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Talk about couple:







Anything really

6/20/2008 #1

so who do you think is the best couple?

6/23/2008 #2


And CraneXViper

6/24/2008 #3

Tigress x Tai Lung (YAY)


Tai Lung x OC

6/26/2008 #4

I agree with Tigress X Tai Lung ! :heart:

(Not a big fan of OCs in romantic pairings, though...)

6/27/2008 #5

I agree with Tigress X Tai Lung ! :heart:

(Not a big fan of OCs in romantic pairings, though...)

6/27/2008 #6

^Can someone smack the guy who posted before me?^

Anyways, I sorta like Tai Lung x Tigress, but I prefe Tigress x Po over it. And seriously, Viper x Crane? WTF... they don't even speak to eachother through out the course of the movie... I think.

6/29/2008 #7
Mrs Snowball

I'd smack him, Tokokono, but I suspect he is some kind of psycho, so I don't even want to touch him, to be honest.

I'm a big Crane fan, but I think ViperxCrane is a bit odd for the reasons you mentioned. I don't dislike it - one of my favourite stories involves that couple - I just don't support it personally.

6/29/2008 #8

Personaly i hate poXtigress alot. I do not see were ppl are geting it from. Ok i see the part were she jumps up and hits the blocks and he looks at here funny that does not mean she likes him. I'd rather see ViperXpo, and on that note Tigress hated po at that point and never grown to like him much.

I hate it when ppl base a whole romance off 1 10 second part.

6/29/2008 #9

Eh, I stand by with the phrase, "The more you love someone, the more you want them dead." So, thats kinda where I get a lot of pairings like that. But, I can accept your opinion. Even if it is wrong. (Joking)

Then again, I am the author of a 21 chapter PoxTigress fic, so, one should expect me to think that anyone who sees their relationship as other wise is wrong. :P

(Oh, and to the guy who posted before Icemeerkat, I think you're right. Have you looked at his profile!?)

6/29/2008 #10

Haha, I have a terrible weakness for the dynamics of heroine and antagonist/anti-hero ships. So of course, I would ship Tai Lung/Tigress. LOL

But I can see Po/Tigress, definitely. :D

6/29/2008 #11

The thing is when you have no romance to a story there is room for non-canon crap. lets say they made a KFP 2 and tigress found a guy.

Reasons i dislike poxTigress:

1 There no solid evidence supporting it

2 she was the most Angrey out of the 5 so that's one more

3 when she did jump up at the block to kick she didn't even pay attention to po

4 the only thing she says NICELY to po is master and before that she hated him

5 she didn't even eat his cooking

6 lets be honest at there personality'sare completely different Tigress is always serious and never fooled around Po is slow and not smart ( To a point) and his clumsy.

7 she insulted him up till the end of the movie

i though i like this paring when i saw the movie but it grow off me.

6/29/2008 #12

P.S loves a 2 way street

6/29/2008 #13

Ya' know Icemeerkat? I'm just going to stop arguing now, becuase you seem just like the kind of person who doesn't give up. I'm not trying to sound rude or offensive, if I am.

I don't know if you're young, or old enough, to remember this show. But, if you are, do you know the show Hey Arnold!? If you do, you might know of Helga, the local school prik. She acts like a bitch all of the time, but, when she's away, she always lusts after Arnold and his football-shaped head. That's kind of my view with Tigress, she shows hate on the outside, but inside, its a whole other story. But, that's probably just me being a dork. Whatever.

I'm done arguing this now. =D

And I would like to say this; Go Tigress x Tai Lung!

6/30/2008 #14

:( we were making such good friends to.

6/30/2008 #15

You know what, you're right, arguing is so much fun! ;D

I just noticed something really over-the-top about this, but, I was watching the movie again last night, and I noticed that in the scene where Po had just left Crane's room, and Tigress comes out and bitches at him, when he's saying, "This is your room," he look down there for a split second. I mean, you really have to look to see it, but its there! Ohhhhhhhhh. Check that! I know that was rediculous but I just thought that I should put that out. There are a million things I could put out that are absolutley rediculous, but I'm not going to. ;D

6/30/2008 #16

I don't know how many of you are young or old, children or adults, but I'm twenty-plus years old and let me tell you: In real life it is very rare for a man to get the woman he wants if she doesn't like him first. When my friend was perusing this one woman, he'd do all sorts of nice things for her and get her high-end gifts. You know what she did? She labeled him a "stalker". Some time later, another woman came along whom had an interest in him. He really had no inclination to her but she persisted and now they're moving in together.

So you see, it is meaningless if Po likes Tigress. I myself, while watching the movie, got the feeling that she was his favorite out of the five. But if she doesn't already like him, then he has no chance of getting her.

Now IF she DOES like him like Tokokono believes, then a Po x Tigress story would be more plausible. It'd have to be from her POV and give explanations of how she came to like him and other fluffy stuff like that.

This is just advice I'm dishing out. Now, for my opinion:

Tigress and Tai Lung would be a MUCH better couple! :heart: First of all, women in real life have a soft spot or weakness for rebellious or angsty men. Tai Lung is both, so of course Tigress would fall victim to his charms. Secondly, they are both cats. A same genies relationship just sits better with me than a cross genies relationship like Panda x Tigress.

6/30/2008 #17
Mrs Snowball

Much as I'd love to argue, but I'm actually very neutral when it comes to KFP pairings. I have nothing against PoxTigress or TigressxTai Lung; I think they could both work equally well.

I'm not siding with any particularly pairing at the moment; not even with Crane. I'm very open-minded when it comes to Crane pairings; I've even looked at PoxCrane before and whilst I can't say I'm its biggest fan, it didn't bother me much (the story itself was good though). Personally, I can't see him paired with anyone, but I wouldn't mind if he was.

6/30/2008 #18

Wait, Reverend, are you talking about that one fic, "Magnificent Mistake?" 'Cause that one really creeped me out.

6/30/2008 #19
Mrs Snowball

I am. Like I said, I'm not crazy about it; to be honest, it creeped me out a little bit. (and I'd read the censored version!)

6/30/2008 #20

Oh god, trust me, you don't want to read the uncensored version. It takes the step from creepy to just plain unnessecary.

*EDIT* Oh! OH! OH! I just found more proof of Po x Tigress! Sorta... At the beginning, when Po had just woken up from the dream sequence, when he mimiced the stances in front of his action figures, he roared after saying Tigress. Why her? Why not the others as well? Why not hiss at Viper, do a chimp... yell.. thingy at Monkey? Or make whatever sound a Praying Mantis makes at the Mantis figurine!? Ok... I'm done now. I just felt like I had to put that out. I'm determined to prove this pairing canon. =D

6/30/2008 . Edited 6/30/2008 #21

Well, lookie that. I have found some proof of CranexViper. Not really, though. I found that image while flipping through the official website.

I'm not a huge fan of that pairing anyways. Just thought I should bring that image up. *runs off to find more proof of PoxTigress*

6/30/2008 #22
Mrs Snowball

I don't know... if I had to choose a Crane pairing, it would probably be that one. I've seen some good stories featuring that pair (incidentally, I love their expressions in that picture).

6/30/2008 #23

Ya, that would be my pick as well. I seriously dont get where people get some of these pairings. I honestly have no clue as to where one whould get CranexPo. And, I agree, their expressions in that pic are great. If you look closley, it looks like Viper is smiling. Interesting...

6/30/2008 #24

Interesting topic, I'm surprised I didn't find this sooner... As to all that's offered on the table: In the actual movie, those who have said that there is no solid evidence to suggest any romantic tension between Po and Tigress are right, there is none. But, there were two instances in the movie that tells me (in my own manner of opinion) there is one-sided romantic tension between the two, most notably on Po's side of the fence.

The first: the morning after Oogway's conversation with Po to believe in himself. If you all have seen the movie, (and I'm guessing you all have) remember when Po was trying to do a split on those two whatchamacallits, and Shifu and the Five find him there.. Picturing it? Okay, so anyway, after Shifu throws those two stone/wooden discs into the air, and Tigress flies up to decimate them, freeze frame. Look at the expression on Po's face as she does it, and after she lands on the ground. That's the same expression I get every time a beautiful girl passes me by (whether by accident or otherwise). Side note: Please try and forget that last part...

Second: Fast forward to the end of the movie, just after the 'Dragon Warrior' emerges from the cloud of dust. Who is the first to bow in respect and show us a smile? Hmmmm? Well, there you go. And don't forget, there was never, ever, never one time in the movie when Tigress smiled, save for the flashback when she was five years old, of course before Master Shifu pulled the 'grumpy old grandpa' routine on her.

At any rate, Kung Fu Panda 2 is already in pre-production, and I wouldn't be surprised if DreamWorks takes the idea of romance into the second film. It's been in every DreamWorks film to date. Plus, Po and Tigress seem to have the typical one-sided 'hate-at-first-sight' relationships, events in the movie that changes that person's hateful opinions of the other around at the end; It's all a set up for things to come. But I digest....

Sorry for the soap-box routine, but in case anybody wants to know: Yes, I am a mega-fan of the Po/Tigress ship. They are two opposites, and like it or not, those are the most successful kinds of relationships.

Peace out, ya'lls :)

6/30/2008 #25

Okfrom one side of the argument we got what ifs and from the other we got because.

6/30/2008 #26

Wow... Kippis, I guess that works. Nice response. Yay mega-fans of PoxTigress!

7/1/2008 #27

Po could of just look at her out of "Wow look at one of the Furious5" Cause remember after that when he pick up the peace of rock Shifu said the only thing we collect is broken bones and such (Forget what the other is) Now why would dreamworks do that if they were trying to add romance to it and if they did why not just fit it in the movie , lets face it they always put romance up front.

She smiled maybe idk the guy that tried to kill the valley just died. would you show respect?

7/1/2008 #28

"and bloddy knuckles"... Yes, that's true. Like I said before, it's all a matter of opinion. This could be a new type of epic film for DreamWorks though, because it's not like many of the ones we've seen before. And would I show respect? Yeah, sure, but that smile was something else. (I don't know, maybe I'm over analyzing it like Ebert & Roeper do) lol

And the look thing: It could've been just that, but remember back to when Po and Shifu first went into the training hall for the first time, and saw the Five sparring... There (in my mind) was the "Wow look at one of the Furious 5" look; the second time, I'm not so sure.

Who knows, maybe DW is trying to sneek a little subtle romance in through the back door.....

7/1/2008 #29

That be nice. Ya 'know, if they're going to try to make 6 movies, there better be some romance somewhere in the mix. At least a one-way thing... like what some of us thinks Po has in the first.

*continues waiting for 2010*

7/1/2008 #30
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