Did you like the anime ending for Blood?
Did you like the ending for blood ? I really didn't cuz it didnt tell us if saya stays with Haji or Kai. I really wanted to see some romance for the end but i was really desappointed. Now it's your turn! Tell me what you thought about the ending!
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Honestly, I personally think that instead of leaving a light pink rose for Saya, he should've left a blue rose! Doesn't that have more meaning? Really! A pink rose doesn't necessarily mean anything to her, right? The only thing pink about Saya is her dress when she first met Haji! Sorry~ I keep ranting on about this and it nevers ends, but honestly! Don't you think so too?

8/26/2009 #1

well wasnt blue roses charles's thing

plus isnt diva blue, sayas red and thats almost pink xp

12/9/2009 #2

Pink is Saya's favorite color. There's reason number one for leaving that color of rose

Also, you remember when Saya recalled her past at the Zoo? When she hugged Haji, he looked in the mirror at their reflection and a pink rose was on the vanity. *singsong* I sense connected symbolism~! The rose was in full bloom; open and beautiful and full and wondrous and full of everything good and wonderful in the world just as their friendship finally began and the fighting ceased. That was when Haji truly fell in love with her, I think. So, it represents their blossoming love. And that was just then. After so many years, the love is full and true. Which is exactly why he left a pink rose in exactly the same state-- open and in full bloom-- at the tomb where she peacefully slept

And--! In the Blood+ manga, Saya kept sending him out to collect a blue rose, but the only place they grew was in Diva's tower where he wasn't allowed to go. So, he improvised ('cause he's just devilishly smexi and ingenius like that XD). He gathered a hoard of pink roses-- 'cause she always wears pink, which he'd have probably noticed by then, considering how attentive he is-- and cut off all the thorns himself 'cause she hated to cut herself. She loved them and we're back to the roses in full bloom

O.o Why is my proof always so interconnecting?? And why do I always have so much, anyways!? What kind of sick person has this much time on their hands to do so!! (psst. me)

So! There's my reasoning

And I support dezed.FireFly's thingy, too. Blue roses were Diva's thing. Wherever you found blue roses, you found Diva who Saya was out to kill. By my standards-- had Diva still been alive when this occurred-- it'd have pretty much been in insult to leave a blue one. Since Diva was dead and Saya could finally accept her love for her sister-- this is just me and the idea's still in the works-- wouldn't Haji be accepting it, too? He does whatever Saya wants, really, so his leaving a blue rose for her would be like declaring his love to Diva or something!! It doesn't work that way~! (that'd be the apocalypse, for cryin' out loud!!)

But, this is all just my reasoning and personal ideas... I am curious, though, as to why you think a blue rose would've been more symbolic??

2/18/2010 #3
Moogan Komakai

no not really cuz that is karl's thing in a way..... Anyway if Haji had left a blue rose they might have thought it was Karl even though he is dead and stuff... either way it just wouldn't suit Haji to leave a blue rose

10/20/2010 #4

No, I think it was better to leave the pink rose, since it's Saya's favorite color. Also with the purple ribbon tied to it made it more special since Haji wears a purple ribbon in his hair. The ending also made it saddening that it made me cry :') I hope they make anoter season one day....

10/7/2011 #5

we saya always like pink..plus..a blue rose is diva's.. anywho i think they should make a second season. to blood+..yes i was very upset that diva died. but there children lived .. i think they should have a season of diva's twin girls she live of and kill the kairapterrins...remember at the end one of diva's chalvaleas( however you spell it) is still alive. then 30 year roll by and saya wakes up.because we all know saya just when to sleep

1/17/2012 #6
Ethereal Altair
Putrid ending. Was NOT satisfying along with many mysteries that'll never be solved: How did Haji and Nathan live? Who the eff is Saya's mom? Schiff origins? AMSHEL origins?
3/13/2013 #7

The pink rose was the best choice for all that it symbolizes... any other color would have taken away from everything Haji and Saya share.

7/7/2013 #8
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