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Tortall Tribe Freak


i think we may be alienating the rest

sorry people

5/10/2008 #181

Heh. Whoops. Sorry everyone TT_TT

5/10/2008 #182
Tortall Tribe Freak

sorry Emma sorry April *starts to laugh nervously*

5/10/2008 #183

Guess what? I MADE GINGER TEA!!! It tasted like hot, not sweet ginger beer with no bubbles. Actually it didn't taste like ginger beer at all . . . .

So . . . all in favor of bringing Marian back to life using CPR as learned in Health please raise your hand.

5/10/2008 #184

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm beer

um yeah *hand rised* i dont like her but i dont want robin to be all emoy no offence emma but i liked him as a manwhore bettter like in series 1 LOL

5/10/2008 #185

OMG OMG OMG did any one watch doctorwho last night?

5/11/2008 #186

i didn't, y'know y?



5/11/2008 #187
Tortall Tribe Freak

sorry april i didn't watch it either because we don't have the latest season here in Australia

5/11/2008 #188

welcome queenofthebookworms aka jess!


5/11/2008 #189

just watched it on bbc catchup, cool episode. i so wanted jenny to travel with the doctor...

i suggest we petition for a spin-off series with jenny.


5/11/2008 #190

sorry for any spoilers, charlotte !

5/11/2008 #191

but GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/11/2008 #192
Tortall Tribe Freak

i've learnt to skip all posts about doctor who

wat happened wat wat wat

5/11/2008 #193

you went up on stage with the entirerly to gawjas jared leto iam i right?

i wanted her to travel with him and i want ross to, too =D

5/11/2008 #194

nope, sorry april. if i had done that i'd have taken you along too XD

i just decided i like shannon more, his big brother, coz he can drum like a whirlwind and i'm gonna be able to do that (i start lessons next half term!)

we waited behind for an hour and they finally came out, the two letos, and jared was talking to everyone and joking about like he does, and shannon was signing autographs, and he signed my ticket, and i went to the end to get him to sign my hand or arm or something, and he was talking to this girl, and he stopped talking and waved to me and said, "look at her pretty eyes!!" and i went all shy, and i asked him to sign my hand, and he did, and he had REAL soft hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so now i've gone over his signature in permanent marker. Twice.


Sorry, if it sounds like I'm bragging or anything, I'm not, I'm just amazingly buzzed out! Shannon Leto said I had pretty eyes!

And he was wearing a kilt and nothing else when he was on stage, but he got dressed before he did the autographs... man, Jared was wearing too much. Trousers and a jacket. Why couldn't he at least too the jacket off!!!!!!!!

yeah if jenny and ross had travelled 2gether they could've hooked up XD

5/11/2008 #195
Tortall Tribe Freak

lucky emma

now no more talking about doctor who

5/11/2008 #196

Doctor Who sounds pretty good XDDD I should start watching it, what's it about? Is it as good as Robin Hood?

5/11/2008 #197
Tortall Tribe Freak

hey jess u can't watch it atm cause abc hasn't put the new season on :( c u 2 morrow jess

5/11/2008 #198

Shame. Maybe I could hire it at the video shop? Blargh, school, and I still haven't finished my homework :(

5/11/2008 #199

hes cool in the video for from yesterday on one bit he looks like allan

i use to play drums *off to play drums now*

ohh OMG i am so jealose

and the trousers

yeah they could that would have been so cool

5/11/2008 #200

not being funny but i have just read our timewarp story and its rox LOL

5/11/2008 #201






5/11/2008 #202

LMFAO why you on a high my love?

not that you need a reason coz i am to but that whats downing a can of strongbow and 2 bottles of wkd do to you

5/11/2008 #203

oh dearie me

i have just looked at the stats for timewarp an we havent got any reveiws for the last three chapters

if we dont get anyfor the next chapter we will have to start killing people off but annoying people like everyone but allan will me you and gizzy

5/11/2008 #204

i'm on a high, my darling April, because shannon leto signed my hand... but i'm gonna be on a high for the next 3 weeks coz of that... so y'know...

why not kill gizzy, he's annoying, he's so bad at flirting, and he will make robin all depressed and emoy (I'm a HAPPY EMOOOO!!!!!! YESssssssAHHHHH!!!)

5/11/2008 #205

fair enough but hes just tooooo gawjas to die

yeah and emo robin will be cool

omg im high to i have been listnein to 30stm all day and bowlin for soup and the new phyics teachers was like am i boring you and i said yes and he gave me a detension

but it was cool coz he exploded a jelly babii god i love our school we never actully do anything and now i get ot sit next to lewis in physics coz he moved everyone when we where suspended woooo and there is a new emo boii and god he is f*cking fit and he looks like Harry lloyd how cool is that?

5/12/2008 #206

emma my love just wondering have you finished the next chapter for timewarp?

5/12/2008 #207

sorry... i'm about half-way through it... it's not that I'm stuck... I've got loads of homework because it's parents evening on wednesday and we have to get all our homework done and all our classwork completed... which is ANNOYING... which means i've hardly got any time... all the chapters i've posted on my own stories are quite old ones, i was checking through my files to see if i could find something to make up for the fact that i'm really busy and i never update... so ya know... sorry :(

5/12/2008 #208

lol poor you we havent had homework in about 3 months LOl

5/12/2008 #209

YOU LUCKY WOMAN! i f*** hate homework

5/13/2008 . Edited 5/13/2008 #210
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