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The Forbidden Relationship Competition

- AlwaysPadfoot -

I'm just going to get right to it and start explaining what I'm doing and looking for instead.

My Levels

  • EASY - You pick your pairing.
  • MEDIUM - You pick one character I pick the other.
  • HARD - You don't pick anything.

My Sections

  • Section A: The Romeo/Juliet Divide - Your pairing's family hate each other, their parents will surely never approve of your pairings relationship so to begin with your pairings relationship must be a secret.
  • Section B: The House Boundary Divide - Your pairing is directly separated by houses.
  • Section C: The Class Divide - Your pairing is separated by class: social, financial, whatever you chose.
  • Section D: The Blood Divide - Your pairing have different blood status'.
  • Section E: The Student/Teacher Divide - Your pairing has to be a Student/Teacher relationship. DUN DUN DUH!
  • Section F: The Sibling Divide - Your pairing is brother and sister/brother and brother/sister and sister/siblings (of course, you aren't just limited to two people).

Your Choice, Due-Dates and Prizes


  • DRABBLES - February 1st 2013
  • ONE-SHOTS - March 1st 2013
  • MULTI-CHAPTERS - January 1st 2014

There will be NO extensions. I implore you to think before you join up I will eat all drop outs... I'm kidding, I'm kidding, but it will make me sad.

Section A - Drabble -If Only The Family Could See You Now (RON/DRACO)

Section A - One-Shot

Section A - Multi-Chapter

Section B - Drabble -My Soulmate (TERRY/HERMIONE)

Section B - One-Shot

Section B - Multi-Chapter

Section C - Drabble -You Were Right About The Nargles (DRACO/LUNA)

Section C - One-Shot

Section C - Multi-Chapter

Section D - Drabble

Section D - One-Shot

Section D - Multi-Chapter

Section E - Drabble

Section E - One-Shot

Section E - Multi-Chapter

Section F - Drabble

Section F - One-Shot

Section F - Multi-Chapter

Yeah so that's it, any questions just ask and I hope everything's explained okay.


12/2/2012 . Edited 1/7/2013 #1
Albus/Scorpius (group A) I'll try a multichap.
12/2/2012 #2
Gamma Orionis


I kind of want to just enter all the categories xD (dear god oh god no don't let me do that).

I am going to enter quite a few of them though, I think - I'll get straight to work on deciding which ones x)

And I'd also like to ask - are we allowed to submit (partially) pre-written entries? I have a half-finished multi-chapter that focusses on a "sibling divide" forbidden relationship... may I enter it? (if not, that's totally fine and I'll enter the category anyway, probably n_n)

gamma y u so incoherent

12/2/2012 #3
Little Redwood

Section c- multi chapter- hard

12/2/2012 #4

Oneofthosepeopleonthestreet - I'll add you now :)

Gamma Orionis - For now I'm going to have to say no to WIP because that's usually one of my standard rules that I forgot to add above. So From your post I guessed you wanted to definitely join the MultiChapter section F, yes?

12/2/2012 #5

Little Redwood - Hmm lets see how's George/Daphne? Let me know... :)

12/2/2012 #6
Gamma Orionis

That's fine :D Then here are all the categories that I'll be joining. All gazillion of them :D

Section A - Drabble - Medium - Lily Luna Potter

Section A - One-Shot - Easy - Draco/Luna

Section C - One-Shot - Medium - Bellatrix Lestrange

Section C - One-Shot - Medium - Rodolphus Lestrange

Section C - Multi-Chapter - Easy - Luna/Voldemort

Section D - Drabble - Hard

Section D - One-Shot - Easy - Bellatrix/Lily

Section D - Multi-Chapter - Easy - Bellatrix/Voldemort

Section E - Drabble - Easy - Luna/Professor Trelawney

Section F - Drabble - Hard

Section F - One-Shot - Easy - Pollux/Cassiopeia

Section F - One-Shot - Easy - Rodolphus/Rabastan

Section F - Multi-Chapter - Hard

12/2/2012 #7

Ooh, I love forbidden relationships :D

I'd like to enter:

Section A oneshot with Rose/Scorpius

Section C oneshot (hard)

Section D oneshot with Ted/Andromeda

12/2/2012 #8

Gamma Orionis - :O Bloody Hell.... :P I shall get onto entering you into each one right away *clicks open new tab to C&P*

But of course I need to give you some characters I believe:

Section A - Drabble - Medium - Lily Luna Potter/ScorpiusORJ.Lestrange (I wanted to stay SameGen so I gave you an OCish option too)

Section C - One-Shot - Medium - Bellatrix Lestrange/Alice Longbottom (Before she was a Longbottom)

Section C - One-Shot - Medium - Rodolphus Lestrange/Severus

Section D - Drabble - Hard - Lily/Rastaban

Section F - Drabble - Hard - Sirius/Regulus

Section F - Multi-Chapter - Hard - Fredii/Roxanne

That was really really hard, I hope these work - let me know otherwise :)

12/2/2012 #9

WeasleySeeker - Cool I'll add you now. For Section C OS - Fred/Susan. Let me know If you'd like to change. :)

12/2/2012 #10
Gamma Orionis

Hehehehe :D *Rubs hands together gleefully*

Errr, I wonder if I could please switch Rodolphus/Severus? I can't write Snape for the life of me, I'm afraid. Anyone else would be fine, though (I'm all right with cross-gen too, if that makes it easier and you don't mind reading it...)

All the others work perfectly, and I'll go with Scorpius for Section A :) Thank you very much!

12/2/2012 #11

Gamma Orionis - Yeah that's fine I can swap it, how about Rodolphus/Ginny? (Bizarre *shrugs*) How's that?

12/2/2012 #12
Gamma Orionis

Sounds good! (All the most interesting pairings are bizarre, after all!)

12/2/2012 #13

Section B -Drabble - Easy - Blaise/Ginny

Section D - Drabble - Hard - ?/?


Helen x

12/2/2012 #14

Gamma Orionis - This is true, bizarre is amazing, but occasionally just plain odd *shudders at the thought of the Harry/Hagrid she read once*

Helloooo It's me - I'll add you now. For Section D, what do you say about Daphne/Justin or Hermione/Terry?

12/2/2012 #15

In fact put me in for Section E too. I'm feeling adventurous ;P

Never tried anything like this before, ummmmm can I have some basically OC teacher and ?

So medium and drabble please ;P

Helen x

12/2/2012 #16

I'm a little scared about what I'm letting myself into but I'll say Daphne/Justin!!!!!!

Go for it !!!!

Helen x

12/2/2012 #17

Helloooo It's me - How about Remus for Section E or if you prefer Trio era then Susan?

12/2/2012 #18

Can I do Blaise/Aurora for Section E One-shot? They're like my new (fanon) OTP.

12/2/2012 #19

Ralinde - You sure can I'll add you now :)

12/2/2012 #20

Susan Bones? Cool!!!

Ill get back to you on the teachers name :D

Helen x

12/2/2012 #21

Helloooo It's me - Yep the very same. Take your time with the name if you need to Helen; I don't need it right now anyway :)

12/2/2012 #22

I'd love to give this a shot! I'll take hard, but can I have a few options to choose from? One-shot, for sure, and let's see... A, B, C, or D? Aghh I can't decide... I don't know... Just give me some pairings to choose from, and I'll see what category the one I choose fits into. :P

12/2/2012 #23


12/2/2012 . Edited 12/2/2012 #24

I shall do the Arithmancy professor Septima Vector. Who is a women but who I might make a man :D

Susan/Septima...... Well it's probably unique ;P

Helen x

12/2/2012 #25

DobbyLovesSocks - Sure I can do that, how about:

  • LilyLuna/Scorpius
  • Sirius/Marlene
  • Draco/Hermione
  • Remus/Sirius
  • Blaise/Ginny
  • Morag/Seamus
  • Seamus/Dean
  • Lily/Bella
  • Andromeda/Ted
  • Tom/Hermione
  • George/Luna
  • Lily/Severus

Hows that list for you?

12/2/2012 #26

Helloooo It's me - Cool and very unique, I'll amend it now :)

12/2/2012 #27

Why do you do this to me?! All right *takes a deep breath*. Can I have Section D, One-Shot, and Hard? I haven't ever done hard on anything. But can it please be trio era? Thanks!

12/2/2012 #28

PKlovesDW - Would you believe that my email automatically filtered on the words 'hard on' in your crossed out sentence? :P

You sure can join that section and it can be trio, perhaps Harry/Draco or Hermione/Blaise?

12/2/2012 #29

I can totally imagine that XD. Well, since I always write Drarry, I'll go for Hermione/Blaise (after all, I still chose Hard, not Easy ;)). Thanks!

12/2/2012 #30
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