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Character Twist Competition


So this was going to go up last night, however, since HPFC decided to have little nap I didn't get to put it up. I waited until 3am-ish too!

ANYWAY, the aim of game is to provide me with the name (Oh look rhymes!) of your favourite character and then for the EASY LEVEL pick one of the sections below. For HARD LEVEL I pick for you :)

  • House Party - Your character's house was different or alternatively if they were not at Hogwarts they are now :) I will provide the house change.
  • Graveyard - There is a death in your characters life or alternatively a person in your characters life was non-existent to begin with. I shall pick who dies :)
  • Reincarnation - Here your favourite character gains a lost parent or a sibling or a friend or lover. Or alternatively they are being reborn themselves. I shall pick who is reborn
  • Misspent youth - So I was playing the cup game today different and my mum said it was a sign of misspent youth. Henceforth I say this means that your character will be given a different upbringing or have a weird talent. I'll pick this.
  • Sinking Ships, Building Boats - Yep, I'm changing the relationships of your favourite character here. Platonically or Romantically.
  • OC Selection Box - You got it; I have a hat with a list of OCs ;) bring them into your favourite characters life.
  • Switched at Birth - (Kudos to Liza) Your Character was born of the opposite sex. I'll provide you with a name :)

Once you've picked a section I will provide you with the information you need and you can get straight on to writing your OneShot or MultiChapter.



I will most likely provide extensions if you ask nicely :)


  1. Combinations Allowed
  2. Beta's Allowed
  3. All OneShots/Chapters have to be thousand words or over.
  4. No Prewritten or WIPs
  5. I will give out prompts if needed
  6. Any Rating, Any Genre, Any Pairing
  7. Triple entries are allowed! ;)




I may add more sections - I will let you know.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

AMI :)

12/31/2012 . Edited 12/31/2012 #1
The Crownless Queen

I'd like to try this with Harry :p OS too ;) And i let you pick :p

12/31/2012 #2
Being A Wallflower

Aah - who's my favourite character? Ummm ... let's say Rose Weasley?

Anyway, can I have OC selection box. I'll be doing a oneshot, me thinks. And I'll need to find another beta for this! :D

12/31/2012 #3
whirlwinds of watercolours

*ponders* I'm going to die of workload next year. Do I care? No.

Sign me up with Tom Riddle, please! :) I'll do a oneshot, Hard level.

12/31/2012 #4

Sophy - you have the reincarnation section. James Potter is your character to be reborn :)

Jaz - Your OC is:

Name: William Greengrass

Parents: Astoria Greengrass's older brother wife

House: Ravenclaw

Appearance: Blonde, Blue eyes, tall and skinny.

Personality Aspects: Independent, Sarcastic, Outspoken

Jenna - You have the reincarnation section too. In your Fic Tom Riddle has a twin sister (DUN DUN DUH)

12/31/2012 #5
whirlwinds of watercolours

*ponders* Sounds fascinating. :D

12/31/2012 #6
Exceeds Expectations
Oooh! Remus please; hard.
12/31/2012 #7
The Crownless Queen

So James is reborn as one of the character near Harry?

12/31/2012 #8
Forever Siriusly Sirius

Sirius Black.

and forgive me I have to.

switched at birth please :) just a one shot :)

can I have both Male and female Sirius in mY STUOID AUTOCIRRECT F I C? like they meet and it's like 'omg your the female version on me!' Haha


12/31/2012 . Edited 12/31/2012 #9

Exceeds Expectations - Remus ( Misspent Youth ) - Remus' parents abandoned him when he was bitten.

SophyWald - Or alternatively he never dies :)

Liza - why not go for it :) do you want a name ?

12/31/2012 #10
Forever Siriusly Sirius

Hmmm yeah a name sounds good :)

12/31/2012 #11
Exceeds Expectations
Yes, yes, yes, plot bunny attack! Thank you :3
12/31/2012 #12
Akela Victoire

I would like to try this with Luna. Hard level, please.

12/31/2012 #13


I'm going to enter for 2 multichaps 'cause I've got no life ha!

1 - Teddy, hard level please :) I feel like a good challenge.

2 - OC Selection box

thank you .

12/31/2012 #14
A Sirius Crush On Moony

This sounds fun! I'll have Regulus Black please, and I'll try the hard level ;D

12/31/2012 #15

Liza: How about Astrid?

Exceeds Expectations: Haha tell me about it - I've got one too :p

Akela: How switched at birth with the name Eoghen?


1. Teddy - (Misspent Youth) - on top of his Metamorphagus skills Teddy gains his father's lycanthropy.

2. your OC is:

Name: Jonathan Boot

Blood: Half-Blood

Parents: Terry Boot and whoever

House: Hufflepuff

Appearance: dark hair, green eyes, average height and build

Personality Aspects: loves muggle films, funny, gets anxious easily

12/31/2012 . Edited 12/31/2012 #16

A Sirius crush - sorry I didn't see you, how about House Party - Regulus chooses to follow his brother into Gryffindor

12/31/2012 #17
A Sirius Crush On Moony

Yes, that sounds great! :D

12/31/2012 #18
Being A Wallflower

Brilliant! Thanks for that. I has an idea ... :D

12/31/2012 #19

may i do James Potter, hard level, Petunia Dursley, hard level, and Parvati Patil, hard level?


12/31/2012 #20

I would like Misspent Youth. Favorite character Hermione Granger.

12/31/2012 #21
Forever Siriusly Sirius

I was thinking of using the name Ara or Morgana if that's ok?

12/31/2012 #22

Can I try this with Fleur Delacour or Susan Bones please?

1/1/2013 #23

Sorry to all those I confused by answering on my friends account she was logged in on my iPad :S *facepalm*

mistletoed -

  • James Potter - (Graveyard) Before his seventh year, Lily Evans is killed by DeathEaters.
  • Petunia Dursley - (Misspent Youth) Petunia is Magic too.
  • Pavarti Patil - (House Party) Slytherin

Langston.love - Hmmm this was a hard one for me... really Hard. So I came up with Hermione's parents are really freaked out by her magic, you decide how they react.

Liza - thats fine :)

Dolby - I'll give you one for each and you can pick

  • Fleur Delacour - (Sinking Ships, Building Boats) Fleur/Harry
  • Susan Bones - (Reincarnation) Susan gains a Twin brother who turns dark.

If anyone wants a change let me know

1/1/2013 #24
Anime Addict Anonymous

Four months away.. I think I can do that.

Hermione for House Party and Sinking Ships, building boats.

1/1/2013 #25

I am so in with Remus! *Hugs him* He is so exhausted from me yanking and pulling him to write about him all the time. He's just so lovable!

Please pick for me!

1/1/2013 #26
Amelia L. Mendal

Hey Ami, I just realized we have the same name. I'm totally freaking out right now HAHA! Mine is short for Amelia though.

Anywho, I'd like Ginny and hard level please :)

I'm so excited!

1/1/2013 #27

Hermione for Hard please!

1/2/2013 #28


  • House Party - Ravenclaw
  • Sinking Ships, Building Boats - Hermione/Rastaban, Hermione/Regulus, Hermione/Neville? Any one to hose work?
1/2/2013 #29

Thegoodgirldoll -

Switched at Birth - how about the name Remi?

let me know :)

1/2/2013 #30
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