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Expect The Unexpected Competition

- aimz666 -

Hey there!

Just another competition from me, compiled from responses of what do you expect to see in '...' FanFictions from various people on HPFC and myself.

So the aim of the competition is to pick a number, get given a situation that is often written so it ends up very cliché and – well – let's just say that the ratio of bad to good fic's is substantial. Examples include: Fem!Harry's and Evil/Dumbledore.

I realise whether or not you like a story is partially about opinion but the competition here is to write a multi-chapter Fic that will be judged on:

  • Spelling and Grammar (Out of 15)
  • Flow (Out of 15)
  • Characterisation (Out of 15)
  • Originality and Not Cliché (Out of 15)
  • Creativity (Out of 20)
  • Ami Rating (Out of 20)

Overall - ?/100

Remember the aim is for your reader to expect the unexpected rather than seeing the usual cliché.


  • Pick a number 1- 38 or 39A, B, C, D or E. Up to Triple claims are allowed. (I will add more if there is more interest.)
  • I will give you a situation and you have to write a Multi-Chapter FanFiction (20 Chapters or more).
  • Each Chapter has to be 1000 words plus.
  • Any Pairing Genre or Rating is allowed, although I can give these out if preferred.
  • I can give prompts although since it's a multi-chapter fic expect them to be a quote.
  • Slash/Femmeslash/Het/Cousest/Incest/Whatever floats your boat
  • Combinations with other challenges/competitions are allowed.
  • You may only switch your number twice if need be.


  • FIRST PRIZE - A Short Multi-Chapter of your choice pairing/character/genre.
  • SECOND PRIZE - A One Shot of your choice pairing/character/genre.
  • THIRD PRIZE - A Drabble of your choice pairing/character/genre.
  • Honorary Mentions

All PRIZE winners will get a shout-out on my Profile. :)

Claims and Entrants

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. Lord Harry James Potter
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. Dark'n'Devilish
  15. -
  16. Eighteen Inches
  17. -
  18. -
  19. Budapest
  20. -
  21. -
  22. -
  23. -
  24. -
  25. -
  26. -
  27. -
  28. BlueEyes444
  29. -
  30. -
  31. -
  32. -
  33. -
  34. -
  35. Cookies-and-Ink
  36. -
  37. -
  38. l0stinl0ve
  39. -
  • a:
  • b:
  • c:
  • d:
  • e:


10/9/2012 . Edited 12/12/2012 #1
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Hmm this sounds rather interesting I'm in. Can I have one that focuses on Harry please?

10/9/2012 #2
no cure for crazy

Could I have 16? and a couple random word prompts please? :)

10/9/2012 #3

Can I have something that focuses on the NextGen please? :)

10/9/2012 #4

@Lord Harry James Potter - Luckily there's lots of those, how's 10, Twin!Harry?

10/10/2012 . Edited 10/10/2012 #5

@Eighteen - Of course, number 16 isSeveritus (Father/Son OR Mentor/Mentee) and word prompts include: Hardships, Luck and Understanding.

10/10/2012 #6
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Eh, can I change please? I have a rather large aversion to those kind of fics as most are incredibly dumb... I have only read one good one of that sort, and it wasn't even twin!Harry...

10/10/2012 #7

@Lord Harry James Potter - Sure, number five Powerful!Harry?

10/10/2012 #8

@BlueEyes444 - 28, the re-emergence of PureBlood Mania?

10/10/2012 #9
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Now that one I can do. :D

10/10/2012 #10
@Lord Harry James Potter - Awesome :)
10/10/2012 #11
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

What do you think of fifty chapters or more? And the pairing (well its really a threesome, but... I really don't like that word) Harry/Ginny/Luna? I am thinking combining this with a fourth year fic that I need to write for several other challenges, and the multi-chapter boot camp happens to be one of them, so it is going to be at least fifty chapters.

10/10/2012 #12
That's all absolutely fine - in fact I love stuff that I can get my teeth into so yes that's fine go ahead :)
10/10/2012 #13
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Wonderful, because I have this amazing plot all set up too.... :D

Also, one last question (I think, when I ask questions I tend to ask loads...) does the story absolutely have to be complete by the due date? I am not certain that even with so long I'll be able to get this story finished...

10/10/2012 #14
Obviously since your doing such a huge Fic I realise it may not be finished. There may also be scope for extension of the deadline depending on every entrants situation so yeah. I can only judge on what I see anyway. :)
10/10/2012 #15
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

That would be good thanks, only that I fear something like that would quite literally take me years to finish.

Random new question (see I am full of them :P) if we happened to have an in progress already started, but not really that far into it, that is proving to be a rather long story, and yet still fits what we were given would you allow us to submit that for our story? And if not would you opinion change if we happened to only have the prologue of it up?

10/10/2012 #16

Can I have something for Lucius/Narcissa or Draco/Ginny or Lily/Scorpius please? anything that you have any ideas for works except the Marriage Law fics - I just *can't* write them :)

10/10/2012 #17
@opaque girl - I have 36 Good!Scorpius.
10/10/2012 #18
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

I think you may have missed my question...

10/10/2012 #19

Umm, that's too vague to actually make it "multi-chapter" for me - any others? If there is none, than just give me some other next-gen one :)

10/10/2012 #20
@Lord Harry James Potter - I swear I posted this! Sorry about that. My phone is rubbish. Since you've only got the prologue up that's fine :)
10/10/2012 #21
@opaque girl - they're all like that because they're all more like things that are done that can be cliché so like Fem!Harry. So most o the numbers are like that. Sorry if it wasn't clear.
10/10/2012 #22
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Ah thank you, I don't have it up yet at all, I had just been wondering for curiosities sake...

10/10/2012 #23

Can I have one that would work with Dramione? Either Draco or Hermione.

10/10/2012 #24

@l0stinl0ve - I have number 24 Gryffindor!Malfoy

10/11/2012 #25

Can I change mine, please? :)

10/11/2012 #26

@BlueEyes444 - How about 21,Rose/Scorpius LoveHateRelationship?

10/11/2012 #27

Umm. I just can't see Gryffindor!Draco, do you have something else for either him or Hermione?

10/11/2012 #28

@l0stinl0ve - 38, Hermione's a Pureblood? Otherwise I'm kind of stuck for another :/

10/11/2012 #29

Actually that totally works for this plot bunny that I've been wanting to write. Now I have an excuse to work on it =]

10/11/2012 #30
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