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Goku's Daughter

Okay, I'm not really excited about this. The trailer is out if no one saw it. Justin Chadwick as Goku = Wtf?

So I'm not sure if posting this is allowable since I hardly go in forums, but I felt like sharing it.

And entice conversation about it since hardly any of my friends are into dragonball...haha

12/14/2008 #1

Both my brother and I, had been looking forward to this movie since it was announce months ago. As we watch the trailer and continue to find information about the movie I had to say I'm not even going to bother seeing it. First of all there's no Vegeta because is about the Piccolo Saga. The cast is questionable at best atrocious as worse. And the story line is completely different. In fact if it wasn't for the name of characters, I say it was a different movie altogether.

I don't know about the rest of you, but as a fan I expected better and I really doubt this move does justice to the anime. which is really sad. If anyone of you is going to see the movie, I hope for the sake of your pockets (because really going to the theater these days is more expensive than buying for the dvd) that you like the changes. Like I said, I'm not even going to bother.

I do like to know what other people think about it (Come on there's no Gohan or Trunks or Vegeta *sobs*), so is anyone actually looking forward to see it?

12/14/2008 #2
Piccolo is green

I think I will go see it (if they even release it in New Zealand), but I'm pretty sure I'm going to break down in tears during the movie because it will be so terrible. Seeing that I read and see everything that I can get my hands on when it comes to DBZ, I kinda feel like I'll have to see it.

From the photos I've seen they've chosen all the wrong people (except maybe Chow Yun Fat- I've always thought he was cool). But Justin Chatwin as Goku? Eww, he looks like a wimp to me.

I also read that they've taken out the 'pervert' aspect to Master Roshi's character so that its family friendly...but that's basically the main aspect of Roshi's character! The movie is just not going to be the same.

And they made Piccolo look really bad (since this is a forum little kids could potentially access I will refrain from using the language I'm actually thinking to describe the costumes).

Unfortunately, this movie will be such a bomb that they probably won't ever make a DBZ movie again, which means we will never get to see Vegeta, or Gohan or anything.

I was thinking though, although spandex looks hot in anime/manga, can you imagine it in real life? On guys? They'd kinda look like ballet dancers with armour...I don't think it would be such a good look. Same with the Saiyan hair...Toriyama makes it look awesome but in real life hair the shape of a flame would just remind me of those Troll toys that they sold in the early 90s lol.

What I really wish, is that they'd make more animated DBZ movies. After seeing the latest one they did, I want more!

12/14/2008 #3
Goku's Daughter

//Eww, he looks like a wimp to me.//

Hahaha I think I was expecting strong, muscled men if anyone is going to play a Saiyan (I wonder if the topic of Saiyan and aliens would come up since it seems a lot of things are different). And now... there isn't muscled hot men in this movie! Gyah!

I was telling my brother, if they're going to make a dragonball movie, they should do it like a continuation or something of the whole series... ie. some sort of descendent of Saiyans, who does not share Goku's name, cause Goku will always be Goku. But then again, they'd have to make up villains and stuff... =/

12/15/2008 #4

I saw that stupid trailer. This movie has nothing to do with Dragonball series what so ever. All this movie have is the characters names. I wanted to cry when I saw the trailer. I couldn't believe it! Where is Gohan??? I am not going to see thsi movie it will just piss me off.

12/15/2008 #5

Lol, call me a simpleton, but it didn't look so bad to me. Not as bad as everyone else is telling me, at least. ^__^. I'd still go see it, just because I'm an avid fan and an optimist. ^^

12/15/2008 . Edited 12/15/2008 #6
Goku's Daughter

I think I will DL it, instead of spending my money to watch it. Unless one of my friends goes with me so I'm not a loner hahaha

There's no Gohan because it's supposed to be Dragonball only. Plus, Goku and Chichi aren't married. I guess when or if the second comes out, there will be our baby Gohan =)

12/15/2008 #7

DL is probably a good idea. While I don't think it's going to be the biggest crap, I don't think it's going to be the next Twilight or Titanic or any other movies which topped the box office either. I'm just trying to stay neutral until I see the movie itself.

I've seen so many comments about the trailer, and some of them are really the stupidest things I've seen. I've even seen complaints such as, "wtf, this is sh*tWhy doesn't Piccolo have spiky hair?"... and it makes me want to slap myself. And then there's that whole white issue of why Goku is American. Apparently he's supposed to be some chinky-eyed Asian who came from a remote village in Japan. -__-.... But I do agree with GD. Justin Chadwick was a bad choice. I thought Bulma looked pretty though, despite the brown hair. I just think that whatever is done with this movie, people are still going to complain about it or find some fault within it, because no one wanted a live action in the first place.

12/17/2008 #8

It looks awful. When I first heard about the movie I really wanted to see, but after seeing the trailer I think I'm going to pass.

12/17/2008 #9

Hello! I'm new here, but I tell you, I can't go to watch the movie in a cinema... I think I'll download it because I don't want anyone to see me crying in the middle of the room... I don't like the trailers, and almost cry with Gokuu's actor... T.T

12/23/2008 #10

Hmm... first I was all: "Cool! They're making a movie! Me wanna see!" Then I saw the trailer... and was like wtf... no no no... you can't do that... and reading extra information didn't... bring my expectations up... They can't make Goku's adventures start when he's so old... the fun goes away!!! What would DB be without little naïve Goku who knows nothing about the world?

2/6/2009 #11

I had been following this movie for a long time, and then I read some plot stuff and wanted to die 3 consecutive times so I quit looking up stuff on it because it just made me sad.

Right now my only question is: James Marsters, why?

2/6/2009 #12

Why is Gokuu in the school? Why Gokuu's actor is that man? Why this Piccolo sucks? I just can't get the idea of this movie inside my head... I think if I go to the movies, I'm gonna have nightmares...

2/6/2009 #13
Dragon Fire Fitzy

I think its going to be realy hard for me to picture the z-fighters with different faces

2/7/2009 #14

Well, I just saw a scene from a pirated version of "Dragonball Evolution." Although it was an unedited version of it, the flying looked a bit cheesy, if you know what I mean. But I do understand it the film captured the humorous side of the Dragonball series, so it could be better than what I saw.

4/7/2009 #15

We just got the trailers come out on TV about two weeks ago and my best friend convinced her brother that it was it wasn't DBZ even though it has Dragon Ball in the title and characters with the same name. I am going to see it when I get a chance to. Hoping that it is on at the movie theater in the town where I will be working the next few weeks.

4/11/2009 #16

Well... your best friend is right! It's not Dragonball! It's got the names but that's about it!

Goku's adventures started when he was 12! Not 18! He was never in Highschool! He never had a crush on Chichi (it was the other way around!!) Piccolo was born on Earth when the Nameless Namek seperated himself from his evil half and became to persons: Kami and Piccolo! Grandpa Gohan died when Goku was a little boy, because Goku accidently stepped on him! Goku transforms during full moon not eclipse! It was Bulma who started looking for the Dragonballs and came across Goku!

And what's up with the overly cliché thing with showing the statue of liberty falling down? Dragon Ball takes place in another world there is no statue of liberty!

4/11/2009 #17

It opened this weekend. Did anyone see it?

All the reviews about it are pretty bad though...

4/13/2009 #18

Well I hardly ever paid attention to reviews because I found that I never agreed with them. Except in this case. I was tricked into going to see the movie (silly me, thought I was going to see Fast and Furious again, btw that movie is wonderful), and I have to say to the movie wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. Yet it wasn't good either. What we ended up with was with the same cliche old story of a normal boy, ( and I used the term loosely as I can), who turn out to be the only one who can save the world but he doesn't really know how.

Really apart from the names it may as well be a completely different movie altogether.

They change a lot of detailes and I didn't like that. What they did with Goku's Ozarus form was just horrible, it made me want to cry. And that just to mention one of the many horrors.

At the end of the movie I had to left the theater covering my faces because my brother and his best friend (the idiots) start throwing things and yelling that they want their money back. No their best moment, and I'm never going out with them again, but you can used that to imagine what the movie looks like to some people.

Anyway, if someone else saw the movie and actually like it completely, you got my admiration. If not I understand completely.

Hopefully they'll take a page out of 'Hulk' and disregard this movie and made one better.

4/13/2009 #19

I'm not apart of this forum, but I do want to say that I saw the movie online and I didn't think it was as bad as it could have been. To be honest, fans who hated the movie and fans who liked it are in a way both correct. The movie could have been way better, and there were many changes to the movie that the director should never have even dared to do, but on the other hand the movie was not a complete total flop. It was entertaining and kept my attention - though I had to pretend that I didn't know what I was watching. Basically, you have to act as if you know nothing about Dragonball. Doesn't mean that it is an oscar winning movie - far from it.

Still, I'm just happy I ran into a civilized debate over the movie. Most people I run into are cynical and think that the movie is so awful that there should not be another attempt by 20th Century Fox to make another movie. Seriously, if you are a true fan then you'd like to at least see some attempt or interest by other media to do something new and different with your fav anime and not just sit it on a self never to be tampered with. But then again, you can't please everyone. Yet, that's only the tip of the iceberg. There are still countless people out there who give this movie such a bad rap simply because they think it's a DBZ movie not realizing that it's a DB movie. Or at least an adaptation of it.

4/13/2009 #20

You make a very good point Pchu.

4/13/2009 #21

lol It's already in theaters?

4/15/2009 #22

Yep, came out a few days ago. There was even a review of it in my school newspaper.

4/15/2009 #23
Piccolo is green

I agree with Pchu, now that I've seen the movie. It didn't follow the DB storyline at all, so I can understand that fans are getting annoyed about things like that. But as an actual movie, I thought it was entertaining enough. I took my little brother to see it (he's 9) and he absolutely loved it; I figure that it's good if little kids like it at least because maybe they'll oneday look into the anime and manga and there'll be more additions to fandom. And as for people who had never heard of DBZ before but decided to see the movie (I'm not really sure why anyone would do this unless they were an obligated babysitter or something), if the movie had have been set in the DBZ universe it probably wouldn't have made much sense to them, so I understand the makers trying to find a middle ground.

I would love to see a remake though, based fully on the manga.

4/15/2009 #24

Man, I want a movie based on the manga. People were trying to reason the ridiculous changes made to the plot and characters by saying they wanted it slightly more realistic so people not into DB/Z/GT could enjoy it as well, but it's sci-fi, it doesn't NEED to be realistic. I wanna see the version they made in Hong Kong, just because I heard it was terrible, but terrible ina Plan 9 From Outer Space way, not terrible in a Hannah Montana or Twilight sort of way.

I think what I hate most about the clips I've seen is that Bulma learns from Goku the Draggonball legend, when in the manga and anime, this ENTIRE series is HER fault. Think about it, had Bulma not gone looking for the dragonballs, none of that crap would have happened. Goku would have beaten Pilaf when the time came and probably the Red Ribbon Army when they tried to steal the dragonballs as well, and Goku would never train with Roshi and none of these people would be friends, and then Piccolo would have destroyed the Earth The End. So taking Bulma's initial influence out of the movie was the final straw in my deciding I won't watch this movie. They really could have done more with it, I saw a bit of the special effects for ki and it looked alright, and the casting isn't too terrible (though James Masters should know better) but from what I read about the plot I was too disappointed to become very interested.

4/15/2009 . Edited 4/15/2009 #25

You sure Piccolo would've distroyed the Earth? I thought he wanted to rule it instead. If that were the case, then Raditz coming in would've killed off the rest of the population that Piccolo hadn't killed for the fun of it. Maybe include Nappa and Vegeta to finish everything off and then sell the planet.

4/15/2009 #26

Dude, he would have gotten so bored and been like "Screw this, I'm going to go find an asexual support group planet," destroyed the earth, and then gone about his merry way

4/15/2009 #27
Spartan Ophir 06

I think you'll be hard pushed to find any true fan of the series who'd declare the movie to be anything greater than "iffy".

On a lighter note, I didn't think the casting of James Marsters was terrible... the end result was, definitiely, but he had potential!

I'd been following the idea of a live action Dragonball Z film since the days of the Dragonball Blue forum 8 years ago, and after all the build up, I was seriously dissappointed...

Ill try to cry myself to sleep quietly... :P

7/19/2009 #28

I'm wondering if I'm not the only one who's noticed this, but they're making DB 2: Reborn now. It's about Radditz. I just saw it on imdb . com, and I'm a little bit freaking out. After the first movie? Uhm... do they really think that the next one is going to be better? I hope so, because I don't want to sit around and just watch them ruin the reputation DBZ has made for itself over 20 years. GAH!!!!

I hadn't seen the first one yet... I heard it was pretty bad though.

7/7/2010 #29

They're making a sequel?! Nooooooooo! Don't go into the light Hollywood! Turn back!

7/7/2010 #30
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