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Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Hey guysss! Here's another boot camp challenge! :D. By now everyone should know how it works. Right? Hahaha.

Well this one is about YOUR HeadCanon! So basically anything goes, just try not to get /too/ AU :). Just like all of it's sisters, there's 50 prompts and you have to write 50 different stories using a prompt per story. Simple, Right?

Rules: (Copied from Gamma's OTP BC)

Each prompt is to be used for it's own story (Or chapter)

The stories can be as short as 100 words or as long as 100 000 000... or longer!

You can post drabbles/one-shots as a collection if you wish

If one of them inspires you for a multi-chapter, and the rest just inspire one shots or parts of a collection, then by all means write a multi-chapter and 49 one-shots or a 49-drabble collection! This is all about inspiration.

As such, any pairing is acceptable. Het, slash, femmeslash, incest, cousincest, cross-gen, crack, bestiality - whatever floats your proverbial boat.

People who do the challenge more than once get cookies and a temple built in their honour.

Double/triple/however many claims are definitelydefinitelydefinite ly allowed. Again, all about inspiration.

Take the prompts in any way you wish! Use the actual word in a throwaway line, use the idea as a theme, use an alternative interpretation of the word... be creative!

Combine with other challenges as much as you please!

Note: The first person to get their 50 stories done will get 25 reviews of any Boot Camp story reviewed, keep in mind that I am reviewing every story of my challenges anyway, though.

All Boot Camps!

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You should also check out the AA, even though we'll never stop. Get help with Boot camps, or just talk about how crazy we are: Boot Camp Addicts Anonymous

Lady's awesome challenge that totally helps get these done: The Boot Camp One Hour Challenge/Hardest Challenge Ever

8/10/2012 . Edited 8/11/2012 #1
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn


1. Yule Ball

2. Graduation

3. Hogwarts

4. Room of Requirement

5. Math?

6. Muggle Studies

7. Professor Snape's portrait

8. Funeral

9. Muggles

10. English accent

11. I'm from America

12. Frozen lake

13. Giant squid

14. Uh... Hello? There's a house elf jumping on my bed...

15. Why does it matter? You are what you are!

16. You can't help who you love

17. Heartbroken

18. I love you

19. I hate you!

20. Mixed feelings

21. Mini Fred and George

22. Leapfrog

23. Never have I ever

24. Truth or dare

25. Stutter

26. Strumpet

27. Tyro

28. Unshackle

29. Viscose

30. Violate

31. Winnow

32. Wit

33. Xylem

34. Yuan

35. Madam Malkins

36. Zephyr

37. Zigzag

38. How do I get there?

39. Nervous

40. Apocryphal

41. Fifty

42. Star

43. Conceptional

44. Burberry

45. Under the sea

46. Home

47. Religion

48. Tweeter

49. Geez

50. Kettering

8/10/2012 #2
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Those who have entered:

Unicorn20089 (Me!)


Cheeky Slytherin Lass

Gamma Orionis

The Original Horcrux



Black Rose Blue

Traveling Tardis

Dobbys Charm

Fan-Freak121 - Life and Love are a strange wonderful yet hurtful thing (Ch 1, Room of reuirement) (Ch 11, Star) (Ch 12, Hogwarts) (Ch 24, I love you); (Ch 25, Muggles) - 5/50

selenehekate - Partners In Crime (Mini Fred and George); Muggle Studies (Muggle Studies); Show me the Stars (Geez); 3/50



Fire the Canon - Timeless (You can't help who you love); We Are Who We Are (Why does it matter? You are who you are!); Safe and Sound (Heartbroken); We Are Young (Mini Fred and george) - 4/50

Clever Ink Slinger

H.J Grandison

SnarkyAndProudHufflepuff - The Life Love and Trials of Harry Potter Characters and Pairings (Ch 24, Home) (Ch 43, Nervous) (Ch 52, Hogwarts) (Ch 54, You can't help who you love) (Ch 58, Muggles) - 5/50

mew-tsubaki - Where We Are Today (A Boy, Ch 2) (A girl, Ch 1) (A Letter, Ch 3) (A duel, Ch 4) (Math? Ch 5) (Muggle Studies Ch 6)

autumn midnights - Everything Changed (Yule Ball); breaking tradition (Hogwarts); courage and confessions (Room of Requirement); What Happens After Detention (Stutter); Coming Back Home (Home); Steady (Muggle Studies); In The Owlery (Why does it matter you are what you are); Advice (Mini Fred and george); Fallen In Love (Madam Malkins) - 9/50

silver-nightstorm - A Song of Ice and Fire II (Yule Ball); Seasons of Love (You can't help who you love) - 1/50


dem bones

Cookies-and-Ink - Where Wolves Fear To Tred (Funeral) - 1/50


Dani4Short - Star (Star); Madam Malkins (Madam Malkins); English Accent (English accent); Twinkle The House Elf (14. Uh... Hello? There's a house elf jumping on my bed...); Fifty (Fifty) - 5/50

xPerfectlyImperfect - Unshackled (Unshackled); His Angel (Room of requirement) - 2/50

Nik.EdwardIsLove - Call Me (Never have I ever); Your Baby Girl (You can't help who you love); About Time (Mixed Feelings); The Prince's Tale (Heartbroken); Almost Forbidden (Why does it matter? You are who you are!); Dead And Gone (Unshackle); Proposal (Frozen lake); With You Alone (How did I get here?); My Muggle Girlfriend (I'm from america); Ashes To Phoenixes (Apocryphal); Animalistic (Zephyr); You and I (Nervous); Hermione Granger and the Cookie Jar (Muggles); Kissing The Quidditch Captain (Stutter); Lily Luna's Diary Entries (Viscose, ch 4); Scarred For Life (I hate you); What We Strive For (Hogwarts); Padfoot, I Love You (I love you); Queen Of Obliviation (Home) - 19/50

thalia lulu

Last Girl Standing

Mein Liebling

EssaTheTwerp - The Irony in Misunderstandings (Nervous) - 1/50

8/10/2012 . Edited 11/18/2013 #3
no cure for crazy

why do I do this to myself, I already have basically every other boot camp to do; but I just can't resist. so I'm in(:

8/10/2012 #4
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
I'll enter this too. Yay!
8/10/2012 #5


I just wanted to let you know that currently this topic is in violation of forum rules:

7. When making a challenge, label it as a challenge in the topic title. When making a competition, label it as a competition in the topic title. If something is both, use challenge/competition. This makes things neat and simple. The difference between the two is that competitions always have prizes and judges, whereas challenges do not.

Please could you label this appropriately next time you're here, and, if you have any others that violate the rules, go back and re-label those too? It's just a simple matter of editing your first post.

Also, if you haven't read the rules, you can find them clearly marked in one of the pinned threads, HPFC POST-IT-NOTES. Please do read them before posting anything else if you haven't.

Schermionie, on behalf of the HPFC Mods.

8/10/2012 #6
Gamma Orionis

Count me in, of course :)

8/10/2012 #7
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Everyone has been added! And the topic title has been changed :)

8/10/2012 #8
The Original Horcrux
Oh Jesus christ. Another bootcamp I can't resist. I'm in
8/10/2012 #9

Thanks very much! :)

8/10/2012 #10
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Horcrux: *Jumps with glee* YES! :D. I mean... erm... That's kind of bias... Good thing this isn't a competition... xD. You'll be added to the list :P

8/10/2012 #11
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Oooo...must stop....I love this...don't let me...Count me in.. :D

8/10/2012 #12

I'm in! :)

8/10/2012 #13
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Lady: I'm assuming that means, I want to but I know I shouldn't, screw it I'm going too.So I'll add you :P

Blue: Adding you now!

8/10/2012 #14
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Lol, yeah basically. XD

8/10/2012 #15

I guess I'll join.

8/10/2012 #16
Black Rose Blue

I'll do this. Why, oh why, must I do this!

8/11/2012 #17
I'll enter :)
8/11/2012 #18
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

I'll add you both to the list!:)

8/11/2012 #19
Dobbys Charm

Call me stupid but I'm new :) What is headcanon?

8/11/2012 #20
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn
Head canon is whats cannon in your head. Like, an example of mine is Harry was abused by the dursleys and taken in by snape. And Charlie married a girl named Lyra black an had two kids. And Draco had 3 kids, not one. Get it?
8/11/2012 #21
Dobbys Charm

Sure thanks for the help. Sign me up then please :)

8/11/2012 #22

Yes! Thank You! A reason to write Next Gen. Awesome. Quick question since you said everything goes does that also mean creating Next Gen Oc's? Just want to make sure.

8/11/2012 #23
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Dobby: Alright!

Fan: Of course, as long as it's your head!Canon, you can do whatever you like!

8/12/2012 #24

All right! This looks awesome!

8/12/2012 #25
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Do that mean you want in? xD

8/12/2012 #26

Yes, yes it does, haha.

8/12/2012 #27

My story is up. I used the word Star for the prompt.


8/13/2012 #28

Sorry for the double post here but I have a question about the prompts.

What does Winnow mean?

8/13/2012 #29
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Kate: you've been added

Fan: I read and reviewed your story. I'm pretty sure, anyway. And winnow means removing (people or things) from a group until the best are left.

8/14/2012 #30
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