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A place for fans of JokerxHarley to come and chat about the couple, the individual characters, promote their Joker & Harley related fanfiction, seek beta and story advice, discuss theories and thoughts and be fan geeks!
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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

Just a couple of things:

- Zero tolerance will be showed to flamers! Be polite, friendly, open-minded and intelligent in your discussions. Flamers will be banned and reported to!

- This is a forum that supports the JokerxHarley ship, so if you don't like it - and really NEED to discuss it, please do so civilly. But don't try and tell us all how misguided we are!

- HarleyxIvy and JokerxBatman shippers are welcome, but please understand the focus here is JokerxHarley :)

- Don't post your fanfiction here, but you ARE encouraged to let us all know about your newest fanfiction, SO LONG as it is about Joker, Harley or the two of them as a couple

- Feel free to go into your theories, philosophies, thoughts and beliefs about the ship and the characters!

- Have fun!

Your friendly moderator


4/18/2008 #1
Bardess of Avon

Oh, yay, a forum for one of my all-time favorite ships!

So...hi ;)

4/18/2008 #2

Well, I, personally, prefer Frank Miller's Joker, who happens to be homosexual. (Please don't hit me!)

However, I may eventually write a one-sided HarleyxJoker. Any tips?


5/26/2008 #3

Could you be a bit more specific about what you're looking for?

5/27/2008 #4

Well, I've got the basic story in mind, but if anyone has one of those little scenes rolling around in their head, story-less, and would like to contribute, I'd be pleased to credit them for it.

5/27/2008 #5

Not really. I like to use my own ideas and it's probably a good idea that you do as well.

6/10/2008 #6

You know I always prefered The Joker who semi-loves Harley Quinn. Like the only little raisen of affection for her but he shows it by being mean to her. Like a 5-Year old bully. You know what I mean?

8/21/2008 #7

OMG! I love Harley/Joker! I'm so Harley obsessed!

9/3/2008 #8
The Queen of Mean

Hey there! I'm Haven and I'm kinda new to the site but I've been writing fan fiction for about eight years. I've been looking for a beta reader for a JokerxHarley fic that is set after the Dark Knight and is currently in progress. The fic is rated M so I'm looking for someone who is not opposed to reading or writing sexual content. Althogh the sex is kept at a tasteful level, it is present. So if you've done this sort of thing before and are interested, my email is . Email me and we'll see if we can get things started! =]

9/23/2008 #9

Hey there. I'm just starting to write a jokerxHarley fanfictions. I'm sticking true to the storyline laid out by the comics and in the Animated Series, but I've covering in depth form when Harleen Quinn graduates from college and gets into arkum, to her final transformation into HarleyQuinn, since they never cover it fully in the comics and I want to explore exaclt how the Joker seduces and breaks her mind. I've love some reviews, it's my first fanfic. it's called 'Snap went Harley'

10/1/2008 #10
The Queen of Mean

Hey Again, It's Haven. So I've finally posted the first six chapters of my first ever posted JokerXHarley fanfic! It's called Some Unholy War by me, Lovelyxlady389. Go give it a read and a review!!

10/1/2008 #11

I am in love this couple! The main reason is because I am just about as obsessed with the Joker as Harley is! He's so ♥charming♥, it makes since that at least one girl is absolutely obsessed with him!

10/12/2008 #12
The Cowgirl Bookworm

Hey I have a story using ledger's Joker and my own Harley! It's called money or scars.

12/21/2008 #13

hello all

i'm new to this ship, but i've spent a good deal of time getting to know the characters (mostly through your work, miss bee), and watching every BTAS episode with these delightful characters. unfortunately i have no access to the comics...

oh, incidentally, on the 'mad love' website, in the 'evolution' section, there is an episode listed called 'wild card' which doesn't seem to actually exist. can someone end my confusion please?

anyway, i have an idea for a rather lengthy story but as i'm new, i don't feel up to tackling this plot bunny until i have the characters better in hand. my question is, can someone point me to any resource, fanfiction or otherwise, that will give me good and accurate information about our beloved clowns and their relationship?



12/23/2008 #14

The JokerxHarley community on livejournal is a good resource:

http:// community. livejournal. com/ jokerxharley

Or this website:

http:// www. jokerxharley. com

(just remove the spaces!)

1/7/2009 #15

I love The Joker & Harley :DD

2/5/2009 #16

I wrote a Nolanverse JokerxHarley fic if anyone wants to read:

3/30/2009 #17

Frank Miller, he created Sin City right? and how old are these comics he wrote? or is there a graphic novel version.

Oh to add to the conversation I really liked seeing this pairing in BTAS Joker was always my favorite Batman villian but Harley Quinn almost instantly snatched second place out of Scarecrows hands. I wish they had continued with the animated series a little longer though, It really upsets me to see that this pairing has little to no airtime in the cartoon series of today.

6/3/2009 #18

Yes Frank Miller did create Sin City. But I don't think Harley Quinn was in any of his graphic novels. Yes the episode "Wild Cards" does exist because it was a Justice League Unlimited episode with Joker and Harley.

6/4/2009 #19
theodora 9

harley quinn is a fabulous character but she is not given enough credit by her puddin mr j he tends to take her for granted he needs to show her how much he cares but you know guys he thinks she can read his mind she needs the words she needs to be his partner in crime she has so much to give to his crimanal organazation she is his match they belong together.

8/9/2009 #20
The Mutant Jinx

The relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn is sadistic, masochistic, dysfunctional, and insane...and that's why I love it so much. In his own twisted mind, the Joker probably sees what he does to Harley as gestures of affection. And she always comes back to him. It's difficult to explain, but the relationship is beautiful, in a way.

I am also writing a Joker/Harley fic based in the Nolanverse, called "Catch Me". You can find it on my profile.

9/18/2009 #21

Hello!!!! I just posted a forum on Batman, so I was looking around when I saw this one, and couldn't resist joining!!!!!!!! I haven't written any Joker&Harley fics myself, but I have read quite a few of them!!!!!!!!! I perferbly enjoy ones with humor, (with the Joker that's typically not to hard to find,) so if you have any recommandations, please tell me!!!!!

No sexual or inapproprate things though. No rated M. And keep the swearing low. Thanks!!!!!

5/20/2010 #22

Hey guys and girls - another fellow Joker fan over here! I'll admit, my passion for him has only developed recently and I blame it all on a particular dream I had about him *blushes* But typically, stupid Batman had to turn up and ruin it! That was before I woke up mind you...

Forgive me, I'm in a slightly insane mood tonight *laughs* You'll find that's a fairly frequent occurance with me but I'm not crazy or anything like that - I just have an odd sense of humour at times.

You can either call me JJ for short or Suze if you prefer but I'll answer to either name.

11/1/2010 #23

I love JxH and am even writing one myself. Well, its BxH right now, but it's getting there. FF aside, I happen to love TheJokerBlogs, and while that's over now... more or less... I found a new web series starting up that's Harley-centric. Looks promising, so I thought I'd post a link, if anyone is interested.

12/6/2010 #24

Well... this forum looks dead.

I think we should fix that....

And I'm not really working on anything with Harley and Mista J at the moment... but I got bored and now I'm writing this.

1/13/2011 #25

I adore JokerXHarley :):) I actually just wrote my fan fiction. Not really sure if it lives up to standards, but hey! We've all gotta start somewhere right?

1/16/2011 #26
Lady Angelic

I think I agree with Caity: I'm not quite sure if any of my writings live up to the standards. Then again, I am writing predominantly Nolanverse Joker mixed with BTAS Harley. :/ so that's probably a turn off for most. but truly, there's been so many takes on those two that I might as well be able to write my own fine blend of Nolanverse and BTAS, you know?

2/3/2011 #27
Lady Glinda

I'm going to be writing a Joker/Harley story soon, not sure what it's going to ke called, but it will focus on Harley's life from collage, to Arkham, and with the Joker.

7/26/2011 #28

How about how Harley feels about the abusive relationship that she and the Joker have

7/20/2013 #29
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