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We know.


Valentine: *bares arms... extends wings*

1/4/2010 #2,971
Korvi Krow

...I hate viruses. They get into your computer, you can't even boot it up, and you have to wait till once every week so you can get on your grandma's laptop just to post.

And on top of that, two of the really good forums I was at just died. T_T *bangs head against wall*

Aelo: *eats popcorn and watches Jericho and Valentine fight*

1/4/2010 #2,972



Valentine: *blinks, noticing Aelo... Slashes at Jericho's face with talons, kicks shins*


1/4/2010 . Edited 1/4/2010 #2,973
Korvi Krow


On the upside, I got to go to NDK for New Year's! =D And now I have a couple ideas for what I want to do when it comes back around in September... ^w^

Aelo: *cheers* YEAH! KICK HIS ASS! *airfist*

1/4/2010 #2,974


Cool... I've just been hangin' around... worked out some... interesting backstory for Valentine... to say the least.

Valentine: *spins Jericho around, delivers hefty kick to the backside*

1/4/2010 #2,975
Korvi Krow


Trust me, I had no idea cosplay was so friggin' fun! Basically I am now torn between three costume ideas for September:

--classic approach and go as Axel

--sadistically cute approach and go as a Shadow Heartless, so I can stalk people

--fanservicey approach and go as Marluxia dressed in a dressy suit

See? So many opportunities! ^w^

Aelo: Y'know what would make this spectator sport even better? METAL. Seriously, we need to get some Otep or Fear Factory playing in here!

1/4/2010 #2,976

Personally, I would go as an SH, because Anti-Sora is awesome, after browsing DeviantART...

Steven Crowe, Nathan Crowe, and Jacob Shade, all carrying musical equipment, of Chaos Theory: Someone say Metal?

1/4/2010 #2,977
Korvi Krow

Yeah...but on second thought, that stuff's EXPENSIVE. I'd probably be better off getting either just a wig for either Axel or Marluxia. Then if I do decide to go with the fanservice approach, I can always pick up the suit somewhere else. :P

1/4/2010 #2,978

Hmm... it's a tough descsion.

It all falls to one choice...

Pink or Red.

1/4/2010 #2,979
Korvi Krow

...Fire or flowers...

Tattoos or badass prettiness... aleck pyromaniac or overlord of all things dark and froufrou... XD

(Sorry 'bout the wait, grandma had to use laptop.)

1/4/2010 #2,980

Descions, Descions...

1/4/2010 #2,981
Korvi Krow

Yep. Fortunately I have eight months to work it out. ^_^

...though I'm gonna be tearing my hair out from indecision the whole time...and then there's a chance that the Heartless option may creep back onto the list...

Wait. Crap. I think it did. XD

1/4/2010 #2,982


1/4/2010 #2,983
Korvi Krow

I hate indecisiveness... T_T

...OH! Or. OR, I can go as either Axel/Marluxia, and then get a Shadow Heartless plushie! That solves the issue! Always wanted a lil' pet Heartless, I have... ^w^

1/4/2010 #2,984


Wish there was cosplaying stuff over here... but here, everyone would think you escaped from the funny farm or something.

1/4/2010 #2,985
Korvi Krow

I know, pretty much the only cosplay thing we get over in this state is the NDK. T_T We don't even have any cosplay stores or anything, so we have to buy all our costumes on Ebay...

Which is part of the reason I plan on getting a job sometime soon. Also learn how to drive, so I can get myself to these things. XD

1/4/2010 #2,986


Ah, Fun... it seems it's hard to live with it constantly.

1/4/2010 #2,987
Korvi Krow

Hard to live with what?

1/4/2010 #2,988

Fun... It costs too much money these days... How do I survive?


Yeah, I downloaded Goodbye today.


1/4/2010 #2,989
Korvi Krow


...oh. that reminds me. I still got an iTunes gift card I haven't used.

1/4/2010 #2,990
Korvi Krow

GTG, I'll be back on in an hour or two.

1/4/2010 #2,991


Damn, just getting to the revelations... see ya!

1/4/2010 #2,992
Korvi Krow

Aaaaand i'm back!

1/4/2010 #2,993

Aaaaaaand I'm still here!

1/4/2010 #2,994
Iron's Grasp


Guess who blanked that he had school today and stayed up until 3 watching movies and then slept terribly for three hours?

1/4/2010 #2,995
Korvi Krow


MAN. That just reminded me that I have school starting two days from now...


1/4/2010 #2,996

I start tommorow.

Oh joy, the morning will be fun.

1/4/2010 #2,997
Iron's Grasp

And, not trying to complain because I know I've got it lucky, but my two week break is just long enough for me to forget that school requires work...

1/4/2010 #2,998
Korvi Krow


And then summer.

...on the other hand, if I get a job, I can afford to get a costume for Nan Desu Kan in September...

1/4/2010 #2,999

Wassup people?

1/4/2010 #3,000
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