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A new threat has arrived, threatening both the Lylat System and Solar System, and both Star Fox and Star Wolf are working with each other to defeat this horrible threat, but the need a little more help from both Anthros and Humans
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Now to create a character you must do it like this:

Name: Fox McCloud

Age: 31

Race: Anthro

Class: Fox

Ability: Leadership

Weapons: Blaster, Escrima stick

Note: He is the leader of the Star Fox team, his parents were killed when he was young, by the age of 18 he restarted the Star Fox team, years later he added Krystal, who was his girlfriend, but 3 years after the Aparoid Wars, his team disbanded, until he reformed his friendship with everyone, a few months the ended up on planet Earth, where they met Logan Sikes (me, from Star Fox: The Huma Recruit) after staying for a few years, following Fox and Krystal getting married, befriending Star Wolf (who also was s=hit by the atmosphere), reuniting a few old friends (also hit by the atmosphere), Krystal being pregnant with Marcus, Logan creating a teleportation pad to teleport from Earth and Corneria (which sold very well) all was peacful, until the new mission, where Fox, his friends and his wike must add to the number

6/7/2008 #1

Name: Lee A. Sykes

Age: 19

Race: Human

Class: American

Ability: Leadership

Weapons: Blaster, Reverse-Bladed Katana(later broken), M-60(aka 'The Pig')

Vehicle: Wolfen MK. III (modified for speed and firepower), later a standard Arwing, then the Dark Wolf

Note: Lee Sykes, (not to confuse people with Logan) born on Earth, had a hard life growing up. His father was an U.S. Air Force Pilot who served during Operation: Desert Storm, aka the first Persian Gulf War, currently he is incarcerated, while his mother was an stay at home nurse who took care of people with mental defects, though she has that same air as Miyu Lynx.

He's got a natural ability to lead, and he wouldn't be surprised if someday he became a commander of his own mercenary fleet, but he much rather be flying missions than sitting behind a desk. He's still new though, but what he lacks in experience, he makes up for it in his knack for making the impossible possible. He sorta reminds Fox of himself back when all he wanted was a little excitement, a chance to take on any adversity.

On a side note, Lee tends to quote famous catch phrases and lives on the philosophy that those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are even lower then that. Also, he inherited a Reverse-Bladed Katana from a swordsmaster back on Earth because he saved said swordsmaster's life. The only other thing that surprised even Krystal McCloud is his infinite patience.

Theme: Who are you protecting - Ruronin Kenshin

11/16/2008 . Edited 8/4/2009 #2

Name: Anton Night

Age: 32

Race: Anthro

Class: Fox

Ability: He is a great marksman

Weapons: Blaster, also has a sniper rifle.

Note: Anton's history begins when he was 17. He has absolutely no memory of anything before then. He was adopted by David and Trisha Campbell, but retained his last name. He joined the academy a month after being adopted, and became a member of the Cornerian Air Force. He rose to the rank of Captain over the years. He became engaged to another pilot, Miranda Aura, but they chose not to reveal it for a while. He took part in the battle against Oikonny at Fortuna, during which Miranda was killed along with most of his squadron, including his CO, Major Drake. Anton was promoted to Major, but resigned a few months later after botching a mission that almost ended up killing most of the new recruits that were added to the squadron. He currently is a mercenary for hire.

12/19/2008 #3
Samurai of Fate

Name: Ienzo Shooter

Age: 14

Race: Hmanthro

Class: Human/Fox

Ability: Illusion

Weapons: Blaster, Escrima stick

Note: He is from the planet Xion. His planet was at war so he ran away to Cornaria to start a new life. He met new friends on Cornaria, But is still hunted by his home planet .

1/18/2009 #4
Telekenetic Mind Freak

Name: Joe Slayer

Age: 14

Race: Anthro

Class: Fox (subspecies shadow Fox)

Ability(s): Leadership,marksman, shadow magic

weapons: blaster,shadow sword

Note: his parents where killed when he was a child he inherited both the shadow sword and the blaster from his father andross is believed to be the reason behind his parents death they died while on a mission on venom he helps star fox along at some points (as you will see in the fanfic I will write) he has the ability of shadow magic his father was of the subspecies Shadow fox while his mother was from the tribe of light (explaining the white left paw and the white diamond shaped marking on his forehead) he now serves as a solo mercinarie.

2/10/2009 #5
Moon clone

Name: Nathan Wolff

Age: 14

Race: Anthro

Class: Wolf/Cerinian

Ability: Copywolf (can copy almost any attack used against him)

Weapons: Blaster, Escrima stick

Note: He woke up in a hospital with no memory of his past, but sometimes has flashbacks or nervous reactions because of it. He has trained a bit at the military academy, and learned to control his powers at some extense by joining a magician's guild. His magic is basically being able to copy any attack used against him, except some types like telepathy, which needs a particular brain wave pattern to work. He absolutely hates big crowds, but in a small community can be quite sociable.

2/27/2009 #6

Name: Kagami Sakakibara



Ability:Ex-criminal and cadet. Can turn himself into a handsome biker with a bad attitude.

Weapon:Blaster, MG42, Three-Section Spear

Note:He was one of Japan's dangerous criminals. Known to rob banks, cracks safes and kill anyone that gets in his way. When his girlfriend friend found out his evil ways he went into hiding. He was caught by the police after a day in hiding. The Tokyo court sentenced him to death by electric chair. Before the 3rd try, lasers came from the sky and blacked out the jail, this knocked out Sakakibara. When he woke up he was on the Great Fox. Then he decided to change his wicked bank robbing ways and join the Star Fox Team. He loves listening to Japanese music and tries to make love to Krystal only to be stopped by Fox numerous times.

Tune:Space Runaway Ideon by Isao Taira

4/6/2009 . Edited 6/12/2009 #7

Let's see if we can keep things going.

Name: Dark

age: 18

Race: human

ability: ace Pilot and marksman. rubbish driver. good swordsman

weapons: blaster, modified arwing (More weapon systems and G-diffusers in exchange for less shielding and no smart bombs) practise sword (I can't remember the name at this moment in time)

Bio: Dark is a mercenary travelling the stars, looking for his brother. having had no contact with him in 2 years, hestarted his hunt, taking contracts along the way. he got his arwing on the black market on a colony outside of Lylat. over the years, he modded his arwing with spare parts and black market upgrades, managing to keep it inside legal limits and money. he repainted it black, painting a few stars and his ship on the side along with the hull black.

I'm not on very long, but I'm on a few times a week, but gone again later on

4/8/2009 #8
James Hawke

Name: James McCloud

Age: Unknown

Race: Anthro

Class: Fox (Brought back from the dead)

Ability: Leadership

Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Shotgun, Machinegun

Allegiance: Star Fox

Note: He was the original Star Fox team leaded until he was betrayed by former member Pigma Dengar (now dead) into the clutches of Andross. After a long fight Andross opened a warp hole and threw James inside. He was presumed dead as his body was never found. Mysteriously, James has somehow returned from the dead to help his son and his team in the battle. His intentions for doing so are unknown...

5/20/2009 #9

I believe this is enough, new players may jump in furing gameplay if they want to, but they must create a characters 1st

Now its time to start the 1st mission

World 1: Lylat/Solar System

Planet: Corneria

Starting point: Great Fox

5/24/2009 #10
Telekenetic Mind Freak
I concur, this is enough, although I'd suggest making a seperate topic for strictly RPG.
5/24/2009 #11

Name: Jolt Kullkaven

Age: 20

Race: Human

Class: Australian

Ability: Quantam Brain Waves

Weapons: Blaster, Knife

Vehicle: Psycho Striker(Only Jolt and Krystal can fly it), White Comet (Only Jolt can pilot it)

Note: Born to a fairly unremarkable family on Earth his Quantam Brain Waves where quickly discovered after he met an internet friend who happened to be in a PMC two year ago, his life has since been a constant flow of lab tests and flight training with the American military as a trump card against invaders. After Corneria's existance was revieled to Earth a team of American, Russian, Japanese and Cornerian scientists built a new limited production model fighter called the Terran Flag, drawing inspiriation from Earth animations for the design, as well as a special custom model machine for Jolt's personal use, the Psycho Striker. He tends to get on peoples nerves rather easily with his snide remarks and nicknames, however his smart mouth is only his way of hiding his own insecurities. He preffers to use a long knife in melee combat rather then any other weapon since he can use it in combination with his blaster easily.

After a major dispute between the unit he was assigned to and the governments of both Earth and Corneria they stole thier own ship and became mercenaries. They are known for being very picky about thier jobs and thier flawless success ratio.

Theme Tune: Trans-Am Raiser - Gundam 00

Extra Note: Obviously this is a modified version of Jolt from One Heart so he can fit the RP easier.

5/29/2009 . Edited 7/31/2009 #12

Name: Connor J. Briggs

Age: 18

Race: Human

Class: human

Ability: Rage

Weapons: None

Note: He lived on a small mining colony, before they knew the Existance of the cornarians. The cornarains saw this settlement as a threay and the star fox team destroyed it. connor was the only survivor and vowed revenge agenst the Star Fox team, He is racist agenst Anthros

7/30/2009 #13
Fox Mustang

Name: Willam Storm

Age: 18

Race: Human

Class: Zygonian

Ability: Highly skilled with any kind of weapon and at driving and flying any kind of spacecraft or aircraft.

Weapons: Standard Military issued 9mm pistol, Military Combat Knife, M16 Assult Rifle, AK 47, Automatic Sniper Rifle.

Vehicles: Drives a Humvee and has a modified M1A2 Abrams Tank and flys a experimental Plasma powered Space Shuttle.

Note: He comes from a planet called Zygon. He was forced to join the Zygonian army when he was just 13 years old. He is the only living thing from the planet Zygon. Zygon was destroyed in a brutal war.

10/2/2009 . Edited 10/13/2009 #14

Name:Steven Knight

Age: 34

Race: Anthro

Class: Fox

Ability: Good Hearing and Sight

Signature Weapons: Dual Barrel Blaster

Weapon Proficiency: Sub Machine Guns and Blasters

Note: Is a tad bit on the trigger happy side but can hold fire if commanded to do so. He is from Fichina and is a Special Ops unit soldier for the Cornerian Defense Force

8/4/2010 . Edited 8/4/2010 #15
Name: Marcus Daggs Age: 26 Race: Anthro Class: Wolf Abilities: Combat Weapons: M16A4, Cornarian combat knife Notes: Born on Earth, Marcus was the only Cornarian in the USMC. He left as a lance corporal. He moved back to the Lylat System aftr hearing about the wars.
11/15/2012 #16
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