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The C Trayne

So I have recently watched all of the animated series episodes that have been released thus far along with the second movie (for the umpteenth time) and a thought occurred to me. If the series takes place in between the films and during them Po becomes a fierce fighter who in certain episodes is able to fight off all of the five (the one where they lost their memory) and later is deemed the most powerful of them all (the one where he uses the impossible moves) how is it tigress is able to beat him so easily time and time again in the second movie?

I'm not sure if this is really a question because i know the film came out before the movie it just sort of struck me as odd watching her throw him around like a rag doll on a few occasions haha

12/29/2011 #1

I have yet to watch all of the episodes or the second movie but a lot of people seem to think that the episodes are before the second movie.

Other than that I don't know why. Unless Po is crushing on Tigeress and doesn't want to fight her lol.

1/27/2012 #2
Charlie B.Barkin

I dunno..she's scary?And the series take place after KFP1 and the Christmas Special and BEFORE KFP2.

1/28/2012 #3
The C Trayne

exactly, the series takes place before the second movie and Po is able to you know fight off all of them and then when the second movie comes along Tigress is makin him look like a bowl of soggy noodles :p haha

1/30/2012 #4

...I'm sorry, I think I missed that one. When did he fight them all off?

1/30/2012 #5

The reason is because the show doesn't keep with the continuum of the original films. If it were, Po would act with much more humility, pride, and excitement toward his situation with the Furious Five, there would be a developing progressing in the friendship of Po and Tigress, Tigress would not be as sarcastic or have such a 'whatever' kind of attitude toward everything and everyone, Shifu would call Po by his name instead of Panda, there would not be flaming balls of magic- in general, Kung Fu would not be so overly unrealistic as it is in the show due to the writers being too lazy to look into actual kung fu and how to emphasis the action without making it ridiculous, and a whole bunch of other plot inconsistencies and character inconsistencies. Such as their claim to Po having never gone to school, which you clearly see he has in the end credits of Kung Fu Panda 2.

My best answer I can give is don't take anything the show does as part of the world of the original Kung Fu Panda films, because it's too far off and too ridiculous to even fit in the same world. Po would not be able to curb-stomp the Furious Five like he does. Po would struggle to keep up with them. If this show were truly placed before the second film, it would have shown his struggles not stemming from the fact he knows too much Kung Fu, and therefore is egotistical and overly assured in his skills, but more that they stem from his insecurities in being a newly born Kung Fu master who must deal with the pressures of protecting an entire valley and the lands beyond, and deal with the pressures of trying to live up to the expectations of his childhood heroes, and to the expectations of himself.

2/13/2012 #6
Charlie B.Barkin

..and the fact that it's a kids show.

2/15/2012 #7

It doesn't take an English major to see that the writers for this show have no clue about anything that involves the mythos for the Kung Fu Panda film. There is no excuse for Po being the most powerful. Kids show is a lazy excuse that is insulting to fantastic childrens television that has depth in their characters, depth in their plotlines, and depth in their world. KFP is a kids movie, yet they address the hard subjects like the burning desire a child has for their parents pride and affection, the self hatred we all struggle with, the need to let the pain of the past flow through you instead of holding it back, the pain of losing a child, the fear of losing your family, the struggle we all face with finding our selves, and how the scars of your past do not make who you are today. These are deep subjects for a film that is very much accessible to kids.

So kids show is not excuse for sloppy writing, and lack of attention to detail. I'm not expecting movie quality, but I am expecting them to have the basic knowledge that the Furious Five cannot fly for Christs sake, and Po cannot beat up the Furious Five without trying. He is not that experienced, he will not be that experienced until years into the future. And even if he were, his true mastery of kung fu does not come out when he is fighting for recreation, but when fighting for a cause much larger than himself.

I think a better excuse is that the show is just bad.

2/15/2012 #8

The plainest answer is that the show is not the movies. The series was probably put into development shortly after or even during the first movie- LONG before the sequel ever came out- because cartoons take a long time to produce, especially CGI cartoons, which have about three years of development. Thus, the writers had to go off of what the first movie gave them, which ended with Po, after presumably only weeks (at most, months) of training, defeating the most feared villain in all of China, who had mopped the floor with the five greatest warriors of China single-handedly.

For the in-universe explanation, in Fluttering Finger Mindslip, Po was merely defending himself from the Furious Five- I don't think he was truly whooping them in battle. Plus, they were suffering from memory-loss (who knows how far back their memories had regressed? Maybe they had only been training under Shifu and Oogway as the Furious Five for a few months in their minds) and Po has always been shown to be very good at defense. For Owl Be Back, he's deemed the most powerful because he can master the most difficult and secretive of moves- NOT because he physically whooped everyone else in battle. Being able to perform powerful moves does not automatically make him the strongest physically- despite what everyone else thought. Remember, everyone was jumping to conclusions in that episode.

2/20/2012 #9

Oh yeah, the show is totally not the movies. But it had the first film to go off of, which, when viewed by the general public, did not leave the same impression of the characters as the show apparently has. Po is far stronger than the five in the show, he is far less humble, he is far more clumsy and overall he is just the same character I've seen rehashed and redone a million times in a cartoon. Even in the movie Po marveled the Five and never would have mistaken Tigress or Viper for men. He never was lazy. He was always dedicated to Kung Fu. In the show he acts self-entitled, as if it was his god given right to do Kung Fu. Which it is. Sort of. But the movies plot was the fact Po wasn't sure of himself, he thought he was worthless, and he never believed that he could be a Kung Fu master. I feel like the show should have picked up from there, all the issues stemming from the fact that Po is still really new to all of this, and a little scared and confused but excited all the same. The show depicts a much shallower, much more bitter, much more lazy kind of guy who spends all his time eating. Which is counterproductive to the character development in the first film, which explained why Po ate as much as he did, and that was because he was always upset and he ate when he was upset. But near the climax of Kung Fu Panda, Po had managed to find self confidence, and was no longer upset with his life, and was no longer upset with himself.

Everything the show does completely disregards anything that happened in the first film.

Although I find their depiction of Tigress unnerving, I can kind of get it- she did have a penchant for sarcastic quips, so they kind of bumped that up even though it made her seem less of a confined lover for humor but more like a total jerk who thinks insulting and belittling is funny. Tigress did get annoyed with Po in the first movie, so they probably forgot to watch the ending where she accepts him as a master and as the savior of the valley and decided to make her hate him because once again, she can be sarcastic so she must be rude. And Tigress loves Kung Fu, and takes it seriously, so they make her like a Kung Fu buff. Which I actually like because I always imagined she was the much more held back and emotionless version of Po, in the sense they both are holy dedicated to Kung Fu and are crazy knowledgeable about it.

So even though she's not at all like herself, I can see where they got her from. Honestly I can see where they got all the characters from. They took these minor, downplayed details, and cranked them up to 11. Sometime even past 12. So I can handle that, and it's kind of funny-- but for all the wrong reasons.

But I honest to god do not see where they got Po from. The first movie provides more than enough about his character. He is a light hearted guy who, above all else, loves Kung Fu. Honest to god more than anything. Like his dad with noodles, Po live eats and breaths Kung Fu. He's spent his whole life reading about everything Kung Fu related, and he knows freaking everything there is to know because that's how dedicated he is. He would know things only grandmasters would know. He has a natural knack for picking up on Kung Fu this way, because his mind is totally wired and focused and built around Kung Fu and their ideals. So why is it people need to explain so much to him about things relating to Kung Fu? I see Tigress having to explain things to him because he's lazy and isn't dedicated to the art and HAHA it's so funny how lazy and ignorant he is-- but I think that it would be funnier if Po was teaching Tigress things. Or if not teaching, getting so caught up in it that he cuts her off and starts babbling a sea of facts about whatever the heck she was about to say and has a general fanboy freak out because he loves this crap more than anything in his world. But he wouldn't be doing it to show off, he would be doing it because he honest to god cannot hold himself back because this is pretty much the coolest thing ever whatever the heck Tigress was talking about and he is losing his mind right now.

I mean, Po loves this stuff so much. And he's a nice guy, and he's so pumped to be best friends with his heroes, and he probably gets so worked up that he explodes with all this kung fuey energy. And that's what's so important about him, and that's what makes him the best possible choice for the Dragon Warrior. No matter what happens, no matter how bad it gets, he believes 100% in Kung Fu, and he helps people believe too. The world of KFP is actually incredibly dark, and incredibly depressing. A father must deal with the sorrow of a lost son, his mind clouded by the pain of his loss, his emotions so dedicated to his own daughter that he is determined to not lose her, even at the cost of the misery it will bring both of them. A daughter believing she must make herself perfect to finally earn the affection of her dad, the sadness of believing he will never love her tearing her entirety apart from the inside out. Three Kung Fu warriors, best friends since as long as they can remember, are suddenly torn apart as their leader-- a friend they looked to as a beacon of heroism and strength—is murdered, leaving them to mourn in the loss of a friend, a hero, and a city they can no longer protect. A young lord, head full of ideals and body weak from the pressures of the world around him breaking bits of his mind and tearing it out as he tries so desperately to find happiness in his whole of a life where he believes his parents hate him, where people do not believe he can be anything of a ruler because he is weak, where he truly feels alone and the only way he can find joy in this world is to strip people down and steal it away. Two parents, rulers of a glorious city, die of a broken heart when sending their own son away, knowing they are the reason why he was twisted and broken.

Everyone in this world suffers from these haunting ghosts from their pasts, everyone struggling with the sorrow of their lives, everyone toiling through the day feeling only a dim hope for happiness. And then here comes Po, loud and proud and ready to kick butt, and suddenly that constant air of hopelessness explodes into this energy and passion that nobody really gets and suddenly things start becoming better, and all these wounds begin to heal and all these scars start to go away. Po, as Oogway predicted, brought peace to the valley. He saved them from Tai Lung, but more than that, he opened everyone to possibilities that seemed impossible such a short time ago, and they could finally breath in as the air cleared way for this actual hero, who saved so many people from themselves.

I mean that's the most important part about Po. How he's the most kindhearted, caring, genuine guy you'll meet. He isn't full of himself. He supports everyone unconditionally. He was fully prepared to let Tai Lung back into the valley with open arms, he never once was spiteful to Lord Shen despite the horrible crimes he had committed, and much like the Soothsayer seemed more wanting to help him let go of all the bad things in his past, and to help him become one of the good guys.

He's so supportive he might as well be the bra of the KFP world.

And in the show he's pretty much the opposite of supportive. He's dismissive of his friends, mistakes his childhood idols for dudes for some reason, purposefully erases memories to get out of chores which—by the way—he would be more than enthusiastic to do, he lies, yells, cheats, acts disrespectful to his dad and generally is kind of a jerk.

Tigress had it right in Chain Reaction. This Po doesn't deserve to be the Dragon Warrior.

Even though she wouldn't ever say that because she wholeheartedly believed he was by the end of the first film.

But being Dragon Warrior is more then being able to kick butt. Tons of Kung Fu warriors could kick butt. Tai Lung could kick more butt than anyone. But what made Po different, what made him special, was the fact that he didn't kick butt for any reason other than it's the right thing to do—if the guy said he wanted to be good, Po would totally let him do that scott free. He would hold no grudges. He'd be like, "Yeah sure dude let's get some noodles". Because unlike other warriors, Po is ridiculously nice. He's like Buddha but if Buddha was voice acted by Jack Black which I'm pretty sure would make Buddha 100% more awesome.

Anyways my point is that Po isn't the strongest, he isn't the fastest, but he is the kindest. And the show totally misses that by replacing his strong personality with strong fist punches and kicks and whatever—all those things that don't even matter in Kung Fu. The most important part has always been peace of self and mind.

So going by the first film Po shouldn't be able to beat up the Furious Five because the only reason he could beat Tai Lung was because Tai Lung just fought Shifu, Po had the advantage of having the scroll with him which totally distracted Tai Lung from the actual battle and kind of wore him out and made him a little doubtful of himself and his skills because he was getting his butt handed to him by some no name panda, and by the time Tai Lung and Po actually duked it mano-a-mano out Po had the advantage of confidence, Tai Lung being way exhausted, and having total bodacity on his his side. If all of the Furious Five ganged up on Po at once he would probably be overwhelmed pretty quickly for a number of reasons that mostly revolve around the fact he never takes himself that seriously and isn't too experience despite all his skill.

Anyway TLDR; The show isn't the movies not because the first film didn't provide enough information for the writers, but because the writers decided to disregard everything the movies laid out for them because they thought their way was funnier and/or better. Or some other reason. I really don't know why the show is so different. The first film provided plenty of character information, if you just sat and thought about it. But I guess they made their first draft and rolled with it.

I don't really get it really at all. A majority of the fanfiction writers here seem to get the characters way off as well, and I don't get why at all. I mean is it so difficult to get that from the first film? My god, I know people who don't write even slightly who get a better feed off these films than most of the people I've met on the internet and I'm not entirely sure why this is. I guess people who get KFP don't really write for KFP because they're probably just satisfied with the films depiction of things and don't really feel a need to mess with things.

Honestly, I would love to talk to the LoA writers because I'm fascinated by how closely their show mirrors fanfictions on this website, and I'm wondering if their show was supposed to pander to the more voiced portion of KFP fans online, and that's why everything is kind of skewed? It's really weird. Their Tigress is almost identical to the way a majority of writers online present Tigress.

Anyways this post kind of got out of hand but long story short, Po shouldn't be able to beat up the Furious Five because that's counterproductive to what the Dragon Warrior is, and having only the first movie to go off of is no excuse for being so drastically different. Literally, there is no excuse for the Furious Five flying. They are the Furious Five—not the Furious Fly.

2/21/2012 . Edited 2/21/2012 #10
Charlie B.Barkin

The scene were the Furious Five(apart of Crane)were flying was really odd!I mean...that was too crazy...and Crane was piss#* off because of that.(something that I found amusing.)

Yes...I think that you all have THE points of this matter about the series.The problem is that...maybe we(our generation) don't take the series into consideration BUT the younger ones will.

3/12/2012 #11

I don't know what you really mean by that, but I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess you're saying that our generation will not consider the show apart of the canon of the movies, and the younger generation will? But that doesn't make much sense, considering how I am certain that I am older than the majority of people who concern themselves with writing on forums dedicated to Kung Fu Panda, and that even children have the cognitive ability to recognize how vastly different the show is from the movies. Though I'm not certain if there is much of a "younger generation" to be talking about now. The people who watch this movie certainly are young, and I can't think of how much younger they can possibly get.

As it stands, currently, this current generation has not impressed me much either in the ways of understand the films and the depth of the various characters. Which I cannot blame them, as age of mind comes slowly and steadily, through years of looking and taking apart movies and shows and breaking them to their core to try to understand what went right, what went wrong, and what you-- without personal bias-- could have done to make it better. I'm certain that a younger generation will consider this show apart of the mythos, and I understand that just as well as why people my age might do the same. Your mind can only grow stronger if you teach it to do so. You could very well be thirty, but write a Po/Tigress fanfiction where they squabble like they do in the show and then think that it is both in character and creative. And that's fine. The human mind, especially in the ways of the inventive, grows slowly, and through constant failures and misunderstandings that soon turn into understanding of people and character itself.

It isn't a pleasant thought to me that children might come into the theaters, having only known the show, and begin to compare the movies to the show. I don't think that's fair. In fact, the very thought disgusts me. These movies are brilliant in story execution, character development, and the aesthetic appeal of their world. The show is brilliantly bad in all of those things. And I wouldn't mind so much, and would actually enjoy the show, if it were not connected to the stigma that "this is the beautiful world of Kung Fu Panda". Because it isn't. And it never will be, because the entirety of the tone is wrong, and their approach the character relations is wrong, and everything about the show is wrong and I'm not exactly sure why.

I know that any generation has the possibility to take this show into the canon of the KFP world, and that's probably going to mess them up, but that doesn't make me feel any better about the show. It only makes my hatred for it grow exponentially. And yet, I watch every episode.

I guess even I hope that one day, one episode will make sense. Or be good. Or anything like the movies.

3/12/2012 #12


I completely agree. I've found that the new tv series is a complete dud. The producers and writers for the series aren't taking the time to give the KFP universe the time and respect it deserves. This show is just a mockery of what the films and shorts have already established. And the sad thing is that many of the viewers of this tv series are going to take it seriously. They're going to actually believe that this series co-insides with the films. So they'll believe that Hundun is an actual villian, or that Tigress had a crush on Shifu when she was a teenager. *BLEH!* I shudder at the thought that when the third film comes out, that the kids are going to be comparing it to the tv series. The two should NEVER be compared. I'm still sickened at the fact that the tv series has been tied in with the KFP film section here on FanFiction. LOA should be in the tv/cartoon/lame section, not the awesome/canon/movie section.


4/27/2012 #13

Then what do we follow as canon? How would you make the universe? How is it a mockery? Why does everybody take the little Tigress crush joke so seriously? Will anybody answers these questions without having a fit?

Just to tell everyone, the premise of Kung Fu Panda is comedy first and drama second. LOA decided to focus on the former, and that's not bad at all. But I'll admit that in "Monkey in the middle" Monkey's past was quite tragic.

And I'll admit, a lot of these fics in this part of the site are quite entertaining (Sturgeon's law still applies of course). But many of these fics drift away from the true spirit of the movies. KFP is a PG movie set in fictionalized Ancient China with lighthearted heros and villains of many vareties that go on adventures, battle and have a whacky old time. But we murder, rape, undemonize genocide, mix and match pairs, send them to New York city and give them katanas (those are JAPANESE). Now I tell you, which one sounds more credible as a continuation of a beloved movie? Us or Legends of Awesomeness (and the comic books)?

I can tell that the writers worked hard on making this show and I appreciate for what it is. It is just trying to have fun not make an epic storyline like the movies. And that's what KFP's about: Fun. It's just a fat panda's antics as he saves the valley from danger and learns a few lessons on the way. They decided a nice simple route for the series. And besides, if a characters supposedly acts "out of character" in the show's canon, isn't that technically more canon than our fics? Seriously, we hardly knew a thing about Tigress and the rest of the five before the sequel and TV series (other than the occasional headcanon). How can they POSSIBLY be out of character?

But on the other hand, maybe we are just jealous. I have a feeling more than a few fics have been destroyed by the "canon cannon". I remember when I was a young child and wanting to to be a writer for the series. I wrote four sequels, two prequels and a next generation series. I imagined the new characters as geckos, komodo dragons, elephants, chinese giant salamanders, pangolins etc., giving each one of them their own quirks. I created eight kingdoms, each with their own Asian culture, stone (Jade, Ruby etc.) and magic animal. I remember thinking that they were the best stories ever. But when I read them again when I was older, I realized that the writing style was crap, the characters were not developed enough on the writing and it lost focus on Po, THE kung fu panda. But I still keep it to heart, just for nostalgia, despite being destroyed by the canon cannon.

So if this is just about headcanons, then I understand how hard it is to watch it get destroyed by the canon cannon in front of your eyes. But realize one thing. That is the risk of us fanfic writers. We can either ignore it or allow it to expand our headcanons. The series created so many new and well developed characters (a least better than Mei Ling [what do people see in her?) to use such as Hundun (my third favorite KFP villain), Fung (think he's hilariously pathetic), Wu Kong (Monkey's brother) and many more. Why don't we take advantage of this situation rather than bash it? So many oppurtunities we are missing from hating. Why don't we embrace it as our own?

But this is coming out of the mouth of the guy who deletes his own fics if they are not good in his eyes. The guy who revels in KFP's biological diversity, and label the name of the character's species (like the Golden Languar for Monkey). They guy who wonders if there are kung fu sea animals like Baiji (river dolphins) or great white sharks. The guy who get absolutely annoyed when I see another cat or dog OC (especially when they make many OCs at the same time and there's nothing but cats and dogs), especially when they are named Paul or Bob or Yin and Yang (that's just uncreative). Seriously, there's like thousands of animals in Asia.

But did you know that LOA did more research than ninety percent of these fics? Fenhaung (the owl) is named after the Chinese Phoenix. Taotie is named after ritual bronze vessels from the Shang and Zhou dynasty, known for their animalistic ogre-like faces. Or how they managed to include exotic animals like a Loris (Tong Fo), a Desert Monitor (Chao) and a Takin (Jong Sung Jai Kai Chow). Hope that's enough proof.

But anyways, you can either embrace the series for what it is and forgive their intrusion of our fics (which is the risk we all live with) or you can scorn it and blindly stick to your headcanon. It's okay either way. All in all, we have no power. We just spread the word.

So think about what I said if you want.

EDIT: Realized I was speaking out of my ass and sounding hypocritical. So just ignore my crazed rant.

4/28/2012 . Edited 4/30/2012 #14

I am going to inform you before responding that this is MLAM, and not a separate side account I created specifically to avoid getting the blunt wrath of your sick burns VIA conversation over an animated film about a panda who talks and does martial arts.

I'm not exactly sure how to respond, because you seem to be basing this off the ideal that you are a better fan then anyone else here because you can notice easy details such as crappy OC's and the historical inaccuracies? I don't claim to be a bigger fan then anyone here. I barely even claim myself to be a fan. And it's going to be hard for me to not say I am a tad bit bitter at the fact you've claimed that because you research entirely pointless things about the film, that you are suddenly more informed as to what makes good or bad television? Those are details left to the film makers. That is their concern, and if you are interested in knowing as well, then, that's fine I suppose. But you aren't suddenly more dedicated of a fan. And you certainly aren't proving any points by acting like you are, because fans show their love and dedication in their own ways. The most adoring of fans wouldn't even try to bring attention to it.

Honestly, I'm having a hard time viewing anything of what you said as something other than, "I am the best fan so I like all things Kung Fu Panda related because that is how good of a fan I am". And perhaps that is me being bitter. But I reserve the right to be so, as your last three paragraphs are both rude, untrue, and make you look ignorant to the fact that I don't have headcanons, I'm not one of those fans, I don't sit around saying "I bet this and this happened wouldn't that be cool?????"

I have two movies and three animated shorts to go off of for information, and they provide more than enough information. I have written a total of one fanfiction for KFP which I am neither proud of nor do I think it is at all in the character of the movies, ignoring vital plot details that at this point I'm not quite sure how I missed. I think the most glaring mistake I may have made was claiming that acupuncture does not work on Po, when it quite clearly does and the only reason Mantis couldn't do it was because he was looking at an acupuncture chart for a tiger with a panda painted over it. I had made the assumption that acupuncture was incapable of working on Po because he was impervious to Tai Lungs nerve strike, which is both false and highly ignorant for me to think so.

So I'm not saying I am the end all source of things Kung Fu Panda. I never have and I never will. I deeply respect the original source, and I do admit that I spend more time than I should seeking outside material related to it. Believe me, I was excited as anyone for the release of Legends of Awesomeness. A show based off of these fantastic films? What a great idea! I saw some animation reels from before it was released, and the scenes they showed really seemed to capture the essence of the movies. Po, being an excitable kung fu nerd swinging around a pair of 'tiny nunchucks' like some ultimate master. Or having Shifu request him to go down to the valley and bring him an apple. There was a scene i wasn't entirely sure on but I chalked it up to rule of funny and moved on. And even though I was disappointed they went down the road of CGI, when even I could see that it couldn't be pulled off in a way that would not look creepy, I was excited and marked the date for the episode.

And to be honest, when I saw the first episode, I was gushing. Gushing like a gushy gush fangirl full of love and excitement and I was going to crap my pants because I loved the show so very much at that point because, it was Kung Fu Panda, the /television series/ and why wouldn't I want that? Except I felt weird watching it. Things felt off to me. Like, why when Tigress was left in a room of children with the same sickness as she, did she act as though she would rather gouge out her eyes? She had always been kind to children. In the first film, when evacuating the city, she took a cart full of kids to lead them out of the valley and did so with all the motherly reverence I had come to expected from her personality. She cuddles a small pig child in the Holiday Special, feeding him a bean bun while making cooing noises like she is a freaking PRO at being around kids and taking care of them. I know I claimed earlier that I could understand Tigress' characterization, but I really can't, it doesn't add up at all given both movies and the shorts and pretty much even just the first movie which was pretty obvious when saying that she was everything her character on television is not.

She's not going to outwardly say, "I don't think you should have been the Dragon Warrior" no matter how much you cry out, "you're getting upset over you headcanons". She isn't that person. She can't be that person and if she is, then, well, I actually hate her because she is horrible in every way. But Tigress isn't. I love her she is my baby and I will act like a mother and defend her because she is one of the best characterizations I've seen in a film since a very long time, and matches Po in her level of depth and complication.

All these characters have a crazy amount of layers to them, and they feel like honest people, living and breathing. and LOA takes the base skin of all those layers and then cranks it up to be these stale, shallow, listless and lifeless characters and I don't hate them so much as I hate what they are supposed to represent. There are aspects of LOA that I actually like a lot, which are all the characters made specifically for the show because they are not complete bastardizations of any character from the film and can actually develop freely without hitting the road bump of "not acting anything like the person they are supposed to represent".

I mean I pretty much am in love with the Croc bandits because, seriously, I'm going to pee myself they're so funny. So I am going to say right here, right now, if this show was not supposed to be based off of Kung Fu Panda I would unabashedly love it. It's stupid and nonsensical and if I ignore that everyone is supposed to be from Kung Fu Panda then I really enjoy except for the one fact that they ARE supposed to be from KFP and then I want to cry a little because I don't want to see Po yelling at children, or being malicious and cruel to his friends, or constantly being called fat and eating a lot and being lazy and undisciplined when he isn't that, not anymore if he ever was that at all.

At this point I'm waiting for the show to make a "Po slept in because he is fat and lazy and Shifu yells at him" joke so I can cry myself into oblivion because that isn't true, it isn't Po that is not Po that isn't him he loves Kung Fu it's all he's ever wanted but he's not as skilled as his friends EVERYONE WHO WORKED ON THE MOVIES SAID SO, THEY SAID THAT HE ISN'T AS SKILLED AS HIS FRIENDS BUT HE'S SHOWING GREAT IMPROVEMENT

That, is not a headcanon. That is canon beyond the universe and into infinity because the movie showed it, the character displayed it, and the director confirmed it. There is word of god, implication and flat up THAT IS HOW IT IS. LOA completely disregarded that fact though. And if they'll disregard that, why wouldn't they disregard anything else? Why wouldn't they throw caution to the wind and do something entirely for rule of funny?

Okay, yes, KFP is a world of comedy and action. That's obvious. That is the foremost, outer layer, that is shown and focused on. But beneath that? The fanfictions are actually pretty right on this one. There is genocide, murder, abandonment, emotional scarring, physical abuse, themes of loss and death, imprisonment that could even constitute as torture, and perhaps even more? But the thing is that the films did right is, the world is full of these things. These evil actions, and horrible ideals. But the world is also full of humor and life and more often than not, you are going to see the good around you, and things are going to feel a lot brighter then they are dark.

I mean, but that's why those fanfictions who focus on those themes are going to seem out of place and incorrect when they aren't that far off some of the time. Kung Fu Panda does't focus on those themes. They're not supposed to, because that's now how life is. The horrible things that happen in life are always offscreen somewhat, and though you can feel their presence, they are not entirely there to play 100% in your life the same way humor or action might.

If the first film had followed only Tai Lung, the world of KFP would not seem as light hearted.

But, that isn't the point, because life always has its tragedies and if you move on, things aren't so bad. But LOA doesn't give the world any weight, any consequence. It's all Kung Fu flying magic and butt hearts and rainbows and oh my god is that a unicorn??????? KFP is funny, sure, but it still follows it own rules and logic and physics which do not differ from our world all that much. Some things are tweaked to be a touch more extreme, therefore more entertaining to watch, but LOA is utter chaos and follows no order. Do you want someone to shoot fireballs out of their hands? Sure, okay, why not? Want every member of the Furious Five to be able to fly? oh man that doesn't seem out of place at all!

The world of Kung Fu Panda is a world of legend. Everything that happens, it's almost as if you are watching the growth of a god. So things are a little different, a little bit more than our world, a little bit more out of reach- but just as in legends, they still feel as though they are real, as though the progression of events was so natural that perhaps a lowly noodleshop boy could grow to becoming a master so grand he could send fire and metal back to his enemies, as though it were nothing more than a bead of water.

The world of LOA is more akin to things like Adventure Time or Regular Show-- series whose humor is based off of non sequitur situations that have little to no rationalization. Which is, by any stretch of the imagination, fine, but cannot work for Kung Fu Panda which is actually quite grounded in it's jokes. It isn't as though Po will suddenly just rocket off into space for a joke. It isn't that type of movie. But it's relatable in its humor, its situational in its humor-- we're laughing not because it's random or off kilter, but because they are awkward situations or moments we've been in, or funny because my god, those bowls on Po's body look like breasts!

They can be stupid jokes, but they aren't ridiculous or unfathomable.

Look, if you want to accept the theatrics and the magic and the flying of the show as canon for the films, I actually don't care. At all. Not even a little. I feel the show displays a lack of fundamental understanding of the source material, but the shows existence only hurts my pride, and very little else. I still watch it, and anyone else is allowed to watch it. I will not blindly accept it as canon however, only because it shares the name and the rights of the movie. I feel that is some cases, necessary to view any and all media with a touch of skepticism. I feel the key difference is that the show is not directed or made by the same people who worked on the movie, so I am more likely to not accept everything as canon. If the things that happened in LOA happened during the next film, I might feel a tad disappointed, but I would resign myself to the fact that LOA was correct in its interpretation. I couldn't fight that, nor would I, but I would criticize the movies all the same for becoming so incredibly low quality all of the sudden.

I am in fact quite terrified at the idea of LOA being canon in any way or form, because it is so low quality in comparison to the movie. I do not care if the amount of effort put into it was beyond comprehension or there was no effort placed in it at all, because the show, even if I enjoy its stupidity at times, it still incredibly bad, especially when placed in comparison to the smart humor and emotional depth of the films and animated shorts.

'We', as you like to refer to me as, are not jealous. We are frustrated and concerned over the fact that people honestly think that LOA is an accurate continuation of the movies, as it so claimed to be.

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #15

You are right. My comment was unfair to all fans. I don't really consider myself hardcore of a fan (don't even own merchandise), but I'm sorry for sounding condescending. I did not mean to sound prideful and abrasive. I don't worship the show, but I consider it okay and such. The movies are just definetly better.

But I totally understand what you mean by you not liking the show now. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings in any ways and please forgive me for sounding like a jerk. It was wrong to rant about a animated series that doesn't even matter in the jist of things in life. Next time, I'll make sure to think of opinions in other people's point of view. Thank you for your opinion and please forgive me for sounding mean. I didn't mean to sound so mean. I shouldn't assume that we all should think the same way. It was terrible to think that.

And to be honest, I've never seen all the episodes yet. Or the Secrets of the Masters. Or the Holiday Special.

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #16

Okay uh first I actually want to apologize because I'm not exactly sure why everything posted as one paragraph? That must have been horrible to have to read and I should probably go in and edit it because my god, but I applaud your persistence because I would have quit like four sentences in.

But blah blah don't really worry about it, no need to apologize, I get really worked up about both the movies and the show and everything in general, everything is goodwill and love between everyone. I can send you a link to the Holiday special if you'd like to watch it sometime? It's really a sweet special. I think I could also hook you up with the Secrets of the Masters if you'd like? It's really pretty aesthetically, and I think it adds a lot of depth to Master Rhino and his death.

4/29/2012 #17

Aw man! That'd be real nice of you thanks! Sometimes I also say bad things when I'm frustrated. I checked some fanfics, and pretty much everything I said is NOT TRUE. We're just an expanded universe.

And to make it up to you and to show that I am grateful for your offer, I tried to find the most "accurate" episode of LOA. I may have a few wierd thing (I admit, I'm not the best canon wise), but I can tell there was more effort here than the other ones. It's the episode "Monkey in the Middle". Starts a little slow, but it's worth it. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

4/30/2012 #18

Hehe, I've actually seen that episode. I admittedly watch LoA religiously, despite my complaints about it. I'm a tad bit bitter about the show but I really do love the characters made specifically for the show.

Anyways, it seems the copies I had of the shorts had been taken down, but I managed to find some others that seem to be of just as good quality. I also hear that the Holiday special is finally going to be put on DVD, after all this time, so you could probably pick up an HD version later if you ever find yourself in the position.

KFP: Holiday Special

[ ]

KFP: Secret of the Masters

[ ]

4/30/2012 . Edited 4/30/2012 #19
Charlie B.Barkin


I was reading the last posts and I may have to ask one thing to you...what's the matter with Mei Ling?Didn't like her?Or it's just something else?

5/1/2012 #20

I don't hate her or anything, but I just find her to be 2-dimensional, have a sandpaper (almost sueish) personality and only there to make Crane become She's just a means to an end with at most a minute of screen time. But I'm probably just overly critical thought.

And I'm totally gonna check out that Holiday special ASAP. Looks great.

5/1/2012 #21
Charlie B.Barkin

With 1 minute you can't really know how her personality is...

5/1/2012 . Edited 5/1/2012 #22
Charlie B.Barkin

Just to make Crane awesome heh?Hum...who knows what happened after...

5/1/2012 #23

Yeah. I can't really know her personality fully. But I'm only going with what I watched. I don't really think much about what happened after either due to lack of development. For all I know, she's now a dark tyrant that created the one ring "TO RULE THEM ALL"! But maybe if...and only if canon brings her back somehow, I might change my opinion. For now, she's just a blank slate to me.

5/1/2012 #24

Hehe, whether or not you like Mei Ling isn't super important. I found her character very sweet, but you're right, she was only on screen for about a minute or so, and she is more of a blank slate than anything. When it comes to her most of my interpretation of her is based off of speculation, so there's really no way to refute any one persons opinion of her, even though your opinion of a character is not refutable by nature seeing how it is, of course, a personal response to the actions and personality of any one person.

I think her addition was important, in any way, as Crane would in fact need someone with high energy and confidence pushing him forward, and giving him a goal to work towards. I saw her 'being the best' less of trait added because, why not? But more because it would set a goal for Crane, for him to work to become better than her. He would need some sort of catalyst, considering his nervous nature.

But her necessity does nothing to alter the fact how it would be very easy to see how any one person might find her bland, underdeveloped or uninteresting. My view of how I felt she would have developed is entirely speculation, and I'm not one to treat my mental ideals as though they must be the final truth, to rule them all. Though I had once read a story which introduced her as one of the Wu sisters, and I must admit I am rather keen on that being a thing, whether she be some mysterious forth sibling or one of the original 3-- which seems far less likely, though the entire idea is unlikely by nature, and based off of one minute of screen time and speculation from a fan.

Not a very sturdy basis for anything, I admit, but I do not claim it to be anything more than how I fill my thoughts when left alone for long enough.

5/1/2012 #25
Beakwood years...who knows what the hell happened anyway, they had a lot of time for anything. :P

9/7/2013 #26
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