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Fire The Canon

If your looking for the announcement of what events are held each week, that will be at The 2012 Hogwarts Games GAMES!/Announcements thread. This will be where you will also submit your story.

June 26, 2012:

Not long now until the games start, which I really am looking forward to! Here are some little messages I think you ought to know before we begin:

1. My main point I would like to make is: Please give everything you have signed up to a go. Especially those of you who have signed up to ones with rounds or only three people in them. Once we begin, there will be no 'dropping out' as such. Basically, you either write a fic or you don't, but it would be AWESOME of you could try and get something up. Even if you're not happy with it... you never know we judges might just like it. And, if there is no word limit, then any length is allowed. If you want to write 200 words for the triathlon or Gymnastics; there's nothing that is stopping you. All I ask is that you get something up there.

2. Some of you have been asking about how much time you will have to write your fic. Well, here are the time limits we have decided (after all, it is a competition):

Drabble competitions (shot put, etc.) and 100 - 1000 word limits: 4 days

Events with rounds and 1000 - 2000 word limits: 1 week

Undetermined word limits and 2000 plus: 2 weeks

3. All the requirements/what you have to do exactly for each event will be posted with each week it starts. If you still have any questions afterwards, don't hesitate to ask.

4. You can start writing as soon as the event is posted for that week.

5. For those of you who will be away for some weeks - I have written all of them down and worked them into the dates each week start. We will try to work around this, but obviously we can't promise that we will be able to choose all events you aren't in for that week, especially for those who have entered a lot, or as more and more events are finished.

6. I really hope you all have fun and I am looking forward to reading LOTS of stories. Again, I ask that you try to get at least something up for each thing.

7. Also, as this is a pretty intense competition and the events each week are chosen by numbers (and probably a little randomness - I'm not the one choosing), there may be some weeks where you are in one, two or even three and other weeks where you have to write nothing. Especially if you signed up for a fair few. Try not to be alarmed by this and give it your best shot :)


This challenge was inspired by the looming London Olympics. Seeing as the Olympics are drawing closer, I thought we could have a little Harry Potter style Olympic Games. I know they're still a few months away, but I thought I'd start it now seeing as there is going to be LOTS of awards and writing takes more time than running 50m down a track. All sports are being played in the 2012 Olympics.

So, this is in the process of development right now, so I am open to all suggestions and ideas to help make this as awesome as it can be. If you have any ideas for three more sports, please suggest away.

Things you currently need to know (and it may grow)

1. I have 10 different sports (for the sake of getting into the Olympics theme). Each sport has different categories, themes and challenges for writing. These may involve just writing one fic, while others will involve heats, finals, etc. This will be posted in the next post.

2. You can participate in as many as you want. Some involve different lengths of writing. Feel free to participate in all, if you'd like.

3. Drabbles and one-shots only. Seeing as the judges will have a lot to read, we won't want to be reading anything too lengthy, but there are some where you can write 2000 plus stories.

4. 2 - 3 challenges will begin each week. This is so we are able to keep up with all entries. Some may only last a week, but others may go over a few.

5. The next month (give or take) will be sign-ups and suggestions only. It will be great to get as many participants as possible. For sports and categories already listed, feel free to sign up to them. When more is added and you like the look of it, come back and comment again. You can continue to sign up until the first heat of that event begins.

6. Judges to help judge would be awesome, if you don't want to compete. Five would be the ideal number, but I think we could manage with three.

7. Seeing as there will be a lot of prizes, the award system will be the same for each event.

BRONZE: One review from each judge (5 reviews)

SILVER: Two reviews from each judge (10 reviews)

GOLD: Three reviews from each judge (15 reviews)

8. Please comment with your name and categories you wish to participate in

9. Everything underlined or in italics are the categories you can enter in. Please specify which ones you wish to enter. Each will also have their own set of prizes.

10. In the Olympics, not all awards are awarded at the same time, or on the same day. This will be the same. Unlike the Olympics, this will go longer than 15 days.

11. I specified on some how many we will need for it to work. Unspecified requires at least three.

12. Please nothing prewritten. ALL entries must be written specifically for this challenge.


1. Fire The Canon

2. Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

3. Lilybug134

4. chacus.amucus.kilier

5. cherryredxx

6/9/2012 . Edited 10/20/2012 #1
Fire The Canon

CLOSED. Thanks everyone!

6/9/2012 . Edited 1/25/2013 #2
Fire The Canon



Boxing - Men's - 500-1000 words

GOLD - The Original Horcrux with Courage

SILVER - Someone aka Me with Just For This Moment

BRONZE - Ralinde with For the greater good

Swimming - Freestyle - 1000-2000 words

GOLD - selenehekate with Patience, My Dear

SILVER - Shira Lansys with Free As A Bird

BRONZE - Iowi with Of LawBreaking and Dining and Other Acts of Love

Cycling - Road

GOLD - ladyoftheknightly with Dear Mum and Dad

SILVER - cutecudlyme with An unsolved mystery

BRONZE - Gamma Orionis with Disadvantages of Pride

Cycling - BMX

GOLD - A Bullfrog's Worst Nightmare with The Box

SILVER - selenehekate with From Out of the Rain

BRONZE - TwistedTale with Predator and Prey

Gymnastics - Artistic

GOLD - Addicted-To-Sugar-Quills with Godric's Hollow

SILVER - Kailey Hamilton with Depths and Heights

BRONZE - TwistedTale with Brother my Brother

Athletics - Running - 2000 plus

GOLD - selenehekate with Savior

SILVER - TwsitedTale with Nagini

BRONZE - Gamma Orionis with Terribly Unfair

Archery - Women's - 1000 - 2000 words

GOLD - winterwoo11 with Rivalry

SILVER - beanrocks with When they were young

Swimming - Freestyle - 100-1000

GOLD - thefirstservant with Partners

SILVER - Last Girl Standing with aeternum abiit

BRONZE - Iowi with Tell me a fairytale I might believe

Swimming - Butterfly - 100-1000

GOLD - Shira Lansys with Butterfly

SILVER - selenehekate with Whatever

BRONZE - Last Girl Standing with as if

Athletics - Hurdles - 100-1000

GOLD - AllIKnowIsADoorIntoTheDark with Your Eyes, They Kill The Music

SILVER - Someone aka Me with Second Best

BRONZE - selenehekate with Aimless Escape


GOLD - Sara Darkotter with On the Other Side of the Mirror

SILVER - silver-nightstorm with The Phantom of Hogwarts

BRONZE - AllIKnowIsADoorIntoTheDark with The Evolution of Harry James Potter

Cycling - Track

GOLD - lunalestrange4 with A Confession

SILVER - thefirstservant with Playing Detective

BRONZE - Iowi with In the event that love shall fail us

Beach Volleyball - Men's - FINALS

GOLD - owluvr & christywitha CH with Inferior

SILVER - AllIKnowIsADoorIntoTheDark & Last Girl Standing with love is not a victory march & every breath we drew was hallelujah

BRONZE - selenehekate & under the weeping cherry tree with Draco Malfoy and the Mystery of Evolution

Swimming - Backstroke - 1000 - 2000

GOLD - sangkar with Night Will Come

SILVER - selenehekate with True at Heart

BRONZE - silver-nightstorm with Friends

Athletics - Pole Vault

GOLD - fabricated fantasies with first kiss, it's not easy to forget you & the thrills of domestic bliss

SILVER - Gamma Orionis with Share Her, You'll Love Us Forever & The Engagement

BRONZE - lunlestrange4 with friends, believe & together

Boxing - Men's - 100-500

GOLD - HediwgBlack with The End of the World

SILVER - Exceeds Expectations with Guilty

BRONZE - selenehekate with Open Your Eyes & silver-nightstorm with Nothing

Gymnastics - Rhythmic

GOLD - Exceeds Expectations with Hope Dies Slowly

SILVER - ladyoftheknightley with Wednesday Morning, 3 am

BRONZE - HedwigBlack with Stay With Me

Archery - Men's Individual - 2000 plus

GOLD - Ralinde with Friendship

SILVER - TheTwoDL with Missing Moments - Chapter One

Swimming - Breaststroke - 2000 plus

GOLD - HedwigBlack with Serendipity

SILVER - Shira Lansys with Polymerisation

BRONZE - fabricated fantasies with you are my freedom

Women's Tennis (The Black Family) FINALS

GOLD - Mrs Bella Riddle with What's In A Name?

SILVER - Ralinde with The Ties That Bind

BRONZE - selenehekate with A Black Nature

Athletics - Hurdles - 1000-2000

GOLD - TheTwoDL with Five Weddings

SILVER - Kailey Hamilton with Belong Together

BRONZE - The Original Horcrux with The Way I Loved You

Athletics - Running - 100 - 1000

GOLD - silver-nightstorm with Assuming Control

SILVER - Shira Lansys with The Kiss of War

BRONZE - snagkar with Keep Running

Swimming - Freestyle - 2000 plus

GOLD - silver-nightstorm with Shattered Promises

EQUAL SILVER - WeasleySeeker with For Real & HedwigBlack with Like Accidental Magic

Football - Women's - FINALS

GOLD - Someone aka Me with With All Her Heart

SILVER - ladyoftheknightley with By No Other Name

Archery - Men's - 1000-2000

GOLD - selenekate with Partners in Crime

EQUAL SILVER - silver-nightstorm with Once Upon a Mystery & christywitha CH with Hold Onto That Feeling

Swimming - Relay

GOLD - christywitha CH, winterwood11, Last Girl Standing & Exceeds Expectations with One Day

SILVER - Ralinde, TheTwoDL, spiral nebula & TwistedTale with The Foundation of Hogwarts, Foundation of Hogwarts, Moments and Memories (Ch4) & Mindset of a Founder

BRONZE - silver-nightstorm & Someone aka Me with A Very Quidditch Wedding & Asymmetry

Swimming - Backstroke - 2000 plus

GOLD - silver-nightstorm with Owl Post

SILVER - selenehekate with Muggle Studies

BRONZE - xThe Painted Lady with Time Doesn't Last

Athletics - Running - 1000-2000

GOLD - silver-nightstorm with Not A Coward

SILVER - selenehekate with Torn Expectations

BRONZE - The Original Horcrux with Misery

Cycling - Mountain Biking

GOLD - christywitha CH with Vengeance

SILVER - Kat Ducat with The Weird ol' Wizards

BRONZE - selenehekate with Leaving

Beach Volleyball - Women's

GOLD - Ralinde with Family Feuds

SILVER - christywitha CH with Essay

BRONZE - owluvr & Suki-Alanna with Basketball and Quidditch

Swimming - Breaststroke - 1000-2000

GOLD - selenehekate with Show Me the Stars

SILVER - silver-nightstorm with Your Choice

BRONZE - flooing away with Roleplay

Swimming - Medley - 100-1000

EQUAL GOLD - selenehekate with Medley & sangkar with Fragments

BRONZE - HedwigBlack with Might As Well

Athletics - Hurdles - 2000 plus

EQUAL GOLD - lowi with The Walls Are Coming to Greet Me & sangkar with the girl in the mirror

BRONZE - silver-nightstorm with Hazel and Grey

Swimming - Breaststroke - 100-1000

GOLD - selenehekate with Tacky

SILVER - silver-nightstorm with Dear Padfoot

BRONZE - Someone aka Me with Essentials

Men's Tennis FINALS

GOLD - HedwigBlack with Facing Dragons

SILVER - The Original Horcrux with The Best Day

BRONZE - ladyoftheknightley with Of Weasleys and Wartime (ch. 5)

Athletics - Long Jump FINALS

GOLD - owluvr with goodbyes are bittersweet

SILVER - autumn midnights with final goodbyes

BRONZE - Kailey Hamilton with Dominique

Archery - Men's - 100-1000

GOLD - selenehekate with Owl Me Not

SILVER - Ralinde with Reassurance

BRONZE - sangkar with Bungee Jumps and Taking Risks

Boxing - Women's - 100-500

GOLD - autumn midnights with she can't control love

SILVER - Ralinde with Just Like Old Times

BRONZE - sangkar with While They Can

Athletics - Shot Put FINALS

GOLD - ladyoftheknightley with christmas, 2001

SILVER - Couture Girl with Letting Go

BRONZE - Kailey Hamilton with Katie Logic

Swimming - Backstroke - 100-1000

GOLD - Ember Nickel with In Erin's Cause

SILVER - Ralinde with September 1st

BRONZE - How Not To Begin Sixth Year

Boxing - Women's - 500-1000

GOLD - The Last Poison Apple with One Night

SILVER - lowi with Sitting on Top of the World (which is in your lap)

BRONZE - autumn midnights with The Hazards of Being An Auror

Archery - Women's - 100-1000

GOLD - sangkar with The Flower Shop

SILVER - Ralinde with What Disgraces The Name Of Wizards

BRONZE - silver-nightstorm with Pretty or Smart?: A Flashback

Football - Men's - FINALS

GOLD - Someone aka Me with Amortentia

SILVER - yellow 14 with The Many Goodbyes of Tom Riddle

Swimming - Butterfly - 1000-2000

EQUAL GOLD - Ralinde with Not A Fairytale and Exceeds Expectations with Before

BRONZE - sangkar with long nights and wishful thinking

6/9/2012 . Edited 2/14/2013 #3
Four Leafed Clove

Could I enter swimming, freestyle, cycling, road, gymnastics, artistic and Athletics, Shot put?

6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #4
Fire The Canon

Sure. And, I know I didn't explain it at the moment (I was just about to go and add it): What lengths of writing in freestyle were you after entering? And swimming is just a title. Everything in italics or underlined are the categories (not your fault, I didn't specify).

6/9/2012 #5
Four Leafed Clove

Sorry. Freestyle 100 -1000 words

6/9/2012 #6
Fire The Canon

Not your fault :) I'll add your name

6/9/2012 #7
Four Leafed Clove

Maybe running could be like you have two days to write a story, and you kind of have to 'run' to get to the finishline, which is publishing the story. Ant the triathlon could be a long story, that has to be romance and angst or something

6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #8
Four Leafed Clove

Could I also enter Soccer woman's (I really like this challenge :))

6/9/2012 #9
Fire The Canon

Thanks for the suggestion :D

6/9/2012 #10

This is brilliant. I love the idea. As a swimmer, I'm completely required to sign up for 1000-2000 word Butterfly (simply on the basis that fly is my main stroke) and 2000 Backstroke (because platonic relationships are the best.) Triathlon also sounds like a lot of fun.

I have an idea for another sport. You could possibly use Beach Volleyball/Volleyball. A pair of writers are randomly placed together to create a story to be judged against another team.

6/9/2012 #11
Mrs Bella Riddle

Sounds amazing. I will go for

Shot put

Long jump

Artistic Gymnastics

Women's tennis



6/9/2012 #12
Four Leafed Clove

Oh my gosh I love this challenge!

Can I do women's tennis

6/9/2012 #13
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

This truly a brilliant idea, I'm trying to decide whether I should be a judge or participate. Choices. Choices. Hmm... I don't know yet, but I'll let you know when I decide, or you could choose for me. Just pick which ever you thinks better.

The real reason for this post is I came up with an idea for it.

A new sport:


Pairs (partners, song)

1000 - 2000 words

Randomly put together partners, who will compete in rounds.

Dance (partners, chosen pairing, chosen song)

1000 - 2000 words

Randomly put together partners, who will compete in rounds.

Women's Single (pairing, song)

1000 - 2000 words

Randomly put together partners, who will compete in rounds.

Men's Single (chosen pairing, song)

1000 - 2000 words

Randomly put together partners, who will compete in rounds.


I couldn't resist making it just like how you had it up there. Oh, and I haven't watched any ice skating in years, so it maybe wrong. This is just suggestions, so you are welcome to change anything.

6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #14
Fire The Canon

I'll add you all :D Just a message to those who signed up to Artisitc Gymnastics... since I already had an OTP one, I came up with an idea to make 'artistic' and OC one instead. So, if you still want to participate in that one, just let me know. If not, I'll remove you.

And thanks for the suggestions :)

6/9/2012 #15
Mrs Bella Riddle

I'll probably bow out of artistic but there is a high chance that I will replace it with another at some point :)

6/9/2012 #16
Four Leafed Clove

I might go out of Artistic then, but I might replace it

6/9/2012 #17
Fire The Canon

Lady Phoenix Fore Rose - I'm trying to stick to sports used in London Olympics, but I LOVE the idea of songfics in there. Hmmm, I might make that rhythmic gymnastics :)

Oh and I REALLY need judges, so can I put you down for that?? If you decide otherwise, that's cool too because we need participants to judge :P

6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #18
Four Leafed Clove

I have an idea


Double - A friendship fic written by two people

Solo - A friendship fic written by one person

Girls - A friendship fic with two girls as friends

Boys - A friendship fic with two boys as friends

6/9/2012 #19
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Okay then, I'll judge. :)

Ah, well I was going for world wide, since that is the only ones I ever seen. They don't do ice skating? *pouts* That's my favorite sport ever, and I don't even go for sports. Ice skating and gymnastics are really the only ones I'm interested in. I was actually in gymnastics for a while, but then I had to quit since my grandmothers schedule changed and she was the only one able to take me.

Oh, and I do like archery.

6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #20

I'll be a judge

6/9/2012 #21

I'll be a judge

6/9/2012 #22

Sorry for the double post

6/9/2012 #23
Fire The Canon

I'll add you :) Thanks

6/9/2012 #24
Fire The Canon

MissDominiqueLysander - thanks for the suggestion :) I like the idea of friendship.

6/9/2012 #25
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Hmm, I'll try again, and maybe I'll actually have a sport that works. I googled it, but I don't know if I went to the right place. So...her it goes.


Women's Individual (Rivals)

Write a story on two rivals.

Men's Individual (Chosen Rivals)

Write a story on two rivals decided for you.

Women's Team (Group of 3, Rivals)

Group writes a story on two rivals.

Men's Team (Group of 3, chosen rivals)

Group writes a story on two chosen rivals.


Feel free to change whatever.

6/9/2012 #26
Fire The Canon

Yes! I wanted to include archery, but couldn't think of anything. I might take out the group ones though. I've got a few of them and I can't imagine them being all that popular so I'll keep that to a minimum. LOVE the rivals idea though :)

6/9/2012 #27
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Alright thanks. When I googled, it and saw I knew I had to come up with a way to do it. Probably not, but I've always liked the ideas, so if I was participating I probably would have joined all the group ones. XD But that is just me.

6/9/2012 #28

If you need/want another judge, I would love to do that. If not, I would like to sign up for shot-put, pole vault, long jump, men's football, rythmic gymnastics, and the triathlon. I can't wait to see how this turns out :)

6/10/2012 #29

This sounds really fun, but I don't think I'd have the energy to participate. I'll judge!

6/10/2012 #30
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