CSI:NY Fanfiction Awards, 2008
We have some brilliant writers on this board - let's let them know this! Please join and add categories, stories and vote, and we'll have the winners announced on um, the day of the season finale!
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The Corrupter

So here's the thing - Axellia, bless her, at my request, has created a FF Nominee icon - if you see your name on here, please email me for a gif of this for your bio (you don't have to have it, but I think it's nice to be recognised).

I'm using up my PM's to tell people about this so I don't want to be wasting messages on you to tell you you can have this gif. I'm making Axellia put it up so you can see what it looks like! I will get around to PMing people if I haven't heard anything after a while, and I will make sure everyone nominated does know about it eventually! All I ask is that in your email you tell me who you are (pen name!)

Oh, my email address:

4/28/2008 #1

Do these need to be a gif of ourselves or just anything we want it to be?

4/28/2008 #2
The Corrupter

Okay, so I've given myself the avator/gif/icon... whatever you want to call it so that when you read this, you can see what I'm talking about. I know it's for fun, but I'm trying to get something "official"-looking out of it - if you want it, email.

I think I can persuade Axellia to make some winner ones for the various categories (smiles sweetly at her) but if anyone else would like a go - let me know - I know a few people have expressed interest and my next task is to send them to them.

I'm sorry I haven't been replying to PM's - I hit my limit last night and I've been at college all day! I'm going to get on with that now!

4/29/2008 #3
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