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Hey fellow fans of DBSK! I guess we should first say a few things before going into discussions:

One: What's your name, or what would you like to be called in the forums?

Two: Who are your favourite members of DBSK, if any?

Three: Which songs sung/performed by DBSK are your favourite?

Here, I'll go first:

Everyone here can call my Lily.

I don't love any of the members of DBSK anymore than the others, but Hero/Jaejoong is closest to my heart. I guess that makes him my favourite then :D

I love all of DBSK's songs, but there are some that are closer to me than others like: "Proud", "Hug", "Love In the Ice", "Rising Sun", "Balloons", "O" and "Darkness Eyes".

6/7/2008 #1
Kioku Kagami

hey, sorry it took so long to reply to you...

1-Kioku is the name XD

2-Jaejoong ♥♥♥ but all the members have my love :)

3-hmmm.... Rising Sun, O, Purple Line, Doushite, Box in the ship, Footstep, Crying, All Rise, Crazy Life, Maze, Last Angel, Darkness Eyes, Balloons, love in the ice, kiss shita mama goodbye... the list will go on forever lmao~~

7/25/2008 #2

Hi there! My name is Michelle but you can call me 'Miesz' (loal, I live in the Netherlands. It may sound weird but it's not here! xD) or whatever you wish ;)

My favourite member is Jaejoong (loal, another one!) but I love them all :D

Hmmm, I like all the songs. So here the songs I love ; Proud, Why have I fallen in Love with you, O Jung Ban Hap, Box in the Ship (xD), Tonight, Begin, Love in the Ice, Darkness Eyes, Wrong Number and Mirotic (GOSHHHHH, can't stop screaming everytime I hear it! :D)

Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd like to say something ;3

It's a shame that there isn't a section for DBSK fanfictions T-T I'd like to post them here...sigh

10/14/2008 #3

1) Nyasha, but call me Yoosha.

2) Micky Yoochun comes first ( Yoochun + Nyasha) = Yoosha, Choikang Changmin is close second, U-Know Yunho, Xiah Junsu then Youngwoong Jaejoong.

3) Currently from their recent Korean Album: Mirotic, Wrong Number, Hey! Don't Bring Me Down and Are You a Good Girl.

I also like 'O' Jung Ban Hap & Sei Han Go (Both Versions), Rising Sun (Both Versions), Purple Line and Darkness Eyes.

11/12/2008 #4


my name is cariss!!

i love all of them but my fav. is Junsu (i guess that breaks the line up for jaejoong?? ^^,)

followed closely by jaejoong!! :)

may favs are

doushite,rising sun, O, hug, hug (international) , balloons, mirotic, wrong number, purple line, begin, choosy lover, step b step and many more!! ahaha

12/28/2008 #5

hey ya..=) i'm Erin, but just call me Rinz, that's ma nick name..=) (i'm from Indonesia, is anybody come from here? xD)

well, i'm freak of Micky Yoo Chun, huwaaa..he's adorable =), the 2nd closest is Yun Ho..=) but again, love them all..!

my fav songs are..hmm, i guess almost all the song of DBSK are my fav, but there are some of my fav, O, Rising Sun, On & On, The Story Has Just Begun, Hi Ya Ya, You're my miracle, Purple Line, Hug, Midoyo, Proud, Your love is all i need, and many moree...=)

well, how bout SM Entertainment? i love Snow Dream, Red Sun, Hot Mail..DBSK is in those songs too..=)

1/11/2009 . Edited 1/11/2009 #6

Has everyone here seen the DBSK Wrong Number & Mirotic LIVE Perf @ SBS Gayo Daejun 2008?

Oh. My. God.

Here's the link:


1/12/2009 #7

I'm sorry that it has been so long ^_^;

I've been so busy with school that it started controlling my social life. Sorry.

I'm back, though, and most likely here to stay.

How have you all been?

Anyone else controlled by school?

How did you take to the Mirotic album?

Anyone else glad that Yoochun got his hair cut?

(Those are some more questions for you to answer and talk about)

1/12/2009 #8

I hate school.. hehe, but who does not? (Yup, my school has controle over me too. I miss the vacation!)

To be honest.. I've cried when I saw Mirotic (GASP!) Yeah, lame... I mean, I should be thrilled to see some extra skin (!!!!) as DBSK fangirl. The reason I've cried was because before Mirotic, they were those cute teens. (In my eyes, they still are ^^) But now, they're masculine men... such a big change.. -sigh-

Hihi, Micky's hair is hot topic xD I didn't mind though.. But it wasn't great either. Hehe. I've seen wrong number and mirotic at gayo daejun. I know, right! I don't know who to love anymore xD Love them all!

Take care!!

1/12/2009 #9

Oh don't worry, I think everybody saw Gayo Daejun and I have a picture of the front but mostly only Junsu anyone want to see:

Aren't I good and nice?

By the way, everyone should listen to Bolero. It's a great song and look out for their new Japanese album this year. Not only that: Feb 7th is SM Town and DBSK of course, will be there.



Jaejoong is in the mv and the girl is cheating on him and Taegoon, Jaejoong's friend and the artist of the mv.

Enjoy and watch!

1/16/2009 #10


I wrote a fanfic called Truth, Dare or...2 Hours in Heaven? about me and two of my friends with DBSK. Hope you read and review it, even though it wasn't that good.

By the way, I bet people have heard about Yoochun's ex girlfriend Park Ga Hee which is upsetting me because I found some pictures now.

1/19/2009 #11

whoaaa..truly madly deeply..

she was Yoo Chun ex-GF? my God..xD

ah, Micky's new hair cut eh? i don't think it's fit Micky's cute face at all, i prefer Micky's hair in O Jung Ban Hap and Rising Sun, i think it's more better than the new one? anyone feel the same?


1/20/2009 #12

No, I like it.

But he needs to stop experimenting on his hair nowadays. For some reason, Yunho always has the right hairstyles these days and they suit him.

1/21/2009 #13


I cried, too, when Mirotic came out! :O For the same reason! They are just growing up too fast. And...they're so amazing that it kind of just reminded me that they are so much more grown up than we think and also quite mature. They can handle this kind of music ^-^

Yes, Yoochun's hair is SUCH a hot topic :D


I screamed and fell from my chair when I opened the link to your picture :P You're sneaky. -shifty eyes-

I love Bolero! And Kiss the Baby Sky as well. They're my 'inspiration songs' :3

I will also take a look at your fan fiction! Definitely; it sounds quite interesting.

I'll only feel upset about the matter of Yoochun's 'ex-girlfriend' if Yoochun is upset about it. I don't quite see how it would upset him besides the fact that everyone knows who his old girl friend was. I guess that could be a bad thing, if something horrible happened between the two of them and the current matter brings back bad memories for Yoochun. So, I really hope he's okay and this isn't a bad thing for him :(

But, his ex-girlfriend's girl group reminded me of America's Girlicious and the P*** Cat Dolls, but Korean, and therefore I don't hold much respect for her at the moment (I'm a horrible person, I know).

And, I also like Yoochun's current hair. Shorter hair suits him. The hair stylist is a nice guy (he's friends with DBSK and other K-artists). I read an interview that he took part of. He said that Yoochun likes experimenting with his hair (or, started to before Mirotic came out). It's Yoochun's hair...so, I say: let him do what he wants. It always looks good. It's Yoochun for Pete's Sake :P

1/21/2009 . Edited 1/23/2009 #14

I hope you don't get the wrong idea but I just think if he experiments on it, he should it...oh I forgot the word!

He'll always be my favourite but I miss the hairstyle he did for HaHaHa Campaign. That hairstyle is so cute and adorable.

1/25/2009 #15

Question: Who do you think is the angel of DBSK and who is the badboy?

State your opinions. I'm not sure if it's Changmin or Junsu much anymore.

2/1/2009 #16


I've just become a fan of DBSK so I don't know that much about them yet, but would love to. So happy there's a forum for this, and I can talk about them...

First things first-I'm Joyce, nice to meet you all- I love Korea and Kpop, partially due to my classmates' influence. (Two of them are crazy about Kpop and DBSK)

I love YUNHO, followed by YOOCHUN,JAEJOONG/JUNSU,CHANGMIN. (Can't really decide after Yoochun (:)

I like many of their songs, but let's just say Doushite, Rising Sun, You're my melody are my favourites. Mirotic's incredible, too.

동방신기 hwaiting! 33

P.S Hope to go to their concert someday- I'd get the VIP seat too.

4/2/2009 #17

hello I'm Rigem... but I use zaetchleo and zane_fleur as pen names, I write fanfics about dbsk

mostly YunJae and YooSu... currently I have 5 fics ongoing and I'm also co-authoring another 1 with Lady_Jam.

mostly we are in Livejournal and asianfanatics because the communities there are big. maybe you guys would like to join us too?

I've wanted to post dbsk fanfics here for a long while but it turned out they don't have a specific block for Dbsk...

if you would like to read fanfics of dbsk mine are in zaetchleo.livejournal.com and zaetchleo2.livejournal.com I'm trying to upload fics here under misc. too but I guess I'm still learning.

I hope I can upload them here properly hehehe

4/12/2009 #18

Hi, Rigem!

There's a question I want to ask everybody. By the way, I wanted to ask people do you really think DBSK should pair up together - in reality? Because all this Yunjae and Yoosu, I just not into it. It's not like I have a problem with gay people, just the fact that a lot of fans say they should be together and write stories about them. What is your opinion on the pairing up? Do you like it?

4/28/2009 #19

Hello, about your question (in reality) I don't think they SHOULD because that sounds like forcing them to do it because fans want them to do so. For me, if they want to then I will support them. Their decisions when it comes to relationships are their choices. As a fan I don't have a say on it.

As a fanfic writer, I write about them because their fun to write about. With them I see people who are really close with each other and cares deeply for each other. Add to that the fact that fanservice of Korean stars are very popular. I actually think that it's the reason why a lot are into pairings inside the groups. Pairings are actually made for fangirls anyway - w/c are the fanbase of most Eastern boy groups (even girl groups). I like pairings, esp. Dbsk's because they can actually play with it and have fun at the same time still have the manly image. Through their closeness and fan service I see a lot of possibilities and I know the ideas are not really offensive since they play along. Jaejoong was even aware of an NC-17 fanfic for YunJae and they had Dangerous Love Banjun Drama.

I don't know if I'm expressing myself in a manner that makes sense. (I just hope I do.)

4/28/2009 #20

Hi there everyone :D

About the pairing up topic :

They can do whatever they want, I'll support them through it all! However, I just hope that they won't do things because of pushing fans :P

About 'pushing fans' ; I'm a YunJae fan myself and some months ago I thought of something that terrified me. What if they don't like to hug each other from times to times? What if they just do it because fans love fanservice? What if they aren't that close in reality?

That would break my heart, I'd rather have them not that close but realistic than very close and fake... it still terrifies me. Though, sometimes (like now :P ) I think I'm just being stupid.

Maybe I am, but it's great to share thought, neh?

Sooo, what do you all think of Survivor? :D I think it's really cute, lol. How am I going to explain this? Well.. I mean, look at Mirotic + Wrong Number and then at Survivor..now you know what I mean, right? ^^ hehe.

Take care everyone!~

4/28/2009 #21

Annyonghaseo! Do you mind if I joined yours?

My name: redZ-imnida (fufufu)

Fav. Member:1. ChangMin

2. JaeJoong

3. Yoochun

4. Junsu

5. YunHo

Fav. Songs: Hug (korean), Mirotic, Wrong Number, You're My Melody, Doushitte, Share the World, Hi Ya Ya.

Fav. Banjun Drama: Dangerous Love

mannahsuh pangapsubnida

4/28/2009 #22

hmm..........................................., i think the best MV is Share the World and Purple Line, however..................

4/28/2009 #23
Chibi Li
Hey! I'm Jen =) I came across DBSK quite recently so I don't have any favourites yet (I love all of them!). Actually, I don't even know who's who (I'm on vacation in China, but English sites are hard to access here. Since I can't read Chinese I don't have any info on the band) =/ It be helpful if someone could inform me a little about the bandmembers. I know they're a Korean boy band though. Mirotic was the first song of DBSK I heard, and it's my absolute favourite. The mv of it is also awesome!! I also really like doushite. Does anyone know which album that song is from? The Japanese one (doushite, I think. It was titled "Why have I fallen in love with you" in English. Anyone recommend any albums or singles of DBSK? I have to buy them here because I can't find them in Norway.
7/10/2009 #24

Welcome to all and I apologize for my absense yet again (_)

@Chibi Li (Jen)

Wikipedia is definitely a good place to look at the information behind DBSK and the information on all the members. I'd love to write out everything I know off by heart here, but there'd be so much information and there'd just be too much information in general. Ahaha. Follow this link to get to DBSK's page on wikipedia:

You're vacationing in China?! Lucky! So lucky! You'll get to buy a load of DBSK CDs for a really cheap price. LUCKY! I'm so jealous xD

"Doushite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?" was featured on The Secret Code album that was released on March 25 2009, but it was originally released as a single back on July 26 2008. I remember because that summer on my birthday (July 22), DBSK became the first non-Japanese Asian artist to have three number one hits on the weekly Oricon singles chart, when "Doushite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?" attained the number one position with weekly sales of 68,417 copies. DBSK FIGHTING! =D

Well, DBSK has four Korean albums and four Japanese albums. Really, I'd buy all eight of the albums if I had the chance. They were all really great. Same goes for the singles. The way I got into them, I listened to all of their songs/albums in chronological order as I researched them and watched their videos and shows they appeared on and such. That's a good way to start.

Be sure to have lots of fun while you're in China, if you're still there. If you're not there anymore, I bet you had tons of fun and I'm sorry that this reply was sent to you so late .

7/10/2009 #25

About the pairing discussion, I've noticed that people have been critisizing not only DBSK but Super Junior as well.

Half of the time these boys are just being playful and friendly, and other times it's because they are acting or trying to bring attention to their group. It's very evident that both groups are extremely close with their other members and love one another like brothers and best friends. Many of the accused "couples" have explained that they are just showing their brotherly love, for they have known each other since they were very young.

Even if there was an actual couple (or more than one) inside of Super Junior or DBSK, they deserve the privacy that they would probably wish for. We know how close they all are to one another and know that if it was truely love, then they would be very happy with one another. We should be happy for them.

Of course, many of us read and write fan fictions about our "fantasies" concerning what "really happens between the boys", but we have to understand that what we see is not always the truth. Just because it appears as though there is a couple, it doesn't make it so. These boys love one another very much, since they have been through Hell and back together. They've known one another since they were young and have gone through many of the same things together. Of course they're going to show their affection with the others by hugging, holding hands, etc. We shouldn't assume when it comes to sexuality.

And what does it say about us, Cassiopia and ELF, when we go and critisize the boys for trying to be happy? What kind of fans would we be if we decided to neglect our idols? Is it really that big of a deal?

I love Super Junior and I love DBSK. They stand for friendship, and all they want to do is make history and bring smiles to the world. All I want to see is that they are happy. What they do makes me happy, so it's only fair, right?

Super Junior and Dong Bang Shin Ki FIGHTING ~ !

7/10/2009 #26
Jane Doe 616

Umm ok idk if Im' doin this right and I'm new to the forum and i didnt know that FF.net had these

But Ok my name is Nyende (no i'm not african) but you can call me Nye ^_^ but on this site I go by JaneDoe616

I love Yoochun and its that simple. I mean he's so soso adorable. After that I'm not really sure ^_^ I really love them all and I just want them all to be happy

Ummm favorite songs Well i like Doushite, My melody, Love in the Ice, Eternal love song, My Destiny, Kiss the baby sky, and I absolutely love their new single Stand By U well dont know what else to say so until some one responds guess ill just wait till then

7/30/2009 #27

Hello! Im zaizai...

yup! i love TVXQ! and my favorite member would be Jung Yunho!!

oh, i don't really "favor" him, i actually "LOVE" him...


next would be Park Yoochun, then Kim Junsu, then Shim Changmin and Kim Jaejoong...

actually, they are ranked like this..

1. Jung "U-Know" Yunho

2. Park "Micky" Yoochun

3. Kim "Xiah" Junsu

4. Shim "Max" Changmin and Kim "Hero" Jaejoong

favorite songs? well, almost all of there songs!!!

i love it!! but nowadays, i've been listening to "Neoul..Baraboda (Picture of You)" more often

because of the new MV from AADBSK..also "12:34 Nothing Better" which is TVXQ's SM town '09

song.. (both of the song were composed by TVXQ members,Junsu and Changmin respectively)


i dunnoe if this is just fine but i also wanted to share my fave TVXQ COUPLES!! MANSE!!!


1. HOSU!! my OTP!! hahaha!!

2. YUNCHUN! the model team!!

3.JAEHOSU the perfect love triangle!!

4.HOMIN!! the food couple! hahaa!!

alright, this is getting quite long..

keep the faith!

8/22/2009 #28
Chibi Li

Thanks a lot, Lily! =)

I'm finally starting to recognize who's who in the band xD The info you gave me was quite helpful, but unfortunately the CD stores I went to either didn't have them, or they were sold out. Guess I'll just buy them online ^^

By the way, has anyone seen the "elegant conversation" in miraculous victory and defeat where DBSK joined? So funny!

p.s. sorry for the late reply, my schedule was packed (I even ran out of space to write a few events and tasks -.-)

8/29/2009 #29

1.) Call me Sarah. C:

2.) aldjfaja. I change so often that I can't really decide. ((but I'm biased towards Jaejoong's sexy self at the moment, with a close second being Yunho. xD))

3.) ALL OF THEM. xD But, "Love in the Ice", "Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara", "My Little Princess", "Mirotic", "Wrong Number", and "Rising Sun" are all on my iPod. :] Oh, and "Rising Sun" is on there for a specific reason, and that reason is Jaejoong's shirt. xD

And, that's it. x]

9/13/2009 #30
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