Baron and Haru will they ever be together?
the end of the movie has Haru confessing her feelings towards the baron and he doesn't say no that he doesn't feel the same way. thoughts and comments appreciated
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I think he's... avoiding the subject, because he probably does feel the same. If you thik of him as the same baron from Whisper of the Heart, then he's already had a love and lost it.

But he may not be that Baron. I think he likes her. He was rescuing her and went beyond any thing most would have done.

He says 'I admire' in aristotic(fancy-smancy) that does translate to 'I really like'.

The issue is that he's a cat figurine and she's a human. If that can be overcome, I think they can.

2/12/2011 #1
I agree I think he's holding something back because he's a creation , and she's mortal .
12/15/2011 #2

I have to agree with you there, too, but there's also the fact that in CR, Baron's house has a portrait of a lady cat in it. I actually think that the Cat Returns' Baron and Whisper of the Heart's Baron can be the same person, but they have their differences. I actually think that the fics where Haru and Baron's old love (Louise if you follow WoH) are the same are possible. If you look really closely, you'd see that the fur of the cat in the portrait is the same or nearly the same color as Haru's fur when she's half-cat. That's all just speculation, though.

I don't like the ending that much though... Really, with all those hints I spotted in the move, all he could say was 'I admire'? Couldn't he have said it in an easier-to-understand-when-you're-not-an-aristocrat kind of way?

Yeah, the issue of cat figurine loving a human. Immortal and mortal... There really are alot of barriers between them. I still believe that they can be together. If magic exists, why not?

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OK!LISTEN,I think they WILL be together because in fanfiction we can make sure they will be together.AND I think Baron should ditch Louise and take Haru as she loves him.And just because he said admired doesn't mean that he doesn't like her.PERSONALLY I say that the 'Magic' should make Haru a half-cat creation like Baron so they have a happily ever after.He might be restraining to say 'I love you' as he wants to confess at another time to see if what she said was true.But even though he admire he STILL stroked her cheek.Stroking someone's cheek is a sign of affection and love so that means he LOVES Haru.

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Actually they can overcome it if they believe.I mean come on,Baron obiviously noticied the blush on Haru's face when he looked at her looking at him.And the dance they had.Baron obiviously made Haru dance so that must mean something

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Les Mis-Les Amis closet addict

As much as I'd hate to say it they're only platonic friends not people in-love , when he said 'I admire' he only meant his admiration on how she is not i like or i love. Do forgive me.

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...'I admire' dear sir is not "Fancy-smancy" for I really like. It stands for "I admire." A neutral feeling directed to a person whom you admire or look up to. Haru treats Baron as her role model. Just cause she said "I have a crush on you." does not mean I like like you. Crush may also mean admiration/to crush. Do forgive me if I sound like an annoying brat it's just that it seems all of you here are going insane for the "I admire" moment.

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When I first watched Cat Returns, I also thought that Humbert and Haru should have kissed at the end. But then I watched Whisper Of The Heart. Baron has a wife, the Baroness, who stayed in Germany while Baron was taken to Japan by Mr. Nishi. Then, Mr. Nishi lost contact with his girlfriend, Louise, who owned the Baroness. So Baron and Baroness were separated.

Basically, Baron is an unconfirmed widower. But he's like the most honorable character ever, so I think he will forever stay faithful to his wife, until they are reunited again. When that is, we'll never know. We don't even know if they will ever be reunited, but I'm sure that either way the Baron still loves his wife and will stick with her till death do them part.

Haru is a human. So they can't be together. They are just good friends, and that's great. Well, this is what I think.

1/7/2014 #8
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