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Val B

So, I was thinking that we should discuss the pairings that we like.

My fav pairings:

SoulxMaka: (adaah!) Its just meant to be, well, in my opinion.

SteinxMedusa: (You know you love it!) Its kinda weird but it just works for me, they are both insane and insane people go together!!

BlackStarxTsubaki: I really don't know what to think about that, they are sooo sweet to each other sometimes but I just havent seen any spark between them.

DeathTheKidxChrona(girl): I just read a fic about these two and I just have to say that they make one of the cutest couples ever, you should read a fic about them, they arent hard to find (they are only three XD) and they are really sweet!

10/5/2008 #1
manhattan martini

agreed with nearly all of them except for one!

kid/patty rocks my socks.


and, well, you know, i dont mind stein/marie that much.

...in my opinion, a medusa/marie cat fight for stein would be pure lol.

10/9/2008 #2
Manual Breathing

I agree with all of Val. B's pairings 100%.( mostly crazy for the BSxT and KxC more than the others)

Kidd and patty are sorta cute too( though I see more of a brother sister thing than a love relationship)

and a medusa/Marie would be an awsome fight (I'd pay money to see it)

I'd also like the throw into a few crack couples ( I know I'm going to be flamed for it later but then again, I don't really care. XDD)

Jackie and harvar:( they have sparks!) they're meister's have chemistry, they should probably have some too!

Mifune and tsubaki:(major crack there!XD) Oh come on, I think he compliments tsubaki in fornt of BlackStar way too much. He has to have a thing for her.

Liz and Giriko:(major crack too!) I don't know why. there's something about the two that makes me want to pair them.(maybe cause when he goes carzy it reminds me of Liz when she was in the streets)

and some yaoi crack but I'm not going there for those who don't like Yaoi.

10/16/2008 #3
Val B

I so never thought about Liz and Giriko. It does sounds kind of cool, I got to admit it.

And I so totally think Mifune and Tsubaki have posibilities, but I like more TxBS :P

I got some yaoi pairings too!!! Lol, they are so cool.

Random comment:

WHO IS KID'S MOM?! (or more to the subject: Shinigami-sama's love)(I can't think of shinigami sama having a love life)

10/16/2008 #4
Manual Breathing

I know right! but when I first thought of them I was like "hey, they actually remind me of each other" and wouldn't it be cool if Liz went back to slightly bad-ass Liz to mess around with Giriko(On my, that had so many dirty phrases in there.lol.XD)

the tsubaki/mifune thing happened when I re-read the first chapter were black star first firghts Mifune. I kept seeing him say "its a shame such a lovely sword or uniqe weapon is wasted on a brat" or something like that. I just got the impression he was majorly hitting on her. ^^U and I like BSxT better too.

yaoi is just fun with anything(ITS AN ANTI-DRUG!!!)

and kid's mom? that is a good question. I alwasy thought it was Asura( OMG THE LAWS OF NATURE ARE QUESTIONED!!XDD) and that he and shinigami never really were 'in love' just did something that caused kid happen.( I don't think shinigami-sama would love, or even have some kind of human emotion such as that.)

spoiler to those who aren't updated in the manga.




If not asura then probably with another one of shinigami's first meisters, or who ever had that 'rings of sanze' or something stuff.

and here's another question were ragnarok and Chrona related at some point, before raggs was melted down into the black blood?

10/16/2008 #5
manhattan martini

kid was born out of an egg.


lol, jk, but i'd pay money to find out.

10/17/2008 #6
Manual Breathing

if he was for an egg, then he'd be a bird.(lol jk jk)

but kid with wings would be epic!

10/17/2008 #7
manhattan martini



10/17/2008 #8
Aiiro Hoshi

Soul/Maka and Stein/Medusa.

The less interesting pairings (but pairings I support all the same) include Black Star/Tsubaki, Sid/Nygus, and maybe some Kid/Chrona - I need more proof for that last one, though...

I don't really see the logic in Kid/Patty. Patty and Liz are twins, yes? Meaning, while Patty is the little sister, she is probably only a few hours younger than Liz, and the both of them are probably several years older than Kid. Kid also doesn't seem too interested in any kind of romantic relationship just yet, either, and Patty's a bit too unintelligent to really care about anything that doesn't concern herself/her onee-chan when it comes to relationships. At least I think so.

But hey, I'm ready to be converted.

Just not to Stein/Marie. Can't stand it for some reason, and I dunno about Marie...I can't say I like her.

10/17/2008 #9
manhattan martini

completely agreed.

even if i kinda love kid/patty, i'm pretty sure it'll never become anything, anywhere :D

kid/chrona... i slightly dislike it, but i don't know why though -.-

10/18/2008 #10

Hello I'm Mak, and I'm new and a also a Soul eater fan! Ello. X3

10/18/2008 #11
manhattan martini

yo there :)

10/18/2008 #12
Manual Breathing

hi! which pairings do you like?(we don't judge on any)

10/18/2008 #13

Well there's Maka/Soul of course, Blackstar/Tsubaki seems reasonable to me, I love both Stein/Madeusa and Stein/Maria or w/e her name is but like Maria better....but my favorite pairing of them all is Kid X Patty, those 2 look smoking hawt together. X3 KidxPatty FTW

10/18/2008 #14
manhattan martini


i love you!


kid/patty is sooo amazing.

10/18/2008 #15

Damn straight! Kid/Patty should be a couple, I don't care how, but they should damn it!

Aah, Thimble-chan so your a fan to eh? What made you love them to, If I may ask.

10/18/2008 #16
manhattan martini

can't answer.

:3 i just think thay clicked amazingly well.

the completely OCD serious kid and stupid childish patty.


10/19/2008 #17
manhattan martini

ahh, and when they were in the dance :D

so cute! :)

10/19/2008 #18
Humming LadyBug

Yo! I'm newbie to SE (only found out about the manga 2 weeks ago) but I'm totally and utterly in love with it now.

Ok, my fav pairings:

Soul/Maka - Big duh. They have to get together. THEY MUST! If they don't, blood will be spilled.. O.o

Stein/Medusa - I love a good guy and badass villian pairing. They have chemistry, lots of it. See it spark! Lolz.

Free/Eruka - Don't kill me. But they are cute together. Some ppl find Eruka annoying but she's ok once you get used to her. And Free is just so likable ^^

As for Death the Kid, I'm neutral to all pairings towards him. I like Kid/Liz though, more than the others. Bdw, I wiki Soul Eater and found out that Liz MIGHT habour romantic feelings for Kid. It is not confirmed but I have my finger crossed :3

Uhh.. I'm not much of a BlackStar/Tsubaki fan. I have nothing against the characters. Though, Mifune/Tsubaki sounds very interesting! And so does Giriko/Liz. Kudos to that person who posted that idea!

10/30/2008 #19
Manual Breathing

yes, welcome to the family/soul junky fanatics!!! Its so nice to see new people!

I enjoy all of the pairings you said(some more than others)

you don't have to feel bad about the free/eruka pairing, I think they're cute too.^^

and thanks for the kudos! I'm just a weird crackie that takes any similarites and loves and ship them.( You have no idea how many pairings I end up thinking adn throwing out.lol)

10/31/2008 #20
Val B

Yes, Soul Eater is very, VERY, addictive. I saw all te episodes in like...one week :P

And I support all of your pairings, and as Dead.Face said: I like some more than others. (Hint: Satien/Medusa!!)

And about Kid, I actually like any couple with him in it, he is just goodness, but I wouldnt like yaoi with Kid cause he is just not the yaoi type of guy, get me?

Spoiler alert!!!!!!!(chapter 47 manga):

Didn't you so friggin omigod like died when Eruka flirted with Kid in the chapter 47 in the manga???!!! When I read it I just couldnt stop laughing, and now I've become a Eruka/Kid shipper just because of that (Dont get me wrong!! I still love Eruka/Free and Kid/AnyoneElse) That was just the coolest thing ever *squee* xD

10/31/2008 #21

Kid X Patty FTW

10/31/2008 #22
Humming LadyBug

Wow! I just found a scene in the manga of Liz, Patty and Giriko.

Ok, I'm officially a fan of the Giriko/Liz pairing. A fanfic should really be made in their honor. Lolz.

As for Kid/Eruka.. Haha! That flirting bit was funny! Kid's expression was like =_=''

But still, she belongs to Free. End of story. Kid belongs to (?). Will he ever belong to ANYONE?

10/31/2008 #23
Manual Breathing

I know right! I think my whole liking for them started with that scene. Then I guess my brain added the rest.^^U

and I have a start on a Giriko/Liz fic, though I'm having trouble making the beginning flow.3

I think Kidd is up for grabs, anything could go.(I think I'm starting a war soon.crap.)

11/1/2008 #24
Val B

Haha, I know, that scene was so the best, I wonder was they actually did. xD Lol, that just made my mind wonder like you have NO idea.

And no, I'm not sure if Kid belongs to anyone, but I still hope he does!!!!! Its going to be so the coolest when he actually feels the sparks for someone :3

Eruka/Free rock!!! Its pretty awesome the pairing between those two, and they both are just awesomeness by themselves.

11/1/2008 #25
Humming LadyBug

Sugoi! That's great! I can't wait to read dat fic once its out! Don't worry, you'll get the flow eventually. We all get that problem. Usually, the beginnings are the hardest part of the fic.

You know, if Liz ends up with Giriko, then in that case I really don't see why Patty shouldn't have Kid. Everyone is happy! Well.. not really everyone but you get the gist.

Hmmm.. Ok, question: did anyone else beside me thinks killing BJ off was frickin WTF.. The guy was only there for two chapters before he got the cut.

(I'm gonna assume dat everyone knows who BJ is. If not, he is the internal affairs investigator in manga chapter 38 - 39 a.k.a Marie's ex)

BJ/Marie was so sweet. The part when he ripped his own shirt off for her was unbelievably cute!! In a weird way...

If he stayed longer, it would have been so great for Marie.

11/1/2008 #26
Manual Breathing

Uuusssuuu, I'll work extra hard at finishing it( though I'm try to atempt at doing some rated T stuff with it so I don't know how good it'll be)

sure if liz goes with Giriko then i don't see why patty won't go with Kid, though I still don't think they're very compatible( other than a brother sister thing I could never see anything happen between them)

you know I do think it was alittle out of the blue. If he did live for a few more chapters more then I could think the pairing for him a marie would sky rocket. But I guess the main cause for him dieing was so the story could build up and cause a how lot of effects and questions(like how he found he could see witch soul even after soul protect, and him dieing made the events of marie and stine to leave) in all personal thoughts, I think Atsushi Okubo only really put him there so the cause for mariexstine would grow. T_T she's(he?) even pairing her own characters.

11/2/2008 #27
Humming LadyBug

Good luck on ur fic!

Haha, anywayz, I think ur probably right about the built up for the story.

Hmm.. Okubo better do good on pairing his/hers characters. Lolz.

11/2/2008 #28
Val B

Let us know when you have it ready!! ME WANT READ IT!!!

No pressure.


And yes, Okubo is making pairings and I really really hope Okubo doesn't get stupid and pairs up Tsubaki/Soul, because then I would just die!!!! The would suck haaaaaaaaaaard! But again, I don't believe she would do that, ever.

11/3/2008 #29
Manual Breathing

O.O o-ok. I really hope I don't disappoint anyone.

I really doupt they would do tsubaki and soul. that would just be utter crack*cough*. anyway they don't even look like they have any intrest with each other or that they've interacted in any way. I'm 100% sure that if Okubo pairs up her characters, soul and tusbaki would be at the bottom of the list.

11/4/2008 #30
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