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-'The Prompting Hat' Competition-

Run by LittleAnimagus and aimz666

Hi. This is our combined and first ever competition. By choosing to take part, you might be in with the chance to win five reviews from each of us on a Harry Potter fic(s) of your choice and five story favourites. There is potential for a second place prize depending on the number of entries we receive.

How it Works;

-First of all you pick three numbers between and including 1 and 60 and post them in this thread to begin this competition.

-You will then see that we shall reply in this thread with a randomly generated prompt from the prompting hat and this shall be the only prompt you will receive, much like a house.

-When you have received your prompt this means that you will have received a PM giving you the three characters assigned to the numbers you have chosen. This is to prevent other people from knowing which numbers represent which characters.

-You may use any of the characters given so for example if you are given: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (doubtful but let's go with it) one of these characters must be your main character. You don't have to use them all.


-You are not allowed to request another Prompt or Character – it's a challenge for a reason.

-You may write an OneShot or a Multi-Chapter Fic but no drabbles. (1000 words for OneShots)

-ABSOLUTELY NO CROSSOVERS! – we no likey cross-overs…

-You can use a Beta if you'd like.

-Any rating is allowed.

-You can include: Lemons/Limes/Slash/Femmeslash/incest/etc – it's all fair game.

-Your OneShot/Fic can be AU or Canon. Please state in fic.

-Your OneShot/Fic can have any genre

-Your OneShot/Fic can have any pairing.

-We will no longer accept entries after the 1st December 2012

-Do not post links to fic here PM them to either aimz666 or LittleAnimagus.

-You will be judged on Grammar, Coherency, Plot and Enjoyability. Also please be aware that all factual information about the Wizarding world must be correct unless stated otherwise. Harry Potter is not going to whip out a one dollar note unless the story is set in America.

DEADLINE: We realise that those of you who want to write a multi-chaptered fic will need longer therefore the deadline for this competition is April 1st 2013.

We hope you have fun :)

- LittleAnimagus and aimz666 -

8/23/2012 . Edited 8/23/2012 #1


  • Laux14 - 14, 27 and 59 - Defiance and the Dark Arts - COMPLETE
  • AllIKnowIsADoorIntoTheDark - 11, 12 and 22 - Chocolate Frogs and Escaped Bludgers
  • Potterheadx10 - 37, 47 and 57 - Trick Brooms and Butterbeer
  • LilaVanilla - 18, 36 and 42 - Flames and Foolishness
  • Owluvr - 15, 22 and 37 - Madam Puddifoots, Kisses and Hideouts
  • JaseyRae9 - 2, 8 and 46 - Dwelling on Dreams
  • Opaque-Girl - 6, 20 and 43 - Dungbombs and the Daily Prophet
  • thefirstservant - 16, 27 and 54 - Banned Books and Boggarts
  • l0stinl0ve - 6, 12 and 45 - Enemies and High Expectations
  • Cynthia's Fanfictions - 1,2 and 3 - Dreams and Disasters
  • Love From Me - 4, 16 and 44 - Liquorice Wands and Liquid Luck
  • under the weeping cherry tree - 5, 26 and 41 - Perfume and Pumpkin Juice
8/23/2012 . Edited 8/28/2012 #2

Can I enter with the numbers 14, 27 and 59 please?

Also, just a note: as this has prizes, it is counted as a competition, and you should edit the title of the first post to say that this is The Prompting Hat competition, not a challenge. This is one of the posting rules if I remember correctly.

8/23/2012 #3

@Laux14 - We've changed the title (thank you - I told her). Your Prompt: Defiance and The Dark Arts. Check your PMs for Characters :)

8/23/2012 #4
Exceeds Expectations

Okay, future-me is gonna hate me for this, but I'm in. 11, 12 and 22? Thank you!

8/23/2012 #5

@AlllIKnowIsADoorIntoTheDark - Hey there your prompt is Chocolate Frogs and Escaped Bludgers. You should have a PM with characters. Thank you :)

8/23/2012 . Edited 8/23/2012 #6
The Tenth Horcrux

I'm in. Can I have 37, 47, and 57? Thanks. :)

8/23/2012 #7

@Potterheadx10 - Your prompt: Trick Brooms and Butterbeer. Thanks for joining :)

8/23/2012 #8
Sure, I'll try this :) - 18, 36 & 42 -Rue xx
8/23/2012 #9

Annndddd here I go with another challenge. *sigh* I'll take 15, 22, 37 please. And we don't have to use all of the characters right? We could just use one?

8/23/2012 #10

@LilaVanilla - Your prompt is: Flames and Foolishness. Thanks for joining :)

@owluvr - Your Prompt: Madam Puddifoots, Kisses and Hideouts. We've now clarified - you only pick one as your main character and don't have to use the other two. It was to give you more choice :)

8/23/2012 #11
MJ Valentines

Im in :) 2, 8 and 46 please :D

8/23/2012 #12

Can I have numbers 6, 20 and 43 please? :)

8/23/2012 #13

Can I have numbers 6, 20 and 43 please? :)

8/23/2012 #14

@JaseyRae9 - Your Prompt: Dwelling on Dreams

@Opaque-Girl - Your Prompt: Dungbombs and The Daily Prophet

Thanks for joining in :)

8/23/2012 #15

May I please have 16, 27, and 54? Thank you! :)

8/24/2012 #16

@thefirstservant - Your Prompt: Banned Books and Boggarts. Have fun!

8/24/2012 #17

@thefirstservant - Your Prompt: Banned Books and Boggarts. Have fun!

8/24/2012 #18

Sounds fun, I can totally take this on with the extended deadline. Hit me; 6, 12, 45.

8/25/2012 #19

@l0stinl0ve - Your prompt; Enemies and High Expectations

8/25/2012 #20
Cynthia's Fanfictions

May I please have 1,2, and 3? :D

8/25/2012 #21
Cynthia's Fanfictions

May I please have 1,2, and 3? :D

8/25/2012 #22

@Cynthia's Fanfictions - Your Prompt is: Dreams and Disasters. Enjoy. :)

8/25/2012 #23
I Like the Alphabet
Can I please have 4, 16 and 44? Thanks :)
8/25/2012 #24

@Love From Me - Your prompt: Liquorice Wands and Liquid Luck. Have fun!

8/26/2012 #25

I'm really sorry but I would have to drop out of this competetion.. Sorry :)

8/27/2012 #26

@opaque-girl - that's totally fine :) I hope all is well. Ami x

8/27/2012 #27
summer nights and seashores

Can I have numbers 5, 26 and 41?

8/28/2012 #28

@under the weeping cherry tree - Your prompt: Perfume and Pumpkin Juice. Thanks for entering, Enjoy!

8/28/2012 #29
Being A Wallflower

Are you still taking sign ups for this? If so, can I have 7, 13 and 33? Thanks :)

10/28/2012 #30
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