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Hello! mew-tsubaki here!

Ever wondered what drove someone to act a certain way or say something stupid/horrifying/amazing/sweet/etc.? Well, XxrandomxX has an idea! Based on her oneshot love, love, love..., this challenge is to get you to write about the following HP charries and see how you construe their reasons for love. As Amy said, "Because if someone thought that love makes you perfect and happy, they should be shipped to the insane asylum immediately."

The challenge rules are as thus:

1) GIVE XxrandomxX (the amazing Amy) CREDIT FOR THIS! It's my challenge, but the ideas come from her, so credit both the challenge and her when you post! Thanks!

2) You can take as many as you like. Do with them what you will. You can even combine some of the characters! Drabbles, oneshots, multi-chap fic -do whatever you feel like!

3) You MAY combine this with another challenge in HPFC, as long as it's okay with that other challenge's creator. :)

4) Canon, fanon, slash, femmeslash -it's all allowed. M-rated stuff is allowed, too, but please -NO LEMONS! I'd like to keep this fairly clean, though that almost sounds contradictory by saying M's allowed...heh. ;D

5) Post the link to your story here when it's done, that way everyone can find it and enjoy it! (Can be any genre)

Other than that, my only note is...well, enjoy this. And I'll be editing this first post from time-to-time, adding charries as Amy or I see fit (or because of whatever we come up with!), so check this occasionally. I'll try and post other updates here-and-there in the topic, too, so you won't miss out! We'll be posting our ideas, too, but don't be intimidated! BE INSPIRED!!! (And if you're inspired by another entry here, give the author a little mention, too, 'kay? Let's all play nice now!) :D


1) Viktor Krum-Because Viktor knew that she'd come to him eventually, even if he had to wait forever for her.

2) Regulus Black-Because if you're in deep on one side and the person you love is on the other, where does that put you?

3) Seamus Finnigan-Because even though he'd thought the same things countless times before, and had bits and pieces of his heart chucked in the bin repeatedly, he just knew she was the one he was waiting for.

4) Lavender Brown-Because when people tell you that you make their world go round often enough, eventually you start to believe them.

5) Bill Weasley-Because love hadn't been enough to stop him from getting physically scarred, and he can't help but fear that he'll get emotionally scarred from it too.

6) Gabrielle Delacour-Because to her, love is artificial and beauty is the only thing worth believing in.

7) Neville Longbottom-Because if you just sit down and do what others tell you (like he did most of his life), then it can't be real love.

8) Hannah Abbott-Because if you truly loved someone, you'd want them to be happy.

9) Rose Weasley-Because if you just give up on love, then you weren't worthy of it to begin with.

10) Hugo Weasley-Because unlike his cousins who just seem to have everything right, all of his loves remain unrequited.

11) Lily Luna Potter-Because when you live in an extremely overprotective family, falling in love is an act of rebellion in itself.

12) Ronald Weasley-Because if he can't just get straight to the point and tell someone that he loves them, then he probably doesn't.

13) Louis Weasley-Because when the one you love isn't with you at the second, there isn't much else you can feel.

14) Ginny Weasley-Because when it comes down to it, it's the one emotion Harry doesn't allow himself to have, and if she tries really hard, she can almost feel like she completes him.

15) Draco Malfoy-Because ever since the war, all it's ever been for his family is climbing back up the social ladder, but suddenly that doesn't matter to him anymore…and he isn't quite sure what to make of that.

16) Fred Weasley-Because we all know that pulling on a girl's pigtail is the best way to her heart.

17) George Weasley-Because he was in love once, back when he allowed himself to feel.

18) Cho Chang-Because it's still better than feeling nothing for him, right?

19) Oliver Wood-Because, Merlin, how long does it take for someone to realize that you love them and then graduate, huh?

20) Sirius Black-Because she was the only one that he'd ever buy flowers for, and dance in the rain with, and sing silly songs to, and yet still seem as cool as he pretends he is.

21) Dominique Weasley-Because when you're falling for the one boy you can't have, where else could you go but down?

22) Hermione Granger-Because Hermione was afraid that he'd leave her if she didn't tell him not to.

23) Romilda Vane-Because, just look at him, he was perfect and give her five good reasons why she shouldn't get him.

24) Lee Jordan-Because proclaiming his love for her as he commentated did not count as tact.

25) Pansy Parkinson-Because love was only as real as her mummy could buy it.

26) Molly Weasley II-Because after every conversation she had with him, she could think of a million better things to say.

27) Luna Lovegood-Because Luna was positive that the real thing wasn't as good as her made-up fairytales.

28) Cedric Diggory-Because dying without being able to say goodbye to the ones you love definitely does not count as lucky.

29) Blaise Zabini-Because if he weren't [withdrawn/insert your own idea here], he might just admit that he loves her and we can't have that, can we?

30) Parvati Patil-Because only so many things can go wrong before something goes right, and she is still counting the wrongs.

31) Padma Patil-Because, for someone who spends half her time reading romance novels, she really doesn't know much about love.

32) Penelope Clearwater-Because she's always taken more than she gave and maybe that's why Percy left all those years ago…

33) Susan Bones-Because she's still waiting for her prince to find her and she's going to make herself worth sticking around for when he finally shows up.

34) Justin Finch-Fletchley-Because he's trying to be the perfect gentleman and what if she likes white more than red, or daffodils more than roses?

35) Katie Bell-Because when she falls for someone, she falls hard, and when she breaks, she shatters. But if she's proud of the fact, why should she try and hide it?

36) Molly Weasley-Because when the ones that you love are deliberately putting themselves into danger, isn't it necessary to yell a little bit of sense into them?

37) Roxanne Weasley-Because when you've never been in love, it's sometimes hard to believe in it.

38) Teddy Lupin-Because he loves them all, and what if something were to happen to them? Then what would he do?

39) Albus Severus Potter-Because when you're fifteen and someone tells you they love you, you're going to believe them.

40) Narcissa Malfoy-Because when she looks over her shoulder and he's not there, she's worried about him the whole time.

41) Lucy Weasley-Because she likes him, and he barely even knows she exists, so she must be doing something wrong.

42) Victoire Weasley-Because she was scared that he didn't return her feelings, so she pretended she didn't have them.

43) Angelina Johnson-Because if she didn't act impulsively, she'd be awfully confused about whether or not she loved George more than she missed Fred.

44) Fleur Delacour-Because she was pretty and she knew she was pretty and she wouldn't hesitate to use the fact to her advantage.

45) Percy Weasley-Because if he didn't feel this way, he would almost feel bad about leaving her in pieces.

46) James Sirius Potter-Because when he saw how many girls were lined up at his feet, he knew that it was because of him (and not his father) that he had them there.

47) James Potter-Because, even though he didn't even know the true meaning of the word "love" yet, he had no doubt in his mind whom he'd find it with. Even if she didn't know it yet herself.

48) Scorpius Malfoy-Because even though she made him happy, and she was his personified sun, he'd never let her know of that.

49) Lorcan Scamander-Because she's the reason he's staring off into space all day.

50) Severus Snape-Because, even though he did everything he possibly could for her, look where it got him in the end.


Have fun! ~mew-tsubaki :D ;) X3

Note: Credit for 39) Al comes from a Taylor Swift song, using, "When your fifteen and someone tells you love them, you're gonna believe them." -Sorry 'bout that! Amydid mention it in her oneshot, but now it's mentioned here, too! ~mt :)

6/23/2010 . Edited 8/8/2011 #1

i'm a bit confused about the challenge but i'll do Molly Weasley

6/23/2010 #2

Haha, sorry. I'm having some trouble with the formatting on the site. Yup, go right ahead and take her! Any specific questions? I hope to clear up some things as I edit that first post. Sorry for the trouble!

-mew! :)

6/23/2010 #3
Corinne Marie

I'm already using a bunch of these characters in other stories, so can I just use the reasons in the stories I'm writing? It may take awhile, but I'd like to use the ones I can't tie in, too, for separate stories, or maybe a series of random drabbles. If that's okay.

EDIT: Actually, I'd love to just use the third-gen ones.

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #4

Yup, that's fine! Take as long as you want. There's NO TIME-LIMIT!! It's merely a prompt to get people to write. :D

I'm looking forward to whatever you create, Corinne! Have fun!

-mew! ;)

EDIT: Corinne, that's fine. You can use as many or as few as you want. XD

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #5
Corinne Marie

Kay, thanks, I may come back for more when I'm done.

6/23/2010 #6

Sure thing! And keep checking back, because there will be more in the future. For now, we'll have to do with these 50.

-mew! :3

6/23/2010 #7
Ermm, I really wanna write one for Reggie-Poo but it wouldn't be romance... Could it be, like, brotherly love??? :P
6/23/2010 #8

Haha, yeah, Mor. I actually just changed that rule. Might as well allow anything, right? :P But let's all try and write as much stuff as we can! XD

(Of course the Reggie fangirl wants to claim him... ;3)

-mew! XD

6/23/2010 #9
Oh, good! I have an idea for pretty much all of them, lol!!!
6/23/2010 #10

I had a feeling you were gonna say that. ;) So much for my romance quotes challenge... *LOL!*

-mew! ;3

6/23/2010 #11

so i'm doing Molly Weasley and i have to use the quote Because when the ones that you love are deliberately putting themselves into danger, isn't it necessary to yell a little bit of sense into them? as a reason why she does the things she does to her loved ones?

6/23/2010 #12

It's not necessarily a quote, per say... It's just that -the reason for her actions. It's her take on love. Check out the story it's from to see if Amy's note at the end clear up any other questions. I hope that helps!

-mew! Xo

6/23/2010 #13
Paper Pearls

I'd like to claim Victoire for a Nevic oneshot XD I already have my multi-chaptered one underway, lol. I've been bitten by the Nevic bug.

6/23/2010 #14
Paper Pearls

I'd like to claim Neville too. I've had another idea.

6/23/2010 #15

Haha, AWESOME, Mara! Yeah, I started my VicNev MC fic a while ago, but I haven't posted it yet... I wanna have a lot of it done before I do.

Yeah, I was inspired to do some VicNev by these, too! But go ahead! Write away! XD I'm looking forward to all the yummy VicNev goodness! X3

-mew! :D

6/23/2010 #16

It'll take me a while to get it done, but can I claim all of them in a drabble collab?

6/23/2010 #17

Drabbles, oneshots, multi-chap fic -do whatever you feel like!

Yup, like the rules say, do what you want! And sure, take your time. I'm prolly not gonna get around to doing any of these very soon myself, *lol*.

-mew! :)

6/23/2010 #18

Haha, so I'm amazing, now am I?

This post is practically a birthday present for me, hehe (mine is one the 27th, but I'm celebrating it today =b)

I have a question:

So, does that mean that I have to credit myself too, then? Haha...

6/23/2010 #19

Of course, Amy!!!



6/23/2010 #20

Can we change the he's and she's to make them slash or whatever? For example, I have a good idea for the Sirius Black one, but it would be even better if it was with a guy, rather than a girl (though it could work with a girl)

EDIT: I'm going to be too tired on Sunday to come online, AND I'll be out of the house from lunch time 'til late, so I'm going to say this now... Happy birthday, Amy! (:

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #21

Oh, thanks. I won't be here on Sunday anyway, I'm leaving for New York on Friday and gonna be gone for a week and a half ;)

And, as the creator of this story/whatever you want to call it, I say that slash is perfectly fine. I just don't write slash personally.

Will it be Sirius/Remus? 'cause I love that 'ship

6/23/2010 #22


Well, I was wondering if I could use Aaralyn for my Reggie fic??? I wasn't sure if you wanted OCs in this? I've done a lot of Sirius&&Reggie fics lately, well two, but I'd like to give him some romance, lol.



6/23/2010 #23

HAHA, no, birthday girl, you don't have to! XD Happy Birthday, AMY!!! XO XD ;) :3

Yes, feel free to do that, WhiteFerrets, since I did say slash and femmeslash are allowed. Yeah, I wanna do some with Remmius (Sirius/Remus), so I deffo understand the need, haha!

-mew! :D

EDIT: OCs are fine, Mor. I'd love to see Aaralyn again! REMMIUS RULESSSS!!!!! XD

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #24

Oh, good! I'm getting sooooo sick of writing Reggie with Vala! AARALYN/REGGIE 4EVA!!! Oh, I'm gonna combine this with my iPod Challenge.


I might get this done tonight!!!!!!


6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #25

Thank you!!!!! And yeah, i didn't think I'd have to.. think about how weird that would seem...

'This story is based off of XxrandomxX's story love, love, love... not like she's me or anything....'

I'm going to do all of the next generation children that I did, which is... all except for Lysander, I believe...

6/23/2010 #26

Will it be Sirius/Remus? 'cause I love that 'ship

Of course. Remus/Sirius is my OTP. (:

6/23/2010 #27

Shyeah, don't we always say that, Mor? I think you're catching the ambitiousness... :P X3

You're welcome!!!!! :D That should be fun! I like writing the next gen kids, too... They're just a lot of -well, fun to develop! I lurve Lorcan! And Roxanne! And Lorcan/Roxanne! YAY, Lorcrox! XD

-mew! ;3

EDIT: YESSSS!!! Can't WAIT for the Remmius from you, WhiteFerrets!!! :D

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #28

Haha. Lorcrox sounds like Horcrux. Surely that's an omen, right? xD

DomXander FTW! (:

I love Next Gen. Hell, I love all Generations (including Founders) xD

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #29

Yah, I know... But Lorcrox still sounds kyoot! It means they're meant to be together! XO :))

I luv Domsander, too! Domsander is also meant to be! XD Yes! I love 'em all, too!

-mew! :D

6/23/2010 #30
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