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If you want to know how this works, go read the first post of Rant Board One.


5/20/2008 #1

I shall start the festivities!

Okay, so my guy friend/ boyfriend/ dude (SQUEE!) gave me a present today. It was in a really nice card and all pretty and stuff... It was a twenty dollar gift certificate to the movies. It also said that he hoped I'd call him over the summer It made me really happy. Yay!

Who wants to blab about good things next?

5/20/2008 #2
Grassy Leaves

Blabing about good things is fun... What good happened to me today? I finished something I've wanted to finish for a long time, and well... I'm happy I finished it! Yay! So, now with that off my back, I get to write more!

5/20/2008 #3


5/20/2008 #4

I got an A on a test today!

And runner up in a contest for best French project!

5/21/2008 #5

Yay! Coolness!

Lots of good stuff happened to me today...

I got an award for being on the Academic Team, and boyfriend/guy friend/dude -oh, for crying out loud, I'm sick of typing that! I call him D at school... I shall refer to him as D- D gave me a hug when I asked him to email me and stuff over the summer, and... Er, we watched movies all day, and the teacher I aide for let me listen to my iPod. Then my best friend joined me in my iPodness and we ate lunch!

It was kewl.

5/21/2008 #6

Pretty much; the only good thing that happened to me recently is finishing chapter one of Shadowed. The rest of my life is crappy.

5/21/2008 #7
Grassy Leaves

Go eat some chocolate, and feel better! ^.^ I know chocolate makes me feel better. And think of your friends of fanfiction (who you've probably never met and probably never will...) who are right behind you! Plus, you can rant all you want here!

5/21/2008 #8

-eats chocolate- Yum.

God, I am SO overweight, it's not even funny. I've gained, like, five pounds, and I'm 115 now.

5/21/2008 . Edited 5/21/2008 #9

Yes, eat your chocolate ( I find dark chocolate to be best when you're down) and remember that your buddy Shrumie is right behind you and is willing to listen to all rants.

5/21/2008 #10

Dark chocolate is the best, period. :)

-huggles Shrumie-

5/21/2008 #11
Grassy Leaves

I have to go now... so bye bye!

5/21/2008 #12

Bye, Grassy!

-huggles Breeze-

5/21/2008 #13

Bye, Grassy.

5/21/2008 #14
Grassy Leaves

I return! Only to be taken away in 30 min... Wow, I sound like a nine year old. Oooh! The quote of the day is: There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

5/21/2008 #15

What's binary? Sorry if I should have knowledge of what it is.

5/21/2008 #16
Grassy Leaves

Binary: it's a base-type thing where insted of 10 ones becoming a ten, it's two ones becoming a ten so the number one zero actually stands for two ones or 2. So it's really, There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't. In other words: math.

It's funny because, not everyone gets it and people say, "But you said ten people and only said two!"

So, that's why its funny. If you haven't learned binary yet, you'll learn it soon.

5/21/2008 #17


Your picture changed colors! It's got Jaypaw's face on it!


Or I suppose it could be Cinderpaw's.

5/21/2008 #18

Pretty colors.

5/21/2008 #19


5/25/2008 #20

We had a party in Latin today, but I only got to stay for half because then I had to go to the principal's office.

5/27/2008 #21

Party? Sounds fun!

Too bad about having to go to the principal's office, though. That must have stunk.

5/27/2008 #22

It did.

5/27/2008 #23

I'm afraid of this one vp at my school. He looks like an oversized hawk.

5/27/2008 #24

Lawl, Blues. But it was to talk about the fight. And it sucked. A lot.

5/27/2008 #25

Eepers. That sounds unpleasant.

5/27/2008 #26
Grassy Leaves

Yikes! Poor you! Though that fight must have felt good while you were in it, it probably felt horrible afterwards. A sprained wrist, hm? Well, he'll remember you for a while!

5/27/2008 #27

I've got happy news!

I survived my science class's disection unit! Without puking!

5/27/2008 #28

Some nerd confessed that he liked me. -shrug- It's not good news, really, but not bad, either. Hey, Blues, can I make a new topic? A Crack Promotion thread? Please....?

5/28/2008 #29

Of course you can! Anyone is welcome to!

*holds up big box of Blue's crack pairings*

P.S. Just finished a DustpeltxRussetfur oneshot. ;)

5/28/2008 #30
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