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Spam Away :D

1/30/2009 #1
Shuji Nonohana

Okay, I knew that you said it was an area for us to spam off topic stuff, but the name was hilarious. It was so funny, my sides are still hurting.

I don't like it when comedians insult airline food. Those people work very hard to make you food in the limited time that you're there. That rule does not apply to hospital food. They have all the time in the world to make you food, but they do it sloppy and terribly (if you are a fan of hospital food, please forgive my rudeness).

In other news, The next Gundam series is confirmed, Funimation continues to produce better dubs than 4kids (and that applies to every company, not just Funimation), and I'm still wondering when they'll release Hayate the Combat Butler in America (They licensed it in July 2008, so sometime in late 2009, early 2010? It's just an estimation.

P.S. Manga is still lagging in America, and I'm wondering what will happen when the volumes of each manga reach the 40's-100's. They've gotta be running out of room in those bookstores. I wonder if they'll make a chain of common stores dedicated soley to anime and Manga? Probably not, but it's fun to dream.

1/30/2009 #2
Amala Zena

WHAT?! Spam thread!? xD


I never had hospital food before or airline food now that I think of it...The only thing I've been on were trains O_o And never been to the hospital either. Please don't mention 4kids... they make me cry D:

There's a next Gundam series? I really need to watch things more carefully.

1/30/2009 #3
Shuji Nonohana

Yup, after the second season of 00.

I ate Hospital food when I went to visit a sick relative. It was terrible. I also ate airline food. It isn't as bad as bad comedians say it is. They're just saying that to flame something. Because they're bad comedians.

1/30/2009 #4
Amala Zena

Yay! More Gundam to look forward to. :)

Since I've never tried either I'll take your word on it. Though I never heard of comedians making fun of the airline food....

I think I've been living under a rock DX

1/30/2009 #5
Shuji Nonohana

Don't worry about it.

I don't know when the next series will be out, but more than likely after the second season. I just know that it's coming out.

Good video games were scarce in 2008. 2007 was better. Let us see how 2009 goes. I already heard about a good number of games coming out soon. But I need to get the money to buy them (me= usually broke).

1/30/2009 #6


Airline foods alright a long as i get something to eat im fine with it! Do guys watched dubbed stuff only or both?

The secound was out ages again for gundam in j**, it's still going..(sorry for sounding like a j***)

1/31/2009 #7
Shuji Nonohana

Sorry for taking so long, my computer was being utterly evil. I watch both, unless they are dubbed by 4kids. This is why when I heard about One Piece for the first time, I decided not to watch it for a few weeks. Instead, I watched the japanese version. When they came out with Funimation dubs, it sounded much better than 4kids. My brother liked the 4kids version better, but he's only 10, so he doesn't understand.

And you don't sound like a j***, Yukino. In Japan, everything comes out earlier, but that just means we have to wait. I have a steady supply of patience. Besides, that just means I can look up subbed episodes online..... heh :)

2/1/2009 #8


Here i am at my last day of work...i got laid off...

Work was the number 1 place i wrote i have to set aside time to write at other times and places... *cries*

2/6/2009 #9
Shuji Nonohana

Sorry about your work.

And about the writing, it'll work out somehow... I'm sure!

2/6/2009 #10
Amala Zena

*looks around forum* It's very quiet...

So how's everyone doing lately?

3/3/2009 #11

lawls is too!

hmm busy with homework and school. So tired my eyes are hurting can't sleep cuz i have work to ~smacks his on the desk~

3/3/2009 #12
Amala Zena

Well, for me I don't have too much work to do for school. Though a History project will be due next week so I better get started on that. And I'm sore from P.E. D: So it really hurt to go up and down the stairs of my school. I felt horrible going from the 4th floor to the 1st. T^T

That sucks that you have been so busy. I don't have a job yet so I don't know that feeling yet...

And that sounds painful (slamming your head on your desk..)

3/4/2009 #13
Shuji Nonohana

Heeeeey! Howz it goin'?

It's been pretty hectic. I've had to save most of my writing for the weekend. Work is swarming me!

So how's everybody been? It's been a while!

3/4/2009 #14
Amala Zena

It has been awhile, huh? I'm doing alright, like I mentioned from my post from before, I'm sore from P.E. And my computer likes being evil every other day D8

And school is going okay as school goes. Though I have to pull up one of my grades. How the heck did I do so badly? DX

3/4/2009 #15

~lifts his head up~

What where am I lawls!

waah I failed my first maths test X(!! phew i passed my science test at least XP!!

Not bad, busy and tired.

3/4/2009 . Edited 3/4/2009 #16
Amala Zena

Yukino, I think we're the opposite of each other when it comes to grades...I did bad on my science test and did good on my math test O.o I wonder what went different there because I'm good at science and bad at math.

And you're wherever you are xD *is shot*

3/5/2009 #17

Woot, i am employed again! Hopefully in a few days of working i'll be back to writing fanfiction!

I certainly hope that I haven't lost my touch, lol.

3/6/2009 #18
Shuji Nonohana

Don't worry, I'm sure you haven't! I'm pretty curious as to what happens next... no pressure....

And I already have to attend summer school, but I'm still trying my best not to extend my time there....

3/6/2009 #19

Hey congrats on getting a job!!

3/7/2009 #20
Amala Zena

I just heard. Congratulations for getting a new job :D

3/7/2009 #21
Shuji Nonohana

On the topic of Jobs, most of my friends who are my age are getting jobs, and I only make 5$ a week after doing chores. I'm below everyone in the monetary food chain. Oh well, at least this means that for every time I have something to despair about, there are ten people who are happy somewhere else in the world.

But anyways, congrats!

On a side note, please visit the pairing section of this forum, I'm curious as to what your favorite character is!

And I'm gonna update my story for the first time in a month! Wow..... I have no excuse. I'm too spontaneous to not touch that story for a long time....

3/14/2009 #22

lawls i should really start writing again =.=!!

3/16/2009 #23
Shuji Nonohana

I look forward to it, Yukino~

3/25/2009 #24
Amala Zena

*pokes thread and sweatdrops*

It got very quiet again...

4/8/2009 #25
Raven the Ravenous

That's what happens when there's so few people in the fandom. ^^;

Also about being random, I'm quite good at it. :D I make the others from other forums go, "WTFBBQ?" sometimes. XD;

But yeah, an HnG fanfic is gonna be hard to write... :/

4/8/2009 #26
Amala Zena

Oh well...

Random is good :) Makes things more fun.

And writing a fanfic for this fandom will be hard. It may seem simple at first but considering all the unique characters and the truckload...actually the truck would break under all the references that piles perhaps something else? (notices she's drifting off topic) Anyways....the references, to me at least, are the most intimidating thing about writing something for Hayate. It also depends on the situation that your including a reference as well. And an example escapes me right now --;

I guess work from the ground up. It may take a lot of planning depending on how you write. Like planning the plot, who does it revolve around? pairings etc... Is it multi-chaptered or a oneshot? Things like that....and magically something comes to mind for a example. I wonder why my mind decides to do that now --;

...Like say Hayate was in an almost impossible situation, you could reference to another series fight where it seemed the hero was not going to win but triumphs in the end. Like someone attacks the Sanzenin mansion and Hayate was told to keep it completely spotless. Though I don't know...since ideas that just come to mind need to be thought out more. And since this was an example I don't know if it helps or not. But try and use references from series you know. Since it's easier that way and you can get more creative in later chapters when you get the feel of it.

4/8/2009 #27
Raven the Ravenous

Yup, the truck would definitely break under all that weight. ^^;

Lol I hate it when things escape my mind to. But yeah, I should plan the plot. I don't think things will magically come to my head, unless it is just after I wake up and sit there pondering whether to stay in bed and sit there or play my DS Lite and sit there. XD;

Lol that example is funny. I did feel like I forgot something and it's that Hayate is always having days where he seems to be cursed (excluding the one where he nearly became a female xD;). He has misfortune following him around everywhere. I've never wrote a fanfic where such 'terrible' things happened to the characters although I secretly always wanted to try it out. But this...

But try and use references from series you know. Since it's easier that way and you can get more creative in later chapters when you get the feel of it.

It makes me feel more at ease now. ^^ I've played mostly video games though so I may end up making video game references to save my life. xD;

Thanks for the info CrazyisMe or is there another name you'd like to go by? :D

4/8/2009 #28
Amala Zena

Ugh, computer being evil and slow D: Makes me want to throw it out the window.

Ummmm....Ignore that xD

It's no problem, I'm glad to help :) And now that I think of it...I never really went by another name so I have no preference. I guess you could always shorten my name to "Crazy" if you want :D

4/8/2009 #29
Raven the Ravenous

I had gone to go take a shower but I'm back.

Lol I'm using a laptop. :D *hugs his laptop*

Btw, I know someone who has that exact same idea in mine, wanting to throw her computer out the window. xD;

Alright, from now on you are...Crazy. xD; HOW UNORIGINAL. Nah, just kidding.

4/8/2009 #30
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