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Love weird pairings? Enjoyed Mew&Mor's competition and do you want more? Well, you can stop searching!

I have written down ALL characters on FF.net's HP-characterlist and decided to create a competition around odd pairings. I know this has been done before, but then it's usually the competition-creator that has a list of pre-created pairings they think weird.

Not this time.

I've numbered them all and random.org will do the rest!

You can take on this competition on three levels:

Easy - you decide what era(s) you want your pairings to be from and whether you want het/slash/femmeslash. Random.org picks your characters.

Medium - you either pick the era(s) you want your characters to be from OR the type of pairing (het/slash/femmeslash). Random.org picks your characters.

Hard - Random.org picks your characters.

The due date is FEBRUARY 17, 2013 (my birthday :)) so that leaves you plenty of time to write.


- all pairings will be pmed to you

- you can only ask for a change of (one of) your characters twice

- you can enter up till three times

- all stories have to be over 500 words

- your story has to be a one-shot/drabble/freeverse (multichaps are not allowed, a oneshot/drabble/freeverse as part of a collection are)


- Since the list also contains non-human characters I'll allow platonic relationships when one or more non-humans appear, since I don't read bestiality so it would be difficult to judge then.

- Should your pairing come out as a (cous)incest pairing, I'll hit the button again, because I also don't read (cous)incest and that too would be difficult with the judging.

- However, if there's anyone who likes to be a co-judge and does feel comfortable with the above, I will eliminate these notes.

10/9/2012 . Edited 3/19/2013 #1



Lord Harry James Potter: Trio het

Acciohope15: Marauder het

Lizaluvsdoggies: Next Gen het

Owluvr: Trio het

Eighteen Inches: Trio het

Opaque-girl: Trio het

Opaque-girl: Next Gen het

xBlueEyedAngel: same gen het

BlueEyes444: Next Gen femmeslash

SnarkyAndProudHufflepuff: Trio slash - Happily Ever After (Lee Jordan/Wayne Hopkins)

SnarkyAndProudHufflepuff: Cross gen slash

Epona's Chosen: Next gen het

Miss Saffron: Trio het

Mrs Bella Riddle: Riddle het

Katana Sundancer: Trio het

Dramione Forever: Trio het

ContraryMissMary: Trio het

Gorgonfish: Trio het

Watchitstark: Trio/Marauder femmeslash - Reprieve (Cho Chang/Madame Rosmerta)


Cheeky Slytherin Lass: slash

JoeCool89: slash

BlackUnicorn27: femmeslash

SophyWald: Trio era - A Very Magical Ball (Cedric Diggory/Daphne Greengrass)

Winterwood 11: het

Epona's Chosen: het - Broken Love (Fabian Prewett/Druella Black)

Yellow14: Trio era - Something Important To Say (Percy Weasley/Roger Davies)

Budapest All Over Again: Marauder era

Sangkar: Next gen - Molly's Speeding Ticket And A Lesson On Muggles (platonic Molly Weasley II/Albus Potter)


Shira Lansys

Exceeds Expections



Kat DuCat


Soul Of The Dark Mark


Number One Narcissist

Articcat621 - Midnight Musings (Severus/Fat Lady)



10/9/2012 . Edited 3/19/2013 #2
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Ooo, this looks rather interesting. I think that I will go with easy and stick with Trio het, but I might join a harder one later... Anyway, you say you have a list of all the characters. Wow, I don't supposed you could send it to me? I have been trying to create one of my own, but it has been very slow work...

10/9/2012 #3
Shira Lansys

Hard, please!

10/9/2012 #4
a beautiful misfortune

Ooo this looks interesting. I guess I'll go with easy, and the era I want it from is Marauder generation, and het please :).

10/9/2012 #5
Forever Siriusly Sirius

I really shouldnt do this...but anyway. Can I please have easy, (now the hard part...which Era?) and Next Gen, Het pairing please. :)

10/9/2012 #6
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
Medium. Slash, please.
10/9/2012 #7
Exceeds Expectations

I choose hard! *prays to the pairings gods for something workable*

10/9/2012 #8

Paula: how did I know you would sign up for this?

Um...I want to do this. I'll go with easy. So I want

Era:Trio and het

Gah, I want to pick NextGen, but I don't write incest! So I think I'll go with Trio, because it's the least likely chance I'll get incest. Now, I probably will...

10/9/2012 #9
Exceeds Expectations

Because, Olivia dearest, you know me too well ;)

10/9/2012 #10
no cure for crazy

Could I have easy with Tro Het please? :)

10/9/2012 #11

Can I try this twice please?

Both Easy :)

Trio, Het

Next-Gen, Het

10/9/2012 #12

I'll take any het same-gen pairing please :) (I don't care what gen it is as long as its the same [or close to the same] one)! PLEASE!

10/9/2012 #13

Can I have the hard one please? Thanks! :)

10/9/2012 #14
I'm in with hard :)
10/9/2012 #15

I'll do easy, I think. :D NextGen and femslash, please. :)

10/9/2012 . Edited 10/9/2012 #16
still kat

I'll try it with hard. :)

10/10/2012 #17
Wow so many takers already! I'll pm everyone their pairings tomorrow. My sister-in-law is in labour at the moment which is really exciting since it's the first time that I'm becoming an auntie, but it also means that I'll be at my parents-in-law all evening awaiting the birth of my niece and if she arrives at a reasonable time we'll go to the hospital and visit her. :)
10/10/2012 #18

@Lord Harry James Potter: currently, I only have it written on paper, but if I ever get around to typing it out, I'll send it to you.

10/10/2012 #19

Could I try 'hard', please?

And congratulations on becoming an auntie, that's so exciting! :)

10/10/2012 #20

Of course you can, I'll add you to the list of participants.

10/10/2012 #21

Awe! Congratulations that is so exciting!!

10/10/2012 #22
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Oooo, cool I love kids. You know, you are the second person that I have learned in the past two days that will be an aunty... And congrats.

Alright thanks anyway.

10/10/2012 . Edited 10/10/2012 #23
i'd sink us to swim
Medium, slash, please!
10/10/2012 #24
Medium and femslash, please (:
10/14/2012 #25

So, everybody has received a pm with their pairings. Some are rather mainstream and others are...intriguing.

I'm very curious what you all'll come up with!

10/14/2012 #26
Forever Siriusly Sirius

Can I have a prompt of somesortmplease?

10/14/2012 #27

Sure you can!

Apple orchard - "You're like the male version of me." (Title of a song by Gabby Young and Other Animals) - confused - Patronus

Need more?

10/15/2012 #28
The Crownless Queen

Medium Trio Era please :p

10/15/2012 #29

I'd like easy please. Slash. het and cross gen pairings please

10/15/2012 #30
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