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To help with the never-ending stream of ideas, I am posting the character trait boot camp! Blame Gamma for starting the obsession!

Important Stuff:

There are fifty prompts listed, and each one needs to be written in its own story.

Each story can be any length. You could do a 100 word drabble or a never-ending story (well, logically, there'd be an end to it at some point, but meh).

Drabbles and one-shots can be posted as part of a collection if you'd like.

Prompts can be combined with other challenges.

Traits can be used canonically or AU. (e.g. dark! could be written about Bellatrix canonically, or you could write an AU about Harry becoming dark!)

Any pairing is allowed: het, slash, femslash, incest, crack, etc. It's all welcome!

Any rating is allowed.

No due date!

Other training facilities in the area....

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All stories are archived in the Boot Camp C2.

Participants are welcome to come to the Boot Camp Addicts Anonymous Forum to discuss this and all other boot camp challenges on the forum.

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/7/2012 #1


1) dark!

2) charming!

3) feminine!

4) adventurous!

5) confident!

6) emotional!

7) lazy!

8) embarrassed!

9) silly!

10) indecisive!

11) feisty!

12) hopeful!

13) obsessive!

14) spiteful!

15) compulsive!

16) prankster!

17) unlucky!

18) proud!

19) optimistic!

20) light!

21) powerful!

22) cunning!

23) crazy!

24) loyal!

25) timid!

26) manipulative!

27) shy!

28) quiet!

29) courageous!

30) muggle!

31) naive!

32) argumentative!

33) paranoid!

34) masculine!

35) outspoken!

36) neutral!

37) studious!

38) stubborn!

39) clumsy!

40) happy!

41) pessimistic!

42) independent!

43) vengeful!

44) bored!

45) sleazy!

46) athletic!

47) rebellious!

48) curious!

49) jealous!

50) eccentric!

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #2





Black Rose Blue


Gamma Orionis



Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Cheeky Slytherin Lass



magic doors

Unicorn20089 2/50

Truth, If You Were Mine

Dobbys Charm

nik-edward is my love


Kat.Ducat 4/50

The Phenomena That Are Pygmy Puffs, Chaser, Lovely, Sacrifices

Fire The Canon 1/50

Miss Popularity


our dancing days

l0stinl0ve 9/50

Picture Frame, Cheating, Snow, Stars, The Dunderhead Duo, You Wouldn't Fall For That, Clowns, Charger, Punk Rock

harligrace 10/50

Frivolous Fragments of Life (collection)

8/6/2012 . Edited 10/20/2012 #3

I really, really shouldn't. But I'm going to anyway, I'm in :)

8/6/2012 #4

This one sounds like fun, sign me up.

8/6/2012 #5

I really, really shouldn't. But I'm going to anyway, I'm in :)

8/6/2012 #6
Black Rose Blue

I'll do this. Do we pick one character or do we do any?

8/6/2012 #7

I'm in, although I really shouldn't be....

8/6/2012 #8

Woohoo! Sign me up for this, please! :D

8/6/2012 #9
Gamma Orionis

Sign me up, of course!

8/6/2012 #10

I'm in. :)

8/6/2012 #11
The Tenth Horcrux

I really really really shouldn't... but I will. :D

8/6/2012 #12

@All The list has been updated with your names.

@Blue Rose Black You can use multiple characters, you're not limited to just one.

8/6/2012 #13
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

I'll join! How can I not? I still need to get enough for my 1000 stories.

8/6/2012 #14
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
I'm in! I'm in!
8/6/2012 #15
Sign me up :)
8/6/2012 #16

Everyone has been added to the list. xD

8/6/2012 #17

Me, please! :)) Thank you! :))

8/7/2012 #18

Updated. :)

8/7/2012 #19
magic doors
I'm in!
8/9/2012 #20
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

I am in :D.

8/10/2012 #21
Dobbys Charm

Sign me up please :)

8/10/2012 #22

List updated. Thanks for joining!

8/10/2012 #23

Hey...I love the prompts!

I would like to enter...but its going to take me a while to put up stories...btw...can pre-written stories put up?

8/11/2012 #24

It's fine if it takes a while to put up stories. Some of the people who have been signing up on these are up to needing to write a thousand stories, so believe me, we know we're not going to get them immediately. That's why there's no due date! xD I'm inclined to say no pre-written stories, since the original challenge was made to add fifty pieces and increase counts on favorite pairings, etc. But if I talk to anyone else and they think differently, I'll let you know.

8/12/2012 #25

All right, I'm totally in!

8/12/2012 #26

Hmm...thanks! :)

Alright, I'll make a separate story of all the fifty prompts, and maybe even combine it with a few challenges. :)

PS: I have a doubt, hmm...usually, when I enter these sort of challenges, I make a separate fiction so that all the prompts are assorted. But, if I have to a single entry for two boot camps, then can I post the same entry in different stories?

Ehh..I hope that made sense.

8/13/2012 #27
still kat

This should be fun, count me in!

8/13/2012 #28
Fire The Canon

I'm in!

8/14/2012 #29

*hesitates* Oh alright! Sign me up.

8/16/2012 #30
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