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What do you think of female naruto? How does naruto being a female in a story differ from naruto being male? Just anything on female naruto you feel like sharing. UPCOMING! - A list of fem naru stories that fall into certain catergories - making looking for a story easier, faster, and less stressful.
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Lillith The Nocturnal

I'm noticing a trend regarding who Fem!Naruto is paired up with if it is a het pairing. It ALWAYS seems to be either NaruKaka or NaruSasu (With NaruShika being close to over-done). There are PLENTY of male characters to pair Naruko up with, so why stick to just those three? Even if you just tease some of them (Konohamaru declaring that he will make Naruko fall in love with him, Kiba attempting to steal a kiss, Choji admiring Naruko for her ability to put away multiple bowls of ramen and not obsess over her weight), it would be fine. Hells, if you want, why not change one of the canon female characters into a male? Fem!Naru/Masc!Ino would be interesting, as would Fem!Naru/Masc!Hina.

Then again, why stop at giving Naruto and Haku the Fem! treatment? Why not change some things? Fem!Konohamaru would be an interesting change, since Konohamaru seems to be Naruto's Apprentice. Fem!Kiba would be hilarious and awesome, especially if you keep Kibas personality intact. Fem!Choji would be a good example of not all female ninja being slim and obsessed with their weight. Fem!Hiruzen would be...interesting.

11/20/2010 #1

You should write what you want to write and if you want to write the 1285215523 NaruSasu Story, let them be.

If you don't like it, don't read it.

To many ooc-characters (and canon-males who are turned into females have to be written at least slightly ooc) don't really work into a story. Too many differences like genderbending the whole cast make room for silly mistakes.

Besides, the most likely couple in canon with FemNaru would probably be NaruSasu oder NaruGaara. Can't say much about NaruKaka because I wouldn't read a Highschoolfic to save my life. I don't like it either, I prefer stories where romance isn't the stories main drive, as most romance-stories are extremly cliched, but the mentioned pairings have always been among the most popular (as het and yaoi) so there are mostly stories with these pairings.

11/21/2010 #2
Lillith The Nocturnal

The main problem with that is that this very group seems to be one of the few groups dedicated to Fem!Naruto. Unless there is a group that is both dedicated to Fem!Naruto AND Unusual pairings, I'd have to stick to here to find Fem!Naruto pairings.

Changing the characters makes them ooc? Masc!Hinata could very well be the same as she is in canon, albeit more pressured to excel in his fathers eyes. Sakura is bordering on being manly already and I wouldn't be surprised if she asks Naruto to teach her the genderbending jutsu and keeping it up 24/7, just like her mentor keeps up that youth genjutsu. Masc!Tenten would not be ooc because she doesn't have much of a c to be oo with. Masc!Fuu and Fem!Fuu fall into the same category, since Fuu has not been fleshed out that much.

I partially agree with you regarding the most likely pairing, in that it would work for a "female all along" fic. But what happens if the fic is of the "Naruto being turned into a girl/stuck in sexy jutsu form" kind? I doubt that Naruto, who despite the casing, has a VERY masculine mind and as such, wouldn't be interested in guys that way. It would bring up some interesing issues, like Hinata's obsession and how far she is willing to go to woo Naruto. While you could have SasuNaru (onesided), Naruto is most likely going to refuse that, because he isn't m/m gay, yet circumstances would make him f/f gay.

Oh and if you are going to do the "Sandaime/Yondaime put a genjutsu on baby Naruko to protect her" style of things, you could do worse than to spend a few chapters with Naruto in class, ashamed over his feelings towards the boys BEFORE the genjutsu breaks Perhaps that could be used to explain why s/he doesn't notice Hinata's feelings AND why s/he is so obviously crushing on Sakura, because he needs to prove his masculinity.

Sadly, the latter two styles of Fem!Naru fic seem to be lacking (Genjutsu and Stuck/Shift).

11/21/2010 #3
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