BenXGwen rocks!
Well, I think this couple is the best! They look soooooo cute together! What do you think?
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Mr. BG

Don't you just hate it when you ruin a perfectly good show by adding a love interest to Gwen even if she already could have had one? The chemistry Ben and Gwen shared was unique and special and they just had to ruin it with AF crap. Dammit! How bout you?

6/24/2008 #1
Baku babe

So many moments between Ben and many I don't think I can even count! Remember 'The secret of the Omnitrix'? Remember Gwen being 'eaten'? Those are exactly the moments I'm talking about! And they just go right ahead and make Gwen 'magically' fall in crush (oh, it's not love, trust me) with someone she didn't have ANY chemistry with and who had tried to KILL her in the past, what, suddenly it's so easy to forgive and forget?

6/24/2008 #2

I agree. I'm so hoping that something will happen to prevent any possibilities of Gwen/Kevin even if Ben/Gwen doesn't happen.

6/24/2008 #3
Mr. BG

I could understand if Gwen will have a crush at Kevin but seriously; at the very first ep? I mean, WTF?! She sees him for the first time after 5 years and suddenly boom! She forgets about his past life and isn't even suspicious one bit to the point of hugging on to him just 15 min. to the end of the first ep? How desperate was Man of Action to separate Ben and Gwen from each other?

6/24/2008 #4
Exactly..... I mean they just ruined a perfect relationship!! The Man Of Action team could have just dropped Kevin on some garbage dump and carried on with the story, with Ben and Gwen being the main couple... Really...What the f*** ?????
6/26/2008 #5
Mr. BG

I wish AF turns out to be some crappy spin-off in an alternate time line so they could just make another better spin-off of the original show with Ben and Gwen being involved romantically. This isn't a kids show anymore so you could just make them fall in love and just pay no attention to all Gwevin saps who probably got easily swayed by AF without actually watching the original Ben 10 thus not understanding the point we Bengwenites are trying to make.

6/26/2008 #6

I really hope AF turns into the worst show ever produced... Then maybe the Man of Action team will realise the blunder that they have comitted by pairing Gwen and Kevin; take the show off air; make it all over again; and come back on air...... But this time, with a BenXGwen pairing!!! How nice that would be, isn't it??

6/28/2008 #7
Baku babe

Speak loud so God will hear you and make our wish come true!

6/28/2008 #8
Mr. BG


6/28/2008 #9
Baku babe

ROFL FOFL LOL LOL FOFL *GASP* *GASP* ROFL ROFL bengwen014 you planning on making me die from laughter, cause you're well on your way LOL

6/28/2008 #10
Mr. BG

If I can make anyone laugh I consider that a real good day. If I make Baku babe laugh then maybe a week...or a month. There is this one issue bothering me about Ben and Gwen's relationship. I'll just make a new topic about it.

6/28/2008 #11
Baku babe

Just saw the movie "secret of the Omnitrix" again (that's my 3rd or 4thtime, it's just so cool and addicting and FILLED to the BRIM with BenxGwen *sigh and grin stupidly*) and I must ask: has anyone EVER seen Ben as angry as he did after he saw Gwen being 'eaten' and thought her to be dead? Seriously he was FURIOUS and he kept on mentioning she's dead, poor kid....but it was sooooooooo beautiful seeing him cry and running, or should I say sprinting, to hug her towards the end. Such a beautiful moment I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it, and every time I watch it again it seems like the first time.

Another beautiful moment was when she asked him a rhetorical question with a little laugh "what would you do without me?" and he answered in a low voice "sure am glad I don't have to find out" and when she asked "what was that (you said)?" he made up some lie and said that he's useless without the Omnitrix and she gave him a pep talk about him being a hero on his own and not needing the Omnitrix, sounds familiar? It SHOULD, I mean after all it's practically the same pep talk she gave him in the 1st episode of AF when they were in the gym.

Alright people, so what's your favorite episode? Can also include the movie and AF *sigh* if anyone even bothers to watch it anymore.

7/1/2008 . Edited 7/1/2008 #12
Mr. BG

'Tourist Trap' 'Big Fat ALien Wedding' ''Goodbye and Good Riddance' 'Lucky Girl' 'Ben 10000'

7/1/2008 #13
Baku babe

Hey everyone, great news! I just found a site containing ALL Ben 10 (not sure if AF also, haven't checked) episodes for download including movies and specials in High QUALITY! Anyone wants the site just PM me.

7/2/2008 #14
Mr. BG

Okay...PM it to me. I'm dying to watch eps anyway cause the damn Ben 10 sight is so faulty. I can't watch Gwen in a bikini! That's like the ultimate nightmare for me! Dammit!

7/3/2008 #15
Baku babe

Alright my bengwenites, I have found a couple with a relationship somewhat similar to Ben & Gwen's. I highly recommend watching the 3 part 'movie' (which is called an OVA in Japanese terms) called "Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru" which translates to I love my sister or Secret Sweethearts, not quite sure about that. Anyway, It's about twins where the male twin, named Yori, falls in love with his twin-sister, Iku, and agonizes over the fact that he cannot tell her. It really reminded me of Ben and Gwen in some ways, and that's why I chose to bring you the link to watch and judge for yourself:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Please tell me whether this reminded you of Ben & Gwen's relationship in some ways (and I stress that because I know there are MAJOR differences, like the fact they are TWINS and not cousins, which makes it somewhat immoral) and in what way it reminded you.

Warning: There are mild sex scenes, not something major cause you hardly see anything, it's something like the sex scene in chapter 15 of "It just slipped" by our one and only bengwen014, in terms of what you get to see. But I'd suggest not watching if your parents are around, you could get grounded *grin*

7/5/2008 . Edited 7/5/2008 #16
Mr. BG

Hmm...quite enticing to my ear except that it has nothing to do with couples though. Quite incest and immoral but heck it's just an anime and yeah it is quite disturbing but nonetheless it brings about a message. Just change from sibling to cuz and you get the idea. See? They made an anime about SIBLINGS! Why can't they do cousin couples too because it's perfectly alright? I don't get Man of Action. You think too much about money buddy and that was AF's mistake. Many fans despised the show and truthfully i wish it gets canceled but not before i finish downloading Gwen pics! I had a million bucks I'd buy Ben 10 rights and change the story! Peace out!

7/5/2008 #17

Same with me over here!!! I really wish I could buy the Ben 10 show, and then change the whole story!! Wait a sec... I have a better idea! bengwen014, Baku babe and me could just buy out the whole thing together!! All of us are in love with the BenXGwen pair, and all of us are highly creative when it comes to writing BXG things.... So just imagine how NICE it would be if all three of us could buy the rights from Man of Action and Alex Soto, and then give an entire new (BXG) twist to the story!!

Go to hell all you Gwevin shippers out there!!! BXG rules!!! BXG!! BXG!! BXG!!!!!!!

7/5/2008 #18
Baku babe

Hmm, femmefatale2 you know how much the rights to Ben 10 cost?! Because of all the toys and games and school associated stuff it's about...add 6...pass the 2...7 million dollars (give or take a few) so I HARDLY think (unless I move to the US and win a 150 millions dollars lottery) that I could ever afford to buy it, even with you helping me financially *sigh* but it's nice to dream though right?

7/6/2008 #19
Baku babe

Ok guys, here is the link to a few more pics I captured, have fun and enjoy:

The link expires in about a week, so download fast!

7/7/2008 #20

Or how about how the entire Universe can just blow up because without Gwen, just all else is lost in Secrets of the Omnitrix (( I love that part the best))

I love in The Last Laugh, Ben worried and the frown on his face as he kneels to touch an unconcious Gwen and the litle smile on his face.

Gwen having a little brainwashed Grey Matter comb her hair and feed her grapes in Midnight Madness, also Gwen not letting him sleep, and Wildvine's indignant "How come she gets to drive?!"

I loved the first episode of Ben 10 AF when Gwen is like "Be-en!" and Ben is like "Wa-atch!" I cracked up because they sounded so married. Also in the first episode, how he feel asleep on the floor and it seemed almost like he was waiting to look up her skirt because of the angle-- that could just be my sick Bwen shipping mind though.

In Ghostfreaked Out, Ben reassuring Gwen at the end of the show to gain a hug-- and how he smiled when he was sure she wasn't looking.

In Ben 10,000 Gwendolyn kidnapped Gwen because she knew Ben would follow her anywhere, as well as the reason to take Ben to the future to wake Ben 10k up. And also the reference of "your Ben" to Gwen at the end.

The random smirking moments of theirs-- like in Hunted and Ben 10,000. And well... yeah there's lots. It was not fanfiction that convinced me of a Bwen relationship, it was the show itself ^^

7/7/2008 #21
Mr. BG

Yeah...pretty much Ben 10 convinced me of the ship. I didn't even know fanfiction at that time until a little later. Weird though how they put so much 'romantic' moments on two cousins but supposedly passed it as familial. C'mon? Who you kidding writers? Ghostfreaked Out was my favorite moment as you can tell from my avatar and Ben 10000 with Gwendolyn knowing Ben will follow Gwen anywhere was awesome too! Too bad Man of Action thinks about money too much as is pretty much scared of the controversy of what the relationship might bring. But they are also being irresponsible by continuing to make people think that cousin coupling is still wrong and thus the myths continue to thrive. Such a pity...

7/8/2008 #22
Baku babe

Yes, those are definitely some of my favorite moments. So sweet! Hopefully Man of Action reads our notes and fanfics and plans a twist in the AF plot (like firing the writing both senses of the word) so the universe will go towards Ben 10,000 except we'll get a more loving Ben...

7/8/2008 . Edited 7/8/2008 #23
Baku babe

Ok guys, whoever posts the 100th BenxGwen fanfic will get 12 new BenxGwen pics I collected. So far we've got 78.

7/8/2008 #24

You people are right they should pair up what if they're cousins you don't even have the same blood only 1/2 or 1/3 is the same as ben. Marrying your cousin is not gross or taboo it doesn't mean anything. You wouldn't rather marry a stranger like Kai Green and plus Kai didn't even like him in the first place rather than your cousin. Like in the ep Back with a Vengeance which cousin would risk their life to save a cousin Gwen calls "dweeb", "freak", and "doofus". And which cousin is like ben who gives away the omnitrix to save gwen when the watch holds sacred power! That clearly states Ben likes Gwen and Gwen likes Ben! Another evidence in the ep Benwolf why did Gwen kept rubbing ben's crush in his face because she's jelous! I also know why gwen calls ben names because to not show ben she likes him! Same thing to Ben too!

8/2/2008 #25
Baku babe

First of all I would like to give you a warm 'welcome!'to the bengwenites community and thread! This forum is where we discuss all the evidenceand reasons of why Ben & Gwen belong together WAY more than Kevin and Gwen *shudders* and judging from your speech above you're truly a bengwenite! One of the main goals of this forum is to make a difference; we have a reason to believe that MOA is not entirely sure yet who to pair Gwen up with yet, but due to pressure from uninformed-about-cousin-facts mothers and losing their money, they (yes, MOA is a group of people, check in Wikipedia) seem to be pairing her up with Kevin...our goal is to give them VERY good fans' reasons to change that for her to end up with Ben. The reasons you gave are excellent but sadly, for MOA, they just don't cut it. But don't worry, we believe that together united we WILL make a difference, and that's why I'm happy to have you join us, so again WELCOME, and hopefully we WILL make a difference - and a good one at that.

*Waves an empty flat box in the air* Err guys? We're outta cookies! Femmefatale2 could you go get some more please? Thanks! Gosh it's fun being on the dark side *grin*

8/3/2008 #26

In AF "Plumbers Helpers" I can see ben did get jealous of gwen talking about Kevin on the bus. The Moa group has Four good comic writers but ended Ben 10 bad!!! If Ben and gwen won't get married why did the MOA make Ben and Gwen so close. They hug a lot for cousins!!!! I want to share a story go and read it and put a review i think ben likes gwen in AF!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!! Ben X GWEN!!!

8/5/2008 #27
sadistic lunatic

Howdy, new blood here. I've just started watching ben 10 last week so my knowleadge about the series has much to be desired. i've watched a few randomly chosen episodes and half the first episode of AF (which sucked . . . i couldn't stand to watch the rest after kevin came in). anyways, i was wondering, would the future events in Ben 10k be considered canon?

i mean, do ya think that the events in AF will relate to what happens in the future? like, in Ben 10k, Max was shown to have a prosthetic arm. In AF, Max is missing. Do you think he'll lose his arm in AF? My objective in raising this point is very simple. I WANT BENXGWEN! :D

y'see, if the events in the future WILL come to pass, Kevin's bound to betray the cousins and get sent into the Null Void. . . Which could open up a path towards BenGwen . . . assuming MoA doesn't just end the series with Kevin's betrayal . .. also assuming whatever i wrote would come true. . .

just a random thought that i wonder if anyone's thought of.

9/7/2008 #28

Sorry it took so long to make any kind of reply.

The arm Max lost/injured in episode 6 is the same arm that is prosthetic in the Ben 10k world. So it is possible. As far as I know, Ben 10k is considered canon but Ken 10 is not because the latter was more of a "what if" episode.

Kevin's character, I grudgingly admit has been re-written so he is not the sociopath he once was. That being said, there may not be a betrayal. I would so love to have that happen, but I'm not going to give myself false hopes there. The Kevin Levin following is vast and I think MOA has done enough damage with just bringing him back as a good guy than to actually have him show whatever true colors he has.

9/10/2008 #29
Karin Ochibi-chan

I hope I'm not intruding on any of the forum topics so far. I wouldn't want to be offending anyone for just putting up my thoughts.

Anyway, I am a huge Bwen shipper. I was in love with them from the very beginning. Even when I found out they were cousins and knew that probably Man of Action would never put them together (I spent ten minutes sobbing in a corner. It wasn't pretty) I supported them all the way. I even went "squee" every time I witnessed a Ben/Gwen moment. Like when Ben told Gwen she did a good job for smashing the stone charms, the fact that he was terrified of losing her when Ghostfreak possesed her and threatened to kill her, when Gwen hugged Ben for cheering her up at the end at that same episode, the fact that he always protects her, the time when Gwen completely lashed out at Kai for breaking Ben's heart (evil Kai!), the time they danced together in Big Fat Alien Wedding (cannot forget that one), most importantly, in the movie where Ben was furious at himself for not being able to save Gwen and didn't care if he put the universe in danger by speeding up the self-destruct sequence just to save her and then when he was so happy that she was alive (He hugged her for Christ's sakes! that should be proof enough), etc. etc. Too many to list.

Good times, good times.

So yes, I will agree with you bengwen014 that the chemistry between Ben and Gwen was both unique and irreplaciable. The fact that Man of Action had presented so many moments between the two of them demonstrates the fact that Ben and Gwen definitely had something going on. There was no way that MOA could just put that off as platonic love because it was way too deep and emotional to play it off as that.

Moving on, if you guys want more Bwen, I just put out a new Ben/Gwen fic if anyone wants to check it out. It's called "Spellbound" I promise you won't be disappointed. I plan to make this my best Ben/Gwen work ever.

Also, has anyone established the official Bwen army yet? If not, I think I'll start it myself. That is, if no one else wants the job. I can very lazy when it comes to these things so I don't think I'm the best person for the position. Perhaps bengwen014, KitsunexMaxwell, Baku babe, femmefatale2, or some other person would like to do the honors?

By the way, personal thanks to Baku babe for favoring my "Carry Me" story. And of course, I am honored that bengwen014 has both favored me and my "It was so obvious" oneshot. thank you very much.


Join the Bwen Army! We have cookies! ^_______^

9/11/2008 #30
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