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Gamma Orionis

As I recently discovered, a very, very small potion of what I actually write is about my OTP. And this must be fixed.

Even if you do write heaps upon heaps about your OTP... well, it's always good to write more, yes?

SO, this challenge will be designed in the following way: I provide a list 50 of prompts, and you, the writer at home, will write one fic for each prompt about your favourite pairing. Simple, yes?

Does 50 sound like a lot? Well... yeah, kind of. BUT, it's summer, and there's no time limit, so give it a go! If you only get two written, well, so be it. That's two more fics for your pairing.


You must pick ONE pairing to do all the prompts on. No switching around.

It must legitimately be your favourite pairing, though I'm (probably) not going to stalk you to find out whether you're being honest here.

The stories can be as short as 100 words or as long as 100 000 000... or longer!

You can post drabbles/one-shots as a collection if you wish

If one of them inspires you for a multi-chapter, and the rest just inspire one shots or parts of a collection, then by all means write a multi-chapter and 49 one-shots or a 49-drabble collection! This is all about inspiration.

As such, any pairing is acceptable. Het, slash, femmeslash, incest, cousincest, cross-gen, crack, bestiality - whatever floats your proverbial boat.

People who do the challenge more than once get cookies and a temple built in their honour.

Double/triple/however many claims are definitelydefinitelydefinite ly allowed. Again, all about inspiration.

Take the prompts in any way you wish! Use the actual word in a throwaway line, use the idea as a theme, use an alternative interpretation of the word... be creative!

Combine with other challenges as much as you please!

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Participants are welcome to come to the Boot Camp Addicts Anonymous Forum to discuss this and all other boot camp challenges on the forum.

6/24/2012 . Edited 8/7/2012 #1
Gamma Orionis


1. Acrid

2. Agitated

3. Breathless

4. Battered

5. Calm

6. Carcass

7. Drawn

8. Sin

9. Whisper

10. Enamoured

11. Fascinated

12. Fear

13. Hatred

14. Helpless

15. Indifference

16. Silence is golden

17. Jagged

18. Jubilant

19. Kindly

20. Killing

21. Lost

22. Listless

23. Into the fire

24. Morbid

25. Nightmare

26. Nonplussed

27. Overwhelmed

28. Playful

29. Queasy

30. Quiver

31. Rotten

32. Ridiculous

33. Suffocated

34. Sacrilegious

35. Torn

36. Thunder

37. Letter

38. Vicious

39. Violation

40. Want

41. Waste

42. Young

43. Yelling

44. Chastity

45. Patience

46. Diligence

47. Kindness

48. Generosity

49. Practical

50. Eternity

6/24/2012 . Edited 12/23/2012 #2
Gamma Orionis


Gamma Orionis - Bellatrix/Voldemort

Black Rose Blue - Neville/Pansy

HedwigBlack - Charlie/Katie

Cheeky Slytherin Lass - Oliver/Percy, Luna/Cho

selenehekate - Severus/Hermione

BlueEyes444 - Teddy/Victoire, Remus/Sirius

Aenaris - Draco/Luna

Lilybug134 - Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire

lella7 - Bellatrix/Voldemort

Mrs Bella Riddle - Bellatrix/Voldemort

Spiralling-Down - Ron/Hermione

The Original Horcrux - Rose/Scorpius, Neville/Luna

SilverOwlMalfoy - Sirius/Hermione

claire-whitmore - Sirius/Remus

WeasleySeeker - Ron/Hermione

winterwood11 - Draco/Hermione

Agent Henry - Teddy/Louis

cherryredxx - Draco/Ginny

kci47 - Severus/Hermione

Doors - Greyback/Scabior

Hufflepuffluv - Harry/Hermione

katzlol - Harry/Marcus

owluvr - Teddy/Victoire

DarkLady98 - Rose/Scorpius

Paimpont - Harry/Voldemort

Couture Girl - Theodore/Luna

Appointment - Ron/Hermione

The Royal Scribe - Harry/Tonks

TamariChan - Lucy/Zacharias

lowi - Albus Severus/Scorpius

darkblack03 - Dominique/Lysander

XbreakingXpaintX - Lily Luna/Scorpius

Someone aka Me - Remus/Sirius

lilac butterflies - Lucy/Lorcan

bookworm199612 - James/Lily

Trying to Find Wonderland - Hermione/Gabrielle, Sirius/Luna

keep my issues drawn - Lucy/Louis

A Sirius Crush on Moony - Remus/Sirius

Immortal Fallen Radiance - Harry/Cho

ThisIsTheCircus - Draco/Harry

silver-nightstorm - Severus/Hermione

Eirinn Croi - Draco/Luna

Love From Me - Rose/Scorpius, James Sirius/OC

singing like blue - Rose/Scorpius, Lucy/Louis

littlegirlgonemad - Rose/Scorpius

watching stiricide - Rose/Scorpius

Kjc13 - Hermione/Remus

MissingMomy - Charlie/Draco

Amy is Rockin - Blaise/Parvati

AGirlWithTheBrokenSmile - Teddy/Dominique

thegoodgirldoll - Remus/Tonks

Morghen - Regulus/Gideon

MissDominiqueLysander - Draco/Astoria, Bellatrix/Lucius/Narcissa

annaisadinosaur - James/Lily

A Bittersweet Smile - Seamus/Lavender

ToxicRainfall - Draco/Astoria

DressagePunk - Hermione/Sirius

Last Girl Standing - Lucy/Louis, Draco/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Blaise/Padma/Dean, Draco/Harry (unromantic)

smilelaughread - Remus/Sirius

nik-edward is my love - Rose/Scorpius

Luck O' The Irish Seamione - Barty Crouch Jr/Hermione

ethereal impressions - Lily Luna/Teddy

krm3DeeDee - Harry/Tom

Lady Thorne - James/Lily

Contrary-Miss-Mary - Neville/Luna

Lady Phoenix Fire Rose - Harry/Ginny

halloweenbaby - Teddy/Lily Luna

xThe Painted Lady - Ron/Hermione

paradox528491 - Percy/Oliver

Eighteen Inches - Remus/Tonks

Call-Me-Anything - Luna/Theodore

mrsginnypotter12347 - Draco/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, and James Sirius/OC

travellingtardis - Remus/Sirius

don't be scared of the dark - Remus/Hermione

A. J. Horn - James Sirius/Scorpius

Potterheadx10 - Scorpius/Rose

the love i think i deserve - James II/Rose

thefirstservant - Draco/Astoria

Cynthia's Fanfictions - Fred/Hermione

Dark'n'Devilish - Ron/Hermione

fan-freak121 - Harry/Draco

Fire the Canon - Ron/Hermione

Unicorn20089 - Charlie/OC

Dobbys Charm - Harry/Charlie, Harry/Draco

yellow 14 - Rose/Scorpius

Scintillating Golden Leaves - James/Lily

MadHatter524 - James/Lily, Ron/Hermione

ObsessedHPFanatic - Bellatrix/Lucius

TardisBangBangDaleksBoom - Katie/Leanne

Treta Aysel - Gellert/Albus

opaque-girl - Draco/Ginny

I'mJustMe-PlainOl'V - Blaise/Ginny

CierraLuv97 - Ron/Hermione

Platossymphony - Percy/Oliver

justawakingdream - Fenrir/Rita

l0stinl0ve - Draco/Hermione

downstage - Ted/Andromeda

Dani4Short - Draco/Luna

Immoroita - Katie/Fred

MissBecca - Harry/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus

Charlotte Lane - Draco/Harry

Military Mechanic - Draco/Neville

Ramblings Of A Deranged Mind - Percy/Oliver

Clever Ink Slinger - Draco/Hermione

MrsBates93 - Draco/Hermione

ohprongs - James/Lily

Avelin - Tom/Hermione

nitronicky - Draco/Hermione

Being a Wallflower - Rose/Scoripius

Laux14 - Rose/Lorcan

middleofsomewhere - Lily Luna/Scorpius

MiHnn - Draco/Hermione

yamiyugi23 - Remus/Harry

how i feel - Lily Luna/Teddy

Cynthia's Fanfictions Galore - Draco/Luna

TheCreativeChaos - Teddy/Victoire, Scorpius/OC, James Sirius/OC

insights - Draco/Hermione

Budapest All Over Again - James/Lily

Alesha Halliwell - Hermione/Ron

Caeli Flore - Draco/Ginny

SnarkyAndProudHufflepuff - Remus/Sirius

Rasiaa - Remus/Sirius

lovetwinz - Draco/Luna

Loony loves Starkid - Remus/Tonks

Zeus on the Loose - Snape/Lily

only breath - Draco/Hermione

Umbrella-ella - Remus/Tonks

PKlovesDW - Draco/Harry

Copper Rogue - Draco/Harry (fem!Harry)

mew-tsubaki - Sacharias/Parvati, Padma/Kingsley, Albus/Teddy, Ginny/Sirius

6/24/2012 . Edited 12/23/2012 #3
Black Rose Blue

Lily/Scor. I must do Lily and Scor.

6/24/2012 #4

yay! do they have to be done in order?

Charlie/Katie is my OTP. I actually don't write a whole lot with them either so this is perfect :)

6/24/2012 #5

I'm going to post all of mine right here, I believe.

6/24/2012 . Edited 6/24/2013 #6
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
Oh my Rowling. I love this. Oliver/Percy for me!
6/24/2012 #7
Gamma Orionis

Black Rose Blue: Awesome :D

HedwigBlack: Fantastic! And no, they don't need to be done in order :)

xBlueEyedAngel: No rush! Take your time picking your favourite pairing (and doing more than one is, as I said, enough to get you a temple built in your honour ;) )

Cheeky Slytherin Lass: Fantastic :D

6/24/2012 #8

Yea I'm leaning toward doing one canon and one fanon pairing.... or two canon, I'm not sure. I'll let you know ASAP

6/24/2012 #9
Claire Whitmore

This sounds like a lot of fun. :) I'll give it a shot.

6/24/2012 #10
Gamma Orionis

claire-whitmore: What pairing are you planning on doing? (If you haven't decided yet, don't worry - take your time :) )

6/24/2012 #11

I'd like to do one with Bill/Fleur and one with Draco/Ginny please [I was trying to pick between these two along with Draco/Luna and Seamus/Lavender]

Is that okay?

6/24/2012 . Edited 10/4/2013 #12
Gamma Orionis

Sure! I'll put you down for each pairing :D Good luck!

6/24/2012 #13

Oh, I will definitely give this a shot. I think I'll do Severus/Hermione, but that might change if I get a hankering to write for my NextGen OTP. We'll see which one I end up with, haha.

6/24/2012 #14
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Ooo, what a fasinating idea. I rather like it. Sadly I don't have time to join. :'(

But, one thing I am super curious about: you said that we could do this more than once, do we have to use the same pairing everytime or can we trade? Even if it is to use the same character with someone else?

6/24/2012 #15
Gamma Orionis

selenehekate: *Whispers* doooo boooooth- *Clears throat* Okay, I'll put you down with Severus/Hermione, and you can change if you decide to :D

Lady Phoenix Fire Rose: Ah, well, perhaps later... :) Yes, you can do a different pairing each time you do the challenge, and you can do the same character with different people, so long as each different pairing is one that you would consider "a favourite".

6/24/2012 #16

This is fantastic! :)

Can I do both TeddyVictoire and SiriusRemus? :)

6/24/2012 #17
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Ah, thanks. I have several OTP (OTP stands for in my mind, not one true pairing, only true pairings XD) and they all could be found on a charming list on my profile.

6/24/2012 #18
Gamma Orionis

BlueEyes444: You bet! :D

Lady Phoenix Fire Rose: No problem :) I hope you have time at some point :D

6/24/2012 #19

I'm going to go with this, and I think that even though I'm horribly indecisive, that my favorite pairing is Draco/Luna, so I'll use them for this.

6/24/2012 #20
Gamma Orionis



henr ghbfjfbdjn!!! *Fangirlgasms*

6/24/2012 #21
Ron and Hermione, please!(:
6/24/2012 #22
Gamma Orionis

Awesome :)

6/24/2012 #23

This looks fun :) May I join you in Bellamort writing?

Updates will be slow for the next couple of weeks, though, due to being quite busy/ entering too many challenges.

6/25/2012 #24
Mrs Bella Riddle

Would it be alright to do Bellamort as well?

6/25/2012 #25
This sounds great! Is it possible for me also to do Ron and Hermione? They're definitely my OTP. If not, Harry and Ginny are next best. :P
6/25/2012 #26
The Original Horcrux
Oh my god I really shouldn't... This is 50 fics right? Not 50 chapters? OHMYGOD I can't resist. This is gonna take me YEARS to do.... Sign me up for Rose/Scorpius and Neville/Luna (can I do 25 Scorrose and 25 Nuna? If not then I'll do 50 of each... Oh my god I'm an idiot. I'll be twenty by the time I finish all of these. They can be oneshots right??
6/25/2012 #27
Can I do Sirius/Hermione?:)
6/25/2012 #28
@The Original Horcrux; I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! I'm shooting myself in the foot with a freaking fire launcher. I have no time to upload all this :c I'm going to try, though!
6/25/2012 #29

this is going to become a collection. First entry is up :) I'm SO freaking happy you did this! I should have gone to bed hours ago.

Save You Now

6/25/2012 . Edited 6/25/2012 #30
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