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Love weird pairings? Enjoyed my Weird Random Pairings Competition and do you want more? Well, you can stop searching!

This time 'round, you're not focussing on a romantic pairing, but on platonic relationships in all shapes and sizes.

I have written down ALL characters on FF.net's HP-characterlist. I know this has been done before, but then it's usually the competition-creator that decides the characters.

Not this time.

I've numbered them all and random.org will do the rest!

You can take on this competition on three levels:

Easy - you decide what era(s) you want your characters to be from. You write about two characters. Random.org picks your characters.

Medium - you pick the era(s) you want your characters to be from. You write about three characters. Random.org picks your characters.

Hard - You write about four characters. Random.org picks your characters.

The due date is APRIL 30, 2013 so that leaves you plenty of time to write.


- all relationships have to be platonic (meaning they can be family, friends, colleagues etc., just NO romance between your main characters)

- you can only ask for a change of (one of) your characters twice

- you can enter up 'till three times

- all stories have to be over 500 words

- your story has to be a one-shot/drabble/freeverse (multichaps are not allowed, a oneshot/drabble/freeverse as part of a collection are)


I will review all entries.

In every category there will be winners.

1st place in each level gets a one-shot written for them with up to four characters of their liking, and they also get a mention on my profile.

2nd place in each level gets five extra reviews on stories of their choice.

3rd place in each level gets three extra reviews on stories of their choice.

3/19/2013 . Edited 3/19/2013 #1



* Empress Empoleon - Trio era characters: Piers Polkiss, Morag MacDougal

* Starlight.moon.princess - Trio era characters: Blaise Zabini, Verity

* WeasleySeeker - Trio era characters: Padma Patil, Parvati Patil

* alicenitinwonderland - Trio era characters: Hermione Granger, Lisa Turpin


* To the TARDIS - Marauder era characters: Hestia Jones, Gilderoy Lockheart, Severus Snape

* Starlight.moon.princess - Marauder era characters: Dimitrov, Connolly, Bellatrix Lestrange

* Isilarma - Founders era characters: Nearly Headless Nick, The Fat Friar, The Bloody Baron

* Northumbrian - Trio era characters: Cho Chang, Karkarov's aid, Hannah Abbott

* The Tenth Horcrux - Trio era characters: Terry Boot, Mandy Brocklehurst, Jimmy Peakes


* Toujours belle - characters: Godric Gryffindor, Remus Lupin, Professor Binns, Bane

* Blue Square - characters: Tracey Davis, Eleanor Branstone, Fang, Neville Longbottom.

* To the TARDIS - characters: Andrew Kirke, Moaning Myrthle, Gilderoy Lockheart, Eloise Midgen

* Northumbrian - characters: Lily Luna Potter, Augusta Longbottom, Xenophilius Lovegood, Horace Slughorn

3/19/2013 . Edited 3/21/2013 #2

I'll go with hard, please... this sounds fun!

3/19/2013 #3
Blue Square

[waves hello] Sign me up for Hard, please.

3/19/2013 #4

Toujours belle: Welcome! Your characters are: Godric Gryffindor, Remus Lupin, Professor Binns and Bane (the Centaur).

Blue Square: Welcome to you as well! Your characters are: Tracey Davis (a Slytherin girl in Harry's year), Elanor Branstone (a Hufflepuff a few years younger than Harry), Fang and Neville Longbottom.

3/19/2013 #5

If I can only dl 1, Hard please.

If I can do 2, Medium (Maradure) and Hard

3/19/2013 #6
Empress Empoleon

Can I do easy? I would like two characters from the Trio era, please. :3

3/19/2013 #7

To the TARDIS: you can enter max. 3 times, so one for medium and one for hard is perfectly fine. :)

Empress Empoleon: sure you can!

You will both get your characters tomorrow.

3/19/2013 #8


3/19/2013 #9

@ Empress Empoleon: Piers Polkiss (Dudley's best friend) and Morag McDougal (a Ravenclaw in Harry's year)

@To the TARDIS:

For medium level: Hestia Jones, Gilderoy Lockheart and Severus Snape

For hard level: Andrew Kirke (Beater for Gryffindor after Fred, George and Harry are banned by Umbridge), Moaning Myrthle, Gilderoy Lockheart and Eloise Midgen (the girl with the bad acne)

3/20/2013 #10
In with both easy and medium :) Either trio or marauder era will be fine thanks :)
3/20/2013 #11

Trio for easy and Marauder for medium, or the other way around?

3/20/2013 #12
Yup :) Thanks
3/20/2013 #13

Can I try medium with the Founders era please?

3/20/2013 #14

I'll try medium, trio era, and Hard, please.


3/20/2013 #15

I'll try easy with trio era.

3/20/2013 #16

I'd like to do easy with trio era.

3/20/2013 . Edited 3/20/2013 #17
The Tenth Horcrux
Sign me up with medium, trio era please. :)
3/20/2013 #18
Welcome to all new participants! I'm at work not now and I don't have the list with me, but you'll get your characters tonight.
3/21/2013 #19


- for easy level: Blaise Zabine and Verity (the shop assistant at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes)

- for medium level: Dimitrov (one of the players of the Bulgarian national Quidditch team at the World Cup), Connolly (one of the players of the Irish national Quidditch teams at the world cup) and Bellatrix Lestrange (Black).

@Isilarme: Sure, cool! Your characters are Nearly Headless Nick, Fat Friar and The Bloody Baron (I have streched 'Founders era' in this comp. to mean (likely) born before 1600).


- for medium level: Cho Chang, Karkarov's aid (I know, right? Why is he even on the character list?) and Hannah Abbott

- for hard level: Lily Luna Potter, Augusta Longbottom (Neville's grandma), Xenophilius Lovegood and Horace Slughorn

@WeasleySeeker: your characters are Parvati Patil and Padma Patil (I swear random.org gave you those two XD)

@Alicenotinwonderland: your characters are Hermione Granger and Lisa Turpin (a Ravenclaw in Harry's year)

@The Tenth Horcrux: your characters are Terry Boot, Mandy Brocklehurst (a Ravenclaw in Harry's year) and Jimmy Peakes (Beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team in Harry's sixth year (he's three years younger)).

3/21/2013 #20

You know, some combinations are actually kind of cool. XD

3/21/2013 #21

That's an interesting combination, thanks :)

3/21/2013 #22

I'd like to sign up! Medium, trio-era, please!

3/21/2013 #23



I already have an idea for the Cho/Hannah/bloke-I've-never-heard-of story. My (so far brief) research into Igor Karkaroff seems to indicate that "Karkaroff's aide" is a movie character and not from the books, and also that he's nameless. Will it be okay if I make up a name and background? The Wiki seems to indicate that, during the Triwizard tournament, he was a Durmstrang student (probably a seventh year). In many ways, the fact that I've drawn someone who is not even a name makes my job easier.

My plan is to set the story during DH. It would bring Jouko Hämäläinen (a name created from a random search of Finnish names), the former student who acted as Karkaroff's aide to the Ministry. I hope that's okay. Also, when you say all relationships are platonic, is it okay if one character harbours unrequited feelings for another? If not, I can work aroud it, but i thought I would ask.

As for the other one:

I don't want to use time-travel, so I need to figure out a story featuring Slughorn (who is at least 112), Augusta (in her 80's) Xenophilius (in his 50's) and Lily Luna (age 4) This one may prove difficult, but then that's the point, isn't it? :-D


3/22/2013 #24

@Ralinde - thanks! The easy platonic relationship will prove interesting, to say the least :P

Also, since you've said that we can change one character twice, can I ask for a change of Bellatrix for my medium level characters? Thanks! :)

3/22/2013 #25
Empress Empoleon
I was just wondering if I could refresh my two characters. Nothing's coming with them...
3/24/2013 #26
34. The Forest Again

Awesome! Level "hard" please! :)

3/24/2013 #27

Can I please have easy, with characters from the Trio era? :)

3/24/2013 #28

Give me hard please. I need some inspiration!


3/24/2013 #29

I'm new to this, but could I have a medium from the Founders and Trio eras?

3/30/2013 #30
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