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Hi there!

To those of you reading/following Sappho's verses, this might sound familiar. I intend to write a (new) redemption story with Narcissa as a main character and Draco/Lucius as side characters. And then I was thinking that it would be great to read similar stories with different Death Eaters. So this is where you, the contestants, come in!

So, what's it all about?


This is the setting:

Shortly after the end of the Battle for Hogwarts, Death Eaters and other supporters of Voldemort are being round up. Following Dumbledore's vision that there is a little good in every person, the Ministry installs a programme called 'The Redemption Programme'. Death Eaters/Voldemort supporters are given a choice: go through trial and face time in Azkaban, or participate in the Redemption Programme. Should they choose to participate in the programme, they are to live amongst Muggles for half a year without any means of magic. They have to hand in their wands (which they will get back once finished) and are being teamed up with Muggles that have some familiarity with the magical world. How will they cope with the Muggle world?

What I want you to do is to write a fic about a character of your choice who has during the war supported Voldemort. The character will be partaking in the programme, though the reasons why he/she is doing this are up to you (Are they truly feeling remorse? Do they just want to avoid Azkaban? Etc.). It is also up to you if they benefit from the programme or not.


The rules:

- All entries must be between 1000 and 6000 words.

- If you have finished, you post the title/link in this topic.

- Due date is July 18, 23:59 EST (so you have a month to write it).

- You can choose any Dark character you like, even if they have died during the Battle (as long as you have a valid reason in the story as to why they are not dead but only appeared so).

- Double claims are allowed.

- You can choose your own character or have me pick one for you.

- There is one exception: you can't choose the Malfoys, since I'll be writing them myself and I don't want to be influenced by other stories

- Every entry shall be read&reviewed.



1st prize: reviews on 10 of your stories/chapters OR a one-shot written especially for you (mind you, I don't do incest/cousincest)

2nd prize: reviews on 6 of your stories/chapters OR a drabble written especially for you (again, I don't do incest/cousincest)

3rd prize: reviews on 3 of your stories/chapters

6/17/2012 . Edited 6/17/2012 #1
yellow 14

I am tempted, but sadly must decline on account of time. But I'll happily read the entries

6/17/2012 #2

Too bad :(

If that should change, you're more than welcome to enter anyway.

6/18/2012 #3

I love this idea! Would you be OK with a slight variation? I would love to write a story with a redemption program like the one you describe - but with the slight twist that one of the "death eaters" assigned to the program actually turns out to be Voldemort himself, who mysteriously survived the final battle after all.

6/20/2012 #4
LoL, I'd love to see how that works out, so sure, go ahead! :)
6/20/2012 #5

All right! Thank you!

6/20/2012 #6

And here's my story, Solamen Miseris.


Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

6/22/2012 #7

You're quick!

I'll look in to it one of these days.

Thanks for joining!

6/24/2012 #8

May I borrow the idea and run with it? I well-- "accidentally" stumbled across this topic -- My story is going to be rather long, and it's not really redemption (more like work release) and it's only a sub-plot, but I would like to use it nevertheless.

May I?

Best wishes,


6/25/2012 #9

Sorry for the belated reply!

I'm not quite sure if I get what you mean...

6/29/2012 #10


7/9/2012 #11
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