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Alright guys I am in marching band.

I play Flute/pic and I am asian.

So I'm sick of all those people who say marching band isen't a sport does anyone agree?

6/12/2008 #1

I'm going into my third year of marching band and I play trumpet.

I actually do not believe that marching band is a sport. I think it is an art. In band we entertain, we show off, we cheer and support, we do what we do and don't get paid to love what we do. Most sports involve running and balls and it's completely different then band. In band we play music or spin or drum while remembering where we have to go next and what music we have to play or what routine is next. Sports and band are two totally different activities.

6/14/2008 #2

I am also going into my third year of Band, I am going to be/really already a Junior.

I agree with u, it is an art yet I really do think that MB should be considered a sport.

But again I do agree with u, sports do involve balls, yet we could like sooo have sword fights with our instruments.......

6/14/2008 #3

Marching band is easily the most physical kind of art there is. High school band is consitered an art, at least at my school-by both directors and school board-for two reasons. We are really different in many ways than the sports teams, and we don't bring in as many trophies as say, the swim team. =(

But DCI and DCA are much closer to sports. The people in corps are amazingly tough and totally built. And they have thier massive championships in August, which is like the hottest time of year so you have to be in amazing shape to survive a season that's over the hot summer months while wearing wool uniforms.

Haha sword fights are so much fun! We're getting like ten clarinet freshies this year and I know that we're going to have a lot of that...=)

6/15/2008 #4

Yeah sword fights r amazing.......we r gettin a lota people this year two.

Also we r doing a pirate themed show this year!!!!

Like pirates of the Caribbean and Hook!

I can't wait!!!!

6/18/2008 #5
Matt Diesel

I'm going into my 4th year of marching band this year, and i'm the head Drum Major!!!

I play trombone/baritone and tenors for WD.

7/22/2008 #6

Hi I play flute and piccolo. Im flute captain in marching band

11/12/2008 #7

Ello me too! I mean as I am section leader of Flutes and Piccs!

Nice to meet you. Did u have a good season?

11/20/2008 #8
inactive now

i play flute too. =]

marching band. i'm in my 3rd year, only. and yes, it's totally a sport. =D

12/16/2008 #9
well, i used to be my school marching band leader and i played Glockenspiel and sometime tenor drum, but i almost graduate in my high school now, so i don't play in marching band anymore, maybe i'll wait till i get in university..i really miss marching band..=)..ow yeah, i don't really think that marching band is a sport either, i guess it's kinda art stuff..=)
1/11/2009 #10
Tory Must Write

Well, in seventh grade [My school is 7-12], I marched in the Disney parade with our band, being one of the three first clarinets. In eighth grade, I joined marching band as first chair clarinet, above a sophomore, a freshman, a fellow eighth grader, and two seventh graders. This year, I'm switching from clarinet to be our only flute [Our piccolo got drum major]. So our marching band has 1 alto sax, 1 confirmed clarinet, 1 maybe clarinet, 1 flute, 1 mellophone, 1 baritone, 1 sousaphone, 3 trombones, and 3 trumpets for our wind section. About a dozen percussion and a dozen guard...

7/16/2009 #11

Disney sounds amazing. We went to the 2009 Inaguration thing and marched. I love Obama! It was fun.

7/16/2009 #12
White Tiger Friend

I play trumpet and next year we are going to disney world!!!!! We were supposed to go to London but we had to make budget cuts or something like that. And this year we are going to worlds of fun!

Oh, and I agree with MB being a sport, we have to run a lap if we forget our music, charts, or we are late. We also ran a lap in band camp everyday. And if you look at our band, we all have really strong calves!!

9/11/2010 #13

geeze, thats enough to make you 100% perfect. for us, if you use your music, you have to rewrite it by ear. if your late, theres this giant hill that we call Everest because it's so steep, you have to run up that and back to practice field twice. my friend and i went up it once for fun, and we swore someone would have to threaten us wit a long painful, world-wide broadcast torture session before we did it again.

on the other hand, im on drumline, but the only place we ever got to play was washington d.c. at some fair(it was a while ago so i dont remember what it was called). if we got the money to go to london, i think everyone would laugh and tell our band directors april fools is long over.

4/16/2011 #14

I play sax and I just got back from band camp and the strangest tan line happened on my neck. X)

I keep telling my family that marching band is a sport but they say that marching band will never be a sport. So my sister got my cousin Nathan (my "favorite" cousin that is obsessed with football) a t shirt that said: Marching Band, If it were easy it would be called football

(I loved that shirt.)

And my senior year (next year) my band will be going to Florida. We always go every four years and I was in it eighth grade year so it'll be my second time going!

7/20/2011 #15

Marching band really should be considered a sport. I mean, it's also an art, but with as much sweat, guts, breath, and patience as musicians and band directors put in, it should be a sport. Know what I mean?

My mom and nana fully agree that marching band should be a sport, but the rest of my family is just whatever about it.

Sadly, we haven't been going anywhere lately. Not enough money. Oh well. Maybe next year.

8/11/2012 . Edited 8/11/2012 #16

I am a third year in marching band i play pit and trombone :)

Marching band is a sport we do more than the other sports and not all sports have balls. We have to memorize music, play the music correctly and march the moves all at the same time. We also have some of the same criteria to play in competitions and go to places during the school day as other sports. We are going to disneyland this year i am excited!!!!!

Yay marching band!!!!!

10/16/2014 . Edited 10/16/2014 #17

I am a third year in marching band i play pit and trombone :)

Marching band is a sport we do more than the other sports and not all sports have balls. We have to memorize music, play the music correctly and march the moves all at the same time. We also have some of the same criteria to play in competitions and go to places during the school day as other sports.

Yay marching band!!!!!

10/16/2014 #18
I'm in my fourths year, and baritones for the win! Marching band is easily one of the most artistic sports around! More pleasing to look at than football, sounding better than cheerleading (at least at my school) and all around awesome!
10/22/2014 #19
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