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Hey all

So. Pretty tired of not knowing anyone in the fandom and also noticing the distinct lack of fanfic-related topics on the Cam forum. Two birds, one stone sounded pretty good.

If the people who are good at fanfic and the people who need help at fanfic get a chance to work together more maybe the overall quality will improve! Not like it REALLY needs it - the overall state of Cam fanfic seems pretty solid.

So, this would be a good place to post recs, advice, requests, and solicitations for help, I guess.

I haven't written any iCarly fic yet (thought about it for a while, but nothing ever really came to me. I just got more or less buried under some very persistant plot-bunnies pretty recently, but I'm having the problem of not really knowing anyone in the fandom. I dunno, my writing process seems to depend A LOT on getting help and input from other people.

I was wondering if anyone else had ever had this problem. A good concept with an unfortunate dearth of details or just a lack of people to bounce around ideas with? I dunno - is it sort of weird to solicit beta help before you've really written anything? The idea is kinda wily and certainly not my strength (super plot-heavy, I'm really more of a character writer) but I really like it and I wanna at least give it a shot. Anyone feel up to helping out?

Eh. Worth a shot, right? If nothing else maybe we can get some cool recs going up here. Feel free to pimp your own work, if you think it's good enough


2/25/2011 #1

I know this is a very old post, but I whole-heartedly recommended all the Cam stories written by journaliar. In particular, 'First Time', 'The Con', and 'Lazy Eye' come to mind, but really, pretty much everything she writes is golden. So anyone who's still looking for a good Cam fic, check out her page.

10/23/2011 #2
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