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Crazy? Quite possibly! Herd your favorite original characters over here and join the madness! Sparta-300 jokes included. Any Anime/Game/Book/Show is allowed!
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Original Queen Xalele

OOC conversations can be held here. Chaos may ensue, along with really bad Sparta jokes. Disclaimer: I will not be held accountable for any loss of sanity while in the Reject Room.

5/18/2008 #1
Kairi the Strong


5/18/2008 #2
Original Queen Xalele

XD Now join, AB! Chewy compels you!

5/18/2008 #3

What sanity?

5/18/2008 #4
Original Queen Xalele

I know, it was foolish to put it there.

5/18/2008 #5
Kairi the Strong

-destroys room-

5/21/2008 #6


5/21/2008 #7

*Pokes Reject Room*

Loss of sanity? I never had any. :D Wheee.


5/21/2008 #8
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Same here. My nickname itself is insane. Okay, it's not "insane" it's Twisted, literally. My nickname is Twisted. And for some reason, I don't know why I picked it.

7/9/2008 #9
Death Ryder

I'd just like to invite everyone to a 300 (Movie) RP.

7/16/2010 #10
Vanessa Osbourne

Sanity? There's such thing as sanity? *excitedly.* I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY A MYTH! A LEGEND TO BE EXACT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *insane smile.*

9/12/2010 #11
Rainbow Rocket Grunt Piros

huh...i forgot this was a thing...good to know i found it.

11/29/2014 #12
Rainbow Rocket Grunt Piros

checking up on the new year!

1/13/2015 #13
Rainbow Rocket Grunt Piros


2/15/2016 #14
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