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Basically I keep seeing people searching for stories on all the different forums and so I thought... hmmmm... why not consolidate them.
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Hi everyone, I need a help, I can't find anywhere two stories abut Danny and Lindsay:

1 Is about that Danny and Lindsay don't know each other they meets at the road at a little town (or something like that). Lindsay's car broke down at the middle in the night so she is tries to stop car on the road of course the car which stops is Danny's (if I remember right he says hear a fake name) I can't remember how ,but they find themselves at a little shop which is taken by robber's. They are trying to escape from hostage.

2 Fan fiction is about that Danny and Lindsay are married and have a little daughter which is follow by stranger. One time when girl are playing with stranger with snow (I guess it was like that) Flack and Danny saw it, Flack takes Danny's daughter away while Danny are talking with that stranger also Danny hit that men.

I hope someone knows about what I'm talking about , thanking you in anticipation! And sorry for my bad English ...

3/10/2010 . Edited 3/10/2010 #1

I don't recognize the first story you are talking about, but the second one sounds like UnSeen by muchmadness, chapter 12.

11/28/2010 #2

Perhaps you've already found this by now but the first story you are asking about is Hitchhiker by ShizukuChan.

4/10/2011 #3
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