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Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another challenge of mine! I remember participating in this challenge on a different forum and really liked it, so I figured why not bring it here?

I will be posting a set of prompts each day: A pairing prompt or a character prompt, a couple of word prompts and one prompt that will be either a coffee flavor or a candle name.

No word limit or due date. Will R&R every entry, please warn for triggers.

Don't have to use all prompts that I post, feel free to do one, two or you can do all if you want to.

Can combine with other challenges competitions.

Don't have to do all of them, just whatever ones that you find inspirational.

You may pair up the character with someone if you'd like.

You do not have to do the set of prompts in order, you can switch around. Say you see a pairing or character that you like and you want to do those first, go ahead and do those first.

Any question feel free to ask!

4/10/2017 . Edited 4/11/2017 #1



kelpie169: She Had a Craving

4/10/2017 . Edited 4/10/2017 #2

First set of prompts!:

Coffee flavor: Cinnamon Hazelnut

Pairing: James/Lily

Prompts: Breeze, Cake.

4/10/2017 #3

Sign me up!

4/10/2017 #4
@ChocolateWonder: Great will add you! XD.
4/10/2017 #5

Next set of prompts!

Candle Flavor: Country Heather

Character: Dominique Weasley

Prompts: Swirl, Treasure

4/10/2017 #6

Next set of prompts:

Coffee Flavor: Rainforest Crunch

Pairing: Salazar/Godric

Prompts: Portrait, Moon.

4/10/2017 #7

Next set of prompts:

Candle Flavor: Beach walk

Character: Hermione Granger

Prompts: Starlight, Rainbow

4/10/2017 #8

Next set of prompts:

Coffee Flavor: Mudslide

Pairings: Parvati/Lavender

Prompts: Umbrella, Fall

4/10/2017 #9

Next set of prompts: (Since there's no due date on these I wanted to post several at once).

Candle Flavor: French Vanilla

Pairing: Teddy/Victoire

Prompt: Mercy, Tough luck

4/10/2017 #10

Coffee Flavor: Butter Rum

Character: Marietta Edgecombe

Prompts: Hideaway, Space

4/10/2017 #11

Candle Flavor: Coconut Bay

Love Triangle/Threesome: James/Lily/Severus

Prompts: Mellow, Sense of duty.

4/10/2017 #12

Coffee Flavor: Baked Alaska

Character: Sirius Black

Prompt: Hotel, Task

4/10/2017 #13

Candle Flavor: Christmas Cookie

Pairing: Helga/Rowena

Prompt: Reindeer, Wish

4/10/2017 #14

Coffee Flavor: Chocolate Irish Cream

Character: Cho Chang

Prompts: Hourglass, Gift

4/10/2017 #15

Candle Flavor: Mandarin Cranberry

Pairing: Frank/Alice

Prompts: Hats, Crashed.

4/10/2017 #16

Coffee Flavor: Honey Nut Praline

Character: Dudley Dursley

Prompt: Game, Miserable.

4/10/2017 #17

Candle Flavor: Home Sweet Home

Pairing: Marcus/Katie

Prompt: Concert, Scones.

4/10/2017 #18

Coffee Flavor: Orange Coconut

Character: Severus Snape

Prompts: Glamor, Party time.

4/10/2017 #19

Candle Flavor: Cinnamon Stick

Character: Luna Lovegood

Prompts: Trust issues, Pumpkin pie

4/10/2017 . Edited 4/11/2017 #20

Coffee Flavor: Cozy Fire

Pairing: John/Amelia

Prompts: Ball, Fragrant

4/10/2017 #21

Okay so I wrote a one shot for the first day, but since it's my first ever challenge fic, is there something special I need to put at the beginning? I know I see lots of fics with prompts and stuff listed but I was sure if there was a specific format or anything I need to follow? Once I know that I'll post and put the link in here. :)

4/10/2017 #22

@kelpie169: Nope no special thing that you have to do. Also say one of the prompts are coffee flavor, character and two prompts, you don't have to write for all of those prompts, you can just write a couple, one or several, but you can if you want to. It's all up to you really. XD.

4/10/2017 #23

I'll keep that in mind darlin, but for this one, I managed to work everything in perfectly fine. :D I'm so excited. Hopefully you like it. This is for the first set of prompts.


4/10/2017 #24

@kelpie169: I'm sure that I'll like it just fine, and good that you managed to use the set of prompts. Will R&R! XD.

4/10/2017 #25

Candle Flavor: Buttercream

Character: Arthur Weasley

Prompts: Freedom, Astronomy

4/11/2017 #26

Coffee Flavor: Amaretto

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Prompts: Lounge, Butterfly

4/11/2017 #27

Candle Flavor: Cottage Breeze

Character: Abeforth Dumbledore

Prompts: Seashell, Rooftop

4/11/2017 #28

Coffee Flavor: Peppermint

Pairing: Neville/Luna

Prompts: Charm, Blaze

4/11/2017 #29

Candle Flavor: Vanilla Pumpkin

Character: Teddy Lupin

Prompts: Whimsy, Cafe

4/11/2017 #30
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