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- The Ten, Twenty, Thirty Chapter Challenge -

By AlwaysPadfoot

How it works?

For all challenges I will choose your chapter titles.

  • The Imperio Challenge - I have the control. I choose your pairing, I choose how many chapters you do and I name your chapters.
  • The Crucio Challenge - I have some control - lets be honest Crucio is a moment of madness. You chose either your 10, 20, 30 chapters OR your pairing and I name your chapters.
  • The Killing Curse Challenge - I have very little control, once I've blasted you with a AK, there's not much I can do after that. You pick your pairing, you pick either ten, twenty or thirty chapters and I name your chapters.

When you reply to this thread fill in the following options: (Only fill in the first question if you've chosen your pairing!)

  • Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable):
  • Which Era's you'd prefer (Founders/Marauders/Next-Gen/etc):
  • Willing to do OC's (Does not necessarily mean you'll get one):
  • Het/Slash/FemmeSlash/Incest (Tell me what you're NOT cool with):
  • Anything Else?:

You may do a story or series of one shots [500words plus] centred around your pairing whether it be Romantic / Frienemies / Friendship / Family / Enemies / etc. Anything you decide to write (K-M) is fair game: Slash/Femmeslash/BDSM/Insest/etc. Whatever just make sure it is rated appropriately. You may combine challenges as long as you credit the Challenge :)

Yeah so if you have any questions just ask and I'll try R&R everything but bear with me.


- Ami -

8/31/2012 . Edited 12/16/2012 #1



  1. aimz666 - Imperio: Remus/OC (30 Chapters) AND Teddy/OC (30 Chapters)
  2. l0stinl0ve - Crucio: Dramione (20 Chapters)
  3. Potterheadx10 - Imperio: Ron/Hermione (10 Chapters)
  4. Gamma Orionis - Crucio: Bellatrix/Voldemort (30 Chapters)
  5. TardisBangBangDaleksBoom - Crucio: Harry/Hermione (10 Chapters)
  6. Candy Converse - Imperio: Lysander Scamander/Lilly Luna Potter (10 Chapters)
  7. Cheeky Slytherin Lass - Imperio: Sirius/Lily (20 Chapters)
  8. HedwigBlack - Imperio: Seamus Finnigan / Teddy Lupin? (10 Chapters)
  9. thefirstservant - The Killing Curse: Jily (30 Chapters)
  10. under the weeping cherry tree - Crucio: Neville Longbottom/OC (20 Chapters)
  11. countrymusicwriter - Crucio: Snily (20 Chapters)
  12. AmzyD - Crucio: Jily (10 Chapters) A Series of OneShots
  13. Winterwood11 - Crucio: Dramione (30 Chapters)
  14. short and proud - Crucio: Rose/Scorpius (10 Chapters)
  15. Lizaluvsdoggies - Crucio: Draco/Astoria (10 Chapters)
  16. SonyaWho - The Killing Curse: Minerva/OC (20 Chapters) Secrets Lies and Lullabies
  17. Hades'Queen - Crucio: Tracy/Snape and SP of Harry/Morag (20 Chapters) My Luckless Romance
  18. beeabeeon49 - Crucio: James and Sirius (10 Chapters)
  19. lilgenious - Crucio: Bill/Fleur (10 Chapters)
  20. brazensers - Imperio: Frank/Alice (20 Chapters)
  21. Cadid423 - Imperio: Andromeda/Ted (10 Chapters)
  22. SimplySomething - Crucio: Fred/Lavender (20 Chapters)
  23. yamiyugi23 - Crucio: DomNeville/SubHarry (10 Chapters) Convincing You
  24. swirlsandpendulums - Imperio: Peter/OC or Lily/OC (20 Chapters)
  25. Avelin - Crucio: Tom/Hermione (20 Chapters) AND Harry/Ginny (20 Chapters)
  26. Cookies-and-Ink - Imperio: Susan/Harry (30 Chapters)
  27. Love From A Muggle - The Killing Curse: Rose/Scorpius (10 Chapters)
  28. Romi Lawliet - Crucio: Bellatrix/Narcissa (10 Chapters) Keeping It In the Family
  29. Silver-nightstorm - Crucio: Seamus/Fay (20 Chapters) AND Tom Riddle (20 Chapters) Superiority
  30. Budapest all over again - Imperio: Sirius/Marlene (10 Chapters)
  31. Valie - Crucio: Pansy/Ginny (10 Chapters)
  32. GlassCaseOfEmotion - Imperio: Teddy/Victorie (20 Chapters) The Beginning of Forever AND Neville/Hannah (10 Chapters)
  33. nessieblackfan - Crucio: Lily/Scorpius (10 Chapters)
  34. HopefulMe - Imperio: Sirius/Regulus (10 Chapters)
  35. townlights - Crucio: Alice/Frank (10 Chapters)
  36. Kat Ducat - Crucio: Draco/Luna (10 Chapters)
8/31/2012 . Edited 10/15/2012 #2

Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): Crucio, I'll choose Dramione please. Which Era's you'd prefer (Founders/Marauders/Next-Gen/etc): I'm ok with anything. Willing to do OC's (Does not necessarily mean you'll get one): sure. Het/Slash/FemmeSlash/Incest (Tell me what you're NOT cool with): Umm, I can't write good [femme]slash Anything Else?: Nothing, you answered the questions I had in the rules.

8/31/2012 #3

@l0stinl0ve - I probably should have specified that the questions were just for imperio hmm whoops. I'll change it

Hows 20 chapters sound?

  1. Christmas Came Early
  2. Midnight Strolls
  3. Books and Detentions
  4. We Could Have Been Expelled
  5. Hogsmeade
  6. Deception
  7. It's All Back To Front
  8. Potions
  9. Schoolwide Drama
  10. The Daily Prophet
  11. The Thorn in the Lions Paw
  12. With Pride we Fight
  13. The Amazing Bouncing Ferret
  14. Apologies
  15. Mangos and Chocolate Sauce
  16. The Weasley Twins
  17. One Perfect Night
  18. The Morning After
  19. Unexpected News
  20. Until Next Time

Hope that works for you :)

8/31/2012 #4
The Tenth Horcrux

Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): Imperio, please.

Which Era's you'd prefer (Founders/Marauders/Next-Gen/etc): Hmm... Trio. :)

Willing to do OC's (Does not necessarily mean you'll get one): Well, I'd definitely prefer it if I didn't get one. I'm not great with OCs. But if I must, I can.

Het/Slash/FemmeSlash/Incest (Tell me what you're NOT cool with): Incest and slash. Nothing against slash, I just can't write it well. But I'm fine with het and femmeslash.

Anything Else?: Nope, I don't think so. Thanks!

8/31/2012 . Edited 8/31/2012 #5
Gamma Orionis

Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): Crucio, with Bellatrix/Voldemort (how fitting...)

8/31/2012 #6


Your Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass

Number of Chapters: Ten

Chapter Titles:

  1. Through the Foe Glass
  2. A New Table
  3. Pleasantries and Broomsticks
  4. The Hospital Wing/St Mungos (Please choose either depending on how it suits you)
  5. A Losing Battle
  6. Storm Clouds Have Silver Linings
  7. Muggles and the Ministry
  8. The Beginning of the End
  9. Home Stretch
  10. Epilogue

How's that work for you?

8/31/2012 #7

@Gamma Orionis - Very fitting! :)

Number of Chapters: Thirty

Chapter Titles:

  1. Thunder and Lightening
  2. A Failed Task
  3. Crucio
  4. Green Silk and Sparks
  5. Black Holes
  6. The Dark Lord
  7. December
  8. Knockturn Alley
  9. Boots Made For Walking
  10. No Need For Birthdays
  11. The Dark Mark
  12. The Greatest Honour
  13. Family Reunions
  14. New Allies and Old Enemies
  15. The Fallen
  16. One Cold Night
  17. Long Time No see
  18. A Pawn Among Many
  19. The Boy-Who-Got-In-The-Way
  20. Safety in Numbers
  21. The Dark Lord Returns
  22. The Uses of Slytherin Ties
  23. Deatheaters and Demons
  24. Halloween and Pillows
  25. Ridding the World of Filth
  26. Combined Efforts
  27. Tainted Shadows
  28. Halfblood?
  29. Midnight Beckons
  30. One Last Stand

Let me know how that is :)

8/31/2012 #8
  • Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): I'll do Crucio - I pick 10 chapters.
  • Which Era's you'd prefer (Founders/Marauders/Next-Gen/etc): I like Trio Era and Next Gen Era best.
  • Willing to do OC's (Does not necessarily mean you'll get one): ...I'd prefer not to...
  • Het/Slash/FemmeSlash/Incest (Tell me what you're NOT cool with): I can do het, [femme]slash and cousincest.
  • Anything Else?: I can't write Canon Ships or Ron.
8/31/2012 #9

Wootz, yup. I'll get on it once I reach my quote for my festival fics for today.

8/31/2012 #10
Gamma Orionis

I love them! :D

8/31/2012 #11
The Tenth Horcrux

It works great! But can you choose one more pairing and I can see which one works better? If not though, I'll stick with this one. Thanks. :)

8/31/2012 #12
no cure for crazy
  • Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): Imperio
  • Which Era's you'd prefer (Founders/Marauders/Next-Gen/etc): I'm find with Trio or Next-Gen :)
  • Willing to do OC's (Does not necessarily mean you'll get one): I'm honestly not that great with OC's, so if I didn't get one, that would be better.
  • Het/Slash/FemmeSlash/Incest (Tell me what you're NOT cool with): slash/femslash, nothing against it, I just don't write it. I'm also not cool with writing incest of any kind.
  • Anything Else?: I don't think I could do Dramione or Harmione or any cross-gen.

Hope I'm not being a pain...

8/31/2012 #13
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
I can't start new lines on mobile, so please forgive the clutter. I'm going to try the Imperio level. I prefer Marauders and Trio era. I don't write OCs. I'm fine with everything as far as pairings go. I can't/won't write Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, Severus, Wormtail. I can only pair Luna with Dean or Cho. I can only pair Cho with Luna. I think that's it. Sorry if I'm too picky.
8/31/2012 #14
  • Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): Imperio
  • Which Era's you'd prefer (Founders/Marauders/Next-Gen/etc): any except Founder's
  • Willing to do OC's (Does not necessarily mean you'll get one): No
  • Het/Slash/FemmeSlash/Incest (Tell me what you're NOT cool with): incest
  • Anything Else?: I can't write Harry, Ron, or Hermione to save my life, and I'd really like a cross gen pairing if at all possible...
8/31/2012 #15

I like this challenge. ;) Avada Kedavra with James/Lily and 30 chapters, please? :) Thank you very much. :D

9/1/2012 #16

@TardisBangBangDaleksBoom - How's Harry/Hermione sound to you?

Chapter Titles:

1. Number Eighteen

2. Behind the Fruity Portrait

3. Dark Clouds Ahead

4. The Eye of the Storm

5. Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon

6. The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

7. Hews of Grey

8. Arguments and Cold Coffee

9. A Mountain Out of a Molehill

10. The New Year

@L0stinl0ve - Okay I look forward to reading it :)

@Potterheadx10 - Hermione/Ron? Does that work?

@Gamma Orionis - Fantastic :)

@Candy Converse - Lysander Scamander/Lilly Luna Potter?

Ten Chapters: 1. Charms

2. High Above the Greenhouses

3. The Great Fiasco

4. Peeves

5. Butterbeer and Ice Mice

6. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

7. It's All Smiles

8. Quidditch

9. Birthday Surprises

10. Hitting a Brick Wall

You're not a pain, I don't want to give you anything you're not comfy with. How's that work?

@Cheeky Slytherin Lass - How does this work?

Pairing: Sirius/Lily

Chapters: 20

Chapter Titles: 1. Head On Collision

2. Never Again

3. You Win Some You Lose Some

4. The Fiery Meeting

5. Prongs and Padfoot Extraordinaire

6. Just Another Brick in the Wall

7. The Room of Requirement

8. Loud and Proud

9. Singing, Smiling and Shouting

10. Betrayal

11. The Order

12. The Coming of Mad-Eye Moody

13. Four Dark Marks and a Funeral

14. Lord Voldemort

15. The Longbottoms

16. Losing Touch with Reality

17. Halloween

18. The Flying Motorbike

19. Bowling and Train Journeys

20. Don't Waste Your Time on Me

Don't worry you're not picky :) how's that?

@HedwigBlack - hmmm cross-gen? What about Seamus Finnigan / Teddy Lupin?

Ten Chapters 1. Defence Against the Dark Arts

2. Pink Hair and Jelly

3. Just One Thing

4. Easy Mistake

5. Not so Secret

6. Letting it Lie

7. Deceit and One Last Chance

8. You Only Live Once

9. Feeling the Strain

10. Back to Reality

@thefirstservant - Jily it is :) 30 Chapters. Chapter Titles: 1. The Hunt for Prongs

2. Whirlwinds of Red

3. No, No and No, AGAIN!

4. Potions and Minnie's Dilemma

5. Feeling Lucky?

6. Just Like Clockwork

7. Dumbledore's Proposition

8. Losing the Best

9. Hogsmeade Village

10. The Invisability Cloak

11. Save the Last Dance for Me

12. Graduation

13. Fallen at Sunset

14. Taken Down a Few Notches

15. Stuck in Freefall

16. Once

17. Petunia Dursley

18. New Year

19. Twice

20. It's Over

21. Desolation

22. Rebuild?

23. Harry

23. Three Times

24. Never Let Me Go

25. Say Cheese

26. Without Harry

27. Death Comes A Knocking

28. Wormtail's Betrayal

29. Everlasting Love

30. The End?

I hope these work for you :)

I'll add you all to the list ASAP :)

9/1/2012 . Edited 9/1/2012 #17
no cure for crazy

I love Lily/Lysander(: So yes.

9/1/2012 #18
The Tenth Horcrux

Ron/Hermione definitely works. Thanks!

9/1/2012 #19
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
Ooh. This should be interesting. Thank you.
9/1/2012 #20

Sounds terrific! :)) You don't mind if we tweak the order and a few other things, do you? :) Thanks very much!

9/1/2012 #21
summer nights and seashores
  • Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): Crucio, I pick twenty chapters.
  • Which Era's you'd prefer (Founders/Marauders/Next-Gen/etc): Trio or Next-gen
  • Willing to do OC's (Does not necessarily mean you'll get one): Yes
  • Het/Slash/FemmeSlash/Incest (Tell me what you're NOT cool with): I write all four of them(cousincest more then siblingcest).
  • Anything Else?: None
9/1/2012 #22

@Candy Converse - I'm glad I could pick a favourable pairing for you :)

@Potterheadx10 - Fantastic - I'll change your pairing up there

@Cheeky Slytherin Lass - I figured it would be fun too :P so no problem!

@thefirstservant - As long as it is a tweak not a complete reshuffle that's cool with me ;) I'm not sure what you mean by other things but feel free to run anything by me. :) Good Luck - EDIT! What the hell, reshuffle them if you'd like.

9/1/2012 . Edited 9/1/2012 #23

@under the weeping cherry three -

Pairing: Neville Longbottom / OC

Chapter Titles:

  1. The Transfer
  2. Pink Dragons and Famous Faces
  3. So This is What Happens Across the Pond
  4. Cardigans and Early Snow
  5. House Rivalry
  6. What the heck are OWLs?
  7. Educational Degree #57
  8. Being Taught Lessons
  9. The Wrong Wand
  10. Dumbledore's Army
  11. Falling Flat on *Insert Suitable Pronoun - My/His/Her* Face
  12. The British Ministry
  13. Veriterserum and Acussations
  14. Together we Grow
  15. Trying to Fix Broken Stars
  16. Diving in Head-first
  17. Swamp on the Fourth Floor
  18. The Hidden
  19. Secret Spells
  20. Finite Incantartum

Sorry about missing you - I replied before I saw you :) Hope this works

9/1/2012 #24
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
Quick question. Do we have to use the chapter titles in the order you gave them? Or could I, for example, use The Fiery Meeting as chapter one, Betrayal as the second, and so on and so forth?
9/1/2012 #25

@Cheeky Slytherin Lass - Sure thats fine :)

9/1/2012 #26

Which Challenge (Which Unforgivable): Crucio- Severus/Lily

9/1/2012 #27

@countrymusicwriter - Snily! :)

Twenty Chapters

  1. Forever a Slytherin
  2. Bottling Up the Past
  3. Accosted by a Marauder
  4. To the Sanctuary of the Library
  5. The Slug Club
  6. Rumours Spread Faster at Hogwarts
  7. Always a Slytherin
  8. Forever Young
  9. Voldemort's Army - Still Recruiting
  10. The Big Bad World Isn't Far now
  11. N.E.W.Ts
  12. Dates with the Giant Squid
  13. A World at War
  14. Job Interviews and the Dark Mark
  15. Torn Down
  16. Securing Foundations
  17. Hold Me Closer
  18. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  19. No Light at the End of the Tunnel
  20. The Dark Lord

Let me know how this works for you :)

9/1/2012 #28
Which Challenge:Crucio . And Lily/James Era: Marauders Willing to do OCs: Yes Not cool with writing: Slash/incest
9/1/2012 #29

Those are great! Thanks =D

9/1/2012 #30
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