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52 Weeks of Writing 2013

Always Padfoot

Our Community (C2) - 52 Weeks of Writing 2013

Well, it's pretty much what it says on the tin.

You write one fic (Drabble/OneShot) a week or update a chapter each week, which I'll notify you of when each one starts. I will give our prompts and character if any one wants them.


(You'll have catch up though)

With 52 rounds and eliminations, what's not to like? If you're eliminated, don't despair, there's plenty of prizes still to win!

So here you go:


  • Best romance
  • Best angst
  • Best drama
  • Best family/friendship
  • Best humour
  • Best adventure
  • Best Drabble
  • Best OneShot
  • Best MultiChapter
  • Best Founder
  • Best TomRiddle
  • Best Marauder
  • Best Trio
  • Best Next-Gen
  • Best Same-Gen
  • Best Cross-Gen
  • Best Overall - Last Man Standing (Or Women)


  • Most obscure pairing
  • Most obscure plot
  • Most Original
  • Most Angsty
  • Most Dark
  • Most Kinky
  • Most Words
  • Most Consecutive Chapters

Others (Awarded to one author and one Fic)

  • Epilogue? What Epilogue? - Disregards what we know from the Epilogue of the DH.
  • Fact Discarder - Disregards what we know from before the Trio Era.
  • Smutastic - Best Smut
  • OC Award - OCs deserve kudos too.
  • The Cest Champion - Best Cest for England the world!
  • The Frowny Face Award - For the most risky author/Fic whether that be Cest, Beastiality , BDSM, Parent/Child, Student/Teacher...
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - For a pairing where the people are so different...
  • Muggle/Magical Liason Award - For Muggle/Magical Pairings, Muggle AU, or magical people living in the Muggle world
  • SPECIAL PARTICIPANT AWARD - For every author who sticks it out for 52 Fics


  1. No Prewrittens.
  2. Any Rating, Pairing, Genre or Topic - From Tragedy to T, BDSM to Beastiality, Malfoycest to M, Romance to Riddle.
  3. Combinations Allowed (*wink* Gift-giving Extravaganza *winkwink*)
  4. If you know you're going to miss a week let me know and we'll make arrangements :)

Concerning Eliminations

There will be no eliminations until February. This is because there is no way I'm going to get to 52 participants (not that I expected too) and also it lets the sign-ups end so people aren't joining after ipI've made an elimination.

Prompts still have to be used and I will be checking and keeping record :)

This is a 'prompt a week with an elimination twist' - I'm sharing my prompts with Vivid Characters/Scenes in 100 Words or Less. :)

Once you are eliminated you no longer have to use the prompts :)

Regarding Fics

There is no specified 'what you write'. If you want to update a MultiChapter one week and do a OneShot the next week that's absolutely fine, BUT you will rule yourselves out of certain prizes :) Random is fine.

OoC is fine too - Ha I might add prize for most OoC :p

Combinations are fine :)

Timezone Troubles

I will update each by midnight of the start date GMT. However, I know we don't all live I the same time zone so the deadline will be twelve hours after GMT, cause I'm in the middle :p


Round 1 - Post #93 (Page 2)

Round 2 - Post #216 (Page 5)

START DATE 01/01/2013

Questions? Let me know :)

Ami :)

12/26/2012 . Edited 1/21/2013 #1


1. SophyWald

  1. Drawn To The Dark
  2. Giving Up Something
  3. First Date

2. middleofsomewhere

  1. The Metamorphagus Diaries Chapter Two

3. Gamma Orionis

  1. Let Go
  2. Chapter 22 of Les √Čtrangers

4. Miss Dominique Lysander

  1. Never Ever Supposed to Be

5. forgotten timelords

6. Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  1. He Says
  2. Ugly Flower
  3. His Love

7. she'sasiriusriot

8. ToxicEyes2202

  1. Interruptions by the Fireplace
  2. Mean Girls
  3. Face Your Boggart

9. Pikalover10

10. Memento Vivere - exams and stuff in some months (April, May, September, October), will get prompts for my multichapter earlier, but publish each chapter weekly during the exam periods.

  1. A Test of Loyalty
  2. Anchor

11. Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

  1. The Orange Mock of Deceit, Despair and Death

12. winterwood11

13. Budapest All Over Again - away for 10 days 21-29th jan

  1. spectrum
  2. if there is one thing

14. Griffinesque

15. Dramionelurver

16. The Last Poison Apple

  1. One Night
  2. One Hour on a Broomstick
  3. The Little Eccentricities

17. Nik.EdwardIsMyLove - Finals until 10th Jan '13, will post two chapters the second week.

  1. First Time

18. mrsProbie

  1. His Own Private Party
  2. Two in the Morning at the Quidditch Pitch
  3. Mirror Mirror

19. DaniHP

  1. Voldy's Style
  2. Voldy's Style (Chapter Two)
  3. Voldy's Style (Chapter Three)

20. Omnomnivore

21. AnnaRavenheart

  1. Fire and Ice.
  2. The Bravest Man I Ever Knew.

22. DolbyDigital

23. HowLestrange

  1. Chapter 2 of Secrets, Lies, and Lullabies
  2. Chapter 3 of Secrets, Lies, and Lullabies

24. Romi Lawliet

  1. The One Night Stand

25. Owluvr

  1. Ashes

26. AnneNevilleReviews

  1. Chapter Three of Unthinkable Acts
  2. A Very Impractical Man
  3. Poisoned Glass
  4. The Covetous One

27. littlemissreadaholic

  1. Dazed, Drunk and Happy
  2. Things We Do For Love
  3. 4 Stupid Little Words

28. silver-nightstorm

  1. Forbidden Fruit II
  2. Once X

29. starlight.moon.princess

  1. Chapter 2 of A Year's Harvest
  2. Chapter 4 of A Year's Harvest
  3. The Ravenclaw

30. Here's To Love

31. SilverOwlMalfoy

32. A Sirius crush on Moony

33. Debitum Naturae

34. Liberal Artisan

  1. Moments In Moist Love
  2. Fata Morgana : Trill of Thestral

35. isn't-she-lovelyy

  1. once upon a yesterday
  2. chapter two of once upon a yesterday

36. silver.rose.petal

  1. Duck or Rabbit
  2. The Missing Hand

37. Cookies-and-Ink

  1. The Scent of Oranges
  2. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
  3. Setting Shadows Alight

38. Neverending pain

39. l0stinl0ve

  1. Herimone Granger and the Greasy Git.
  2. Hermione Granger and the Greasy Git.
  3. Hermione Granger and the Greasy Git.

40. A-Sluggish-Memory

  1. Chapter Two of Sirius Black and the Curtain (And Other Odd One-Shots)
  2. Temptation.
  3. Chapter 3 of Sirius Black and the Curtain (And Other Odd One-Shots)

41. UnicornsAndRainbows20089

  1. Hidden Scars
  2. -
  3. chapter three of Hidden Scars

42. smilelaughread

  1. Tell Me Everything
  2. Reading? For Fun

43. raining.fyre

44. Hope is a Beautiful Thing

45. oxycodone

  1. A Million Lights
  2. Chapter Two of A Million Lights
  3. Chapter Three of A Million Lights

46. Oddly Shaped Emptiness

47. Infiniti13

  1. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8926777/1/A-New-World
  2. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8926777/2/A-New-World
  3. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8926777/3/A-New-World


12/26/2012 . Edited 1/21/2013 #2
The Crownless Queen

Everyone knows that i am crazy so... Anyway i already write at least something once a week :p

I will regret this... But...

Count me in I'll try to participate :)

12/26/2012 #3

I am so going to do this! I love the idea!

12/26/2012 #4
The Crownless Queen

Oh and could it be several multichaps? Like on week 1 we update multichap A, on week 2 we post drabble A, on week 3 multichap B and on week 4 multichap A again? (I don't think what i do will be like that but I wanted to know :p)

12/26/2012 #5
Gamma Orionis


12/26/2012 #6
Four Leafed Clove

I am so in!

12/26/2012 #7

Everyone - Consider yourselves added :)

Sophy - It could be I guess but your more likely to get the consecutive Chapters award if you just work on one MultiChapter :)

12/26/2012 . Edited 12/26/2012 #8
The Crownless Queen

Alright :p Anyway i don't think I'll be starting a lot of multichaps. I am crazy, but not that crazy :)

12/26/2012 #9

If you think that's mad, check out the killer amount of pairings I have to do for Gamma's Challenge :O

12/26/2012 #10
The Crownless Queen

I saw that :p You are mad. I only have 45 to do but... I know it's gonna be though :p

I'm with you though

12/26/2012 . Edited 12/26/2012 #11

I have to be crazy :p

12/26/2012 #12
The Crownless Queen

We all are to be on this forum :)

12/26/2012 #13
I'm completely crazy but count me in!
12/26/2012 #14

Sophy - True :p

forgotten timelords - excellent crazy is a requirement :p I'll add you now :)

12/26/2012 #15
Cheeky Slytherin Lass
I'll join.
12/26/2012 #16

Amber - I'll add you now :)

12/26/2012 #17
The Crownless Queen

More crazies!!!

12/26/2012 #18
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Oooo, this sounds very interesting. I might join, but I have some questions first.

Does length matter?

If we miss a week will we be allowed to make it up? Or will we no longer be able to participate?

If we get eliminated do we have to continue on?

Will you be reading and maybe reviewing everything?

Why can't we (or can we?) do prestarted multi-chaps? I have about three or four already started/posted one that I need to focus on... though I do also have several plots that I'd love to do, and two that I really need to get posting for... but my main focus should be the ones I have already started.

I think I had other questions... but I can't think of them right now...

12/26/2012 #19

Lady -

Length doesn't matter unless you're going for certain awards (ie Most Words)

If you let me know in advance I can sort out missed weeks - I'll probably add a period after the week has ended in case anyone hasn't let me know :)

You don't have to, however it's only the best overall prize that depends on eliminations - the remainder are for all FICS. For example, say you were eliminated in round five, you may be out of the running for the Best Overall but you still are in the running for all the other prizes. The point is to stay in the comp until 31st Dec 2013 :)

I don't know whether I'll be able to review everything immediately, it is however my intention to do so when I judge at the end of next year because I will have to read everything.

After some consideration I'm probably going to allow additions to WIPs :)

Let me know if you do want to join and or have any more questions x

12/26/2012 #20

count me in (:

12/26/2012 #21

She'sasiriusriot - awesome - I'll add you now :)

12/26/2012 #22

Ohh ohh! Me me! Excite 3

12/26/2012 #23

ToxicEyes2202 - awesomeness, I'll add you now :)

12/26/2012 #24
Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Ah, okay thanks. Most helpful! :D

Random question about Most Words, does that mean that it has have to have submitted the most words as a total, with all 52 added together. Or would it be most words on average of the 52 submissions? Though... now I am confusing myself, would it even be possible for someone to have the highest average that doesn't already have the highest word count... as much as I love math, it is not my best subject...

Alright, if I do join - which I need to think about a little more, but odds are I will - I will do my utmost best to stay in the whole time.

I hope that you do change it, it will be more... I'd have a better chance if you did.

Would you be willing to give out prompts if need be?

Do we have to focus on one award or can we try for multiple?

Would you allow someone to be crazy enough to join this twice?

And my oh my, I am the inquisitive one... I have no idea why but I like picking apart challenges to discover every possible detail that I can... though, I actually do feel that when someone comes along and does this to mine it makes them so much better...

And I am rambling, so I shall be ending this now. :P

12/26/2012 #25


Most words is overall so all 52 weeks :)

I'm going to strike 'No WIPs' from the rules now :p

I can most definitely give out prompts if need be.

You can try for multiple prizes, you may even get multiple prizes, some will have more than one winner :)

Twice? Yeah I guess you could if you were crazy enough :p

It's absolutely fine, questions help me spot errors and additions I've missed :D

12/26/2012 #26

Add me to the list! :D

12/26/2012 #27

Pikalover10 - sure :)

12/26/2012 #28

Newb reporting in! -salute- What is a 'WIPs'? lol

12/26/2012 #29

WIPs - Works in Progress :) so a partially finished MultiChapter for example :)

12/26/2012 #30
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