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Allons-y Lovelies

(Sorry, this goes over the word limit a bit...)

Tonks wrapped her arms around her stomach. Usually they would be wrapped around her knees, but her tummy had gotten so big that that really wasn't possible anymore. It had gotten lonely around the house without Remus. She found herself filling her days with pregnancy books and cooking. Not that she really could cook. She tended to burn a lot of the food she made, but she had fun getting messy. She would sing to herself as she cooked. The Weird Sisters, and the occasional Celestina Warbeck (though she would deny it if confronted). But none of that really helped. Nothing could fill that emptiness that came with a missing husband. Tonks stood up with a sigh, hands supporting her back as she waddled to the pantry, grabbing for the peanut butter to try and sate her pregnancy cravings. She found a spoon, and stuck it into the jar, before licking it clean. She was about to sit down on the couch when she heard a tentative knock on the door. She froze, and then moved her hand towards her wand, picking it up before inching to the door as quietly as she could (which certainly wasn't as quiet as she could be). Tonks hid herself to the side of the door, before cautiously nudging the door open with her foot. When she saw who was on the other side, the peanut butter jar dropped from her hands, smashing onto the floor.

"Hullo, Tonks," Remus said, a sad, hopeful look on his lined face.

"Wotcher, Lupin," Tonks said in reply, eyes narrowed as she held her stomach.

"How've you been?" he asked, and almost cringed at how stupid the question was.

"Alright. You?"


"How about you come in for a cuppa and a nice nap?"

"That'd be wonderful," he said gratefully.

And that was the happiest either of them had looked in months.

Lily/James with the prompt 'run'.

4/1/2013 . Edited 4/1/2013 #541

I shouldn't but...placeholder :)

Sirius/Hestia - "cigarette"

4/1/2013 #542
Kailey Hamilton

It was always the same. Whenever she dropped in to visit, she would light a cigarette and offer him another.

At sixteen, he and James used to sneak out to meet Muggle girls. All the cool kids smoked, so naturally they started doing it too.

If he closed his eyes, he could remember laughter, kisses, carelessness and dangerous joy.

Hestia Jones surely was a pretty lady, with her youthful stare and her long dark hair. She was an Auror - lethal, smart, skillful.

To him, she was all things attractive. If he closed his eyes, he could pretend that there was banter; he could pretend that she was interested.

It was always the same. Smoke would leave his lungs, and later, she would leave him.

Sirius knew that Hestia was full of possibilities. But he had none left.

Adrian Pucey/Alicia Spinnet. Prompt: Same old place.

I hope I didn't just kill the thread.

4/1/2013 . Edited 4/1/2013 #543
Empress Empoleon

I was wondering if someone should restart the thread...XD

4/14/2013 #544
Kailey Hamilton

The awkward moment when I'm still waiting for an Alicia/Adrian drabble.


4/14/2013 #545

On it!

Adrian PuceyAlicia Spinnet. Not romance but hope it's okay.

Alicia said thanks as a waitress got her a Firewiskey and sighed softly as the woman walked away. It had been a few months since the war and while Hogwarts and Hogsmeade were being rebuilt the loss that many people had during the war; including herself was still there and she didn't know what to do to make herself or others feel better.

Even though they had won the war it felt as though they had lost in a way; and she supposed in a way that was true. Many of them had lost somebody, or more than one person in their lives and it still hurt to even think that they were no longer there.

A shadow moved passed her and she looked up with surprise. She couldn't help but frown as she reconized Adrian Pucey.

She remembered him from Hogwarts; he had been a Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch team, she also remembered that he had fought in the final battle; well at least he had fought on the light side. She thought dryly; taking a sip of her Firewiskey.

She saw that he was by himself; like her, and briefly wondered if he knew what it was like to loose a family member or a friend. She had been devasted to learn that Katie had been killed by a Death Eater and hadn't wanted to leave her bedroom for the longest time. But knew that she had to move on if she wanted to make her friend Katie or any of the others that had died during the war proud.

Adrian must have felt her staring because he looked up and met her eyes. She saw that he reconized her immediately even though it had been a several years since she had last seen him.

He nodded to her in acknowledment and went back to his drink.

Alicia smiled and thought to herself that maybe things will turn out alright afterall.

Maybe a popular pairing will get things rolling again.

RemusSirius: Strained.

Or NevilleLuna Stay.

4/14/2013 . Edited 4/14/2013 #546
Ryah Ignis

Neville's fingers absentmindedly picked at a loose thread on Luna's light blue coverlet. She bustled about the room, dumping strange instruments and bright sweaters into her bag.

"Do you have everything?" he asked.

"Yes, I think--oh!"

Luna ducked inside her closet and rummaged around for a few minutes, muttering to herself. Neville looked up at the ceiling, where his face was painted. His picture self lost a bit of his nose to the explosion that had rocked the Lovegood home, but Neville had to admit that he looked very realistic.

"Can't let the Nargles last to me, can I?" she asked cheerfully.

"Of course not," Neville said with a smile.

He was going to miss her so much.

"When will you be back?"

Luna shrugged. "When I feel like, I suppose. I haven't given it much thought."

Neville stood up. "Well, have fun in Romania."

"I'll see you around, Neville."

She walked away with that skip that only she could pull off. Neville's throat closed over, because even after killing a snake and helping take down a Dark Lord, he couldn't work up the courage to ask her to stay.

Astoria/Draco and the prompt Light

4/17/2013 #547
Exceeds Expectations

Drastoria - light

She smiles like sunlight.

Every single time, every single smile, he cannot look away.

Her lips quirk delicately, sunbeams caught in the corners of her lips, and when she turns that smile on him, Draco feels something in his chest begin to thaw. She flutters her golden lashes, speaks with a voice as bright as the sun-stained light of her smile and says, "Draco. You're staring," with a sort of dry amusement that Draco didn't expect.

He swallows, suddenly dry-mouthed and shy. "Can you blame me?"

"What were you thinking about?" she asks, slinking closer, hips swaying sensually.

"This," Draco says, and presses his lips to hers, placing a hand at the back of her neck and another on the curve of her hip. She melts against him, falling into his chest, and Draco sighs into her mouth.

And he swears she tastes like sunshine.

Pairing: GeorgeKatie

Prompt: anyone

4/17/2013 . Edited 4/18/2013 #548
padfoot's prose

@ Exceeds Expectations

George/Katie: anyone

"All I'm saying is that you could've asked anyone to the Yule Ball, George. So why her?"

George had deduced that, apparently, Katie was mad. Her voice was a furious whisper, in order to keep them undetected in the hidden corridor that they were concealed in. But even while speaking so quietly, there was a sort of menace in her tone, not unlike the accusation often in Hermione's voice when she caught any whiff and his and Fred's newly-invented Skiving Snackbox sweets.

Yet George, for his part, was utterly perplexed at Katie's anger.

"Why not her?" he shot back, "She's as female as anyone else. And available dates were running a little low. After Fred went and swindled Angelina out of contention, I had to go find the next most eligible bachelorette to honour with my first dance. If it's any consolation, I'm willing to honour you with my second."

The last sentence was accompanied by a very charming smile, George thought. At least, he did think it was charming until Katie slapped it straight off his face, leaving a stinging red mark on his cheek in its place.

"Ow! What was that for?!"

"You're not enough of an eligible bachelor for me to honour you with my first response," Katie growled, her voice rising as she continued, "But here, have my second one instead!"

And with that she stormed away, disappearing down the hidden corridor.

George blinked twice. A grin broke out on his face, and he raised a hand to his stinging cheek.

"Mr Weasley," McGonagall's stern voice said from just outside, "Would you be so kind as the emerge from your poorly hidden space and explain this disruption to me."

Trying to compose his grin, George stepped out into the corridor. A small crowd of students were standing outside, clearing having heard the argument. McGonagall stood amongst them. She raised a firmly questioning eyebrow, as if saying, Please explain.

George shrugged.

"She loves me," he said.

His cheek throbbed with pain as his grin broke free again.

Ron/Hermione: smile

EDIT: Thank you Aliko Kinav, that was gorgeous.

And ExceedsExpectations, I'm sorry. You're right, I was way out of line.

4/17/2013 . Edited 4/19/2013 #549
Aliko Kinav

She was there looking at him.

Soon they were naked.

And then she was smiling at him.

And that should have tipped him off.

His Hermione never smiled like that. Never smiled like she had an ulterior motive.

His Hermione's smile was pure. It was genuine.

And the one person who saw that smile. The one person who she smiled like that for, was him.

And that, was when he got his head back in the game.

It was time to end this war.

He had to find Harry and Hermione.

Hope that was ok. Sorry if it was too short :/

Hermione/Luna - Burn with me

4/18/2013 #550
Exceeds Expectations

@padfoot's prose - It's fine, I understand where you're coming from. I'm sorry, too. I got a tad defensive. Friends? :) And your drabble was very cute!

HermioneLuna - burn with me

If Hermione were flame, she would be a slow burn, the initial spark before the forest burns.

If Luna were flame, she would be the raging fire that comes from nowhere, the one that no one ever learns the beginning of.

But, as it stands, Hermione is Hermione and Luna is Luna, and the only flames they know are the finger-borne fire of caresses on bare skin, the palm flat burn of lust on each other's soft backs. And it's not strange, not scary, not wrong, because not everyone gets to feel love as warm as this and they are lucky.


Hermione hooks her ankles around Luna's, leans close so that their foreheads touch. They are a tangle in the bed, all pale limbs and sleep soaked bones.

"Do you ever wonder if you should be scared of this? Of us?" she whispers.

"No," Luna says, and her breath is warm air across Hermione's lips. "There's no point in being scared."

She pulls Hermione closer, so that they are touching from chest to toes.

"Do you?"

Hermione sighs. "Sometimes. Yeah. It doesn't make any sense."

Luna laughs, like fire and brimstone and still gentle as a butterfly's wing. "It doesn't have to," she says. "Just promise me you'll burn with me forever."

And then they are lost in each other, fire that has no ending and no beginning, the initial spark blossoming into the strange flames that seem to come from nowhere.

Burn with me, she thinks, burn burn burn, and they are happy here.


Pairing: ChoPadma OR RegulusMarlene

Prompt: "Where were you?"

4/18/2013 . Edited 5/10/2013 #551
Forever Siriusly Sirius

Regulus/Marlene "Where were you?"

Regulus sits alone at the Slytherin table, watching her with him. His brother.

All he can think is, that used to be me.

She left him, when he needed her most; she wasn't there.

She was with him.

Where were you?


Regulus stands by the lake, looking down at the brand that scars his arm.

They graduated, her and him. Together, along with their bloodtraitor and Mudblood friends.

He needs her, to remind him of the light. To remind him that he isn't cruel, or evil, or insane.

But she left him.

Where were you?


Regulus observes the basin full of poison that stands in the cave.

He needs someone to tell him he's doing the right thing. To reassure him that this will be worth it.

That would have been her job.

But she's not here.

Where were you?


Regulus drinks the poison.

He drinks the water.

The hands come out, dragging him down, down, down.

All he can think is,

Where were you?

James/Lily -chase

4/18/2013 . Edited 7/20/2013 #552
Trinity Day

So, I'm out of practice, so this is not a drabble.

James/Lily, chase

"Now, I'm not one to kiss and tell," James said, picking at the last of his dinner.

"Only, you are," Sirius interrupted. "Even first-year Hufflepuffs know you kiss and tell by now. Honestly, Prongs, first-year Hufflepuffs!"

"Well," James said, a little defensively, "maybe I have told one or two--"

"Houses," Sirius suggested.

"People," James corrected, emphatically, "but I think I've earned the right, don't you?"

Sirius nodded. "It was a long and hard and annoying journey. I will give you that. Evans might not." He tipped his head, down the table where the girl in question was sitting with her usual group of friends.

They were glaring daggers at him.

"Oh, erm," said James.

"Yes, oh, erm," Sirius repeated.

"I'll just go..." James trailed off, but Sirius understood.

"You'd better."

As he approached, the looks of loathing from the seventh-year Gryffindor girls intensified. James didn't swallow and his steps didn't falter and he really had faced down scarier things than this before in his life even if none came to mind just then.

When he got close, Lily nodded and they scattered.

"All right, Evans," James said to fortify his nerves, sitting down across from her.

On a scale of one to murderous, James didn't even feel the need to pull his wand in defence. Truthfully, Evans had looked angrier that time he and Sirius had set a Niffler loose during History of Magic and no one cared when that class was disrupted. But there was something wrong. James had spent many hours over the past couple of years studying one Lily Evans, but the expression on her face now was not one he recognized.

"Potter," she said in return. Even her tone was guarded.

"What did I do wrong?" he asked bluntly.

"Nothing," she answered. "You took me on a perfectly lovely date."

James knew he was walking into a trap, but he couldn't see any way around it, so he continued on. "And that was wrong?"

"It was lovely," she repeated. "Better than I expected."

"But," he swallowed hard now, "not enough to want to try it again?"

"You tell me. Did you want to ask me out again?"

"Er, yes?" James asked because he was sure that somehow this was a trick question.

"Are you sure? Even though the thrill of the chase is gone?"

"The what?"

Lily smiled, although the corner of her eyes didn't wrinkle in that manner that James found adorable. "You got what you wanted. I agreed to go on a date. You even got a kiss out of it. Isn't that what you've been after for the past two years?"

"Yes, but that doesn't mean I don't want another one!" James protested.

"Really?" Lily didn't exactly sound surprised, but rather sounded like she was play-acting at being surprised. "And I suppose all that bragging was just your way of showing--"

"That I'm a berk?" James broke in

'Yes, that does sound about right," Lily agreed and James knew he might be reaching for straws, but the smile playing on her lips looked a little more genuine now.

"Am I a berk that's lost his chance at another date?"

"If I had a policy against dating berks, do you think we would have been at Madam Puddifoot's yesterday?"

"Does that mean..."

"Yes, I'll give you another chance. But no more bragging about finally getting to kiss me, right?"

"Promise." He slashed his hand across his heart to drive the point home. It wasn't too big a concession; James would much rather brag about being able to kiss her whenever he wanted for the rest of his life, but suspected that it was too soon to say as much without risking scaring her off.

Maybe after their second date.

Frank/Alice - a most solemn affair

Since I apparently killed the thread with this pairing, I'll open up the prompt to James/Sirius or James&Sirius

janeisnotonfire -- That was beautiful. So much more than I expected. Especially when you brought in Neville at the end. (Beautiful is another word for heartbreaking, right?)

4/18/2013 . Edited 7/4/2013 #553

frank/alice -— a most solemn affair


if he could paint the sky, he'd arrange the stars to spell out her name.


her name is alice, and she likes butterflies and knitting and all the fairytales everybody else forgets when they turn ten.


they grow up in a time of intangible turmoil, where the smiles of their mothers have shadows and their fathers' stern words are a little desperate, a little afraid.

their childhood becomes the history of the war and it is dotted with pain and most solemn affairs, like the death of a loved one and the birth of an innocent into this world that allows the greed of the powerful to coexist with the defencelessness of the weak.


he's righteous but she is brave and when she defends little mary macdonald from the slytherins that persecute muggleborns, he thinks maybe he's in love with this little pixie-like girl named alice.


she's alice, but she's not looking for wonderland, just solace.


they're sixteen when they first kiss, and she tastes like honey and he tastes like cinnamon and they both feel her beloved butterflies taking root in their stomachs.


he signs up for dumbledore's order, and she does too. "alice," he says, "it's a war, and we could die." he still doesn't believe it, but he knows it's true.

she nods, and puts her hand in his. "i know," she says, and that's when he asks her to marry him.


there is life within her, and it's terrifying but it's beautiful. when he's born, a dark haired little boy with her cheeks and frank's eyes, she weeps over him and names him neville.

she promises him that she'll make the world better for him, and prays that he never needs to be as brave as his parents.


bellatrix lestrange steals their bravery and righteousness from the world in one night, and all they can do is remember those butterflies and hope that in their innermost selves, they can hold onto their histories.

somewhere, a little boy wakes up without his parents.


bellatrix is dead, courtesy of an old friend, and neville is more scarred than their worst nightmares and braver than they ever dared to hope, and they are locked away within theirselves, remembering the butterflies.

sirius/marlene or cedric/marietta -— "the bottom line is that we never fall for the people we're supposed to" -— my sister's keeper, jodi picoult

6/23/2013 . Edited 6/23/2013 #554
Forever Siriusly Sirius

Pairing: Blackinnon

Prompt: "The bottom line is that we never fall for the people we're supposed to."

She hates him.

He hates her.

They aren't good for each other.

He's a heartbreaker.

She is too.

He guards his heart zealously, thinking that letting no one in is better than getting hurt.

She lets people in, but only for a while until she pushes them away.

He has two week flings at the most.

Her longest relationship was six months.

Both came from broken homes.

Both know the bitter feeling of neglect.

Both know the pain of bejng hurt.

They can't fall for each other.

Two broken people can't make a whole.

But they can't help it.

Hidden beneath the surface, underneath all that 'hate' is a fire burning so strong they can't ignore it.

But they want to.

For a broken person to survive, they need someone whole to lean on.

Sirius isn't whole.

Marlene isn't whole.

Why, they ask, did they have to fall so hard for the one person who they were never supposed to be with?

Their relationship is fast, passionate, intense, a rollercoaster of emotions.

She is his drug, as he is hers.

Everyone knows drugs are bad for you, but they take them anyway.

When they fall, when they crash, when they burn, no one will be surprised.

But somehow they manage to survive.

Their flame burns higher than ever, two broken people clinging to each other, desperate to stay alive.

He is no good for her.

She is no good for him.

They aren't supposed to be together.

They aren't supposed to work out.

But somehow, they do

JamesLily - forever and a day

EDIT: Zella m'dear that Jily was perf 3

6/23/2013 . Edited 7/20/2013 #555

JamesLily, forever and a day.

The sun was setting behind the trees, and the whole field was bathed in its eerie light. With an adjustment of his tie, as per instructions of Remus, he took several deep breaths. He unconsciously fiddled with the hem of his suit sleeve, biting his lip.

Sirius snapped at him to quit being so fidgety. Then he heard the whispers in the crowd. It was her. Lily was coming.

Without time to process his feelings about this, she was walking across the grassy earth leading to the aisle. Toward him, in this elegant white dress. His attention lingered more so on her and her eyes, with their clarity striking him from where he was standing. She glowed with a brilliant radiance that touched everyone around her as she neared. She was gorgeous.

He wouldn't mind spending forever and a day with her, he confirmed with a smile.

It was too long, wasn't it?

Neverrrminddd. xD

GinnyHarry — waiting

6/23/2013 . Edited 6/23/2013 #556
Aliko Kinav

GinnyHarry - Waiting

It was the final fight.

He was gone.

To fight a war.

To save lives.

He was gone.

And she was left waiting.


They came back.

Tears in their eyes.

Eyes that couldn't meet hers.

She stared at them. Disbelieving.

Who would have believed that.

That he was gone. Forever.

She cries. Screams. Howls. Rages.

Nothing happens.

Hermione just cries harder. Ron just looks away.


Hermione is pregnant. Glowing with happiness.

A happiness that always dims, when she is around.

She watches from afar.

Ron has started to smile.

But everything darkens when they see her face.


So many nieces and nephews.

So many children.

Her mother had pleaded. Her father had just sighed. Her brothers gave up, after a shrieking fest.

She wouldn't move on.

She couldn't move on.

He was gone.

And she was left waiting forever.

Been so long since I wrote anything.

Hope it was ok :)

And Exceeds Expectations, THANK YOU! The HermioneLuna drabble was so wonderful!! :D

Drarry - I will love you through it all


@Zellarest: OMG! I am glad you enjoyed it. :D AWWW! It's ok :) Thanks for the thought :P

@UnicornsAndRainbows20089: OMG OMG OMG! Thank you :D Drarry :D

6/23/2013 . Edited 6/23/2013 #557

That was wonderful! You used the prompt brilliantly, and I loved it. =D

Ah sorry, can't write Drarry.

6/23/2013 . Edited 6/23/2013 #558
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

It was a dark and stormy night as Harry tossed and turned in his four poster bed in the Gryffindor common room. The rain was pounding on the window across the room keeping the annoyed teenager awake and tossing and turning. Once he got sick of trying to sleep in the blasted storm he quietly got out of his bed and headed downstairs for a walk. The power had gone out, so naturally he felt he was in no need of his invisablity cloak and just settled to take the maradurs map.

Once down to the entrance hall he noticed a tall figure with shiny almost white blonde hair, he quickly looked at the map shining his wand at it and saw that it was none other then Draco Malfoy.

"Malfoy," Harry greeted with a smile. "What are you doing here?"

"Can't sleep," Draco replied shrugging his shoulders. "What about you?"

"Same." Harry said with a smile. Ever since the war ended the teo boys had been clival to one another and ever forms a - dare I say it - friendship. However both boys knew that they wanted more, that they craved each others touch.

"Would you like to go for a walk around the dungeons with me?" Draco had asked and Harry politely nodded, then remembering that Draco couldn't see him nodding replied with a genuine 'yes'. Both boys walked down the stairs, both of them with their wands out with a lighting lumos at the end of them hoping not to run into any teachers along the way. They had traveled quite far when Draco had had enough of the silence and the horrid sexual tention in the air.

Unexpectedly Draco slammed Harry's body against the stone wall, pinning him there with a wicket smile on his face that matched the same one Harry had. Both boys brutally attacked each other with kisses and nips and bites until finally they got sent back to bed by none other then Severus Snape.

On the way back to Gryffindor tower Harry couldn't help but feel that he would have Draco through everything and anything that happened. After all they made it through the war, what else could possibly be so bad to top that?

Roxanne/Dominique - Through the fire

Or Albus/Scorpius

6/23/2013 . Edited 6/23/2013 #559
Forever Siriusly Sirius

Alscor placeholder!

prompt: regulus/bartyjr - back to black

6/23/2013 #560
Trinity Day

They met in the kitchens of Hogwarts where Regulus overheard this slight boy he had never noticed in the Common Room thank the house-elf who brought him a drink, making sure to add that she had done a good job scrubbing the bubotuber pus from Slytherin table in the Great Hall. Regulus' brother was responsible for that mess and Regulus had spent his day (after being thoroughly decontaminated by Madam Pomfrey) hearing his classmates swear revenge in various imaginative ways. Dinner had to be eaten at with the Hufflepuffs.

The chances that it was the same house-elf were small, but she blushed prettily anyway, pressing a homemade cauldron cake on the boy. He caught sight of Regulus as he watched her bustle off to get his reward and stiffened. Regulus should not have seen that exchange.

The younger boy was wary but didn't back down. Regulus smiled, not smirked, and suggested he ask for a Butterbeer the next time. The kitchen elves had a secret stash, Regulus knew from previous visits; its existence only hinted at to those who liked the house-elves best.

They didn't last. Barty's parents didn't approve of his friendship with Regulus, for all that they were a respectable pureblood family. The Blacks were too closely associated with Dark magic; it would reflect badly on the senior Crouch's political career. Regulus protested but Barty was insistent; he knew, he said, when to give into his father, what to say to appease him, what he was willing to give up now to make things better in the long run.

It was little comfort to Regulus.

Barty joined their side once he'd left Hogwarts and Regulus was given credit for converting the son of the man tipped to be the next Minister of Magic. That Barty found the courage wasn't surprising; Regulus was a Black, he knew all too well what rebellion against family looked like. That Barty sought him out again a few weeks after his initiation was.

It wasn't the same, although Regulus hadn't expected it to be. The boy at Hogwarts, the one who had been so kind to the house-elves in the kitchens, Regulus would have gone to him with his doubts. The man who knew what to say to best get his way was no such confidante. Regulus was a Black; he knew all too well how zealotry went.

He never seriously considered going to Barty, not even when Kreacher returned when he wasn't meant to and Regulus decided he could not serve a man like Voldemort.

Regulus died alone.

Neville & Luna (or Neville/Luna) - practicalities

Make me cry, why don't you, PossiblyPossible. Nice job with the prompt and thanks for responding!

7/7/2013 . Edited 7/7/2013 #561

Neville and Luna (For Trinity Day)

Luna and Neville had lived through many things together. Fighting at the ministry, the Battle of Hogwarts, seeing their friends die and their enemies conquered. But of all these things there is one particular event that stood out to both of them.

She had been nine at the time and him ten. She was walking around the floors of St-Mungo's Hospital. She had been brought there for a check-up after her mother's death, on paper it was said it was to make sure she didn't suffer from her mother's failed experiment but it was really to make sure she hadn't been affected psychologically. While one of the nurses had her back turned Luna had walked away and started exploring the different sectors of the hospital, they're were so many things to see.

Neville had come with his grandmother to visit his parents. He didn't like going to see his parents and yet he felt like he wanted to do nothing but that all the time. He hated to see in what state they were. Some days he wondered if they were still there, inside, Alice and Frank Longbottom, the brave, intelligent selves they had once been, trapped inside these mumbling bodies. He hoped not, if there was something that Neville knew is that being aware of your difference and sickness is worse than the disablilties themselves.

Neville had gone to get a cup of tea for his grandmother when he accidentally bumped into Luna who was dazily floating around, she flew right onto the floor. As Neville picked her up, Luna said, with such a tone it seemed she had just gotten her head around the subject. "My mother is dead." she looked up at Neville. "She's dead" Neville didn't see sadness in her eyes, or anger or grief, just a lost expression. He could still here the sounds of his grandmother speaking to his own mother like to a todler. "Lucky you." He said and she frowned. For the first time Neville actually told someone of his family's situation, then Luna told him hers, and he told Luna with the utmost sincerity that he though it was more practical for her mother to be dead, and that she was in a better place then his parents right now. Luna had looked at Neville and for the first time they both cried together. Luna cried for her late mother and Neville cried for the parents he never got the chance to meet. Luna cried for what she had lost and Neville for what he had never had.

Neither spoke about this encounter when they met again in Hogwarts. It was easier this way, more practical...

George/Angelina -- something borrowed

7/7/2013 . Edited 7/7/2013 #562
Dramione Forever


Katie/Oliver - Candle

7/16/2013 #563
Forever Siriusly Sirius


(Yes I am working on filling in all my placeholders!)

Albus/Scorpius - Spiralling down.

7/20/2013 #564

albusscorpius — spiralling down

There is alcohol running through his veins and adrenaline sparking his heart, the world spiralling down around him.

He stumbles, falling onto the hard oak wall, before sliding down into a collapsed heap. He sits there, slumped against the wall, in the corner, watching. He's always watching. His eyes are famed beyond compare in his world, but they are much more suited to observing than being observed, he finds, as much as the tabloids may disagree.

Scorpius is talking to Dominique, and her eyes are dark with desire and mischief and Scorpius is leaning into her touch slightly and this fills Albus with a rage that he cannot even begin to comprehend, let alone prevent. He is Antinous wild, with the alcohol burning his veins and filling him with reckless energy, knocking aside his inhibitions. He glows with beauty, his rage as unyielding as his handsome features and eyes that match his Slytherin tie, and god, he is as beautiful as he is terrible.

He lurches to his feet, ignoring the eyebrow that Rose raises to him from across the room as she chatters to Louis — she once drunkenly kissed James, so judging his bad life choices should not even be approaching her to-do list, okay — and moves forward through the crowd, clumsily and loudly. His multiple missteps ensure that everyone he passes is either acquainted with one of his flailing limbs, or whatever their conversation partner is drinking, but eventually he makes his way through the crowd and arrives at Scorpius' side.

"Hello," he greets imperiously, ignoring the flash of irritation that graces Dominique's face. She'll get over it, he decides, and even if she doesn't, well, he's got other cousins he likes better. It's not as if anyone in his family is irreplaceable, he thinks bitterly. They've all been cast the same, as children of heroes, and as such, nobody knows them truly, and they are all expendable.

Scorpius gives him a searching look. "What?" Albus asks irritably, shifting his stance so that he's standing ever so slightly between the two blondes, separating them.

"You're drunk," Scorpius states, his tone neither approving or disapproving. Albus swallows, and the sight of this seems to fluster Scorpius slightly, judging from the pink flush at his neck. "Come on, you drunkard," Scorpius says with a long-suffering sigh, slinging an arm around the dark-haired boy's shoulder. "Let's get you out of this lion's den," he continues, barely noticing Dominique's annoyed "bye".

Rose materialises by their side as they're making their way to the exit, and she raises an eyebrow at their positions, but doesn't comment on it. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," she says with a sardonic smirk, blowing a kiss at Albus as he shoots a half-hearted glare at her. Scorpius shoots her his special smile, one only she and Albus and Louis get to see, and she smiles widely in return. "I'll see you two later, yeah?" she says, and ruffles Al's hair before scampering off to save Louis from his endless gaggle of admirers.

Scorpius manages to drag Al out of the room, and they're halfway to their dorm when suddenly— "your hair is really fucking beautiful, did you know?"

The blonde looks at his friend in surprise. "Er, yeah. It's part of me, of course it's beautiful," he teases. "Got a secret burning love for my hair?"

Albus is looking at Scorpius strangely, in an oddly sober and sincere way for a boy who consumed more than seven bottles of firewhiskey on his own. "Not so much your hair," he mutters, before fixing Scorpius with a look that suggests many things that are not appropriate for Scorpius to imagine his best friend doing, and he squeezes his eyes shut because goddammit, but Albus Potter is a beautiful specimen of humankind and his throat goes dry when he opens his eyes to find Albus still staring at him the same way.

"Um," he says, very eloquently, and then Albus has him pressed up against the wall, and he's kissing him, and their bodies are pressed so close together that it's like they've merged and Scorpius isn't sure where he starts and Albus ends, and they're in the middle of the bloody corridor but suddenly Albus is — god, what's he doing with his tongue? — and there's nothing in his mind anymore except for green eyes and dark hair and soft, pink lips and the Slytherin tie that Scorpius has in his hand, pulled taut in his attempts to bring the other boy closer.

so um that's longer than i'd expected so i'm sorry and i've never really written this before so i'm sorry about that too, because it may suck.

(also, i'm so glad you liked the alicefrank because that's a pairing i've never written before! :))

pairing — emmelinecaradoc or rosescorpius / prompt — "the thing about peter pan would be he was a coward." –— skins.

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Forever Siriusly Sirius

Janeeeyyyyy that was love.


RoseScorpius - "the thing about peter pan would be he was a coward." –— skins.

They sit in front of the fire in the Ravenclaw common room, she is snuggled into his side with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her waist. The silence is comfortable, the both of them just content to be with each other and watch the fire dance.

Out of the blue, Rose speaks.

"Peter Pan was my hero growing up, you know."

Any other person would have been slightly bewildered with such a random sentence, but Scorpius was used to it. It is one of the things he loves about Rose - that she says what is on her mind, she diesn't hold back, no matter how utterly random. He laughs quietly, and indulges her.


He smiles as her face lights up. "Oh, well you see he was hero! He was so brave, I mean he faught off Captain Hook and everything! He's always laughing, and Merlin he's just beautiful!"

Scorpius chuckles again. "Should I be jealous, Rosie?"

She smacks him on the arm, but smiles as she blushes. "Shush, you."

"Personally, I think the thing about Peter Pan would be that he was a coward," Scorpius states matter of factly. Of course, he doesn't really believe it, he just likes to work Rose up. He likes to watch the flush of her cheeks as she passionatly argues against him, he wants to see that precious spark of life in her eyes shine like stars in the night sky. He thinks, as he sits there with a small smile threatening to break out on his face as he watches her fly into an argument about why Peter Pan is a hero, that she is the most beautiful person he has ever seen in his life.

Sirius/Marlene — 'I just want to see the stars with you,' tfios by troye sivan

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eek thank you! and most definite agreement in revival, and oh, god, blackinnon, i am physically incapable of not place holding whoops. so, placeholder!

sirius/marlene -—i just want to see the stars with you (tfios, troye sivan)


There is a war. But there is also life.

That's the thing that surprises Marlene the most—life has absolutely no regard for its circumstances. It is not constrained by the limitations of human expectations and refuses to define itself as such, preferring to deliver both harsh and happy circumstances without discrimination and regardless of the context.

Her life is a warzone, but it is also the life of a twenty-one year old woman with passion and fierce wit and the greatest group of friends anybody could ever ask for. Her life still features laughter and jokes and surprised kisses that taste like sherry and end in wide eyes and a rush of memories in the morning. Her life is still worth living.


She finds herself nestled between James and Remus as they gaze at the campfire in front of them, Mary curled into Remus' other side and Lily resting her head on James' shoulder. She begins to wonder when her existence became able to be defined as the "one without a boyfriend"; even Dorcas has Fabian, laying her head on his lap whilst she entwines her legs with Mary's, and Alice has Frank, and look incredibly sweet about it too. She begins looking around in earnest, trying to seek out someone who isn't currently attached to someone and can share in her plight—not Benjy, he's into her own sister, for Merlin's sake, and oh, no, Gideon's got that undefinable thing going on with Benjy's best mate Mundungus, and, oh my god, even Peter is locking lips with Joyce and when the hell did that happen—and her eyes fall upon Sirius, who looks like—okay, no, he's definitely laughing at her right now.

Having fun there? he mouths at her, laughter dancing in his eyes, and she's going to whack him or something, oh my god, and she gives him a patented unimpressed glare and gently disentangles herself from the pressure of the two surrounding Marauders, letting them crash shoulders with only an amused smile offered as apology.

"You suck," she says as she marches up to Sirius, fixing him with a disgruntled look.

"You love me," he teases, flicking her on the nose. "Besides, I didn't want to interfere with such a fun situation for you."

"Yeah, the highlight of my life is being crammed between two Marauders," she mutters. "Hey, at least they were my favourite Marauders. Tied with Peter, of course," she adds.

Sirius narrows his eyes. "Rude and also false," he loftily proclaims. "Everyone knows I am your favourite everything."

"Favourite punching bag, perhaps," she retorts, socking him in the shoulder and ignoring his yelp. She makes to punch him again but he captures her hand, gently holding her wrist, and somehow uses it as leverage to pull Marlene slightly more into him as he takes a half-step towards her.

"What do you want, Marly?" he asks, in a tone softer than she's ever associated with him, a slight smile playing on his lips like a secret that belongs to only them. There are a lot of things she wants to screamthis war to be over and to sleep under the stars and to sing around a fire with all my loved ones and never have good moments like that touched by desperation due to fear—but most of all, she wants to tell him the truth: you.

Instead, she looks him in the eyes and sends him a challenging smirk. "I want to touch the stars and burn down the opposition," she tells him, and it's not a lie, but it's not the truest thing she could have said either.

"I think I would settle for just looking at the stars, if you were there," Sirius says quietly, his words shrouded by moonlight and Marlene is finding it a little hard to breathe because of the sheer force of the hope rising in her chest. "Obviously," he tacks on, smirk adorning his handsome features, "because the rest of them"—he jerks his thumb back towards the group of their loved-up friends—"are disgusting."

"Despicable," Marlene agrees with a beam that feels like it's going to split her face in two. "Honestly. Can't take them anywhere."

Sirius lets out a bark of laughter. "C'mon, McKinnon," he says, sliding his hand from around her wrist to clasping her hand, "let's go watch some stars."


Marlene has always been fascinated by stars, particularly their seemingly-immortal quality: they seem endless, infinite in the way they shine and are never quenched, be they Sirius Black or the ones adorning the night sky.

No matter how infinite they may seem, however, the truth is this: even stars die.

i made myself sad :( assuming she's roughly the same age as james (which is my headcanon), she dies when she's twenty-one (same as him, though she dies prior to him) so not long after this piece would have been set. i love marauders era but it breaks my heart always. and i thought this would be about marlene's inevitable death but sirius??? i suck.

daphne greengrass/oliver wood — majestic

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Forever Siriusly Sirius


Albus/Scorpius - don't give up

(This is for you, Scrunchy!)

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Aliko Kinav

For Forever Siriusly Sirus - Don't give up

Albus was like a flame, burning bright.

While he was like a coal, that the flame needs. The flame could use any other coal. It didn't need him.

Albus was beautiful, with his dark disheveled hair, and could have anyone, but he chose Scorpius.

He chose to lay with Scorpius, when the whole of Slytherin would have warmed his bed.

He wondered sometimes. Why Albus would want to be with him.

His family was shamed.

His family had been on the wrong side of the war.

His father had been enemies with Harry Potter, the savior of the wizarding world.

He was worthless.

He was spiraling down, into the dark abyss of self-hate and he knew it.

"Scorp! Hey Scorp! Where are you?"

"Scorp?" Albus' face paled.

There was so much blood.

And Scorpius...

"Scorp!! Wake up babe! Please wake up," Albus was crying.

He should open his eyes, comfort the cry-baby. But he just didn't have the strength.

Not today.

"Wake up baby, please. Don't give up! Please, don't give up."

Al was sobbing. Scorpius couldn't bare it.

But he couldn't open his eyes either. It was too hard.

He wanted to comfort him. Wipe his tears away. Touch him once more.

It hurt. It hurt so much.

And then Scorpius let go.

Hope this is ok.

I was writing something else, but that was dragging on and on, and I got bored.

And then I found this on my com. I think I wrote it initially for the spiraling down prompt. But wasn't happy with it.

Tweaked it. And ta-da!

Hope you liked it :P

James/Sirius - Brave

EDIT: OMG! That was awesome!! THANK YOU YUVAL25. Sad ending :( But loved it :D

9/4/2013 . Edited 9/5/2013 #569

For Aliko Kinav! I hope you'll like it :)

The Cowardly Lion

Sirius was brave, as any Gryffindor ought to be. He was a Black, too, so that sort of made him nearly perfect. But no, he wasn't perfect. Nobody was. Not even James, though he sure came close.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to gather up his courage. The object of his affection sat in the dorms, just behind the door Sirius was standing at. He could do this. Gryffindors are brave. What have you got to lose? He tried to convince himself that even if this whole thing was only one-sided, it wasn't the end of the world. But it was.

No, shut up.

You shut up.


He raised his fist to knock, but stopped himself just before his knuckles touched the wooden door. It's his dorm, too. Why would he knock?

He shook his head, biting his lip in frustration. This was difficult. Come on, Sirius.

He heard laughing from the dorm room. James's laugh. How wonderful, he thought bitterly, he's not alone. He put his ear to the door, trying to listen in on whatever was going on there.

He was being stupid. James would never like him. James liked girls. But Sirius has let his hair grow, so maybe... No, there were other things about girls James liked. Like tits. Sirius didn't have tits.

Maybe there's a spell that-

Bloody Mordred. This was getting out of hand.

His eyes widened when he heard a female voice coming out of the dormitory. He growled under his breath. Lily Evans. It couldn't get much worse than that.

James fancied the girl, followed her between classes and every single day, without fail, asked her out with a brilliant grin that Sirius could only stare at from afar. It was a special grin, just for her. Never for Sirius. Oh, no. Why would he smile at Sirius like that? He wasn't Lily bloody Evans, after all.

A girly giggle cut his thoughts and he decided it was way too breathless to be innocent, and opened the door, a scowl still present on his face.

And wanted to die. Or hit something. Someone. Lily Evans.

Merlin, What was he thinking? He can't hit a girl. He was a Gryffindor.

James, beautiful, glorious James was sitting on his bed holding the damned redhead and kissing her neck.


When he saw that Sirius was standing motionlessly at the entrance of the room he smiled. "Padfoot, my friend, you wouldn't believe what just happened," he said dreamily, his arms still around Evans.

Lily, you should call her Lily now. She's James's girlfriend, after all.

"She said yes?" asked Sirius without any real interest. James didn't seem to notice.

"She said yes!"

Sirius sighed.

It did get even worse.

Seems like he wouldn't tell James after all.

There you have it.

Gryffindors are not brave.



Prompt: Like father, like son

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