okay it'll be a surprise, I think I'm gonna do it. ^^ I think Elena never quite lets her real feelings show, she's not a genuine person. The time I most feel she's honest is when she says, "Just ignore him, Dr. Blaylock. I completely understand." There, to me, she is able to be mature enough to realize she can't always agree with both her friends, you have to choose sides sometimes and have a point-of-view. I feel like there is a moment of girl bonding there. So--I can't imagine Markus and Elena getting hitched and her suddenly able to be honest when he does things that annoy her, like...take up all the blankets or leave burned toast in the toaster. ^^ I think they would need a lot of counseling. And a partridge in a pear what do you think about it? ~Tris
3/22/2008 #16
[q]I actually kinda want to do a story where...okay it'll be a surprise, I think I'm gonna do it. ^^[/q] Yay!!! ^^ I wonder if age difference is an issue. I mean, my OC Sienna is 23 and has an age difference with Markus at about 11 (ha! Beat that Elena! *drops from shame of mentioning of my OC and of harasing a character*) [q]take up all the blankets or leave burned toast in the toaster.[/q] Haha! You have me thinking of an idea! Thanks! ^^ I mostly get my inspiration on quotes from books and my head and all. The forums sometimes help but this really hit the nail! All and all on your information, kudos! ^^ Sigh... Yeah, I know! Were completely dominating the forums! haha! My friends from the Baten Kaitos fandom just started out with two people (seriously! on the Forums!), but then I came along. Soon, more came. So, I wouldn't worry about it! Oh! We should so get edlovesjuicyfruit73 here! I would love to hear what she has to talk, I mean type about! (XD haha!)
3/23/2008 #17
Fox Ninja
Um hi, I'm new, I thought this community looked cool so I thought I'd check it out =) I've watched a lot of videos about Trauma Center New Blood and I plan on getting the game soon since it looks cool. I like the characters Marcus and Valerie, I just wish there were more stories about them.
3/25/2008 #18
Cha! I'm chomping at the bit to read this story inspired by burned toast and blankets. ^^ And Sienna...don't think I've read that story. Hmmm. Sounds interesting, definitely. Well, I explain this in detail in my Deviant Art journal, but I'm going to be going offline for a while. I need to focus on school and re-discipline myself to have high standards of the work I submit. So hopefully, I'll come back with a bunch of stuff to show! Yay! I don't think Juicy is interested a lot by pairings--see her profile heh--but it's worth a shot to invite her over. Me, I'll be back one of these days. I'll probably be ghosting around anyway, seeing if anyone's submitted anything new. Ah, one last thing--I know I'm not a staff member, but I highly recommend that you add In The Beginning's M/V story "Habits" to the C2. It's too cute to stand! I love it. It's been fun chatting with a fellow TC-crazed fan, Legacy! Thanks. :D Adios for now, ~Tris
3/25/2008 #19
Heh, as I leave, someone else comes! Make sure you check out the M/V stories "Habits," "Lost Pictures of the Past," and chapter 2 of "A Passel," all by In The Beginning. I have a couple Markus/Val stories up, but in a league of her own. And hey, you can always write a Markus/Val yourself! ~Tris
3/25/2008 #20
Fox Ninja
Ok thanks I'll check them out.
3/25/2008 #21
Hi, Fox Ninja! Welcome to the forums! ^^ I'll get more stories on the C2 if I have more time. No prob, Tris! ^^ I have school work as well, so I probably won't be on as much. Sigh... I'm pretty much balance in my life so far, but there are "factors" which contribute to my dropping grade... sigh... (It's not fanfiction! haha!) Oh, I just got SO! YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Compared to NB, the graphics look kind of... bigger... and bulker... haha! Probably just me! Huff! SO NOW I can understand the other stories on here! haha!
3/26/2008 #22

Oh, by the way, I created a new topic! ^^ Click on the TC forums, then this forum thingy, then you found it! ^^

4/12/2008 #23

I PM-ed Juicy, and she would love it come! ... but her computer won't let her in! Sigh... Still, she says hi! ^^

4/19/2008 #24


Um... Hi! Aw, I'm being talked about! Whoo, go Juicy! Anywhoo, I thought a pairing that would work would be like RobertxIrene... Aha, she's so old though! Wow, I don't know where that came from. He's only 38? I thought he was in his 50's... haha!

Anyway, MarkusxValerie is way better than RayxCyn. I hate Ray, he's such a flippin uh! I know it wasn't exactly his fault for all the commotion he caused and mrph... But yeah! You know how that is. I'd prefer two doctors (good doctors with a similar interest) to be paired together. It's better. ^^


4/19/2008 #25

Ah, sank you for saying ello on my behalf Legacy! But it is not necessary, because I am here at last! Mwahahaha!

Yes, I am not huge on pairings. But that's ok. I'd love to talk anyway!


There we go. Okay, Juicy's in the house. What shall we speak of?


4/19/2008 #26

haha! you're welcome! *hugs*

Okay... let's talk about OC pairings! ^^ Name your's, Juicy! ^^ I'll go with Sienna in depth if you like! ... Though it might cause some MAJOR spoilers! haha!

I just realized something... in "Alone", the dates are off... WAY off... haha! On the grandma's gravestone, it was 1988-2067. In SO, it was around 2020, or something. XD Ha! I never played SO, but I got it last month! Yah! ... Though my brother got bad marks, so my dad says we're not allowed to play it until the end of June! Wah! Sniff...

4/20/2008 #27

Aw man, sucks for you!


XD I bet he's older than I am. Ha! Well, my OC pairing is TylerxTamara from Rinken's Wrath. (SPOLIERS) Tamara is a neko, which is like a feline-human. Human, only with special attributes that are cat-like, such as having cat ears and a tail. ^^ So there you have it! That's one of my favorite OC pairings, but I have many more.

My favorite relationship between canon and OC is Victor/Marie. They are not a pairing though, just share a strong bond and a brother/sister relationship. ^^

4/20/2008 #28

heh... Actually, he's younger than me by about a year and 3/4. He's 13 right now... His mind is sharp, though communication wise, that's where we have problems! haha!

Neko's are interesting! (Cat in Japanese! Wheee!) Kyo from Fruits Basket is one! ^-^ But... I'm so sorry... I guess it's not my thing... T-T I'm so sorry!

A year ago, I saw romantic relationships as a very deep companionship. Not the actual touchy stuff... If you catch my drift... XD But I still prefer the deep companionship, though! ^^

4/20/2008 #29

No, no, that's ok. I understand, nekos are the thing for a lot of people on here. I just write about 'em because I wuv them!!

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I'm not trying to convince anyone otherwise. At least you can read my Westerns! Whoo hoo!

And I like deep companionship too! Yay!


4/20/2008 #30
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