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While I have seen a Mudshipper's forum, and a Sandshipper's forum, and even a Windshipper's forum, I saw that there was no Valeshipper's forum and saw fit to create one. So, here's one for us Valeshippers.
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Should Camelot put Valeshipping in the next game? I mean, put it out there to the world that Isaac and Jenna are an official couple and that the evidence cannot be disproven?

Or should there be only vauge hints like the previous two games?

9/18/2008 #1
Dream Adept


X.x ... okay, I'm kidding! They might need to put vague hints in again to make fans happy, or it might turn out like this...

Mudshipping fan: (takes out new Golden Sun game and begins to play)

In game, plot shows that Isaac and Jenna love each other.


Then again, that might not happen, but I worry too much about it. So I think they should leave the pairings to the fans.

Or take a world-wide vote :O

I wonder if that's possible? :T

9/20/2008 #2
Raven the Ravenous

Well...they could go the route of the Final Fantasy VII love triangle...if they don't mind having MAJOR fandom wars. ^^;

9/22/2008 #3

Hm. Well, the poll on my bio shows that Isaac/Jenna has so far been the most poular pairing by far.

I should put my other poll up too, but I'm afraid nobody will bother to vote on a subject like:

"What's better? Cheez-it's or Cheez Nips?"

9/22/2008 #4
Dream Adept

A fandom war? Eh hmm... (tries to imagine a fandom war)

Hmm... it would be a great battle involving throwing huge shipping banners rolled up at eachother, torturing the opposing armies by reading out loud from a shipping romance fanfic, and everyone pretty much shouting at each other.

" OMYGOSH! Isaac is SO with Jenna!"

" Nooo!!! Mia and Isaac are meant for each other!"

" Rawr no wayz is Mia going with Isaac! She's GARET'S girl!!!"

And so on. Then again, there are many other possibilities but that is what my very crazy mind has come up with.

-"What's better? Cheez-it's or Cheez Nips?"-

Ummm... wots a cheez nip??? o.o

9/22/2008 #5

" OMYGOSH! Isaac is SO with Jenna!"

" Nooo!!! Mia and Isaac are meant for each other!"

" Rawr no wayz is Mia going with Isaac! She's GARET'S girl!!!"

(fires 11-inch shell into ceiling) "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

9/25/2008 #6

What? Only 11 inches?

*50-caliber magnum, pointed at Felix's head*

"And, so ends Sand/catfood/lighthouseshipping"


10/1/2008 #7

If you ask me tomorrow why I'm not talking to you:

*50-caliber magnum, pointed at Felix's head*

"And, so ends Sand/catfood/lighthouseshipping"



10/2/2008 #8

Ah, hush up...

10/4/2008 #9

You know, I could allways retract my prom acceptance at any given moment...

And there is this one Sophomore guy in Science Olympiad...


10/4/2008 #10
Dream Adept

AUGH Hawkmask! You actually risked the wrath of Lemu when it comes to... Sandshipping? Oh my. You must really have guts.

-And there is this one Sophomore guy in Science Olympiad...


... I have nothing to say...

10/9/2008 #11

*glomps Dream Adept*

I don't know, I just felt like glomping the first one to reply.

Well, I think it has been confirmed that Golden Sun Three will be on the Wii and NOT the DS and I will cry now. (dies)

10/11/2008 #12
Raven the Ravenous

Wait, Golden Sun 3 has been confirmed? O.o

I'm still iffy on the details but I'll wait and see what happens... I hope it would come out on the DS...it would be more enjoyable since I play that more than even my Nintendo Wii, which I was practically dying to own back in the Spring... --;

10/11/2008 #13
Dream Adept

Well! (dusts self off) That was... very awkward, Lemu. But then again, I like it when you do and talk that stuff in the forums. I would die if you changed...

Golden Sun 3 confirmed? Hmm... it was a while back then when I read on Golden Sun Universe and Golden Sun on Wikipedia, and it said that Camelot isn't too sure about what console they'll put it on. They said that GS 3 will take a while so Camelot won't do something "half-assed" as it said. But I may be wrong. It wouldn't matter for me anyway if it went on DS or Wii, because I have both.

So you don't need to die Lemu. Okay?

10/11/2008 #14

(Comes back to life) Uhhmmmm... ugh... five more minutes, mom... i don't wanna go to school

(Is slapped) Huh? Oh! Yipe, I'm awake! I'm awake!

Yeah, I read that interview with (was it Shugo? whatever) and I saw what they said about "Giving it the time it deserves"

I wonder if the Camelot staff argues about pairings? That'd be pretty funny.

I will never change. I have been wierd from birth.

10/12/2008 #15
Raven the Ravenous

I wonder if the Camelot staff argues about pairings? That'd be pretty funny.

That'd be hilarious. xD I'd be pretty miffed if Valeshipping didn't happen. u.u

10/12/2008 #16
Dream Adept

I'd cry if they didn't put Valeshipping in Golden sun three. But I'd probably stay normal if they didn't put any shippings at all. Oh, and I can imagine the Camelot staff arguing over pairings. If they do, someone should tape it and stick subtitles.

It'll be their own shipping debate! Just not the forum style, since they may be within range of bricking each other...

10/13/2008 #17

They should read the Mud vs. Vale thread on the chat forum.

...although they may be scarred for life...

10/14/2008 #18

i do think that they should put it in there though.if they dont,its time for them to taste my BURNINATION.anyways,yes i am new to forums.and this is from jenna to garet:STOP STALKING ME!!!

yes,i am a fan of valeshipping,or i wouldnt be here.

10/15/2008 #19

also,i really wouldnt read my stories.im really bad at it.but if u want to...

10/15/2008 #20

Excuse me, but pikminbro...

YOUR GRAMMAR... OH, GOD. *dies* Capital letters please. Your English teacher should be ashamed.

Just a pet peeve, but welcome brother(?) of Valeshipping! (the "bro" at the end of your pen name says you're male but... I'll stop talking and just go read your bio...)

10/16/2008 #21

Don't you check all the bios on the people in the Forums?

I've seen yours and....Raven/Raven's

10/16/2008 #22
Dream Adept

Hello pikminbro, and welcome to the forum! Sorry, but Lemu's right about some GRAMMAR.

Even forums need an understandable reply every time.

And just a random moment...

If Camelot doesn't make Golden Sun three, ah am gonna egg their place an' whup em up if I have to!!!

Ahem, sorry 'bout that...

10/16/2008 #23

Are you reffering to my Stories or my comments?Also,i hate my English teacher.She can taste my BURNINATION!And of course im a guy.And of course,im a fan of Valeshipping.Also,i'll be sure to add capitals and correct my grammar.But you know,i've never really cared for grammar much while writing these.I was just focused on getting my ideas done.Well,whichever you mean,ill be sure to correct them.

10/16/2008 #24

If camelot doesnt make a golden sun 3 with ValeShipping,i will send all of my golden sun demons on them(including Trogdor.He's a dragon.So what?).Anyways,thanks for helping me notice the grammar thing.All of the people you hate tonight shall taste my BURNINATION.Yes i dont put an exclamation mark there on purpose.I don't know why.Anyways,I probaly should'nt talk too much.You'll probaly get annoyed.Also i won't put BURNINATION in every comment.

10/16/2008 #25

To Hawkmask741:Most of the time,sometimes i forget.Sorry.Now,no more comments from me 'till tommorow.

10/16/2008 #26


Um, not the capitalization, um, I meant the spacing between words because.nobody.wants.to.take.the.effort.to.read.this.

10/19/2008 #27
Raven the Ravenous

What Lemu said. You should type without too many grammar errors. I know it's a pain but that's how it is on forums. Plus it will help out with getting you better at grammar. :D

10/19/2008 #28

well, thanks for being honest.do you want me too double space like this?or keep it normal?

10/20/2008 #29
Raven the Ravenous

Uh, how about you put a space AFTER the period? Because in case you're wondering, ' honest.do ' ended up being highlighted in blue...as in, I could click on it and go to a site...

Just keep it normal.

10/21/2008 #30
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