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For anyone who is a fan of the 'Mortal Intruments Trilogy', about all of are fav. character, Jace, Clary, Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, Simon, Luke, and for my sister who loves him Valentine...
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Welcome to the ShadowHunter Hide Out!

Please Introduce yourself and tell us your favorite character and why......

Do not feel shy about speaking your mind or posting on here.


4/2/2008 #1
Kero Star


My name is Krista but I go by Kero Star on the this site. I am in love with these books and have adored Cassandra since she was writing Harry Potter fan fic. My favorite character is definitely Jace. He is so well written and complex and sarcastic. He jumps off the page most at me and is my favorite to write when I am writing fan fic.

4/23/2008 #2

Thts kool,

And Jace is one of the best characters, but I can say hes my fav.....

4/28/2008 #3

My name is Lauren, but on this site I go by Sweet-Dark-Blood.

I have to say Magnus is my fav. character. No offense ment to Anyone but the gay people Rox!


4/28/2008 #4
Kero Star

I do love Magnus too, he is pretty awesome.

4/30/2008 #5
Kero Star

I do love Magnus too, he is pretty awesome.

4/30/2008 #6

I'm not sure I know you, (lol) but my favorite character is Simon.

Me loves the nerds!

5/11/2008 #7

Simon is soooo sweet! How can Clary like Jace?

My favorite couple is Magnus and Alec though.

Magnus Bane is so darn cool!

6/4/2008 #8

Ha, I like Magnus as well! but my favorite character is Jace He is SOO cool!!! And for some reason I like Isabelle to!!! lol

6/5/2008 #9

My name is Brooke, and I am completely in love with Jace. Magnus is awesome too. :)

7/14/2008 #10

Hey everyone,

I'm Lynn. Jace is by far my favorite, but Luke is a close second.

9/17/2008 #11

Hey, I'm Lunar, I'd have to chose between Either Jace or Magnus as my favorite Character.

My Favorite Pairings are Alec/Magnus

Jace/Clary Please if you don't like those pairings don't start yelling at me i'm just stating what i like

10/7/2008 #12

Hey, I'm Lunar, I'd have to chose between Either Jace or Magnus as my favorite Character.

My Favorite Pairings are Alec/Magnus

Jace/Clary Please if you don't like those pairings don't start yelling at me i'm just stating what i like

10/7/2008 #13
Ordinary Madness

Hey everyone! I am a serious Mortal Instruments fan! I am so happy that they finally got a section for it! Fanfiction just hasn't been complete without it! Anyways, on to the more serious stuff; I seriously will ever have closer on this series if Jace and Clary don't end up together, somethings gotta happen so that they aren't brother and sister. Even if they are they still need to get together. If they don't I will spend the rest of my life searching for Jace--cause I aint his sister! Then I will find Clary and kick her a** for being so stupid! Oh, yeah, in case you cant tell, Jace is my favorite. *daydreaming sigh* Dude, I just counted how many times I said some form of serious in this post! LOL!

10/9/2008 #14
Max Brown

Yeah, I know. I just got it and now it's, like, my new favorite books. Or books, I guess. I can't believe we have to wait until March for the next one! :(

Anyway, my favorite character is probably Jace. Also Magnus. And Simon. And Clary. And Isabelle. Wow, I like pretty much everyone. My favorite pairings are Jace/Clary, Alec/Magnus, and Simon/Maia. And Luke/Jocelyn.

Is it just me, or does Luke remind anyone else a LOT of Lupin from Harry Potter? I mean, even before the whole werewolf thing was introduced, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, he seems really Lupinlike."

10/15/2008 #15

Is it March? Shame it's so long, but I've waited longer for things I'm more obsessed about I think I'll cope.

I'm not sure who my favourite character is -- maybe Jace -- he's certainly up there but I like others a lot as well.

10/16/2008 #16
Max Brown

March 24. Yeah, in the scope of things, it isn't really that long a time. The point is, though, it's not now. And it won't be now for a while. And as long as it's not now, it's too far away.

10/16/2008 #17

Hi! Well, I'm Gema! I'm thirteen and I'm in love love love with the Mortal Instruments. My favorite characters areAlec because he's so under appreciated and he kinda lives in Jace's shadow. If you just skim the book without reading Jace or Clary's parts, Alec is a pretty kick-a** character. He had the balls to stand up to Clary when everyone else was all "ZOMG! We lurv u!!!" or, in Isabelle's case, just pretending she wasn't there. So there's Alec and then Isabelle because..well...she's Isabelle. She's snarky and seductive and conniving. What's not to like? My third favorite character is most definitely Simon. I always love the underdogs in the love triangles.

As for pairings, Simon/Clary all the way, and if Mrs.Clare wants to screw around with "teh i***" than Simon/Maia is okay in my book as well. Gotta love an opposites-attract pairing. Also, I don't know if you guys are going to crucify me for this or anything but I ship....

Alec/Isabelle *ducks flying objects*

I have my reasons!

Well, that's about it!

10/18/2008 #18

My name is Sunem I'm 15 and my favorite character (not a big surprise who doesn't love him) is Jace. I like him because he's hott but mainly because of his attitude i love how he acts that nothing affects him and how he gets his face to be so expressionless. I don't know but i like guys that are not that sentimental like Jace. Thats how I feel

10/27/2008 #19

 (not a big surprise who doesn't love him)

Uh, me.

No offense to any Jace-lovers here, but I really, really don't like him. ;/

10/27/2008 #20

Its ok but I just want to know y?

10/27/2008 #21

Its ok but I just want to know y?

Well...lots of reasons. He's a nice character and all, just not my cup of tea. For starters, he's the arch-enemy of one of my favorite characters (Simon). He's an a*** all the time. He's snarky and sarcastic when he doesn't need to be. He feels the need to be in control of everything. He follows the motto of 'If you can't join them, taunt them." to the letter. *deep breath*

That's it.

10/27/2008 #22
LunarEclispe just listed all the reasons i love him

10/27/2008 #23

I agree with some of teh points you made which contribute to some of the mixed views I have Jace but I also like Simon. Simon reminds me a lot of some of my friends adn is obviously the one I'd know best if it were real life.  But I also like Jace, (not because he's hot or anything like that) and I wish he wouldn't taunt everyone that can be irritating (when it's to a character I like) but I like his sarcasm and I can't quite place why I do -- yes he does some very irritating things but I still like him and he probably is one of my faves.

10/28/2008 #24
ksjdfalsjdfskd just listed all the reasons i love him


but I like his sarcasm

For me, it's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black because I can be sarcastic to the point of being pointlessly cruel, so I shouldn't really be calling out Jace for it. :/

11/1/2008 #25


I'm Loki, and I'm a Magnus and Alec FIEND. I love gay people, too. I don't know why. I'm just messed up that way. And Magnus is so... glittery and funny, but sweet behind it all. Alec is just adorkable. xD He's so awkward and quiet and I JUST LOVE HIM. -obsession-

Anyway, yes. I'm unhealthily obsessed with these books. And Malec. MALECMALECMALEC. -cackles-

11/3/2008 #26

Hey my name is... HEY! I'm not idiot i'm not telling u my real name. Just call me magic. OK? My fav char. is either Luke, Mia or any of the werewolves. Trust me I'm a werewolf at heart. I think City of Bones is better than City of Ashes. It's funnier. Fave line is:

"It's more of a large and tastefully decorated foyer."-Jace and "Poor messed-up kid"- Luke

11/8/2008 #27

i HATE HATE HATE simon! i was so happy when i was reading city of ashes cos i thought he died. i was so angry when he just kept coming back to life. as for my favourite characters, i like maia and luke. werewolves forever! (that goes for twilight as well, anyone here read it?)

11/15/2008 #28
Eternally Dazzled

I thought I was the only one who hated Simon, I'm glad someone else shares my opinion! When reading City Of Ashes, I practically started dancing when I thought he had died...then Jace saved him and I was bummed. But when the sun came up and Simon was burning I was like 'heck yah!' but once again, he escaped death by becoming 'super sunlight vamp.'

I'm Kensie, and I'm in love with Jace XD. I personally love sarcastic characters, probably because I have a more sarcastic nature. Jace is such a complex character though, I want to know more! He's somewhat dark, sexy, fun, and dangerous. Kind of like Edward Cullen in Twilight, although I love Jace way more than Edward. In the Twilight world, I'm more of a wolfgirl.

Anyways, Jace is my favorite, nuff said.

11/15/2008 #29

yay now there are 3 twilight readers who like mortal instruments!

heaps of people love jace. i don't. i don't hate him either, but sometimes he just annoys me.

11/15/2008 #30
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