CSI:NY Fanfiction Awards, 2008
We have some brilliant writers on this board - let's let them know this! Please join and add categories, stories and vote, and we'll have the winners announced on um, the day of the season finale!
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The Corrupter

Here's what I'm thinking - firstly, writers, please add and authors note at the bottom of your chapter/fic and tell people about this - yes, you can encourage them to nominate/vote for you. Reviewers, mention it to as many authors as you can! Come on guys - we can make this big!

After the strike and as I now live in the UK, I'm not sure when the season finale airs in the US, but I figure we must have until the end of May, right? Well, we will be accepting nominations until the week before - write down in the relevent category which fic you want to nominate - they can be nominated as many times, but only once per person. What I mean by that is, "Fred", "Bert", "Mavis", and "Derek" can all nominate The Corrupter for best one shot, but "Bert" cannot nominate The Corrupter seven times! Make sense?

The week before I will close nominations and then everyone can vote (again, once per user) but in as many categories as possible. The way this works, is that the hmmm, five (?) fics with the most nominations will be available for voting.

What I will try to do is get every nomination added to the community I've created (under the same name as this Forum) so that people can loacte them all in the same place.

I think I've made it so that people can add categories, if not - someone PM me and let me know. I will be keeping an eye on them so please try not to make them too similar - I don't want to have to draw the line!

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but if I'm missing anything, please do let me know!

Oh, and I could do with some moderators to help me - any takers? PM me with applications - lol (I want to try to keep this as fair as possible - it's only fun until someone cheats!)


4/28/2008 . Edited 4/28/2008 #1

Well, there are 7 new episodes after the strike, and post strike episode 6 airs on May 14, so it's a safe bet to say that the season finale will be either May 21 or May 28!

4/29/2008 #2
The Corrupter

Thanks for that! I've checked with TV.com and they have the last episdoe "Hostage" as May 14th.

So, to clarify nominations will be open until May 7th... holy cow, that's this wednesday! After then, I will sum up nominations for final votes. I've emailed FF for their help, so I'll confirm voting asap.

Ok, so nominations until the 7th of May

Voting will be from May 7th until May 14th

Winners, hopefully, will be announced on, well, realistically, probably the um, Friday 16th!

Remember guys - spread the word! Add an authors note at the bottom of your fic/include it in your review!!

P.S. If you've pm'd me/emailed me, hopefully, it shall be tomorrow night (sun) when I get back to you. (I have a date tonight so I'm gonna go get ready!)

5/3/2008 #3

I have a suggestion for the voting. Setup a pole in your profile, then tell us on the forum about it. That will make it easy to vote and instantly calculate the winners on the 14th. Hope this is a good suggestion.

5/4/2008 #4
The Corrupter

Okay, that sounds like a good idea - I've been looking at it on my profile and it only allows you to vote once and you have to be logged in, which is brilliant. It also mentions something about linking the poll to the forum - any clues anyone?

5/5/2008 #5
Shining Zephyr

You can have a poll IN your forum if you're an admin. That'd be you, Aphina, Madison Bellows, and Axellia. I'm pretty sure you guys and do it in your poll bar on the right side when using your account. I'd help more, but I have NO clue right now. XD

I can help you more if you want.

5/7/2008 #6
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