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Besides old issues from my brother, I've never actually the pleasure of reading the current Iron Man series (or miniseries), but from I've read (from the 1990s and 2000, specifically) its a little different from the other MARVEL titles I read (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and X-Men and the Ultimate MARVEL titles). I've read up on current events occuring around Tony Stark (particullarly Civil War) in the past, but I never find the time to actually grab a TPB to get a better perspective.

I've only had one glimpse of Ultimate Iron Man in Ultimate Spider-Man and for a second I thought I was looking at a Robot Lacky of Nick Fury's, then he spoke and realization dawned upon me. ^_^;

Anyhow, any readers?

5/19/2008 #1

It bugs me how Civil War portrays Tony.

5/25/2008 #2

I know; You'd think he join the opposition and not pass the Superhuman Registration Act (if I remember that correctly). I guess Millar wanted to shock the reader by having him and a few others agree with Act instead of opposing it, thus creating the "Civil War".

5/25/2008 #3
Fang Cullen

I do read the comic book, but it's really hard to get your hands on them. I just go to the library and take whatever's there!

And about that Civil War thing, I am kinda mad at Tony for going the way he did, but you gotta respect his decision. I totally disagree with him, but I understand his choice. The mom of that kid who died really pulled the guilt trip on him, and he did as best as he could the way he went.

He's still awesome though!

6/27/2008 #4

I do read the comics. I have the Essential Iron Man trade paper backs as well. The much older stuff from when Iron Man was created in the 60s is a pretty interesting read. I'm currently at Tales of Suspense #63 in Vol 1 of the Essentials. I also have the Civil War series both on my computer and in book form. Seriously you should check out the TPBs, everything is consolidated and you don't have to worry when the next issue comes out. I read other comics as well, Iron Man just happens to be something I go out of my way to find. I plan on actually picking up the War Machine TPB next week.

7/9/2008 #5
Cobra Lawless

Yeah I read the comics, the movie was great. They should've put Happy Hogan in it hahahah but the character for Pepper Potts was pretty good...I thought. And Robert Downy Jr. looks like Tony Stark !

9/20/2008 #6

I think it's a poetic justice in turning Tony Stark into Public Enemy Number One after invasion of Skrulls, and Norman Osborn, of all people, taking his place.

5/25/2009 #7
Marie Nomad

I've been reading the Leaving Las Vegas arc that took place after Iron Man 169 to later. It featured Tony's fall from grace because of alcoholism and the villian Obidiah Stane. It's really cool and pretty dark.

6/17/2010 #8

I'm not happy that Tony gave Pepper her own arc reactor and Rescue suit, even if she wanted it. It's like forcing Alfred to become a Butler-Man.

6/18/2010 #9
Mae Stark

I haven't read any of the comics, but the idea of Pepper having her own suit is disturbing. I have seen this topic come up in a few fics, and I was wondering if someone would explain it to me. I just want to know why and how Tony would give Pepper a suit. It seems weird to me. And it doesn't seem like Pepper would want to be a superhero. But maybe I'm too stuck on the movieverse. Who knows.

1/8/2011 #10

Some big shot decided it would be cool to make Pepper a superhero. Like they decided if she's going to be in the movies then make her his love interest again in the comics. Which means Happy was killed because Pepper with Tony equals more money than Pepper with Happy. Still can't believe that not only did Tony lose interest in Madame Masque for her but Pepper, secretary and business woman, could beat Whitney Frost who had been training all her life to replace her father, Count Nefaria, in the Maggia (and did for awhile.) And that cartoon making her Stane's daughter was disturbing since one of the reasons Tony crawled into a bottle in the comics was because she cheated on Tony with Stane. (Especially a dumb idea since Nefaria showed up in the cartoon just a couple of episodes later.) Now giving Whitney an armored suit would have made some sort of sense. It also actually makes more sense for Alfred than Pepper, since Alfred was originally invented as a comedy character that wanted to be a great detective, accidentally found out who Batman and Robin really were, then claimed he deducted their identities so that they'd let him work for them. He gave up being a detective to be Bruce Wayne's butler but who's to say the interest isn't still there? It certainly was in Adam West's Batman, where he repeatedly impersonated Batman even though he was obviously taller and thinner and people like James Gordon should have noticed.

12/1/2013 #11
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