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Cookies and Ink

Twin Boot Camp Challenge

- Cookies-and-Ink and aimz666 -

What the hell, there's a gazillion of these Boot Camps now so we thought we'd add to the never-ending list. This is the Twin Boot Camp where your fifty entries HAVE to be about a twin/triplet/etc. You are allowed to swap twins/triplets so you can have each prompt with a different set of them or all of them with the Weasley twins. It is up to you! :)

We're going to provide a list of 50 prompts for your 50 entries underneath this. They can be in any order - please note which prompt you've used in your AN.

  • Not just siblings the characters have to be born on the same day of the same month of the same year.
  • Your entry can be a drabble/one-shot/multi-chapter fic. These may be posted as a collection or separately.
  • If a prompt inspires a multi-chapter fic and the rest one-shots and drabbles then go ahead and do it.
  • Multichaptered Fics can only be inspired by oneprompt.
  • You may create a Twin for a canon character, use a pair of twins already in Canon (ie the Weasleys, the Patils) OR create an OC pair of twins/triplets/whatever.
  • You can post drabbles/one-shots as a collection if you wish
  • Any pairings are acceptable if you wish to include them: Het / Slash / Femmeslash / Incest / Cross-Gen / D/s / bestiality - everything's fair game :)
  • Any Rating/Genre/Pairings accepted.
  • Double/Triple/etc Claims are allowed.
  • Use the prompts however you like, as a theme, throwaway line, anything, be creative!
  • Combinations of Challenges/Competitions are also allowed.

Any Questions ask and one of us will respond ASAP.


(So there's no reason why you won't complete the Camp)


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9/22/2012 . Edited 10/26/2012 #1


  1. Shadows
  2. Trouble
  3. Dark Times
  4. On Top of the World
  5. 'Silence does not always mark wisdom' – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  6. Muggle Affairs
  7. The Power of Two
  8. Third Times a Charm
  9. Tree
  10. The Lake
  11. 'All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.' – Walt Disney
  12. New-born Kittens
  13. Snowed In
  14. Knife Skills
  15. The Ravenclaw Dormitories
  16. Breakfast Surprise
  17. NEWTs
  18. Hypersomnia
  19. The Hospital Wing
  20. The Department of Mysteries
  21. Alarm Clock Issues
  22. The Mystery of the Sock
  23. 'There is no spoon.' – The Matrix
  24. The Gryffindor Changing Room
  25. Saturday Night at the Movies
  26. Rumours
  27. Honesty
  28. The Slytherin Party
  29. Hairless Mrs Norris
  30. Thestrals
  31. Out of Tune Karaoke
  32. Gillywater
  33. Memories
  34. Through the Graveyard
  35. Sprint
  36. The Hufflepuff Common Room
  37. Alchemy
  38. The Frog Choir
  39. The Family Secret
  40. The Secret Vault
  41. Balloon
  42. Valentines
  43. Lipstick
  44. Forever Young
  45. Skinny Dipping
  46. Matches
  47. Devastation
  48. Screams
  49. Their Ghost
  50. Pancakes
9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #2


  • blood and moonshadows: The Secret Vault (Dead Link)
  • BlueEyes444
  • yamiyugi23
  • Lord Harry James Potter
  • UnicornsAndRainbows: Decisions
  • Clever Ink Slinger
  • yellow 14
9/22/2012 . Edited 11/12/2012 #3

The reason why there haven't been any new ones over the past month was actually because we wanted to avoid the forum being flooded by boot camp challenges...

Not that you should take it down or anything, but just saying.

9/22/2012 #4
Can we combine with other challenges? I have my OC Romulus Lupin's story entered in another challenge and I thought I would use that multichap for this as well, if that's alright.
9/22/2012 #5
@Blood and Moonshadows - Yes you are most welcome to combine challenges, but you can only use your multi chapter for one of the prompts. :)
9/22/2012 #6

This is really cool, although there aren't a lot of twins in HP,

I choose Fred&George

but maybe If it gets to stagnant I'll write a few about the Patil twins... :)

--even though I shouldn't because I have no time to write and I am in a million challenges--

You distinctly mentioned Slytherin! Uhoh, if I have to I'll write about the Slytherin twims, haha.

9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #7

@xBlueEyedAngel - That's why we've given you the option to create a twin for a canon character or create OC twins. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

9/22/2012 #8

I'm in. ;) I'll do Lorcan and Lysander.

9/22/2012 #9

Oh, Okay awesome! I might make some OC's if needed. :) Thank you, I'll try to have something up soon.

9/22/2012 #10
Cookies and Ink

Wicked, can't wait to read them! Thanks for entering guys :)

9/23/2012 #11

Wait, hold on, clarification needed, please; if I write a multichap, I can only use one of the prompts, correct? Sorry, I was just a bit confused on that point.

9/26/2012 #12

@Blood and Moonshadows - yes that's correct only one prompt :) sorry if that isn't clear. Ami

9/26/2012 #13

I'm not exactly sure what "The Secret Vault" is, but the wording suits my purposes, so I will choose that one. :)


9/28/2012 #14

Would it be allowed then if I did A Male OC older twin and Harry Potter as a younger twin? Some would be slash/yaoi while others would be cute chibi fic's between Harry and his twin OC.

10/19/2012 #15

@Dark Woods Detective - Thank you! I'll add it to the list - whatever your take is it doesn't matter :)

EDIT: *facepalm* I already added it :)

10/19/2012 . Edited 10/19/2012 #16

@yamiyugi23 - Yes that's perfectly fine I'll add you to the list

10/19/2012 #17
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

I'll join.

10/19/2012 #18

@Lord Harry James Potter - Awesome - I'll add you to the list too.

10/19/2012 #19
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn
Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h. I'm in.
10/21/2012 #20
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Got one done! :D

Used the prompt The Hospital Wing


10/21/2012 #21
Clever Ink Slinger

Oh goodness! I'm going to join! -le gasp-

For now I'm going to say that I'll create an OC set of twins for the Trio Era. Let me think on this. I'll let you know, when I post my first chapter, who I'm using a my twins/triples or whateves. =)

10/24/2012 #22

@UnicornsAndRainbows20089 - I'll add you and add that to the entries x

10/24/2012 #23

@Clever Ink Slinger - Excellent I'll add you to the list - okay that's fine let me know :)

10/24/2012 #24
Holly The Sparkling Unicorn

Twins: Arnold and Pinkie

Prompt: On Top of The world

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8641764/1/Bounce

Warning: Most randomest thing ever xD

10/25/2012 #25

I think I need to drop out of this, I'm sorry... I'm working now & I'll probably never get around to it, sorry :(

11/10/2012 #26

@xBlueEyedAngel - That's fine :)

11/10/2012 #27
yellow 14

Just how many of these things are there!?! I'm in, for some really stupid reason, I can't resist challenges and I'm fascinated by twins

11/11/2012 #28


11/12/2012 #29

I really hate myself right now, I'll join. I don't know which twins yet though I'll do.

12/22/2012 #30
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