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Ever felt like you want to create a role play, but you feel that you can't because of the way the role plays seem to be connected to another? Well, today's your lucky day, because I can promise that won't happen here.
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Martin Baker

Hi! can I be an OC?

Name: Jonis Barker

Relation: Benjamin's brother.

Height: Six feeet.


He is sweeney's twin in all but his hair. Instead of black with a white streak, it is white with a black streak. also, it is long, falling well past his waist in a thick curtain.

Personality: Kind but reserved. He is always watching, analyzing everyone. He'll try anything once. He will try anything once.

10/15/2009 #31

I think we should get this beast started.

10/16/2009 #32


Name: Analeigh Sweet. Nicknames include Sweet Annie.

Gender: Female

Looks: She’s 5’4, with a thin gorgeous face. She has a natural beauty that no man can deny. She has a small butt with a large chest, and a thin waist. She also has dark sunken eyes, and pale chapped lips.

Hair: Her hair reaches her mid back, it's wavy and a deep shade of auburn.

Eyes: Her eyes are sea green with specks of green and blue.

Clothes: She usually wears a deep violet corset with black lace covering it, and a black long skirt and black cloak.

Personality: Analeigh is incredibly sweet, it can be her downfall. She's got a great business and is doing well for herself.

Job: Analeigh has her own sweets shop. She bakes cakes, pies, makes her own candy, anything with sugar really.

10/19/2009 #33
Der Kaiser Mikey III

Name: Jethro Harden

Gender: Male

Looks: 5'll, pale, and thin

Hair: Semi curly black hair that is neatly combed back along with kick ass sideburns

Eyes: blueish gray

Clothes: black silk and velvet double breasted vest, navy blue cravat, pinstripe pants, tall black riding boots, long black great coat.

Personality: a cold, lonely American who sought solace in London. has a southern American accent and hails form a wealthy family from Charleston, South Carolina

Job: is an ex-showman who was shut down by Turpin. now runs a butcher shop in the strand...rarely orders meats from distributers....odd....(lol)

10/31/2009 #34
If this is in use can I be in? OC... Name: Alexis Spin (nickname: Lexi [Spin]) Gender: Female Appearence: 5'10, really gorgeous but is never regarded, always wears one of two black dresses (one with red, one with dark purple trimmings), very long curly black hair with side bangs, deep blue almost purple eyes. Personality: Seems dark and cold, but has emotions that aren't noticed Job (ex): Sales person for sickness remedies, recently was fired (lateness)(lol) Other Info: Has never had a boyfriend... is up for grabs
12/27/2009 #35
Gatekeeper Peque

is this forum still active ? i wanna join :)

1/23/2010 #36

Lol, those are called OPOC. (Other person Own character) I do it all the time with Nancy from ANOES by putting her in other RPs.

Shilos from Repo! The Genetic Opera for whoever is wondering ;)

1/23/2010 #37
I think we could get it going again...join if you like DtheP
1/24/2010 #38
Gatekeeper Peque

Thanks here's my charrie.

Name: Marcus Laverne.

Age: 19

Orientation: straight

Occupation: No ocuppation.

Appearance: Wears this , has medium pale blonde hair, really pale skin and a nice british accent.

Class Status(Rich, poor, middle, what?): Rich

Background: As most on rich children he was thought at home, his mother was really strict on him and wouldn't let him out of home ever, he never met anyone else except for his parents and some maids, at the age of 10 his mother went crazy and locked him into the basement tortured him while thought him math and that kind of stuff, having to stand all that " Teaching " made him a "little bit crazy " , his father was in a wheelchair and wouldn't help him even if he begged him, now at the age on 19 his mother died when she " accidentally " fall from the stairs and broke her neck, he was set free and for the first time he's gonna see London as it is.

Personality: Sometimes shy, sometimes outgoing, thinks a lot and always seems to disconnect from the world, killer instincts hidden deep within him.

1/24/2010 #39
Sounds cool, LxT and I are in the Masquerade ball topic, If you want to join.
1/24/2010 #40
I'd really like to join this.
10/23/2010 #41
Nicholle Phantomhive

may i join i have an oc but i won't say until or if i'm acepted

10/14/2011 #42
Nicholle Phantomhive

Here is my oc

Name:Aurora Rivers



Aperence: Shoulder length dusky brown hair, ice-blue eyes wears red, blood red, and midnight black, dresses.

Persinalaty: Kind, careing, loyal, gentle,

Relations: Has no living blood relations except for her uncle Draagomer who lives in londen.

Bio: Is currently living with her uncle Dragomer in londen

10/15/2011 #43
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