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Maeve Kitsune

1- My name is Syazleen! but call me aleen ^^

2- my fav member is Jaejoong first! second Junsu and Yunho! third Changmin and Yoochun! so there is no fourth or fifth! XDD

3- I love Mirotic,Wrong Number,Doushite,Love in the Ice,Hug,White Lies,TRICK,Forever Love,Rising Sun,Purple Line,Wasurenaide,Taxi,Bolero,Darkness Eyes,Survivor,Rainbow,Two Hearts,Are You a Good Girl?,DEAD END,ZION,Share the World,Stand by U.. I guess I love all of them! XDD

12/17/2009 #31

Hey you guys, I'm just curious. I was looking at DBSK fanfics here and I've noticed they're mostly yaoi.

How come every time there's a DBSK fanfic it's always yaoi???? i mean seriously. no offense, but doesn't that disturb you in a way? i'm not really a yaoi fan. i've tried reading it about 5 times tryna get used to it, but oh my god, i just couldn't stand it.

i mean, i know that sometimes their talent agency makes 'em look all faggety like SM did when DBSK made that song Balloons (which by the way is one of the most disturbing songs and music videos that they've ever made) and when they had to dress up in shiny sequined/neon outfits for that one lotte ad and when they had to dress up like nerds in some photo shoot, but they're not gay.

i noticed the yaoi thing not only on dbsk but also on other groups/solo artists.

just curious, why do people (mostly girls) like yaoi so much? is that like a turn-on for some girls or something, cuz it definitely doesn't work on me.

sorry girls if you think i'm bashing dbsk. i'm not. i like dbsk, but i'm just all curious about the yaoi factor with them and all other male groups. fangirls, please don't go at me!!! ....well actually, go ahead. i've had people bashing my comments on youtube about how fagetty dbsk can be sometimes. XDDD. it's pretty funny to see, actually.

but no, seriously. i'm curious about that yaoi thing someone explain it to me please?

1/19/2010 #32

when you go to winglin.net you will see DBSKxfemale characters there.

FF.net doesn't allow real life people fics here so the selection are rare... as for the pairings... I think it started when fans started bashing other pairings... sometimes they actually send hate mails to the actresses singers rumored to be close w/ dbsk...

1/19/2010 #33

Hi there, Mayumi-chan! :D

I couldn't stand yaoi either, in the beginning. But they've got me on their dark side xD

Interesting, I was already wondering why I'd like yaoi that much.. well, I'll try and tell you what the reasons are for my likening in this all.

The dramatic romance, it was and is a taboo MalexMale-love. It gives that dramatic/dangerous vibe, and I guess it's that kind of thing I'm searching for..

The fluffiness, I've got to admit that yaoi-fanfictions are far way fluffier than straight ones. Heh, sometimes I think it's too cliché!

But I don't know really, why there are so many yaoi fanfictions about DBSK... maybe because of the fanservice DBSK gives his precious fans? Haha, well, as long as they're happy, so am I!

Btw, about the DBSK-pairings, just curious, but what is/are your favourite(s)?

I think Yunho x Jaejoong is pretty cute... OR BoA and Jaejoong

1/20/2010 #34


Well, for DBSK pairings I like:

Jaejoong & Lina OR Jaejoong & Stephanie(Tenjochiki/CSJH)

Stephanie & Yunho OR Yunho & Bae Seul Ki

BoA, Younha, or Sungmi & Yoochun

BoA & Junsu OR Sunday & Junsu

I kinda feel sorry for Changmin though since he's always left out. I haven't seen him get paired up with anyone, so I really don't know who I like him with.

Oh, and to everyone, I hope you guys read my DBSK fic called Crazy Crazy Love starring Jaejoong & YOU, and Yoochun & Sungmi. It's second person, which is kind of a challenge since I hate writing in second person. But, I try to do my best in writing each episode of it, so I hope you guys enjoy.

Yes, I said episode. My reason for that is CCL was supposed to be an original screenplay to be posted in another site. However, I came across a bunch of DBSK fics on Winglin so I decided to turn it into a fanfic post it there. I posted it here too. There, here, and AsianFanfictions.

So... does anyone here have a winglin/asianfanfiction account?

1/20/2010 #35

@ zaetchleo

haha! are you serious? people actually do that??? that's hilarious! fangirls are so hilarious when they get all obsessive towards other stars! As for the self-insertation fics here (and DBSK/Female Char) , I think I only saw two. Well, not counting mine, one. Pretty sad... i'm not really a yaoi fan. Not only that, but winglin's so disorganized. At least they allow the author to have their own custom poster/bg

1/20/2010 #36

1. I'm mayumi...

2. Jaejoong, Micky

3. BREAK OUT!, FORCE, Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni natte Shimattandarou?, Wrong Number and of course... MIROTIC

Sorry if i made this l8... hehe

1/20/2010 #37


My name is Jen, but I really do prefer to be called Jen Joong aka wife of Jae Joong. ^_- Or, you can call me Jaeng.

Ok, if you have not notice already, I luuuuuv Jae Joong. However, I do love the rest of the members also. _ They're adorably hot!

I have many favorite songs: Doushite kimi... , Lovin You, Stand by You, Bolero, Insa/Fly Away Love, Love in the Ice, O, Balloons, Choosey Lover, Mirotic, Triangle, Darkness Eyes, Miduhyo, My Little Princess, Hug, and a whole lot more.

2/10/2010 #38

i guess i can understand u a bit. it kinda bothers me when ppl read those fanfics and use them to back up their retarded claim that DBSK is gay. i hate the DBSGay Fansite so much, i just wanna murder whoever started it!

2/10/2010 #39

hello everyone, I go by yolei

I love all members because they all sing really, really good and I don't mean just an average boy band, but really sing

My favorite songs, are summer dream, rising sun(it was the first song I heard from them), Love in the Ice, Choosey lover, Crazy Love, Picture of you, and share the world.

I was really happy that I found this site had tvxq fans. Especially a forum. ^_^

2/22/2010 #40

1.my name is LIN,you can call me yuko too^^

2.junsu ang jaejoong are my favorite members:D

3.my favorite song now is junsu's intoxication xDDDDDDDDD

i have fell in love with them since 2008,when i watched their DANGEROUS LOVE~~~~

5/14/2010 #41

1. You can call me Hikari :3

2. I like Yunho and Changmin the best ^^

3. And hmm this is a tough one i like all of them but mostly Mirotic,Sky,and and Rising Sun :3

12/24/2010 #42

1. Calesto

2. Max

3. Triangle, Rising Sun

So I am doing a DBSK fan fic and I just discovered DBSK so I came here to see if I could get some info on things I am unsure of.

The date that they officially became DBSK, I know the release date of their first single, but in my fic they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary since they first became DBSK.

Who officially/originally called DBSK fans Cassies?

Where I can find a top 10/25 list of Korean hits of the year 2003/2004 - all I can find is the US top 100 list :(

as soon as I can start posting my fic I will please read and comment, I love feedback of any kind :D

12/11/2011 #43

Also just to clarify my fan fic WILL NOT contain Yaoi

Cheers :D

12/11/2011 #44

Hello Cassies! I can you that rite? Since we all are discussing about DBSK

Well, I'd like to be called according to my username. ^^

My favourite is Shim Changmin!!! I just love him.

It's difficult to pick my favourite DBSK songs but I listen often to Hug, Begin, Purple Line, Balloons, Love in the Ice, Why have I fallen for you and mirotic.

1/30/2012 #45

Yay another Changmin lover :D ^^ Oh I love 'Balloons' it's so cute ^^

3/26/2012 #46



Two:Jaejoong & Yunho

Three:Wrong Number, Mirotic, Balloons.

I loved when they were five & I loved all the Yun/Jae moments. Now, I'm a bit sad... The two groups (JYJ/TVXQ) are quite good but it's different.

4/6/2012 #47

Oh I agree Yzanmyo. I love all five of DBSK even if they split, to me I still see them as five and no matter what I'll support Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin. Even if Changmin is my bias, I do not like Homin more than JYJ; I love them all equally.

5/14/2012 #48

I hope to see them as Five again one day...

Happy to find an equally supporter of both groups, like me

You're a Changmin bias, nice I think that since they split he has improove a lot & shown more sexyness than before

5/14/2012 #49

Agreed. I mean they're all from the same group right? So I see no reason to have a rivalry between them, plus if the guys don't hate each other why should Cassie's start hating each other?

Heh heh yeah I agree. Changmin has definately grown up a LOT hasn't he? ;)

5/26/2012 #50

I don't know why cassies hate each other because they support one or another member or ex-member of TVXQ.

Yes He has :)

Junsu also improved a lot. XD

I'm waiting to see the new historical drama with Jaejoong ;)

5/27/2012 #51

Uh, I was just wondering.. I'm trying to post a fanfiction featuring DB5K, But it's highly confusing on how in the name of the world do you use fanfiction.net..? I've been trying for about.. A week now, and I still don't get how this website works... =w="

5/31/2012 #52


It's simple, you can't post a fanfic on this site if it's based on real people like music groups, celebrities or idols...

You can only post a fanfiction about fictionnal characters (from animes, books, movies, series, etc.) or original characters (you created them).

If your fiction is about the group DB5K, you have to publish it on others sites, there is no category here for it & it's against the rules's site...

Entries not allowed:

Non-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc. One or two liners. MST: comments inserted in between the flow of a copied story. Stories with non-historical and non-fictional characters: actors, musicians, and etc. Any form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc.Chat/script format and keyboard dialogue based entries.

Some people publish it even if it's not permitted, choosing general in categories; but the site can erase it & may suspend your account...

Sites likes winglin.com, & others, allow the publication of fanfics about DB5K.

When you want to publish a fic :

1st - upload it on Document Manager

- See in the "Publish" menu when you are connected to the site, in your profile account.

2d - clik on "New story" in this same Menu "Publish" & follow the steps... (choose a categorie, choose a title, a rating, etc etc).

I hope I have helped you with all this :)

6/1/2012 #53

Sorry for the super late reply TT

I have heard of Jaejoong's newest drama and it's quite popular. Is it up on Youtube or anything? =o I'm also curious about Yoochun and Changmin's dramas as well Er I think Changmin has a drama? I can't remember the name of it if he does and I forgot Yoochun's as well heh heh ;

7/30/2012 #54

Are you talking about his drama "protect the boss" or the new historical one "Time Slip Dr Jin". If it's "Protect the boss", you can easily find it on YouTube or DailyMotion. Mmh, about Yoochun & Changmin, Changmin was in "Welcome to the Show" & "Paradise Ranch", Yoochun in "Rooftop Prince" & "Miss Ripley". Yunho did one also, called "Poseidon". As for Junsu, he was in "Scent of a Woman". That's for the dramas :)

8/1/2012 #55
princess nanachan

I'm nana. My lovely idol is Jung Yunho

And I like all their song and performance

4/15/2013 #56

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1/23/2014 #57
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