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Our adventure starts on an ordinary (*cough*) morning in the Nabootique. Howard Moon has rather effectively unlocked the shop door and turned the sign to “OPEN”, Vince is still straightening his hair and Naboo and Bollo are somewhere in the flat, no doubt getting stoned. Flicking idly through today’s copy of The Guardian, Howard’s attention is seized quite abruptly by an advertisement promising Fame and Fortune to whomever can accomplish the task it bestows upon the reader. Thus Howard takes it upon himself to seize the attention of his best friend and once again don his multi-purpose tweed utility suit (with newly repaired zip).

Trials, tribulations and all-round tomfoolery are sure to follow, and this is where you come in.

All righty folks, this is the first time I’ve actually set up an RP, please be gentle. This is the thread where we’ll be claiming characters and chatting in a general sort of manner. I’ve started off the RP in another thread now we have ourselves some character-playing individuals. This thread will stay open so people can join at any time.

To claim an existing Boosh, simply reply to this forum, waving pitchforks and demanding your character. I’ll be too scared to refuse, as long as they’re not taken already. For fan characters, I’d recommend a flamethrower and the template I’ll give you at the end. A maximum of TWO characters per person, please. I’ll only be playing Howard Moon for now, but I’ll probably choose to play another character who I feel has been wrongfully neglected when we start the RP.

Our way to a happy Role Play:

1. In terms of characters, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to be anyone from Vince Noir to Mrs. Gideon to Parka Person number three. As I said before, fan characters are also welcome, just nothing Mary-Sue. No one wants it.

2. You’re welcome to briefly play a character that isn’t yours, for instance if you felt the need to give someone a cameo. Try to refrain from doing so with someone else’s character, unless completely necessary.

3. Effin’ n’ Jeffin’s fine, within the limits of the character you’re playing. As for slash, etc., I’d rather there not be, or if there is, that it’s kept PG. I’m after some good clean fun here, savvy?

4. I’d hope to see at least three lines per post, please. Although I do appreciate that this can sometimes be difficult, for example; in a conversation between your character and someone else's, but try your best.


Howard Moon, Neon - ButtonsMagoo

Vince Noir, The Moon - chugirl2526

Naboo the Enigma - Beechwood0708

Bollo, Old Gregg - violence4

Dixon Bainbridge - teehee111

Fan Character template:




Your Look:

Bio: (keep it brief; let us know a bit about you. Tell us your favourite flavour of ice cream and your preferred music genre)

Would you be interested in joining the Jazz Club for the low, low price of €5?:

5/17/2008 . Edited 7/10/2008 #1


Can I play Naboo please? *waves pitchfork in the friendliest manner possible.*

5/17/2008 #2

*flinches from pitchfork* He's all yours :D

5/17/2008 #3

*waves pitchfork* i want to be either/both vince or/and the moon ^^

5/17/2008 #4

Vince and the Moon, gotcha:D *flees from pitchforks*

5/17/2008 #5

i could try and do both hehe 'whaen you are da moon, you...tend to pick up some a-gossip from the, the other planets. I've heard that some singer called a-gary numan has a pilot's licence hehe, yeah'

5/17/2008 #6

Ha, ha, save it for the RP Thread XD I'll try start it tomorrow:)

5/17/2008 #7

*charging in waving pitchfork*

Bollo Bollo Bollo PLEASE!!

5/18/2008 #8

*hides behind rock* Aaarh!! Bollo you are! :D

5/18/2008 #9

do we start the adventure soon? ^^

5/18/2008 #10

Indeed we do, I've just opened the role playing thread, so have yourselves some fun. =D

5/18/2008 #11

*weilds pitchfork*

Hitcher?? and or Neon?? pleasee!!? Else i'll stab you up you slaaaag!! XD


5/18/2008 #12

Holy crap! This one's got knives too!! Right ho, Hitcher and Neon it is :D

5/18/2008 #13

who is gonna play olg gregg? hehe

5/24/2008 #14

I'd do it if I wasn't so insanely behind on ficcage.


5/24/2008 #15

I'll be Old Gregg!!

5/25/2008 #16


5/25/2008 #17

Duly noted *salutes* Sorry for my inactivity^^;

5/25/2008 #18

no problem *hugs* i think that maybe we should have three each maybe hehe

5/25/2008 #19

Well, if you want a third, then OK. I just thought having 2 characters would make things easier.

5/28/2008 #20

Violence, if you're not too busy, could you post in the role play thread? We need our Old Gregg=]


6/7/2008 . Edited 6/7/2008 #21

SORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!! Sorry sorry sorry!! This is what A-levels do, they make you forget more important things, like acting Old Gregg in Boosh role play. lol. I really am sorry!!

Gregg is now present and correct and talking about Baileys.

LOVE your icon, by the way... mmmm... what's that pic from?

6/7/2008 #22

Ha ha, it's not a problem. I've only just finished my AS exams so I've an inkling as to how you feel=]

It's from (Un)natural Acts, a sketch show written by Julian and Rich and some other comedians, with some bits by Noel. Julian plays a policeman in love with his superior officer in one of the reoccurring sketches, which is what my pic's from, and he looks mighty fine:D not to mention the scenes themselves are adorable.

On another note: I just like to say to everyone here that you don't have to wait for someone to introduce your character into the role play, you can hop on in there however and whenever you like, just try to make it as coherent as possible. =]

6/7/2008 #23

Ok, I have been a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE RP host, I've just been so busy and have, upsettingly enough, lost my heart for the Boosh D: I'm regretting putting my email address on the website mailing list because all it's doing is creating the impression on me that they're milking the Boosh fandom for all it's worth, and I don't like that. Sure, indulge yourselves in a live tour, please your fans, have fun! But... a festival? Really? I mean, I'm sure it'll be great, but, honestly? A Mighty Boosh festival? Does a BBC Three comedy show really need its own festival? They just seem to me to have gotten somewhat big-headed with all this publicity, but if it's what the fans want, maybe I'm not as big a fan as I'd hoped... But I still want to see Julian on a quiz show. Like QI. That'd be brilliant. Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and Julian Barratt all in the same room? *heart*

But anyway, even if I may have gone off them, I can still thoroughly enjoy the show=] Especially the nice, fun first series, with its happy zoo, smexual green uniforms and Matt Berry=D Which means, in my own, convoluted way, that I don't want my Role Play to die completely.

And that's why I'm opening up the part of Howard Moon.

You see, my problem is that I don't know when I might disappear again, what with my new full-time summer job and other things that may like to drag me away from my laptop, thus I am taking instead the less important but very fun role of Dixon Bainbridge.

Howard is open to anyone and will be first come first served. If you have two characters, you can choose a character to replace with Howard. Or, if you grovel and beg really nicely, I may consider letting you have three =3

To the Zooniverse! =D

7/9/2008 . Edited 7/9/2008 #24

I guess I could replace the Hitcher with Howard.... well I'll try :D I know exactally what you mean, I wanted to goto the festival but again it seems daft and well... everything you said tbh. Althought I will never loose my heart for the boosh. So if you want i dont mind having a bash at Howard for you......

7/9/2008 #25
Take good care of him! XD I wish I hadn't lost heart, I really do =( Maybe I just need to watch an episode or so of the good series? (ie 1 and 2) I haven't seen them for so long because my friend is still borrowing the box set... But anyway, have fun, you're up!=D http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/46517/6234750/1/
7/10/2008 #26

*gulp* I hope I do this justice - just posted the next bit in the RP i'm pretty nervous i'm gonna screw it up, I had to keep lookin' back at the RP millions of times to get the story line! hehe Get that Box set back! and get your heart back into the Boosh! :D


7/10/2008 #27

No, you're doing really well=] It's me that's doing badly, leaving a week:( I didn't realise Bainbridge would be Introduced so fastXD Plus, my connection packed in for a few days:(

7/20/2008 #28

Gah! don't put yourself down! - you're excellent! and you cant help poor internet connection! :D I must say, the role plays gettin' really good and Dixon is so in character! It's actually interesting doin' this cause no-one knows what's gonna 'appen! :D


7/20/2008 #29

As Vince, I was thinking off doing animal voices as well as vince's hehe ^^

7/20/2008 #30
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