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Just a place I made to talk about my fanfic. Maybe I should update it someday. Or some month. Or some year. We've gone very off topic, I must admit. I think we talk about Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon more than Naruto o.O
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a team 7 fanfic where kakashi's training seems a little bit brutal ,

due to what happens on kakashi team (genin day's) he thinks that they better learn teamwork during training than out on the field,

there have been few close call and of cousre the hokage knew about this and give he;s permision to kakashi

1/30/2012 #1

I started a Team Seven fic actually.

5/15/2012 #2

Its not exact but I started the story "Genius Sensei" that is about team 7. :)

3/20/2014 #3

hey Im new to this forum thing but im actually looking for an author to take on a couple ideas of I have for a couple stories im not a great writer but id love these ideas to becomes stories

4/24/2014 #4
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