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Who wants to make an appearance in Naruto Online?

You must include

Appearance: Your Character's Appearance

Goals: Will you be helping me or against me. Nothing too complex people!

Fighting Style: How does your character fight? Please don't copy each other. (Glares at Aoi)

7/2/2008 . Edited 7/23/2008 #1
Halan Lore

(What did I do? Kira-sama? -gives an innocent smile-)

Appearance: originally brown curly hair... messed with hair dye and a chemical situation and it's straight and neon yellow and cut like Sakura's hair minus the bangs. Dark purple eyes With contacts. dark brown w/o. Wears baggy Camo cargo pants cut two inches above ankle. Wears a black turtle neck cut one inch down for weenus (The tip of you're elbow.) And wears red converse. Instead of the All Star Logo though theirs a 'Muhahaha' printed on the back. wears black fingerless gloves

Goals: Helping Kira ... makes sarcastic and rude comments but over all helping Kira wait... I mean Boogie.

Fighting Style: Long Range: Normally two guns that shoot out little chakra bullets. Has a little voodoo paper and pen that if you draw even a rough of something happening to someones name it happens almost immediatly... Downside it uses a lot of energy. Oh and she has senbon needles secured into her gloves, in a fashion where she can scratch people like a cat with the back of her hand.

7/2/2008 . Edited 7/20/2008 #2

(This is a crossover so I'm an Espada in this. I hope this works!)

Appearance- Spiky white hair (if I say it enough, it might happen!), emerald green eyes, wears Uryu-like glasses. Wears all black. A long-sleeved black shirt, black jeans, black gloves, and black shoes. The shirts always have a sarcastis saying on them. He also has a white scarf worn like Byakuya wears his on his shoulders. He has a white mask piece that curves around his right eye that looks like a crescent moon.

Goals- Helping Boogie but has a slight procrastination problem

Fighting Style- Close to Mid Range: He uses his ressurecion called Espejo Estrellado (Shattered Mirror). The top half of his body gains light armor that extends down his arms and ends in claws. Six wings extend from his back that can fold over his body and create a shield. The shield can absorb and store enemy attacks and then fire them back whenever he wants. The wings have sharp edges, as do the claws, and he is good at close combat, but he is no Sasuke or Rock Lee. The wings can be brocken if hit hard enough with a physical attack.

7/2/2008 #3

Considering this is a self insertion in a fanfic we have I have control of, you'll be pretty powerful in this Tsuki-kun.

7/2/2008 #4

Yay! I'm glad this worked! Oh, I don't work for Aizen. Only you. I used to be the 4th Espada, but Ulqiorra stole my job. You don't have to mention that, but it's why I don't wear the uniform or listen to Aizen.

7/2/2008 #5


7/2/2008 #6
Halan Lore

(Not my fault if anyone else gets accused of being a Gary-stu... my fault if I get accused of being a Mary-Sue...)

7/3/2008 #7

Guys, I messed up and deleted the information for your Namahage Shinzo characters, could you repost them here please? Sorry!

And NekoDoodle, could you try not to do an gothic gun user this time, I don't want you and Tsuki to be too much alike. (^^)

7/20/2008 #8
Halan Lore

well if you deleted the info... okay fine...

7/20/2008 #9

OK, here goes!

Name: Sanmaru, but he tells everyone to call him Tsukiyomaru. The person he gets paired with him should annoy him and call him San-chan for comedy purposes.

Age: 16

Appearaance: White spiky hair (kind of my OC trademark, isn't it?), usually wears all black long-sleeve shirts, jeans, and gloves. He has yellow eyes, but wears blue contacts that make them look green. The shirts always have some sort of sarcastic saying on them.

Attitude: He's a lot like Urahara. He pretty much knows everything, or is the first to know something new. He has a carefree attitude, but he knows when to be serious. He enjoys being manipulative and subtly making people do what he wants them to.

Weapons/Powers: I decided to change them. He uses a large scythe with a silver blade and a black shaft. He can slash through the air to create portals to anywhere he's been before. He can also create small portals at a distance to transport the enemy or projectile attacks heading for him. I guess you could describe the powers as the same as Nova's on the Bleach Bount Arc.

7/20/2008 . Edited by DtecnoKira, 7/21/2008 #10

Sorry, but I totally messed up when cleaning out my inbox.

Thanks Tsuki, I'll probably need modify a few things to make that work, but it should be fine.

What about you NekoDoodle?

7/20/2008 #11
Halan Lore

Name: Aoi Yamichi (I listed her last name first...)

Age: 16

Appearance: Violet hair, normally pulled back into a straight pony-tail and two layer-ish side bangs in front cut mid-neck.

White button down shirt, cut plain horizontally an inch below her waist. Black pleated mini skirt with chain attached on the right side.

Write more later MY MOM WON'T STOP SHOUTING!

7/20/2008 . Edited by DtecnoKira, 7/21/2008 #12

Why is she mad?

7/20/2008 #13
Halan Lore

ahh well she's sort of in head pain about now,,,,

Shoes: Dark brown leather clogs with 'nude' thin knee high socks (I think you could call them pantyhose or something...) With black fish netting over them with a thick black border at the knee.

Other: black fish netting from elbow to wrist on both arms, and a light blue dialog watch on her left arm.

Personality: Sarcastic, cheerful, extremely bi-polar but goes from heavy sarcasm to the happiest person alive.

Ability: 'Love sensor' know it's corny but she can detect peoples feelings for another person. But needs to be withing a 12 feet radius to work.

7/20/2008 #14

'Kay, I think I can make that work.

7/20/2008 #15

Oh, but what's your character's age?

7/20/2008 #16
Halan Lore

Alrighty then.

7/20/2008 #17
Halan Lore

16... and average height.

7/21/2008 #18

Mine is a little taller than some people and 16.

7/21/2008 #19

CarpenterFan's character!

Okay, thanks Boypop, I guess my character can be at least 23 yrs old, and I teach History, as for the clothing, I choose a more loose style of clothing with a chalk blue T-shirt with white sleeves and black capris, and you get to name me:) Also, if you want I have blonde wavy hair down to my shoulders with parted bangs, and I have a carefree easygoing nature, and I remain friendly at all times, I make it a point not to make my students feel stupid, ha ha....

You can name me Akemi if you want:), oh and I forgot to mention my eye color which is blue:) I also smile alot and can be humorous at times:) I wear some make-up, mainly just lipstick sometimes....and I sometimes daydream in class without knowing out:)

7/21/2008 . Edited 7/22/2008 #20

Anime Emo Rockstar-chan

Name: Haruno Tatsuki (Last name first)

Nickname: Haru-chan (Yep, like in Ouran. Yes I will be younger than the main characters, choose my age for me pls?)

Hair: Jet Black, long.

Eyes: Hazel

Powers: Healing, flying, shinigami eyes (You can take this one out anytime), beast-like powers. (Claws, fangs, sensitive hearing, etc.)

Height: Not tall. (Not too short like Honey-senpai!)

Clothes: All red kimono, black sash, sakura blossom design.

Shoes: Surprisingly, black high boots.

Conditons: Gets sick easily, but is still strong then.

Attitude: once again, Shy-but-don't-piss-me-off

Other: Wears black eyeliner (Reminds me of Gaara, lol)

7/21/2008 #21

Sparkling Destiny

My can be Mitsuki

I would like the power of protecting. I dont want to harm anyone, but to protect the ones I care acout

You think of appearance...


7/21/2008 #22

Eh, for the heck of it...

Name: Peneke Ubiki (last name first)

Age: 15

For/Against DTK-san: For Justice...

Appereance: Hair:Dark black on one side, silky white on the other. Clothing: 80 lb weights occasionally, and, under a (whatever Inuyasha wears, except it looks like it's on fire and not made out of the same cloth) there's he wears his sword and shield on his back. Change it if you want.

Attitude: Passionate and witty. Quick thinking,and very smart. Dedicated to his work as (insert task here) he never gives up, and is very stubborn. Very shy, but with a very long fuse(not angered easily)

Powers/abilities: Skilled in hand to hand combat and his main weapon is a old sword and shield (passed down from generation to generation, extremely sharp sword). Also fast and strong. Can jump 10 feet high (withought his weights and armor, of course).

How's that?

7/22/2008 . Edited 7/22/2008 #23


So this is for Naruto Online?

Do you want to submit a character for my original story too?

7/22/2008 #24

PS AnimeLover


Your new modcode!

7/22/2008 #25

Naruto Online character from Anime Emo-chan

ok. Name: Tataro Tatsuki (Last name first) Age: 11 Appearance: Shoulderlength black hair. (Usually with a headband and/or hair tie)Not that tall, just the right weight. Clothes: Kind of like the black ops, but no mask. Powers: Can turn self into any canine. Dog, fox, etc. Author penname: DNoteAya 7/22/2008 #26

Oh, and can I make a penname?

penname: Man_Of_Justice_Loving_people_person

7/22/2008 #27

Keep my penname Tsukiyomaru.

7/22/2008 #28

Your pennames are supposed to be your real ones, but I guess you can have a code penname.

7/22/2008 #29

nd it is a good character.

7/22/2008 #30
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