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Prince Doopliss

Mario was starting 1-1 when...

4/18/2008 #1
Rainy Boom

When BlueEye's came out of nowhere and killed Mario. "Ha, take that! You owe me coins!!"

4/18/2008 #2
Prince Doopliss

"Hey I wanted kill Mario without a mushroom." said a Goomba.

4/18/2008 #3
Rainy Boom

"Don't make me stomp on your head!"BlueEyes threatned.

4/19/2008 #4
Prince Doopliss

The Goomba cried.

4/19/2008 #5
Rainy Boom

"Hold still, I need to practice my Field Goal kicks."BlueEyes said, he charged at the Goomba and kicked him and he went through a goal post.

4/20/2008 #6
Prince Doopliss

"It's good!" said a Koopa. "Ow..." Said the Goomba.

4/21/2008 . Edited 4/21/2008 #7
Rainy Boom

Leonidas kicked the Koopa down the well while yelling. "THIS IS MUSHROOM KINGDOM!!"

4/22/2008 #8
Prince Doopliss


Willam Sadler starts at 1-2 in Luigi clothes.

4/23/2008 #9
Rainy Boom

Luigi walks in in his Underwear.

4/26/2008 #10
Prince Doopliss

A goomba killed Luigi.+

7/27/2008 #11
Vanessa Osbourne

William Sadler began to do the Hokey-Pokey with Shean Connery and a bunch of red koopas.

9/13/2010 . Edited 9/13/2010 #12

The green koopas got jealous, and pulled out the BOB-OMBZ OF DEATH!!!

8/23/2011 #13
Prince Doopliss

Shean Connary was the only one standing.


11/12/2011 #14
A wild fangirl appeared!
1/1/2012 #15
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